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Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by Jesper, November 2, 2021.

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  1. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Both were on the bench at Juventus getting no game time nothing I said was wrong.
    They've both hit the ground running but let's not pretend this was superior scouting from the guy that got us Gollini, Emerson Royal, Brian Gil and Pape Sarr etc
    It was a last minute raid on an old club for their cast offs that happened to pay off.
    They've been the difference between mid table and sneaking 4th.
    This has turned into such a weird site I'dv thought today would've been about celebrations not snidey digs as if top4 was a dead cert and those that didn't believe at the start of the season were somehow clueless.
    A lot of things changed throughout the season but anyone trying to claim that the league hasn't been a shambles are just clutching.

    Anyway have a good summer people let's hope Levy doesn't fvck this summer up and we get rid of more serial failures and improve with quality n much needed competition/depth.
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  2. Guesty Guest

    huge window coming up....
    If DL doesn't support Conte early in the window....I think he'll leave

    really pleased to finish 4th.....but I am behind the Romero, Kulu & Benta camp that says they were the difference.....
  3. THFC Guest

    See, that’s where you really are wrong…I don’t care for JM or Roma and couldn’t care less if he or they win or not.

    I do care about our club and our coach and to see you constantly criticise and make reference to JM when it is clear as day that Conte has done a better job both with us and at their respective clubs is the point.

    If you are to continually to make reference to him then you will get responses that counter your arguement…especially when you can’t seem to accept we ended up in a great position in the toughest league in the world.

    Like many others, I was personally really happy that our squad got to the position their potential has, we finished above Arsenal and we reached the CL. Great season and great job by everyone at spurs as no amount of whining will change that.

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  4. THFC Guest

    It was exactly that until you posted with every comment a celebration..

    Again agree with you on the second part, Levy needs to step up in the summer because it will be a make or break period.

    Critical for both manager and squad we sign well and we sign players who are both wanted by the coach and who can improve us.

    I do hope you have a good summer off and you come back refreshed and a little more optimistic about next season…you do make the comments flow and keep the site interesting, even if you stubbornly refuse to accept improvement

  5. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Think you need to have a rewind both you and my biggest fan VOR wanted to give off sly little digs so I responded.

    There's no need to stubbornly refuse something I don't believe, you conveniently ignore how poor the league has been, you make out as if we were always destined for top 4, plenty of things had to go our way to scrape in, a lot of that was down to recruitment which is what I've been calling for for years.
    The narrative last season was we didn't score goals or attack and this season is totally different yet we scored 1 more goal than last.
    Also the defence has been transformed but only conceded 5 less.
    Many games we failed to even make double digits in attempts on goal and many we didn't register 1 on target.
    Now I didn't crow about last seasons football I just saw it for what it was pragmatic making the best of poor players, conte has come in and done exactly the same thing and at the death we've got 4th.
    Sick to death and bored of this sh;t how differently it's all made out to be as if you're judgement last season wasn't completely agenda driven.
    Had Jose ducked out of all competitions early, lost to the likes of Mura Middlesbrough and a number of poor prem sides you'd have all been up in arms and don't pretend you wouldn't.
    Just like Conte not using Alli etc he hasn't been lambasted for n expected just to coach better.
    That's all I'm gonna say on the matter coz it's like being on loop dealing with kids who don't use thought over feelings.

    Not sure il be back on this sess pit it used to have decent posters but now its just an echoe chamber of disingenuous irrational stupidity.
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  6. Preed

    Preed Well-Known Member

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    Shame that this once great site with lots of differing views has now become a personal battle field where neither side listens to the other.I have agreed with Felon lots of times over the quality of the squad but don’t see why he does not praise Conte for doing what Mourino was not capable of and improving the football.Lots of the old posters seemed to have stopped which is a shame as I have had some fun putting forward my views and having them questioned.Come on you Spurs let’s hope Levy gives us the chance to make a showing in the champions league
  7. Preed

    Preed Well-Known Member

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    Just an aside on the England squad.Dier has been excellent over the last ten games but is preferred in the England set up by the waste of space Maguire who has been awful all year.He is also better than Coady.Thank god we never went for Southgate who will never win anything with England
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  8. Big fran Guest

    On a more positive note 150m plus player sales been put up today. Should be around 220m.
  9. Guesty Guest

    I just think the 11 with Sanchez, Winks & Bergwijn/Moura as regular starters.....doessn't get 4th......
    but replace them with Romero, Benta & Kula and it's a different team.

    Fair play to Conte for bringing in Benta & Kula..... and for lifting spirits......

    Lets hope he can also lift DL to the same..... and get in the players he wants....improving the starting 11
  10. THFC Guest

    I’ve been reading that Paratici is going to focus on players who are out of contract initially which I assume is to improve the squad depth. Forster looks a done deal which is a far greater number 2 than we have had in a fair while. The reports mention players like Perisic also which if they come off are a perfect blend of experience that Conte wants without the constant pressure of being a regular starter. Apparently it’s the ploy that Paratici used at Juve to great effect and could be a really good strategy alongside the investments into higher value signings to improve the starting 11.

