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Discussion in 'Featured' started by bigfran, May 18, 2018.

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  1. bigfran

    bigfran Member Blogger

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    New lane new era?

    As we leave Wembley and head into a fantastic brand new world class stadium with champions league again guaranteed will it bring about a new era, new direction and most importantly some long awaited success or just another false dawn? Time will tell I suppose but if we are to achieve the former rather than the latter many things will need to change and be done.

    To do list

    Keep Poch.
    He's had his ups and he's had his downs. He has supporters and detractors in equal measures. The fact is if he goes I cannot see any other manager doing what he has done on a regular basis with the tools or lack of that he's had. If he goes anywhere else than Madrid this summer it's massive embarrassment for the club and Levy.

    Back Poch. Things are going to have to change. Wage caps, transfer budgets and the quality of players that are needed. Maybe even a marquee signing. When was the last time signed a ready made world class player? Klinsmann perhaps I would say.
    He needs 100m minimum plus player sales which we will come to later to reinvest back into the squad.

    Keep Toby. If we really want to be a big club we cannot afford to keep selling off our world class players especially to rivals. Madrid and barca do not pay big money or wages for defenders traditionally and PSG are maxed out on FFP rules with the Neymar deal and Mbappe loan set to become permanent which means only prem league teams can afford and strengthening City utd etc simply must not happen.
    Apart from Toby we also should tie down Kane Alli Eriksen Dembele Son Jan before we even think of signing anyone. That will be the signal of intent we all want and need. Also in that list I include Danny Rose after his latest comments it looks like he's prepared to stay with the club whether that be through lack of options on the back of an injury and form season who knows but IMO he's the best left back come wing back in the league when at his best make no mistake and I'd like to see him after a full pre season.

    Clear the decks. Out must go Llorente Sissoko Lamela Jansen Gkn Vorm not sure how much they would bring but I'd suggest 50 to 60m in total. If Toby as expected leaves that would give us around 200m to 200m to spend.
    Now that looks unlikely given Levy's form in the past and the cost of the new stadium but if reports are to be believed the stadium has cost around 800m with half of that already financed and 400m in loan's. That sounds a great deal but for a company the size of spurs that's just pocketed 150m in TV and prize money and around 50m in CL money to pay back 400m over 10-15 years isn't big news. That's not even taking into consideration the increased gate receipts, match day hospitality, souvenirs, food, drink, sky walk, cheese rooms, NFL and naming rights upward of 150m.

    Realistic targets

    Ryan Sessegnon

    This deal is a no brainer. The kid is an unbelievable talent and probably the best English prospect since Rooney. We've had success with players from the lower leagues in recent years Robinson Dawson Walker Rose and more recently Alli. This potential signing has Gareth Bale written all over it except this kid is far more advanced at the same age.

    Luke Shaw

    Probably only going to happen if Rose leaves or part of the deal. Too be honest is his injury record and form any better than Danny's ? Younger he may be but he's never found the same level.

    Kieran Tierney

    Another talented left side player but again only if Rose leaves and its a massive step up.

    Anthony Martial

    Exactly the type of player we need. No striker worth their salt will sign to play second fiddle to our talisman Kane but the Frenchman can play off either flank and as a genuine front man if called upon. Mourinho has destroyed this fantastic young talent and will look for a way out after losing his WC spot.

    Alfie Mawson

    Decent English centre half but nowhere near good enough to replace Toby if he leaves.

    Mathis de Ligt

    We've had plenty of success with players from the Ajax conveyor belt but 50m for an 18yr old will be a massive gamble given our other young centre halves on the books in Vickers and Foyth but he comes with rave reviews so who knows.

    Unrealistic Targets

    Gareth Bale

    How we all would love this one to happen but the numbers just don't add up. I think we could afford him and he'd be tempted but his wages would blow the dressing room to bits.


    Super talented but super inconsistent and would be a massive gamble at 70m plus that palace would demand and he's already had one big money move flop.

    Mauro Icardi

    Exactly the kind of marquee we would need. Absolute goal machine but would command a huge fee and I suspect bigger clubs will be in the mix.

    Anyway the market opens today and shuts at the end of the first week in August and although Poch states he wants his targets in before the WC and my money would be at us scratching round for basement bargains on deadline day for Rondon Shaqiri Johnny Evans .. Enjoy your summer folks.
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  3. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    Unless there is significant improvement in 1st team match winners and better depth this will be another False Dawn.

    A huge part of our current rise is how poor the establishment has been yet they are piece by piece regrouping (the northern giants are anyway) with both the Chavs & Scum needing a revamp/rebuild it will be interesting to see what happens there, but at the same time we cannot stand still like we did last summer it's just asking for trouble.

    I'm definitely for a cull of the underperforming , uninspiring , bang average at best , inconsistent dead beats we have currently clogging up the squad for no other reason than poor recruitment and lack of vision to rid and improve.

    The team needs a Freshen up with a few more dynamics added to our play/approach/tactics if we are to stop running aimlessly into a glass ceiling.

    No more lazy buys please, just some sensible positive ones that can make an impact from the off or strengthen our weaknesses.
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  4. Del Guest

    To dare is to do is our moto! Well tbh honest I’m fed up with thinking if only we signed this player or that player! The truth is levy won’t alter the wage restrictions and pay the going rate we will never be able to challenge or keep our best players! Liverpool will or have overtaken us on all fronts albeit league position if were honest with ourselves, yes we may have a world class stadium coming but I’m afraid we may not have world class players to play in it ! Sorry more pissing on people’s fires but I am a realist at the end of the day. Coys
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  5. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    Don't apologise Del it's truth mate.

