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Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by Felon82, July 4, 2019.

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  1. Alanh Guest

    If the loan was a permanent move we would have been the biggest spenders in the window. We picked up players with great potential to be truly world class under Pochs coaching. We might still need a odd position covered ie right back but the few times Kyle has played in previous seasons he has been quality. One game comes to mind. Moura and Sonny can step in if Kane is injured or needs a rest and I would like to think Parrott would be given the nod in cup games against minnows. I would like to think that these players were all Pochs first choice which means he can't really complain possibly only having to wait till the last moment. So looking forward to a cracking season watching our stylish team in a truly world class theatre. COYS
  2. Big fran Guest

    U read the comments and the mind baffles.. We are only missing the odd position mainly right back. Missing for what? A title charge.
    Then at least we ain't gone bankrupt we need patience.. Levy has been in charge for roughly one sixth of our clubs entire history and delivered one trophy that the rest of the league ain't interested in. Mark my words levy will turn a profit in this window while villa spend over 100m as do our rivals who finished only a point behind us.
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  3. Big fran Guest

    Good work with the stadium...,?? He's had a billion pound to play with so no wonder it's so impressive. It was around 400m over budget and 6 months over schedule. The 400m over budget is now financed in loan's with interest. Levy spurs fan or not is a pure business man on more money than all his peers who are actually delivering trophies. Trophies remember them.? He is employed by Lewis who again is a pure business man. Get the theme now. He is pulling our pissers guys out guys and we keep coming back for another pull cos he knows we will. Until we are sold to a man that can then the 1 trophy in 18 yrs will continue.
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  4. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    The 'potential cycle'

    Potential is sort after and purchased.

    Potential is always a 50/50 gamble whether or not it actually achieves it's early promise.

    Potential needs time to grow, learn and flourish.

    Once potential whatever it turned out to be is reached its moved on.

    Find more potential to replace it.

    The result is a never ending cycle of potential that never actually delivers.

    The eternally deluded can dress it up any which way they want but

    The con rolls on......
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  5. Cheshuntboy Guest

    I've read the reports on our transfer business and been amazed at how positive most have been. Two teenagers, one of whom will add nothing to Spurs for this season at least, and another who did next to nothing in the PL last season for Fulham, and who might prove to be another Bale or another Bostock.
    Then there are the two being hailed as world-beaters, both off the back of one or two good seasons, and Lo Celso having already been deemed not good enough for PSG. Pochettino has said that we shouldn't expect too much from Ndombele in his first season, and that presumably applies equally to Lo Celso, so why are so many people hailing us as top four certs, when our form for much of last season was nearer bottom four than top?
    Then there are the huge unresolved question marks over Eriksen, Rose and Alderweireld (not to mention the perennial crocks Dier, Wanyama, Aurier, Lamela and Alli), all of which leaves me expecting a very uncertain season, relegation or the PL title being the only things I'd rule-out.
  6. Alanh Guest

    Who out of proven players are available and for what cost. Please enlighten me. Most Middle aged proven players might me more used to tippa tappa football in the other European leagues rather than double training sessions. 90 percent of the world support teams alot smaller and would give there left nut to be in spurs position now. What do you have to say to them.
  7. Big fran Guest

    I'd say I'm sorry that you support a smaller team but really isn't my problem pal. Good luck with it. Hope the tide turns for you. Sure much bigger clubs like Liverpool would say the same to myself.
  8. Alanh Guest

    So would it be fair to say that there is more chance of the tide changing for us now than before when Sugar was running the club. Sustainably rather than a billionaire using our beloved club as his play toy
  9. burnt Well-Known Member

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    Here's a suggestion . Why bother . Why waste so much of your lives following something yee clearly get so little enjoyment from . Life is too short , surely .. Surely there's something yee can find out there that yee might even get a sliver of enjoyment from because there's 3 or 4 of yee here that I just don't get at all . It's frustrating for all of us at times but I'd like to think that most fans get something positive or some sort of enjoyment from supporting whatever team or individuals they support . Some of the stuff on here by certain individuals would certainly suggest otherwise . I'm not having a dig at anyone here , everyones perfectly entitled to their opinion but I'm honestly curious to why anyone would invest so much time into something they seem to get nothing out of bar at best frustration ...
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  10. Cheshuntboy Guest

    You're not having a dig at me? OK, if you're so interested in me and Spurs, here goes. I was born in Cheshunt, half a mile from the old Brookfield Lane training ground, into a Spurs-supporting North London family, and not supporting them would have been impossible. It was in any case a no-brainer because they were head and shoulders the top team in the country when I became interested in football, and the die was cast; like it or not, I was Spurs for life, and most of it has been an ordeal, with very little to get excited about for most of the last thirty-odd years.
    Over that period, money has poisoned the game I love, and Spurs have been at the heart of that toxic change, with Scholar pioneering commercialisation (disastrously), Sugar pushing to create the PL so that he could sell more Sky dishes, and Levy happy to milk the club for ENIC's benefit, a profitable sale when the time is right clearly being his priority, as only a total fool could fail to see.
    I've enjoyed good times when we've had them, and was gutted when we failed to turn up for the CL Final after such a great run to get there, but I don't choose to support Spurs any more than I choose to be English or be a glass half empty merchant - it's what I am, and sorry if it offends you.
  11. burnt Well-Known Member

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    ????? .. Not sure how you came up with any of that from my post .

