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Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by bigfran, September 14, 2018.

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  1. Guesty Guest

    I assume if Villa lose tonight we will all be wanting us to beat City??

    I'd rather be playing Sheff Utd away on the last day than Palace away

    It's a long shot of course.....but while it's still possible.......
  2. Now that would make things very interesting.
  3. Preed

    Preed Well-Known Member

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    what a **** postelogu if he thinks all spurs want to beat city and hand the title to Arsenal.Wake up and smell the real world Mate
  4. Danlevy Guest

    Not if it gives the gooners the league I’m sorry. Villa win and it becomes a non issue, we have put ourselves in an impossible situation. Giving Arsenal the league is one step too far and hearing it for the next 20 years is not worth maybe, possibly getting into the CL. F**k that let City win and take the Europa League which is about what we deserve and the level of competition we will at least be competitive in next season. It’s really not a point worth discussing because at current performance levels, city will destroy us anyway.
  5. You are right. It is most likely all moot, but I will be hoping for a win nevertheless. Beating City with the title on the line would only be a positive for this group of players going forward.

    As for hearing about it for the next 20 years? Not if Spurs win the title again. Besides, knowing they could never have done it without our help will always be the perfect comeback.
  6. voiceofreason Active Member

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    Good first half. Dragusin playing well. Quiet stadium which is strange because it’s not a given that villa won’t lose their last game and we could get 4th
  7. Guesty Guest

    shocking to see Spurs 1-0 down.... some doing the posnan and some singing 'stand up if you hate Arsenal'......

    and you pay money for season tickets and/or match day tickets.....
    you have nothing else to do in your lives........
  8. Genevaspurs Guest

    I cannot believe and agree with Spurs fan ! Arsenul title is more important than a Champions league spot ? Bullshit support for me. It's Spurs before everything else !
  9. Danlevy Guest

    Good performance overall with things looking promising for next season. Such a strange feeling as don’t ever want to lose but don’t mind in this very specific scenario. The deficiencies are there for all to see with major changes needed upfront and in CM. Like the rest of our season, lots of possession but no real threat upfront, even Son at the end didn’t look like he was going to score and sure enough rolled it straight at their reserve keeper. Let’s get on and smash Sheffield United on the weekend, have a good clear out in the summer and actually try and win something next season. COYS
  10. Danlevy Guest

    Sorry but have to disagree. We have made it into the Europa League which is a competition we can challenge in and even if we could have beat City (which was not gonna happen) we still needed a villa slip up. Several of my mates are gooners and the would have been going on for the next 20 years how they won the league at Spurs so f**k em. Be happy with 5th, changes coming and European football next season
  11. Genevaspurs Guest

    Crystal palace have not lost their last 6 games so the 4th place was possible and even if the f....g gooners would have won the title Spurs are my priority not the bad things for our best ennemies !
  12. Danlevy Guest

    but you are talking like we were well placed to beat them and underperformed to let Arsenal lose the league.
    City are multiple league winners who have spent 10x on fees and wages that we have. We are in our first season of change, which is looking like will lead to much bigger and brighter things. We have been poor for a few games and this performance was way better. We were always likely to lose and to mean it doesn’t hand Arteta and his little gang of whining, cheating, diving wankers win the title, it’s not a bad defeat
  13. Guesty Guest

    you aren't a Spurs fan if you think any defeat is one to celebrate
  14. Danlevy Guest

    Who are you? I don’t mention celebrating a defeat. I simply said if we are going to lose, which based on current form and against one of the best teams in Europe is quite likely, it’s a defeat that has implications elsewhere that brings me an element of satisfaction. Given you seem to be responsible for deciding who is and isn’t a spurs fan, which until now, I didn’t realise was an actual thing, you can jog on

  15. But who cares what your mates say? and if they constantly give you stick then why exactly are they your mates?

    Spurs supporters absolutely embarrassed themselves tonight.

    The coach is right. This club is very fragile. There is deep seated sense of inferiority … a loser mentality … truly ingrained throughout the club.
  16. Couldn’t agree more … a loser mentality to the core. Like Arsenal winning the league is going to change anything. Bragging rights? Pfft. Spurs won’t have any bragging rights until they actually start winning titles. Which isn’t going to happen while all supporters care about is what Arsenal do. Absolute amateur hour.
  17. Danlevy Guest

    But again, I think you miss the point. In a game that we realistically were not going to win, it’s not a bad defeat. I personally wouldn’t cheer or posnan like it seems a few muppets decided to do but I am not unhappy with the performance and am delighted that the gooners have booked their open top bus tour in preparation for winning fack all

  18. Danlevy Guest

    Do you think the inventors of St Totteringhams Day, at the big club that is Arsenal who won the league 20 years ago and still sing about it would have felt any different if the shoe was on the other foot? Everyone can hold their own reasons for their feelings towards Arsenal (and I’ll be fine choosing who my mates are and are not, despite their piss taking thank you) and if they choose to posnan or cheer because it stops them winning the league, that’s up to them. I wouldn’t do it but at the same time calling any of our fans who have had to endure some shite over the last few decades “amateur hour” and “loser mentality to the core” simply demonstrates how ****ed our fans mentality can be. Spurs fans need something to celebrate because the trophy pool has been non existent and if losing a game that means it might stop Arsenal winning the league is something that helps cheer up an otherwise average run in, so be it. If we had of beat Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, Newcastle, West Ham, Fulham or Wolves since mid February, we wouldn’t have been in this position but we didn’t and we are.
  19. Don’t come on here talking about mentality when you’re celebrating us losing because you’re so worried about what other people will say. Do you realise how farcical you sound?

    I feel sorry for Ange. Much like Conte, he well understands now what a poisoned chalice this appointment is.
  20. Danlevy Guest

    Are you having a laugh? Who celebrated us losing? The only farcical comment is passing on expertise around how friends should act around each other and who to choose as friends. You fill your boots with criticism of of how any other supporter chooses to feel about Arsenal, some I’m sure will listen and agree and plenty of others won’t. Doesn’t change the fact that we lost a run of games and this game was probably the toughest we would face. We actually played well but with that being said there seems to still be an unrealistic expectation that we were going to win. That was never going to happen and criticism for anyone who wasn’t as fussed about the result in comparison to the last 7 games results, is your opinion and one with which I dont agree. I didn’t cheer City’s goals and I did will Son to finish in the last few minutes but ultimately the team fighting for the title won and that was to be expected. The fact it hopefully stops Arsenal winning anything is a bonus. As for Ange I’m one of his biggest supporters and I’m sure he will be devastated to think that if the 2-0 defeat hadn’t of had any significance to Arsenal, some of the fans who have been moaning about him recently may well have booed the team off the pitch and would be calling for his head again


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