Time for Change

Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by Felon82, September 22, 2019.

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  1. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Spurs last 18 Premier League games have served up-

    5 Wins
    4 Draws
    9 Losses

    Wins coming against teams of the calibre of Crystal Palace twice , Huddersfield , Aston Villa & Brighton.

    Some of the losses against the might of West Ham, Bournemouth, Newcastle, Southampton , Burnley .......
    Customary losses to Liverpool & Chelsea thrown in.

    Then a succession of lackluster draws some deserved, some clung on for and some simply handed away.

    19 points from 18 games

    The opening 6 games of this season- 2 Wins 2 Draws 2 Losses

    8 points from 6 games

    The form is atrocious!

    What we are witnessing is a Manager and Team way beyond its use by date.

    The "ahead of schedule , we do things differently , need for bravery , that was the end of that project , now we start a new 1 , we're only after the big Trophies , Trophies won't change us , can't find players to improve us" is as I've always'd called it - Laughable

    It's been the talk of a serial loser , that's right a serial loser and his band of chokers!

    Now I expect to see returns of look where we were , how far we've come , who do we replace with .....
    But let's get some things straight here.

    Pochettino has had 6 years to build this squad in his image , to ingrain his philosophies , to have a finely tuned outfit ready to win things.

    He's been backed , he has had money to spend but has bought more duff players than he has improvements and there's also how he's gone about including these buys within his squad, Nkodous Njie Aurier Janssen Moura Sanchez Llorente Foyth all seen 1 minute then excluded then thrown back in.
    The experiments with Sissoko for 2 years before being forced by squad negligence to put him into CM where he's shown athleticism mistaken for improvement.

    The naughty step which so far has included Rose Toby Jan CE Moura Janssen Aurier probably more.

    The incessant playing of Alli & Lamela (also CE before time out was introduced to him).

    Shoe horning Winks & Sissoko in at all times now as well who lets face it can't be knocked for attitude and application but their footballing prowess is entirely another issue.

    No second Striker , the bringing through of youngsters died with Winks despite the odd show of Skipp and KWP , Parrot who seems to be doing all the right things at academy level is just not being brought in. Again as the season goes on this will run Kane into the ground, at 3-0 up v palace surely it's time to bed Parrot in.

    Which leads me to squad replenishment/rotation/management .....
    The sheer lack of any pro activity or planning whatsoever.
    Pochettino has not replaced players at anywhere near the same level as to when his only decent plan worked. Instead he bought players not capable of fulfilling the roles he wanted yet persisted with the same system regardless ie paceless fbs with no attacking ability to provide width.
    After flogging that to death along with Kane & sending Dembele & Wanyama to the clappers yard (1 of whom played yesterday) he's filled their positions with Winks & Sissoko as a stop gap yet has carried on with them 2 inferior footballers just a bit more mobile.
    The joke that is the RB position currently where an injury prone accident prone inexperienced CB is 1st choice , followed by an injured inexperienced lightweight RB as 2nd choice who became 1st choice by default both seemingly above our only experienced RB who only plays when the situation has got so bad that Sanchez has to be removed from deputising and this basically sums up where Pochettinos management strategy has got to.

    Unfortunately, the time is now for a new course, I say this feeling massively let down from what was quite a promising at times tenure but only the delusional cannot see what is staring them in the face , it's failed the jig is up.
    Football and eras are about momentum , the momentum has come and gone for this group they blew every serious chance they had (and worked hard to deserve) but essentially blew them.

    Big change is needed , looking at Leicester recently they look like us 15/16 they're at the start of something we are at the end of something , especially when you consider where a large number of our players are in their careers right now - hitting last contract territory able to leave on frees etc.

    I've used it a lot recently but it's true it's a busted flush , I even warned this mentality of we can't improve just enjoy it after failing to win anything would lead to this players losing interest the belief and us going backwards.

    It's not getting better, even the football has been atrocious , the players body language and Pochs says it all.

    Time for change.
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  2. Cheshuntboy Guest

    As usual, totally agree, but how to get rid of Pochettino? He's not going to resign, and thereby give up a guaranteed £35 million over the remaining period of his contract, and Levy's even more obviously not going to sack him and have to stump up the same amount as a pay-off, so where does it leave Spurs? Clearly, our best hope is that Real Madrid are stupid enough to still want him in place of Zidane, but his stock must surely have plummeted on the back of our terrible results throughout 2019 (and the abject performance in the CL Final above all), so will they be willing to meet Levy's doubtless absurd financial demands to get him? It's another fine ENIC mess whichever way you look at it.
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  3. Preed

    Preed Well-Known Member

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    Brilliant article and am in complete agreement but am disappointed that only spurporter has the bottle to argue against it after all the criticism by poch lovers in the past.It would be nice if at least one of the poch diehards came and posted that they are now seeing the light and admit that people like felon were correct in warning us of what was to come because of the complete lack of planning by Levy a ndPochetino
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  4. 61 kid New Member