    Now this is what I was getting at and my question was , why bother at all .. You don't have to do it . Like I said in the post , im not digging at anyone and it wasn't intended solely for you but I'm genuinely interested in why one would invest so much time in something they clearly don't take much from ..
  12. Cheshuntboy Guest

    I'll try again. If you don't inherit adherence to a particular football club for family or geographical reasons (both, in my case), then I guess it's quite easy to switch from one club to another, or to give up on football altogether, and do something worthwhile instead. If, however, you've grown up with Spurs, they've been a big part of your life since primary school, you don't just move on because you don't rate Pochettino or trust Levy, and you possibly feel that you're entitled to an opinion, based on actually having seen the likes of Greaves, Jennings, Chivers et al, and even been present when we won serious trophies (three in three years from 1971 or three in four from 1981, compared with one in nineteen under ENIC). If you don't agree with me, that's fine.
  13. palmover Active Member

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    Football is like a religion, it's hard to get out once your in, i remember when i decided not to support spurs it didn't even last a season.
    MP's reign has been very frustrating as spurs get close to winning something he has a brainfart and plays son at Lwb or gives a player who scored a hatrick, 25mins in the final while giving a full game to a play who wants to play for madrid.
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  14. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Come on Burnt your much better than this.

    Do you think because someone isn't jumping for joy at another very bland transfer window from an Ownership that is all show no substance that we don't celebrate when we score or give another side a schooling etc?

    People seem to be so precious about critique of the club as if it's something no 1 should ever do, they can't be a fan or should support someone else if they're not in total agreement with all club matters quite frankly it's a ridiculous view point.

    The ongoing projects, potential, building etc that needs patience and bigger pictures to be looked at when we're staring at the worst Trophy return of any of our owners over a 20 year spell. Soon to be the 1st ownership to not win a trophy in a particular decade.

    This isn't something that should be ignored or discarded because "it's better than the 90s"

    The whole "why bother" can be turned round on people accepting of winning nothing and not really bothered about it , why bother following sport if that's how people feel find something that involves no winners or competition because believe it or not that essentially what sport is.

    What would there be to have a pop at if we started lifting silverware more frequently ????
    Until such times I will continue to voice my discontent at this money maximising non winning buisness model our club has been turned into.

    Every other top 4-6 club has a rich history of trophy collecting this century we have been a regular in this group for the last 15 years why is it we are the only club that doesn't seem to give a sh;t about winning and is overly accepting of it?
    The other top 6 members essential reason for existing is winning it's engrained in their DNAs we are like some dough eyed puppy in this group and a huge chunk of our fan base are so wet I'm surprised they can form a solid human shape they're so happy clappy defeatist.

    It's embarrassing they have no shame or pride.
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  15. burnt Well-Known Member

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    That's a complete misinterpretation of what the post was about . We are all critical and get frustrated at different times which I clearly stated and you know that . You know exactly what I'm getting at here . There are a certain number of people on this forum who never seem to take any enjoyment whatsoever out of supporting Spurs . Just go back through all the posts and blogs , it's all there in black and white . I've never suggested to anyone to , go follow someone else . You're perfectly entitled to follow whoever you want regardless of what you get out of it yourself and everyone is perfectly entitled to their own opinion , something that I would state many times in many different posts . I'm just asking the question and I think it's a legitimate one , is why bother investing so much time and emotion into something yee don't seem to get any or very little enjoyment out of in return .

    This quote is exactly why I asked the question in the first place ..
  16. Big fran Guest

    Like most sites it's one full of wannabe accountants.. Obsessed with balance sheets n the like. **** scared of doing a Leeds. What's a Leeds? A big club who went down. Didn't villa city and forest do the same without overspend.
  17. burnt Well-Known Member

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    In fairness Fran , there's very little of that on here compared to other sites . It rears it's head every now and again but nowhere near as much as other sites . There's a grain of truth in it as well to be fair but it's largely irrelevant to most fans most of the time ..
  18. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    A crossroad all sane Spurs fans will come to at some point the longer the ENIC charade continues.
  19. burnt Well-Known Member

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    I wouldn't disagree with this but that's life , capitalism . The game like everything in life , evolves and not always for the better but we are where we are ..
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  20. burnt Well-Known Member

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    The next crew could be worse . I wouldn't be a huge fan ENIC either but if they left in the morning it would be indisputable that they've left the club in a better place then when they came . And before someone chimes in with " what about all the debt " . Debt isn't a bad thing if you can afford to pay . Man U being a good example there ..

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