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Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by Jesper, November 2, 2021.

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  1. Since we’re in the international break … always a dull period during the season lol … it’s not out of place to reflect on the first month of this new season.

    It really has been a super impressive start to life under Ange at the club. Yes the League Cup exit was disappointing and unnecessary but one can’t help the feeling that Ange … while he of course didn’t wish to lose … has bigger fish to fry. We would all be more disappointed now if we lost Maddison or Romero for six months because they were injured playing in a fairly meaningless Cup game. And yes unfortunately, that is the Carabao these days.

    That setback aside, has there been a more personable manager at the club since Redknapp? And as an added bonus, Postecoglou actually brings a high degree of tactical nous with his excellent man management.

    Seeing how he has rejuvenated/invigorated players such as Bissouma, Romero and Maddison is a credit to him. No mistake, Conte is/was a very good coach, but one can only marvel at how dismissive, how hesitant in his praise, he was of Romero during his time here. A completely odd approach given that Romero is clearly world class (South American and World champion) and has always been our best defender. Is it any surprise that Ange has treated him as such an important player and as a result Romero has responded in kind?

    I think the sky is the limit, i.e., I think Ange will win the league here at some point (if the club continues to support him as it has done this off season … which it will). That may sound like a pipe dream to us long-suffering Spurs fans but I have followed Ange from afar for a long time, and he really is that good, as he has already shown in such a short time.

    Of course there will be some bumps in the road and some disappointing results along the way, there is no doubt about that, but the basic principles of the manager will not change and nor will his outlook. The impressive football we’ve already seen is really just the starting point.

    This is the perfect marriage, and in many ways. So while it has taken 20 long years, we at least can take some solace now that the chairman has finally got it right.
  2. Guesty Guest

    I don't disagree...but I would like just wait and see how we progress.
    We have started well before under other managers.
    I'd like to see some consistency. And to regularly beat teams in the bottom half.

    Having said that..... he has put a good squad together. Some even who have previously failed (or not been given a chance.... or not fitted into other manager's plans)
  3. Yes you are right. We have started well before. Last season was unbelievably our best start ever. Jose also had us at the top of the table at the midpoint not that long ago. Even Nuno won his first three league games if I recall correctly.

    I think the major difference though was that there was something forced and laborious about all of that, and the numbers definitely never added up. So it was really no great surprise when it all eventually fell apart (though last season’s ultimate implosion was no doubt abetted by other factors as well).

    There is something quite different going on now though, and something quite tangible, reflected not just in our results but our performances and the players as well. Considering this is very early in Ange’s tenure, I would not expect a drop off anytime soon. Indeed, I expect quite the opposite, as that has always been the case with Ange. His system naturally takes some time/practice to perfect, so it has indeed been quite remarkable how well suited it is here already.

    Of course we don’t have great depth in certain areas, so this season could come undone with some unfortunate injuries to one or two very key players. But all things being equal, this team will do extremely well this year, and even better next year should that not be enough to break through.
  4. voiceofreason Active Member

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    Agree with most of this. I think between Harry and ange there was Jol who was personable as well

    just curious, you seem to have a lot of consideration and knowledge of Ange. I had never heard of him. Do you just follow crazy amounts of football or is it maybe that you are an Aussie , hence the knowledge?
  5. Lol no. I only have time to watch Spurs these days and the occasional highlights.

    I was in Brisbane when Postecoglou was coaching there years ago. I believe he set a national record of 36 games unbeaten, so he was very well known. The side was/is called the Roar ... they used to call them Roarcelona lol. They played exactly the same as we do now.

    Not long after he became the Australian coach and some years later I heard he went to Japan. Then obviously Celtic.

    His transition at Spurs has been the smoothest anywhere, which suggests to me that this is the perfect arrangement of style and talent.
  6. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    So Levy the slippery pip squeak decided he'd face a few hand picked fans last night.

    The weasel peddled his usual BS and the happy clap brigade cheered him.

    This will be another fruitless project with no time line to achieve anything by just squeezed until the inevitable wheels come off again.

    Rinse repeat
  7. I think you’re mistaken in this case. I don’t believe even Levy can f*ck this up. But yes history tells us nothing is entirely out of the question.
  8. voiceofreason Active Member

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    Peresic out for the season. That’s a shame he seems to be coming good and was a good experienced head to bring on in the second half
  9. Yes that’s a loss and the end of his Spurs career.

    He still has one of the best deliveries you will find anywhere.
  10. voiceofreason Active Member

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    Just watched the lineker interview. Ange comes across so well, feeling bad that I was anti his appointment now!
    2 huge games coming up

    one of two things guaranteed after those results, we’ll all start thinking we are going to win the league (we won’t, but it will be nice to dream). Or a few posters will be back to say I told you so! Which will be ridiculous because it’s a huge re- building phase at the moment, specifically in the mindset!

    but please let’s beat them at their place!!
  11. I suspect we will give a very good account of ourselves and would not be surprised at all if we win, but to be certain, this is very early days in a new tenure, and we are probably short a star or two from being a great side presently … even at full strength.

    So believe we can deservedly win and will be watching it as so, but it also a derby and all strange things can happen, so the performance here will be the most interesting thing to see.
  12. Obviously one for the future but an exceptionally good buy in young Vuskovic. He’ll come straight into the first team squad when he arrives.

    Now to extend Ange’s contract for the next 10 years.
  13. Guesty Guest

    I've never heard of him
  14. Highly rated 16-year-old Croatian centre-back who’s already played a dozen games for Hadjuk. He’s 6’4” and will join us when he turns 18.

    He’s considered a generational prospect in his country, and Croatia always makes good footballers.

    I like the cut of his jib.
  15. Guesty Guest

    Well yes I have read about him.....
    ..... but is he any good?

    have you seen him play?
  16. Are you asking if I watch Hajduk’s games? Of course not.

    Have I seen footage of him? Yes. I can’t believe he’s 16.

    Youngest player to ever play Croatian first division. Excellent prospect … excellent purchase. Much better transfer policy than say bringing in Spence … who’d never played first division … at 22.

    Hopefully a sign that Ange plans to stay for some time.
  17. So can we all agree now that Ange is the best manager to walk through these doors in many a year?

    What’s happened to that filthy Cheshuntboy? Slanging the bloke before he even took a game in charge… can’t blame him for his shellshock now.

    Are we still too top heavy? Absolutely… after the starting 11, the cupboard is bare. But after 20 long years, Spurs have finally got it right.
  18. voiceofreason Active Member

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    I think this is the sort of rhetoric that results in this forum having less and less posters. I disagree with a lot of comments on here but no need to have this sort of language!!
  19. Quite the contrary. Language far worse than this was the staple of this website when it was at its busiest … at least in my experience. And it’s the type of rhetoric you keep asking to return.

    Cheshuntboy got banned into oblivion, which is nothing to lament. The fellow never had one good word to say. Case in point, Ange Postecoglou. Sledging the manager before a ball had even been kicked. Lol.
  20. voiceofreason Active Member

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    Not at all. I ask for input and views , not immature name calling of someone. I am pretty sure I have been opposed to most of what Cheshunt said, but that doesn’t mean he is wrong or that you call him filthy!!

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