Tottenham a Laughing stock as Levy's games backfire

Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by Mattj78, September 1, 2015.

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  1. Mattj78

    Mattj78 Well-Known Member

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    One bid. Two bids. Three bids. Four bids. Daniel Levy always seems to leave his dealings to the very last minute and it has some good outcomes, but in general, he leaves things so late and it always end up being to the detriment of the football club.
    Tottenham knew in January that they were light up front. Kane was on fire but it was clear to everyone we needed a striker. Not a striker to cover for him but to play alongside him. It was so obvious. Except to Pochettino, Daniel Levy, Franco Baldini. 4 people who are tasked with making signings to better the team. I was pleased when Mitchell was appointed but since he has been at the club what has he actually done? Nearly as little as Pochettino himself!!

    Threadbare Squad

    Lloris, Vorm, Walker, Trippier, Davies, Rose, Vertonghen, Alderwereld, Wimmer, Dier, Eriksen, Chadli, Mason, Lamela, Kane, Son, N'Jie, Bentaleb, Dembele, Alli, Pritchard, Carrol, Townsend.

    Okay, so I have missed a few players but our squad is totally threadbare. The youth need to be given a chance and I think the likes of Alli and Pritchard could make a breakthrough this season, but with the EUROPA league coming up soon, this squad is going be stretched to the very limit. With injuries we could be in real trouble. Real trouble.

    Planning is key

    When Pochettino joined Spurs I had every sympathy that he inherited a poor squad. But he has had over a year now to make the changes he needed to. I have been pleased with the acquisitions of Wimmer and Alderwereld and hope that N'Jie and Son will prove to be quality signings but cannot really comment on them yet.
    There is no excuse for Tottenham to leave things to the last minute. None at all.
    As soon as the season ended, surely Poch identified the players he wanted to improve his squad. We now end up putting in stupid bids. Charlie Austin demonstrated last year, playing for a poor team what a player he is. But Spurs made no approach for him at all and all QPR wanted was 15 million pounds!! He would have been a steal!! And been a great signing in my opinion.
    We are also stuck with Adebayor. Yedlin looks good to me but he has gone on loan. Again , shocking at every level.

    Onward We Go

    Whatever my thoughts, your thoughts, we now have to move forward with what we have. Dele Alli excites me. He is ambitious and will get forward and get goals from midfield. He is strong and creative and I expect him to become a firm fans favorite this season. Once Pritchard is fully fit I think he also has a big part to play.
    It is now up to Pochettino to work out what his tactics are and to get the likes of N'Jie and Son in the team and hopefully supporting Kane up front.

    With the right tactics, maybe we could get a trophy but I think the top 6 will be a very long way from Spurs with this squad. I truly hope that I am wrong.

    Once again, Daniel Levy has failed the fans of this great football club. Once again ENIC have alienated another club. West Brom will probably not deal with Levy again. So Berahino will not be playing for us today or any other day.

    The master negotiator is a fraud. Sadly we are stuck with him for the foreseeable future. And mediocrity is likely to be the glory that Spurs 'enjoy' for some time to come.

    But, as ever, COME ON YOU SPURS!!!!
  2. sid Guest

    I am happy with the players that Levy has bought and the deadwood that has been sold...only idiots would think that Levy is a laughing stock as only idiots would pay over the odds for mediocre players, if the people writing these articles are serious then I suggest they support do their ´supporting´else where.
  3. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    So Berahino was the main target then, the marquee signing, the identified needed aquisition, so we only start putting serious bids in for him with under 2 hours to go that were still under the valuation.
    Go get him strategy from a hungry board or what?
  4. Mattj78

    Mattj78 Well-Known Member

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    Only idiots would pay over the odds for mediocre players.
    Levy paid 30 million pounds for Erik Lamela!!! He is still paying crazy money to Adebayor.
    This further backs up the fact that Levy is an idiot backed by happy clappers who have no ambition for the football club.
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  5. BobbyC Guest

    This time Levy had a hand that everyone had seen. He should have folded after two bids. Four bids makes him look cheap. How long will it take to seriously challenge for CL? Any player we have that is any good or will be any good is not going to hang around long enough to be part of a "challenging" team. This is the pattern of any progress we ever make. It will not change. Stadium will be built by 2018. After a honeymoon period and at this rate of progres we will not fill it unless we have a challenging team. Arsenal filled theirs because they were already at that stage. It does not look good to me. We are a stepping stone for a certain grade of player. Its not so much that we didn't sign Berahino, its the way we were unable to sign him. Pissed off big time....
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  6. Mattj78

    Mattj78 Well-Known Member

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    we offered 5 million plus add ons.
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  7. Spiros Guest

    Massive massive shame. We were in desperate need of strengthening, with the manager saying as much after our last bore draw. Levy is a disgrace! Not only are we crying out for at least one more striker but we need more quality and experience in midfield. I feel sorry for Pochetino as Levy has sold him down the river and is treating us fans like mugs. COYS
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  8. Peter Ag. Guest

    Levy has absolutely destroyed any slim chance we may have had for silverware or top-four AGAIN!

