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Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by bigfran, September 14, 2018.

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  1. Guesty Guest

    I'm certainly no ENIC fan.... but they are backing the manager.
    In terms of playing staff that's what we hope for.

    how those players are told to play is another matter.

    I agree that we need a plan B.... much like we did with previous managers.....

    NB....agree also that Ange probably needs to learn that we are playing against good players and managers who will adapt to situations in order to win games......
    but really Wolves shouldn't have a manager or players who are better than ours...... but they won the march with a gameplan
  2. voiceofreason Active Member

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    I think part of the issue here is how well Ange started. Nobody expected to us be flying so high after 10-15 games.
    Now expectations are unrealistic.
    He is new to Tottenham and new the premier league , we all knew at the beginning that this is a rebuilding and rebranding after the negative conte and mourinhno years.

    We have had a few bad games but on the whole we are playing some good/great football. Defence needs to tighten up but that’s partly due to the style of play, High risk high reward.

    he has to be judged on a few seasons, Klop and Arteta both finished 8 I believe in their first seasons. If he had started poorly and slowly progressed to this position, most people would be happy. It’s the false expectation that we maybe challenging for the title straight away that has made it difficult to see where we are really at.
  3. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    In the 1st 10 games we only played 3 big sides fans got absolutely too giddy about a new manager bounce and made out it was amazing when it wasn't.

    A draw with Brentford, win v Burnley, win v Bournemouth, win v Luton, win v sheff utd, win v Fulham, win v Palace aren't exactly amazing results and when we actually struggled in some to get the result people completely overhyped it.

    Beat a **** utd, drew with scum and needed an OG v nine men pool at the death.

    Problem is you cant/couldn't point out it wasn't all that without a new wave of Angesexuals screaming about how great the world is again.

    Reality is starting slowly to catch up.

    Romero just needed a good partner, well he got that and we're still hemorrhaging goals.

    Vicario has been an improvement on cat flap wrists and he's conceded more.

    Our full backs are miles better than before but again the goals conceded don't lie.

    Even though many of you said we need to just attack more....

    Unfortunately the stats don't lie and so far is we threw the cups, had no Europe and yet were a mere 2 points better off than at the same time last season.

    Yet now there's all manner of excuses and kid glove treatment literally because ange says mate n jokes a bit.

    The football is so naive and it's been found out.
  4. voiceofreason Active Member

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    Exactly what I said but with less vitriol :)
    We are in a decent position considering we have a new manager , lost our main asset and are trying to change the way we have been forced to play for the last few years.
    Whatever the reasons, this season is a hell of lot more fun to watch and the Tottenham style is returning. Give me that over conte dross any day.

    BTW Your comments would hold so much more credence if you engaged more when we were winning matches and not just when we lose?
  5. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    What would you like me to do come on here cheering because we nicked a last minute winner v European giants Brighton & Hove Albion after playing terribly?

    Why it's just glossing over rubbish, like we have now for best part of 6-7 seasons.

    Our fanbase going silly over scraping wins that are of zero importance is embarrassing.

    Do it when it counts and its a different matter.
  6. voiceofreason Active Member

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    No. You dont have to be cheering if you don’t think the win was well deserved but you could give some reasoned arguments why it was a poor performance with a lucky result. There have definitely been some of those this season but there have also been some very good performances or periods of performance.
  7. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Our most professional performance this season was Bournemouth away 0-2 can't say I've seen another game that wasn't chaotic.
    This style reminds me a lot of when 0Sherwood picked up the reigns off AVB.
    Pinball stuff it's not controlled or sustainable. Our defence is an absolute shambles has been all season.
    Problem is when we've picked up 3 points you can't have a rational opinion on the game itself because the ultra toxic positive happy clappy fans get all arsey about it, with intelligent contributions like "would you prefer Jose/nuno/conte"
    So why bother.
  8. But have you made one single comment after we’ve picked up 3 points this season? I don’t recall.

    We all get it … you hate ownership so much (and with good reason) you would like to see the club fail as long as ENIC are in charge. That’s called cutting off your nose to spite your face.

    Spurs … the football side … are building towards something impressive. The style of football is infinitely better than anything in many years hands down.

    If it all hasn’t been overwhelmingly forthcoming result wise in the half a season Ange has been in charge best consider that the squad is in transition, and the approach 100% requires a certain type of player. There is very little to no depth, and we lost Europe’s most prolific striker in the summer. You should not underestimate that. Kane papered over many cracks during his time here.

