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Discussion in 'Featured' started by Felon82, January 18, 2020.

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  1. voiceofreason Active Member

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    I’m SURE he WILL be along SOON

  2. Spurporter Active Member

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    And where is Mattj78? Were following stale articles. Thank you Fellon82, but please refresh. There's no Matt.
  3. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    I'll refresh when the club does til then it's just like watching a Ground Hog Day car crash in the waiting of which I will continue to call out.

    Anyone actually believe Gedson and this Bergwijn are gonna solve our problems ?
    Smacks of continued unorganised desperate signings that do little to improve or balance out the squad.
    DM still needed , 2 new FBs & Striker are imperative to have any top4 ambitions.
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  4. Spurporter Active Member

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    I don't. Those are still coming from Poch pipeline, the players playing possession football, not defensive counter attacking style JM masters. Also, JM do not buy a 22 year old players. That is not for immediate help we need.
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  5. Big fran Guest

    Your saying these two players are poch players he wanted??
  6. THFC Guest

    So, Eriksen is gone and we have a couple of new arrivals this window and Lo Celso is now locked away.

    I have always wanted a bigger framed English playmaker with PL experience that scores goals like Grealish or Maddison however not sure that will happen just yet which is a shame because I’ve read Grealish has a $40 million release clause (not sure if that’s true though) and would be great to sign him now and pick him up in the summer while he is still relatively cheap.

    Lo Celso has certainly proved me wrong in the last 2 games with good performances however I’m still not sure he is all we need. I hope he scores a few more goals and I also hope that his good performances are there against the top sides (not just Norwich and Southampton who despite a few people thinking they are improving are still sides we should be sailing past).

    Fingers crossed we can sign a CDM (very hopeful I know) & CF in the time remaining in this window then in the summer pick up new LB and RB (it looks like Aarons may be on his way). Then move Tanganga to CB where he belongs.

    If other sides continue to drop points at the same rate we are, we still have every chance of a top 4 finish but that isn’t how I thought we would be going into this season. Never mind though...as long as we finish above Arsenal, I am starting to look forward to next season already when JM then has no excuses and some of these young lads can be given a real crack together.
  7. Preed

    Preed Active Member

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    Can anybody explain tottenhams transfer policy .time after time we seem to spend on players who may be good but are not in the positions we desperately need ie dm 2 full backs and a centre forward.I still think ndombele will turn out a good buy and with decelso we have the makings of some creativity.If so where will Fernanndes and Berfwijn fit in or will one of them be able to play instead of Ali and Moura if not what’s the point in buying.At the moment I would take Giroud from Chelsea who can at least hold the ball up.
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  8. THFC Guest

    Giroud? Really? No thank you....he may be able to hold the ball up but paint drys quicker than he can run. If you want a Giroud then hope for Llorente.

    I’m not sure which CF’s are actually available but none of the names I have seen are appealing.

    I hope we hit up about Bournemouth last minute and sign Calum Wilson who at least has a bit of pace and strength about him.

  9. THFC Guest

    Sorry....do agree with everything else though. We seem want to play 2 - 8 - 0 formation

  10. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    It's ridiculous , there is absolutely no transfer plan/planning at Spurs whatsoever.
    These 2 have never been part of a well thought out plan they smack of desperation signings to me.
  11. palmover Active Member

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    I blame the football manager games, as fans seem to think it's easy to buy/ sell players especially in Jan window.
    Fans come up with all sorts of players spurs should buy and the positions that need filling, how do they know they are right and spurs would win everything with their choices?
    Some seem to think spurs are playing like the 86pt season and on current form should breeze past southampton, when spurs are far off that type of form. I am sure Chelsea thought they should beat southampton when they lost 0-2, at home.
    I am willing to give all signings a chance to prove themselves, i like the look of Sess, Tanguy and Loco. Gedson looked better than dier so there's an improvement to the squad.
    I don't know how other supporters would put together a squad, i go for two players in every position = 22players the rest made up by the academy.
    Buying Bergwin and Gedson make sense to me both u23 with lots of potential.
  12. palmover Active Member

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    Current squad.
    The highlighted players are not getting games.
    Gk: Lloris, Gazz
    RB: Serge, Kwp,
    CB: Toby, Sanchez, Tanganga, Verts, Foyth
    LB: Davies, Sess, Rose
    Mid: Tanguy, Winks, Loco, Gedson, Dele, Dier, sisoko, Wanyama
    Wide attack: Son, Moura, Lamela, Bergwin
    Fwd: Kane, Parrott

    We all agree spurs need a Cf and it was negligent to start the season without a back up to Kane.