    This Spurs squad is now the most average we have seen at WHL for quite a few years, in fact as bad as the Gerry Francis team.

    Looking at our team now the best we can hope for is finishing inside the top 10.

    I can't see us holding onto Lloris, Vertonghen or Eriksen either. Kane may hang about but that will only be for a while.

    Can't see the point in building a 61,000 seater stadium when the team itself can't compete.

    Really, Really, Really Pissed Off
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  9. BrutusYid Guest

    I am absolutely dumbfounded and disgusted at the way Levy continues to do business. We have been crying out for another striker and I understand the necessity to sell unwanted players to get them off the wage bill but to have the transfer window close and have only one recognised striker (Adebyour not included as he is a greedy mercenary) is ludicrous. If Harry Kane cannot find last season's form or gets injured we will struggle to finish in the top 10. I do believe Son will prove to be a fantastic signing but throughout the squad we have got no real depth.
    I am fast coming to believe that Poch is not the man to take Spurs forward. He appears to be tactically inept to make changes when a goal is required and just seems to be Levy's puppet & a 'yes' man. Grow a pair Poch!
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  10. Spencer Guest

    Its Ground hog day, Levy has lost any cred of respectability he had, that squad is nowhere near good enough for top 6, i can see cries for Poch out come the end of November and it wont be his fault. Swansea, Placae Westham and Everton have miles better balanced squads than us. 9th or 10th this year and may be thats a good thing to bring Levy's ego down a peg or two #LEVY OUT
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  11. Willy White Guest

    Unbelievable! I can only think that this retarded individual who thinks it's ok to leave a manager with just one tired striker and no proper defensive midfielder, is a relation of Daniel "time waster" Levy, perhaps his mum! As for calling people with common sense "idiots" I suggest you look in the mirror mate, or are you so far up Levy's arse that it's an impossibility?
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  12. Mick

    Mick Member

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    As I thought a disastrous day but let's be honest about this. If any blame is to be attached for these events let us leave the manager out. Under the stucture of the club the manager is just a coach and whilst he may have an input the responsibility for this fiasco lies solely with Levy the board and head of recruitment !
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  13. Blaster Guest

    Agree. The problem is, Levy has turned into something similar to a dictator that believes his own hype, no longer able or willing to listen and no longer of any benefit at all to their club. He believes he knows it all.

    We either needed a striker or we didn't and obviously we did, hence the bids, so get it sorted early, whether it's Werner, Hernandes, Pato, Austin or whoever nice and early and settle them in - but instead it's like a child doing his project the night before he needs to hand it in when he's had all term to do it - recipe for stress and disaster which is what's happened. Man Utd just sealed a very big money deal for Martial which apparently we could have had a month ago for less than half of that.

    We also just as urgently needed a strong midfielder - otherwise why go sniffing around players like Wanyama, McCarthy, Bender and just in the last couple of days Witsel who would have been great. Well, no deal, but no worries we've got Dier in there. Meanwhile Palace got Cabaye in nice and early for reasonable money!

    Clubs are just not interested in letting their best assets leave with just a couple of days or even hours left to replace them! Levy got lucky once, maybe twice but has been failing miserably for some time now and should be accountable. Things seem so badly run right now that I even wonder whether the club knew that the transfer window in other European countries shut yesterday essentially making those clubs unable to replace any players we may have bid for today.

    We seem paralysed from the top and with such a thin squad, only 3 points on the table...this could become a really miserable even disastrous season.
  14. Poch's days are numbered with his policy on using inverted wingers! Our defence has improved, including Dier who seems to be improving with each game, but if you look at our 'goals for' column in the last 7 or 8 years you will see that we simply do not score enough goals (light by 20 to 30 goals)!