    Be interesting to see what sales generate….I think with the 2 x bigger names we will attempt swaps if possible. Lo Celso for Torres would be a good start. Not sure who is interested in Ndombele but we won’t get the money we want so a swap is the only possible decent outcome. The potential sales that should generate decent income that come to mind are CCV, Rodon, Bergwijn, Winks and Emerson. That would then leave question marks over Moura, Doherty and Regy (if RM want him back).

    Not sure what they are all worth or if we would let all go but we could have a really interesting summer ahead.

  11. Guesty Guest

    Forster is an interesting one given that Pope has been relegated.
    maybe the feeling is that Forster will be happier not playing regularly.
  12. THFC Guest

    I reckon that’s true…that’s why the Johnston deal collapsed apparently as he wanted playing time guarantees which we wouldn’t give. The other thing with Pope is Burnley are going to want crazy money for him but Forster is zilch

  13. voiceofreason Active Member

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    Agree. I think Dier must be gutted
  14. voiceofreason Active Member

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    Aw shucks you are making me blush, me, your biggest fan!

    you’ll actually see I have said that you make sensible comments and are obviously an intelligent guy. My problem is that aside to that you seem to have got too stuck on the negative agenda and won’t admit when things may actually be ok

    everyone agrees we aren’t the best in the league and that we need some changes and deeper squad but you have got to also see that we managed to get 4th position against the odds regardless of whether Man U were this, Arsenal were that etc
    Part of being a supporter is that you back the team regardless of the issues they have, there are over a hundred other teams that don’t have a chance of major success but the fans stick by them and encourage and revel in whatever success can be had.
    Yes, strive for more, yes shout out about poor management (from the board) but then also appreciate what has been done.
    I’m sure if you asked all fans at the beginning of the season if a success would be top 4 they would al say yes. Check out the pundits predictions, nobody had us top 4
    Anyway always good to have differing opinions but neither opinion should be blinkered and obstinate

    all the best your biggest fan:cool:
  15. Big fran Guest

    I would not draw the line over reggy at wingback given the improvement in sessegnon i think conte maybe get a tune unless something much better comes up ie kostic. He had a good start then veered off and then had an injury hit last season. Like right wing back there aren't that many quality options out there really. I think right wing back however is a priority where as left wing I'm not so sure. I'd take both P. Torres and bastoni rather than one or the other. After that centre mid will need improving and thickening up given gio and tanguy won't be coming back and winks likely to be sold. I'd take Tielemens or Bissouma who both have little contract time left and all achievable targets if......IF we act quick. 4 signings in them positions I'd be happy. The front 3 look strong and difficult to replace but I'd expect bergwjin to leave so that opens up a spot. If moura moves on there could be room for another versatile attacker and either sterling or jesus would be class in particular the England man who links well with kane. Probably end up with Forster and weghorst to be fair hahaha
  16. Bazza47

    Bazza47 Well-Known Member

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    I’m one of those old posters Preed who haven’t been on here much this last season. Earlier on under Nuno it was so bad I just couldn’t be asked with any of it - going to The Lane, posting, responding and the like. Then when I did come onto to the site there was so much tit for tat stuff that in the end it all got very boring. On the football front, I’m elated by how Conte has transformed an average squad into something much better. It’s been the usual roller coaster of course but I’ll take it. You can’t ignore the form tables, goals scored, goal difference uptick - an amazing transformation, Sonny’s achievement, Kane’s form, hammering the Gooners, stopping the Scousers getting the PL crown. That was Priceless. COYS
  17. Preed

    Preed Well-Known Member

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    While there is no football on I have been checking how we are doing in the back up squads and the womens team.The women have lost their last 6 games.the under 18s are mid table but the under 21s are bottom of their league with no wins from 14 games.I don’t know who the coaches are but surely they should be under pressure .Most top clubs have a strong under21 squad of developing players when we don’t seem to care .surely this is the future of clubs without spending a fortune
  18. The Conte Guest

    So has this been a good World Cup for Spurs?

    Cuti lifts the trophy… a premier centre back in world football… we’re lucky to have him… but our captain loses the shootout

    As for Harry? well he’s one of the best penalty takers you’ll ever see… but he gassed it. I get the feeling the lad will never win anything

    Are we better off now than a month ago? Time for Conte to impose his will
  19. voiceofreason Active Member

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    I think we are better off than a Month ago. We should have kulu son and Kane good to go, shame about Richy. Also Doherty seems to have played well in friendlies so hopefully we will see an end to Royal
    No other major injuries, so I’d say better off. Plus Pierre and bentacur got a bit of rest !
  20. The Conte Guest

    Agree with all of this but not entirely sure how good to go Kane will be

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