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Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by bigfran, September 14, 2018.

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  1. Eltel Guest

    Good summary from Football 365:

    Spurs fans were put in an unusual and complicated position by the timing of this fixture and its sudden paramount importance to the title race and – it should be noted – the tailing off of their own season. There is nothing strange about Spurs fans not wanting Arsenal to win the league and it’s neither a new or Spursy phenomenon to have supporters in this kind of dilemma at this time of the season. Were Spurs and Arsenal’s roles reversed, it would be a very curious universe indeed but you can guarantee Arsenal fans would have been every bit as conflicted.

    Of course, Spurs fans might have been less inclined to take the crumbs of comfort they could from the Arsenal tears generated by this defeat had there not been quite so many other defeats with no discernible upside to endure recently.

    Postecoglou doesn’t understand the fans and the rivalry, and that’s fine. And maybe – actually, scratch that, definitely – the mentality in and around the club does need to change. But if he is going to stand there and claim he sees more evidence of that in the unusual circumstances fans faced over the last couple of days than he did in the capitulation at Fulham, or at an injury-ravaged Newcastle, or at Liverpool, or the 90 minutes his players spent ambling aimlessly around Stamford Bridge then we have to say we simply don’t think he’s being entirely honest with himself.
  2. Guesty Guest

    But before the game... on us beating City.... you said..... 'Not if it gives the gooners the league I’m sorry.'
    So really that means you wanted City to win to stop Arsenal winning the league..... which means to me you are celebrating a defeat

    If we play well and lose to a better team on the day...... that's football..
    But we, as fans, shouldn' t be hoping our team loses just because of the impact to any other team.....
    We should be wanting to win every game

    On Arsenal... or any other team... I'm with Ange.... I just don't care mate
  3. He knows now a good portion of the fanbase are losers that’s for sure.

    Hard to quantify how many players would be that enthused about coming to a club where the home stadium hopes they lose depending on what some other irrelevant club is doing at the time.

    The atmosphere last night has revealed a lot about what ails this club, and why this club is so dreadfully unpopular with neutrals.
  4. Likewise. I couldn’t care less about Arsenal, and I couldn’t care less about what any Arsenal fan has to say. I know the score. We’ve won 1 cup in 30 odd years. How about we concentrate on fixing that instead of worrying about what some rednecks might say?

    Winning is a habit, nothing else. Stopping the 3-time champions last night would have done far more good for the future of this young team than the chance Arsenal win the league. Yet the home stadium couldn’t have given any less support.

    Such a small-time mentality. I’m embarrassed to be a Spurs fan today.
  5. Make that two league cups if you wish. They’re barely worth the tin they’re made of.
  6. Preed

    Preed Well-Known Member

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    Are you rea
    are you really a spurs fan.Arsenal winning the league means another 20years of bragging and putting us down Nothank you.Goand join your buddy Ange who also does not grasp it.Amy other club but Arsenal I would have wanted to beat City but the Gooners never
  7. Listen mate … with all due respect … but no one here gives a f*ck about what your mates think … or who is or isn’t your mate … except for you.

    Don’t come on here posting how much you’d like us to lose because of what your Arsenal mates might say.

    That was a pure embarrassment from the Spurs stadium last night.

    As for being realistic? City had never won a league match at our stadium. And we more than matched them last night … and with the most minimal crowd support.

    The most embarrassing example of a small club mentality I’ve seen from us.
  8. Mate, you’re the worst example of a hopeless club man gone awry here. Always calling for a new manager, and now calling that we should lose all because of what’s happening at a two-bit club down the road.

    Arsenal winning this year means absolutely nothing if we win something of note soon. But after all these years, you’d rather we just lose in case?

    I understand why … you’ve taken a lot of punches all these years … but you project a loser mentality nevertheless.

    Get your head together.
  9. Preed

    Preed Well-Known Member

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    What a rude and biased opinion and may I say a totally insulting post.No I don’t think Ange is god and extremely worried that he seems averse to trying different systems.I was watching Tottenham before you were born I expect and I have seen us relegated but my support has never wavered.I have also seen us win European competitions and the first division in 60/61.for 20 years I never missed a home or away game including Europe until my health stopped it .how many live games have you been to as you are a fountain of knowledge as for losing to Arsenal did you hear the crowd or are they all mental losers to quote your words.grow up and enjoy different opinions instead of being an arrogant I am always right dick head I am surprised that personal insults are allowed on this website
  10. Danlevy Guest

    With all due respect, you are chatting like we were in red hot form, expected to win and threw the game against a lowly side. No one on here gives a f**k about your embarrassment levels. Say what you like, we got what we deserved from the game and played pretty well. Hopefully we will end in the position we deserve (5th) which is an improvement on last season and Arsenal will win f**k all. Probably best not to come on here telling anyone what they can or can’t choose to say about how to support our club or how to feel about other people’s banter because it gives the impression you have no mates to give a f**k about.
  11. voiceofreason Active Member

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    Wow this is all getting a bit toxic. My opinion, if we hadn’t had the previous t run of results we would have seen that as a good performance against the team widely regarded as the best in Europe.
    Thought Dragu and Sarr were great and loved Bentacur being pissed off.
    Romero pulled out of the tackle on Foden for the first goal but I actually think he thought he had it and was passing it out to his right.
    Did I want us to win, damn right as we still had a chance of getting 4th and it would have put pressure on Villa in their final game. Did I want Arsenal to not win the league, of course, but that should just be a small positive to a loss.
    Embarassed the crowd didn’t get behind the players who were playing well, the atmosphere was flat.
    Understand Ang’s comments- it should never even be a discussion that we wouldn’t want to win a game, a winning mentality breeds success.
    Anyway let’s hope we can get passed Sheffield and secure 5th!
  12. Preed

    Preed Well-Known Member

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    If we don’t get past Sheffield we will have to swallow Chelsea overtaking us after they have been poor for most of the season.Surely we can’t let that happen or can we??
  13. Yes, absolutely. The club is infected with a small time club loser mentality … a palpable inferiority complex. Who honestly gives a f*ck about Arsenal?
  14. Small time club loser mentality on full display.

    So worried about what your Arsenal mates will say, you want your own team to lose.

    Just think about that … you sound like an absolute pussy.
  15. Danlevy Guest


  16. Danlevy Guest

    Have a read of a different perspective, not that it will change anything given you believe only you are right:

    Might be time to quit with the insults…makes you look like a bit of a prick when off this topic you have some pretty good points and opinions

  17. Thanks for your comments. I am glad to see that here and elsewhere not all Spurs fans are infected by this virus.

    That said, I read an article today in an established newspaper written by a season ticket holder who proudly cheered City at the stadium the other night. He wants an apology from Ange for calling him fragile. Lol.

    So many different managers come here, and they all say the same thing.
  18. Amusing … I read the same article earlier. It is quite a pathetic take.
  19. Who is the one wishing for his own team to lose?
  20. What do you care? you were very much hoping we lost the last game … with a Champions League spot still on the line … as were a good number of other mental defectives in the stadium

    Get your priorities right … are you a Spurs man or not?

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