    Levy fanning around at failing to buy Berahino is a disgrace! We must hope and pray that Kane finds his fitness and form sooner rather than later, and the Son settles in quickly and scores goals, and both do not get injured this season! This is a high risk gamble as we all know! The bookies generally win!
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  15. MikeC Guest

    Very disappointed with the transfer activity.
    I cannot believe that :
    a. we still have Adebayor
    b. we still have Erik Lamela
    c. we haven't signed a forward

    Levy has had his bluff called by West Brom

    It's going to be another fruitless season and the worry going forward is that some of the key players like Lloris, Eriksen and Vertongen will want to jump ship.

    Levy and Poch need to be planning NOW for the Jan transfer window and make sure that deals are done early instead of last minute
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  16. josh_b

    josh_b Active Member

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    At this point, any sane fan of the club is anti-Levy.
    First and foremost, what a load of absolute bollocks. What is the point of bringing in staff like Mitchell if you're not going to give them funds?! It's like hiring a manager of a shop, without giving them a shop, and complaining when they don't make a profit. Undeniable that Levy's desperosity to get a good deal has cost the club this season. Undeniable, too, that this method has cost us other signings - Witsel said he would have come if the deal had been made earlier. This is the kind of finished article, experienced player we should be after - and in all honesty he probably has a sell on value too! There has been no sense from the man with the money, and it will cost Pochettino his job. Personally, I think if he resigns he will go down as one of the greatest managers in our history, for standing up to this shambles of a company. Everyone involved at this club, with Levy, should be out of the door. Tomorrow.
    ENIC have done great things with our club, don't get me wrong, but now they are clueless, hopelessly out of their depth and don't know how to push us on. We have had so many potential springboards for success - the Champions League season, that squad we had could have won the league if we had signed a couple of players in January - and yet here we are, with Levy at the helm, punishing us by draining all of our money into the stadium, despite having said otherwise. I wasn't expecting a huge summer, but I expected us to bring in some players in the positions Pochettino recognised. This hasn't happened. One almost starts to wonder if Levy is taking this seriously. Words cannot describe how f***ing frustrating this is. Yes, I will support Tottenham Hotspur because they are my club, my one and only club. But I have a right to argue the toss online about such a sh*t transfer window because it is clear to me that we are going backwards.
    I love the club, not its owners.
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  17. big fran Guest

    Embarrassing that the club cannot get a simple deal like this over the line. Pullis wants to sell. The player wants to come. Pochettino clearly wants him and the boy has a transfer tag put on his head and started negotiations four month ago.
    Straightforward as u like this one. If u don't like the price move on to another striker not apply the disgusting tactics that have been done to us in the past!
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  18. I get the frustration that we did not sign berahino. but honestly, all these embittered levy and poch bashing by spurs fans is useless. we set our expectations way too high which at first is good but at the end, just self inflicting pain.

    all things considered, poch first season was real good.5th position and a cup final. we are trying to build on and improve on last season. although we have started slow, lets be patient and trust in poch. 9 months is a long way to go. spurs fans have always complained of instability and levy trigger finger. with poch, we could achieve something special. he has a real good way developing kids, he may not be perfect, but his pros are way more than cons.
    Also, Poch has always said that he would rather made do with what he has than panic buy, probably why he did not sanction lamela deal. he identified schneiderlin as his no 1 transfer, sven bender and mc carthy as alternative. we could not get any of those. so we make do with dier and bents instead of signing another stambouli.

    As for levy, he has his faults but overall he has done really good for the club. you dont expect him to just shell out 25m just like that. we have to think of the stadium as more important.
    Im just looking forward to alli, pritch and tommy c breakthrough this season under poch. kane scoring at least 20 goals. also I guess 6th position would be fair this season

  19. Jim Guest

    I'm afraid Levy is an idiot. He made bids that's included ridiculous upfront money and a ludicrous amount of add ons. He may have managed to pull that one with Valencia and Roma but not with battle hardened Mr Peace. It was disrespectful and embarrassing. I don't blame Jeremy Peace. Berahino has made a pretty stupid statement and now he's going to have a long hard 4 months at least.

    It's been a farce, one maybe Levy thought he'd win because he backed down to Berbatov, Modric and Bale but Peace wasn't about to, especially at the money offered.

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  20. Dommo Guest

    I have been a big supporter of Levy and defended him in a number of forums etc but I have to agree with the majority of comments coming out that this whole business is ridiculous. I persoanlly don't think Berahino is worth £25m or even £20m but that is irreverent as we should have had other targets lined up instead of all our eggs in one basket leaving it so late in the day. Playing now until January with one recognised Striker is plain dumb and our other attacking forwards just don't chip in enough goals to take some of the pressure of Kane. I am mighty pee'd off!
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