    Spurs have 8 mids competing for 3 places, surely some have to go before spurs buy a DM? wanyama won't play again for spurs, however, will be hard to sell.

    Spurs wide attack looks better with the addition of Bergwin, spurs have 4 options and have more pace, which was needed.

    The defence looks covered for now, more than enough to get through to summer t/w. Coys
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  13. THFC Guest

    Have you been reading something else on here? I’m not sure where your football manager game suggestion comes from and no one, at any stage, has mentioned it’s easy to buy or sell in Jan?

    The reality is, if you watch football, it’s quite easy to see that we lack pace in some areas, have no quality protecting the back line in midfield and are desperate for new full backs and additional CF.

    Most goals we concede come from the space the full backs leave and when Kane gets injured, we struggle to score.

    If you are happy with performances of the likes against Saints and Norwich, that is your choice however if we want to maintain position with the likes of Liverpool and City then we have to constantly evolve and adapt the squad.

    Time will tell if the 2 x new boys will make a difference but the real point is they are not signings that were essential at this stage.

    Getting 2 x fullbacks, a decent CDM and a CF are essential as without them we will continue to drop points which means we may struggle to secure 4th place and the Champions League which is critical for our success in the future.

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  14. THFC Guest

    Agreed however all of the highlighted players are currently being linked with moves away and if we manage to offload them, we need to make sure we have signed players that can actually perform in those positions.

    I would add Lamela and Dier in the sale pot as Bergwijn can replace Lamela. That leaves us requiring a decent CDM (signed now or summer but still needed).

  15. Guesty Guest

    I know THFC has commented on Giroud.....
    But I'd take him. especially if its a cheap buy. knows the PL. okay getting on and not a pacey player... but the PL knows him and he'll occupy 2 defenders.
    Plus he's French and will hit the ground running.
    No brainer for me

    ...... ready to take the abuse now... ha ha
  16. Bazza47

    Bazza47 Well-Known Member

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    Preez, in a word, NO!!
  17. Bazza47

    Bazza47 Well-Known Member

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    At best, as you point out, we are still light 4 players, as we were before the month started, so it remains a buggers muddle. For me there is only one saving grace and that is that Jose, the Special One, has the ability to get DL to do what he hasn’t done in my memory - spend on his credit card.....mmmm....
  18. Bazza47

    Bazza47 Well-Known Member

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    If it’s the only option, I’ll suffer him.......not having a CF is far worse than an ex Gooner/Scum player - we accepted Gallas didn’t we, needs must.....
  19. Spurporter Active Member

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    Yes, I am. I wouldn't call them Poch selections, but these are Hitchen's picks. Poch is not a scout, not like Guardiola or Klopp or Wenger. He relied on Hitchen and on Mitchell prior. MU were rumored to attempt Mitchell's snatch from RB Leipzig. If they hire MP in the summer, Mitchell could come back to England. JM will bring in his Head Scout. In the summer I suppose.

    LoCelso fits well with any manager MP or JM. He is Box to Box MF we lost when Dembele was sold. Ndobele is another one, but from holding MF base. Bergewijn is a utility winger that can play all 4 positions, including striker, but it is Lamela challenger at RMF. Sure Son and Eriksen played RMF, but Eriksen is gone, whilst Son have never had any success there. Fernandez is a playmaker, who had success playing with Piatek at Lille. He is Eriksen replacement.
  20. Spurporter Active Member

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    Spurs must buy both Piatek and Giroud. This way Harry will be sold in the summer.

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