BBC: Saints reject first bids for Lallana and Shaw, but Spurs still in the race

Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by George S, May 30, 2014.

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    Townsend is effectively a left-footed, who prefers to play on the right flank. That IS his best position. It's Spurs supporters who want to see Andros switch wings more than the actual player, himself.

    Townsend LOVES the idea of being able to cut infield on his stronger foot and having the opportunity to have a shot, or thread a ball through on goal!

    I think he is FAR better suited to playing on the opposite flank, than say G.Bale, because he has better BALANCE, knows a trick, and is more comfortable on his right foot than the Welshman.

    I am NOT saying that Andros shouldn't play on the left, I actually think Townsend could do a good job there - but would that be PREFERRED, or even BEST, position? I think the jury is still out. Partly because I think he is SO good on the right!!!

    The problem that Andros faces though, is Erik Lamela is another left-footed player who prefers to play on the right....Oh, and that the Argentine cost £30m!

    Would be a shame though if Andros is PERMANENTLY switch to the left-flank, as he looked to striking up a promising, and dangerous, partnership with Kyle Walker, for club and country, on the right.

    Video: Complete with a cameo appearance from north Londons favourite 'Arry'

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    Banega looks like a good player but I remain unconvinced about signing another player with no Premier league experience bearing in mind how that impacted us last year. I would ideally like to see a couple of players brought in who already know the league and would take less time to gel. The whole taking time to gel cannot be used again this year so any purchases must be made wisely.
    Pochettino is a clever guy and will no doubt choose carefully but he does need to remember that he needs to be finishing four places higher than he did last year.
    I think the lallana and Shaw rumours are simply that and whatever Pochettino's relationship with those players, Spurs simply won't pay that kind of money in my opinion and let's not kid ourselves that there is any loyalty beyond lip service in football post the King of the lane.
    Pochettino will possibly work with what he has got and if he can pull the best out of Lamela and Soldado, along with playing with width and pace, next season will Hopefully be positive. I will settle for the FA cup and top four!!
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    I agree that having the opportunity to sign QUALITY players, with EPL experience, DEFINITELY has it's advantages, but when somebody like Ever Banega becomes available exceptions should be made. The Spurs fans would love this guy instantly, and he already has the kind of game that is PERFECTLY suited to the English game.

    In the same mould as the likes of Modric and Moutinho, but more aggressive, not only is Banega another Argentina to add to our growing contingent, but he is EXACTLY the kind of deep-lying playmaker Spurs require to feed the attack, QUICKLY, in the areas of the field where they can do the most damage.

    How many times did Spurs knock the ball around aimlessly, backwards and sideways, in the midfield before eventually attempting to force play out of frustration, last season?

    How many times could our wide men be found picking the ball up around the halfway line, 50/60 yards away from the oppositions goal, instead of another 15/30 yards further forwards?

    How many times did Tottenham's play appear SLOW, PONDEROUS and DISJOINTED?

    Having someone who can spot a pass early, and deliver it (over any distance spanning 50+ yards), not only allows your attacker to stay further upfield, preparing to make runs they wouldn't normally make ( in the knowledge that they have a good chance of being picked out), but it also ADDS TEMPO to the team, playing through someone who has the ability to manoeuvre the ball quickly and efficiently through the lines.

    Mousa Dembele is a SUPERB player, but he is NOT a pass master who is going to CONSISTENTLY disturb/disrupt the opposition with the intelligence of his distribution from central midfield areas. He takes too many touches, lacks the passing variation and doesn't possess the vision/awareness needed.

    Paulinho, Capoue and Sandro are all very good players, but NONE of them are renowned for their CREATIVITY, VISION or their ON-THE BALL INTELLIGENCE.

    Signing someone like Banega would fill that void in midfield, whilst giving the current team a COMPLETELY different dynamic.

    I have said previously that Tom Carroll and Nabil Bentaleb could play that kind of role for Spurs next season, and they can. But NOT to the same standard, obviously, as Banega could. Does Tom or Nabil have the ability to become the PFA Player of the Year in their first full season at Spurs? Because Ever does!!!

    The FACT that the Argentine played for a number of years in the same Valencia side as Roberto Soldado, is ANOTHER plus point to any potential deal, as Banega was one of those charged with supplying the Spanish forward with the opportunities from which to score.

    For me, the deal is ANOTHER no brainier as far as an IDEAL acquisition, for the new season, goes. Give me £20m for Paulinho to buy a £5m-£10m Ever Banega and I'll take that EVERY day of the week. And I'm talking about Paulinho at his BEST!!!

    If you want to see Spurs playing the kind of football worthy of gracing the CL, and winning silverware, than a midfield consisting of Sandro, Dembele, Banega, Eriksen and another would certainly be a HUGE step in the right direction.

    It would be like putting a more DECISIVE/INCISIVE Luka Modric back in the team.

    ps 'Good', just doesn't do some players justice...

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