    Again, the intent and application of the new manager has been great. For the results to consistently follow suit, a tad more quality up front and much greater depth across the board are required. Just look at the last match … Royal and Davies at fullback together and the system falls apart/lacks bite.

    Give the manager another window or two, and the sky is the limit. Pep and Klopp (who both have a similar approach to Ange) relatively struggled their first season. Ange has done remarkably well all things. Only someone with an axe to grind would consider otherwise.
  9. Preed

    Preed Well-Known Member

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    I really do see both sides.Felon has his points as I can’t believe how bad we have been in recent games at times but still keep picking up points but the entertainment is still better than the last 3 years
  10. Are you sure?

    Have still yet to hear from the boy after a win this year … and there have already been quite a few of those … as remarkable really as that is. This side was completely shot at the end of last year, and then lost its most influential player by a country mile as well. The new manager has been superb … both with his intent on the pitch and with his direction in rebuilding the squad.

    But should we draw or lose this weekend? Expect the toxic traffic to return. Deriding everything and everyone associated with the club and telling everyone he much he pretends to know.

    Don’t forget this was the fellow who told us all how very good Jose was. That theory was well and truly sunk long ago.
  11. voiceofreason Active Member

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    Best part was Bentacur leaving one on Cash at the end!
  12. Ahem … cough cough … sorry what was it that you were saying?

    Manager is top drawer
  13. voiceofreason Active Member

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    Hi Felon

    If you are monitoring the forum and in an attempt to try and get reasoned debate and discussion back to this site….
    I know I can look at results in a too positive light so I would appreciate your reasoned analysis of that game?

    Personally I thought Johnson VDV and Sarr were our best players. Son took a half to get into it. Porro and udogie were solid
    Sending off “may”flatter the result a bit but overall a good professional performance when it was needed against a main contender for champions league spot
  14. Skippy Guest

    Like myself Felon looks at the bigger picture. Sitting in 5th and flirting with top 4 is as good at it gets under enic. The reality is this club will win nothing under enic. We sell our best players and buy second rate. The top players use the club as a stepping stone to greater things and the mediocre players hang around under no pressure. When we finished second did we push on and buy a £100m player or equivalent to try and win the league the following season? Of course not enic would never do that they know that mediocrity and merely taking part is accepted by a majority of fans. We now have a whole generation of fans who don't remember us winning a trophy.
    We could go out this summer and easily spend £300M within FFP rules except it we all know it will be the same budget buys with ENIC doing the bare mimlnimum. The stadium will be sold out every game regardless.

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  15. voiceofreason Active Member

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    I think everyone on this forum agrees about Levy and Enic to a greater or lesser extent
    However there are games and players playing each week and it would be nice to discuss those , win or lose.

    otherwise it’s a pointless site if every week regardless of results we just say Levy out!
  16. voiceofreason Active Member

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    I think that was down to thinking it would be easy after having beaten Villa last week. Never got going, Fulham did play well , no standout players for us. Kulusevski works his socks off always and bizarrely having lost 3-0 I thought Romero actually played well!
    3 or 4 good. Chances we should have taken though from Richie,Johnson and Son
  17. Preed

    Preed Well-Known Member

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    What garbage totally outplayed by a mediocre side.Fed up with Kuluveski doing nothing and still first choice.Dont have a clue what Ange is thinking when Richarlison is fit but on bench.Bissouma has lost the plot.i am afraid we are being sussed and Villa will stay ahead of us.God forbid that we get caught by united
  18. voiceofreason Active Member

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    As I said I do agree we played bad but Fulham were not mediocre here, they played well. I do think Kulu often runs down blind alleys but the work he does to get the ball back goes unnoticed
  19. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    And just like that it all crumbles again, you should get that cough checked.
  20. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    We've been extremely lucky not to have had that done more often to us this season, its been coming and unless you're delusional or in denial it's been on cards.

    You cannot play a let's not bother with defence so open and not even be threatening up top to try and counter balance it.

    That display yesterday was up there with Arsenal away under Nuno, just no midfield and swarmed by a team with an actual plan.

    We've been very fortunate that the amount of chances we give out haven't been capitalised on in many a game yesterday we got what we deserved.


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