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    absolutely agree with you ,but there is one issue that so many overlook,why do we suffer so many injuries in training,is it pochetinnos incompetence maybe or the fact that he is not the great manager so many believe,but merely another manager at a great club
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  5. Kearyrk New Member

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    I completely understand all your points and to be honest all are true. There is this ingrained, self-destruct button at Spurs where as soon as on we’re on the cusp of genuine improvement someone presses the button. No matter who’s in charge, who the manager is and who the players are we cannot progress. Look at the evidence over the last 30 years or so. We have these promising teams, fantastic players, supposed top managers yet just when we appear to be getting somewhere the rug gets pulled out from under us. Boardroom squabbles, Managers leaving, top players being sold or wanting out and whenever they do when is a replacement of equal or better standing ever signed? Never. It’s always 1 step forward and 3 back.

    We are still a club where managers and players believe they’re lucky to have me rather than we’re lucky to be at Spurs. We’re still that last stepping stone to the elite and until that changes I can’t see us ever truly progressing.

    The sheer desire and fight from 15/16 and the quality from 16/17 has disappeared for me. I think we have to broach the possibility that our manager and players aren’t as good as we all think. This group has had 6 years to harden its mentality and the facts say it hasn’t.
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  6. John Murphy Guest

    The football has been atrocious for a while now backwards, sideways slow, champions league final they looked like a slow, tired team all over the pitch! This management team has gone as far as it can , if we have to watch **** football might as well get Mourinho in and might have a trophy at the end of it ! And I can’t stand the way he plays football but something is going very wrong behind the scenes at Tottenham.
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  7. Big fran Guest

    Most managers have a lifespan of around 5 yrs until the players stop listening or improving. Apart from freaks like fergie who can constantly rebuild squads once he sees flaws. Poch is getting towards that point its hard to disagree.
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  8. Frankspur Guest

    All the above. I have been saying for 2 years. This group of players all bar 2 or 3 have run their course. I have always been baffled by poch's decisions and think it's time to change
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  9. Kearyrk New Member

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    My only concern is if a change happened who is the outstanding candidate that would take us on? I really wouldn’t want Mourinho.
  10. Preed

    Preed Well-Known Member

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    What makes you think Mourinho would come to a penny pinching club like ours.Not a chance and do you think levy would have a strong personality who might put him under pressure.Our best chance would be someone who hasn’t managed in England yet and wants to sample the best league in the world ie Allegri although he to is probably someone who would frighten Levy
  11. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Even when you look at that win list , 2 we really struggled to nick a 1-0 Palace n Brighton, Villa we struggled against until finally getting a grip.
    So it's just the 2 thumpings of 1 relegated side Huddersfield and then Palace.

    Ambling around to win 3 of our 5 most recent wins.

    What has gone wrong is there's no direction from the club it's basically rudderless , the board doesn't demand silverware , the manager doesn't drive the team on anymore , there's no leadership on the pitch and there's a new breed of fan festering within the club who actively clap failure while pontificating about graphs and buildings as if anyone really cares.

    You cannot have proper success with all these weak components it's impossible.

    Now teams below us are beating us on work rate alone because they don't amble around thinking they're better than they are and they have a plan and do it well.
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  12. Abe Guest

    There seems to be more than something little wrong. There are issues with players who do not want to be there or are not wanted (rose, aurier, eriksen, wanyama).. then the many injuries... and worse is the tactics. Dier and Dembele dominated most teams.. winks and sissoko are no where close. We miss the in form Alli. For now I would just like dier to be given a chance with Ndombele. Play Davies rather than rose. And hopefully alli can get back to form as he helps to bring the best out of Kane
  13. Thomas Guest

    Midfield is definitely a problem now. Dembele, Dier and Wanyama were able to provide cover for the defence and Dembele was so good in tight situations and carrying the ball forward. Nowadays, it's so easy for opposition to get to our defence and create chance after chance.

    What is good about Winks is that he doesn't give away the ball and doesn't make silly mistakes. However, most of his passes are sideways and backwards. He would rather leave the passing to Vertonhen and Alderweireld. He gets into the side now because of we are no longer what we used to be.
  14. kenspurs Guest

    Totally agree with what is being said here I have been saying this for a few years now that Poch plays great football but doesn't know how to get over the line and win things and I don't think he has ever won anything in his life. It will be sad to see him go but a change is required especially after the rubbish dished up in the CL final I would have preferred Ajax get in the final after that showing. I don't know what Dier has done to Poch but his absence as a defensive midfielder is why we are leaking goals because we have no defensive cover, has Poch forgotten what made us hard to beat in recent years instead he keeps picking Winks (who I like) but isn't defensive minded.
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  15. Jamie R Guest

