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Shout above the Noise (Spurs' supporter reality check)

“Do you remember the good old days
Before the ghost town?”

How often have we rubbished Gooners because The Emirates is like a library? How often has the atmosphere at White Hart Lane been lauded? Can that be said anymore? Is there a danger of a vicious circle? Poor performance, criticism, booing, more anxiety for the players leading to poor performance and the whole cycle starts again.

White Hart Pain

Stillness, silence punctuated by “Come On You Spurs” then silence falls again. The boo boys start. “Boooooo” we don’t like the team selection, “Boooooo” we haven’t scored, “Boooooo” we don’t agree with the substitution. “Boooooo” we lost.

“I pay my money, I’m entitled to voice my opinion, we’re playing rubbish so I’m going to show it.” Everyone’s entitled to their opinion; no-one should have a problem with that, but where’s the support? Where’s the lifting the team gone? Why the hell are you booing when Tom Carroll come’s on to make his Premier League debut? What kind of support is that?

Away teams must love coming to the Lane at the moment. They know the pressure, the atmosphere may get on top of the players. It’s not the reason for frustrating performances but does it help? Of course not!

Tweetledee, Tweetledumb

Social Network sites can be just as bad if not in such an immediate way. Some of the comments drip with vitriol. What’s the point? You think you’re a supporter because you tweet AVB’s a useless f**king t#@t, or a player? In this technological age, you don’t think players know what’s being said. Look at Walker. He knows his form is suffering. You sure it really helps to have it rammed down his throat on Twitter? No wonder he’s on a self-imposed exile.

So what’s going on, is there a way to bring some understanding here? Is it all down to…


The team is playing in fits and starts. The performance against Wigan was poor. There was an expectation that we would beat them. Trouble is, no-one ever knows what Wigan is going to turn up. The pretty awful one or the one that can go and beat the top teams. Yesterday we go the latter. They played better than we did and won.

Frustration at not playing well, not beating teams we think we should beat. I agree, it’s frustrating as hell. As are/were the injuries to Kaboul, Parker, Dembelé, Benny, Ade, Naughton and now it looks like Sandro. Frustrating, as was Adebayor refusing to take a pay cut, missing the whole of pre-season – getting fit and getting settled in to AVB’s plans. Frustrating, the same frustration that AVB didn’t get the midfield general in Moutinho that he was really after. And yet..

Blood’s thicker than water

If you’re reading this, if you support Spurs, go to Spurs it’s because you love them. It’s like family.. they can be a total pain, annoy, frustrate, hurt. But you back them, support them all the same – thick and thin.

The boo boys, a minority. Most supporters know we have enough injuries to fill an A&E on a Saturday night, know things can take time. Doesn’t mean they’re not questioning some decisions, not frustrated. To be honest, I suspect the boo boys know the same. Maybe they just have let off steam.

At the moment though, this minority are shouting louder than everyone else. So in the words of Penetration:-

“Don’t let them win
Don’t let them drag you in
Shout above the noise”


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