    Until The Majority Wake Up To This Fact we will be perrenial failures finding silver linings in things that don't matter and that no 1 else neither care about or mention!

    Everytime the club announce Record Profits and New Sponsorship Deals while putting minimum back into the team this should be Questioned not Celebrated and excused.
  6. Del Guest

    hit the nail on the head mate
  7. Del Guest

    sorry for the spellings lol
  8. We need proven winners in the side to show us how it’s done and transform the team. We need to start winning.

    Bale isn’t a bad shout, but agree his wages would hurt.

    It’s the hope that kills us.
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  9. Bazza47

    Bazza47 Well-Known Member

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    I've never been a big watcher of emerging transfer options, and on the occasions that I have it's all come to nothing - Dembele the younger at Fulham comes to mind, before Celtic picked him up for a song.

    Bale - doesn't feel right to me, coming back. If he sucks up a huge salary, then that takes much needed cash away from far more important players. I don't know why but we have a team currently, and I don't feel it would be enhanced as a team if he rejoined us.

    Sessingnon, possibly, big money and they might want him on loan for a spell. Needs to be outright purchase for me. I know he scores goals, but I've watched a few of the Fulham games, and he can be a little absent at times. Shaw is probably cheaper and worth a look, as he's a wing back, not a full back.

    If we do go three at the back, then losing Toby makes no sense at all, but I fear it's gone too far. I live in hope.

    Holding players have been a little patchy for me. Moussa may not get a contract, which is a pity, as he still has a role for me. Wanyama has looked ragged to me and below his best and Dier has made some key mistakes. Doucoure at Watford would be a good acquisition, plus he scores goals, so more an attacking midfielder perhaps.

    I'd like to see us use Lucas as a support for Eriksen. He's skilful on the ball, can beat players, and can score goals, so might just save us a big fee for an attacking midfielder, like when Chelski play Hazzard and Willian together.

    Up front. Don't know anyone, but ffs get a back up to H. A young, strong, pacy player please.

    Will we do the biz early. We all wish. I wish. I doubt.

    Wages hikes. We wish. I wish. I doubt.

    We sit on the edge of greatness, no doubt. DL is the key man. Can he change the habits of a lifetime, not sure. When he looks at the progress on the roof he might just find himself unable to sign the cheques.

    Fingers crossed.....COYS
  10. Trevor W Guest

    Wouldn’t it be a tragedy if Levy and the club refuse to move from their financial stance and we loose Poch and top players and go backward instead of forward . The club must pay the wages and transfers for bigger players or sell the club to someone who has more ambition
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  11. Big fran Guest

    Got to disagree Bazza. The signing of bale would me mega. Would send out a real signal of intent and lift the club fans and players alike. He would be worth minimum 12 points a season extra.
  12. Bazza47

    Bazza47 Well-Known Member

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    My sense Big Fran is that quite apart from his fee, he'd cost £300k pw, and he's been so injury prone these last two seasons, so I see too many negatives. Great player, as we know, but having him back would be the wrong move for me....
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  13. Gordon Mc

    Gordon Mc Active Member

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    Bale ? Not for me either - I'd see it a backward and disruptive move. Fine player, but not a world beater anymore - if we've money to spend on Bale then we've more than enough to pursue other options i.e. pay our players a bit more than they're currently earning and/or chase one or two others for the money a Bale deal would take out. Just a thought.
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  14. Big fran Guest

    He's just posted figures of 19 goals in 38 games. If we can turn down a world class player that is just hitting his peak years then wow I for one cannot wait to see who we have lined up.. Christian.. Messi.. Lol only kidding folks but in all seriousness if and when he leaves I'm sure unless he goes to Psg he realises he's going to take a mega pay cut. I don't think he would be guardiola cup of tea. I think United are maxed on the wages bill. Liverpool would pay nowhere near his wages nor would Chelsea or arsenal. He's going to have to accept 150-200 grand a week. I'd like to think that out of the above mentioned clubs we would be his preferred destination given his past with the club and heading into the new lane. I would be devastated to see him line up for another Premier league club wouldn't you guys.
    Could you imagine a front 3 of bale son and Harry with eriksens in the number 10.
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  15. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    But where would Lamela be shoe horned in?
  16. face Guest

    for us to move forward Lamella has got to go
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  17. Big fran Guest

    Heard he's Tobys replacement.
  18. Big fran Guest

    Looks like there is strong interest from utd on Toby for 55m. If we got martial and 20m would that constitute a good deal.?? I'd probably accept that tbf. Think he could be a real asset playing from the left and cover CF if required.
  19. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    Think it improves a team that finished above us more than it does us
  20. Big fran Guest

    I'm not overly sure it would tbf. We far more need an attacker in the mould of martial than utd need another defender... How much more defensive can they get lol.
    I don't like the fact one bit that we are selling a world class player again and to one of our rivals however we have to accept its likely he will move on and as I said previously with the wages he requires it's either to another prem team or PSG who are struggling with the FFP rules.
    If we were to get a very talented martial who ticks a lot of boxes in being multifunctional, pacy, direct, scores goals and at still only 22 yrs could and should progress to world level and we pocket a hefty sum towards our kitty we have done pretty well. If we keep Toby which I would prefer BTW it would mean playing a bk 3 but I don't think we have the quality at wing bks to play that system. Davies and tripps are very much orthodox full bks and aurier and Rose both struggling for form and would mean having to buy two new players there before we even address centre mid and CF and undoubtedly won't have the budget to overall the lot.
  21. Nomadico Well-Known Member

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    I can not see any body wanting to move while the big Shopping window of the WC is Open...COYS

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