    I totally agree with everything in the article. Porch has run out of ideas. He has been coasting on past glories since the beginning of last season. Yes we got to the champions league final but we got very lucky against City and then Ajax. MP has had 5 years to get the squad right. Dier, Sissoko, SA, KWP, Lamela are not the quality you need to challenge for title. Yet they are still there. Deli has gone backwards in the last 18 months and even Harry is looking a shadow of his former self. The decision to pick him over Lucas for the CL was a joke. One which cost us the trophy. How could he drop the man who steered us to the final and was playing well for a player just back from a bad injury with no minutes under his belt? Toby, Jan, CE all want to leave. Tripper was sold without a decent back up in place and we are now reaping what we have sewn over the last 2 years of poor management. Unhappy players and a manager who seems to lost. I think the club needs to look elsewhere whilst we have the kudos to attract a top manager. I know a lot of Spurs won’t want to admit it, but Pochettino needs to go. Brendan Rogers would be great. I’d even give Jose a try. At least he can provide trophies. We are endanger of clubs like Leicester, West Ham, Wolves overtaking us in the league because of a rot that has set in. The players don’t have any fight. We are back to rolling over every time we get put under pressure. Well the pressure is on now and I don’t like what I’m seeing.
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  16. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    A Champions league run that consisted of 6 wins 2 draws and 5 losses , it was a freak accident we got there and then when we did went completely missing.

    We won less than half our games it wasn't some tactical or well earned place it was scraping through with a lot of lady luck , great for drama but don't dress it up as anything else you clown.
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  17. Assan Guest

    Well said Robbins,they would never have got anywhere near your coaches, we have the players,we have the ground, it's just a matter of it all coming together,our U23 team are fantastic and a couple of those will likely see 1st team this season, yes I am disapointed with the results so far, but we are only 6 games in,and two of our buys have injuries. but we will get the results we need it's just a matter of time and luck with injuries.
  18. Jesper Guest

    Some things do need to change. Many opposing teams defend deep and coping with that tactic is a need now. A big target man and people competing and also winning the second balls coming off such a target man would be one tactic to try.
    The defense is suffering as often the midfield is not pressing the one having the ball nor tracking runners.
    True, some players hasn't improved as much as might be wished for. Many players in many clubs have promise, not all of them become great players. Some players might have benefitted from being benched until they applied themselves harder in training or showed that they learned something from training.
    Corners.... Often badly defended, seldom good in offense. Strange thing is that since CE was taken off corner duty then it seems that he has since improved on corners. Possibly competition for being the corner taker forced some practice and with practice then improvements are possible.
    When I see 70%+ possession but few goal scoring chances then I wish for a player who instead of playing it safe took some chances - a dribble, a quick hopeful pass, even a long shot. The players who are willing to risk lose possession seem to be faulted for doing that. I suppose that with a midfield and defense that are not good at stopping counter-attacks then it does make sense to play it safe...
    Possibly the two new midfielders might improve things, changing manager without changing players might not do much more than reduce the amount available for buying new players. As is I'd prefer it if some players got a chance (meaning that some other players would be benched) rather sacking Poch. But if he's not willing to bench the underperformers then it might be said that he is not doing his job of managing the team so....
  19. Big fran Guest

    Had we gone out and addressed the areas needed and signed wan bissaka and donny van der beek and timo werner which were quite simple signings tbf where would we be now? If we played our club record signing in his natural position rather than the left hand side of a diamond how would we be. If we played our best holding midfielder dier how would we be.
    Lloris bissaka rose Toby Jan dier ndombele werner van der beek Sonny Kane.
    Why is parrot not involved what more does he need to do.
    Next summer we are looking at building a complete back 4 and replace eriksen that's before you even consider strengthening the 11 and also thicken a squad. It's a disaster waiting to happen.
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  20. Graham Wood. Guest

    As a Spurs supporter for over fifty years I am naturally very disappointed with the current regime and frankly very poor decisions. Constant failure to sign players in positions we actually need , Kane back up, full backs etc. We fail to use players we have who know the system Dier being a good example while our newcomers are still learning. We thrust Dembele and Lo Celso into quick cameos when they are obviously not up to Premier league speed. What is going on?? Playing Sanchez at fullback was not even Sunday league tactics. Obviously the lad was way out of depth there. Sorry, Kyle Walker Peters is not the quality required of a top team.
    C E is a different story, not playing up to his ability since last January we still persisted in using him Another reason we lost a poor CL Final. Major lack of motivation apparent to all except Poch. Deli, seriously slipped a notch or two down the ladder. Head turned with all the publicity. Needs to get the work ethic back.
    It is early days yet but to make anything of this season we need to install a sense of pride back into our team coupled with a much better work ethic. Second best to the ball in most of the games so far. Heads drop when we go behind. Obviously our training methods are not up to scratch.
    Grealish and Maddison are the sort of players we desperately need, skillful, great work ethics . Leaders when needed. We will see what Lo Celso, NDombele and Sessignon can bring to this team when fully integrated until then we must hope Poch can install some Pride and urgency into our Spurs Time will tell.......
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