The real issue with Aaron Ramsey to Tottenham

Discussion in 'Featured' started by Josh Bolton, October 11, 2018.

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  1. Josh Bolton

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    Oh to be Judas Iscariot. Having waited an entire millennium for his act of betrayal — the most notorious act of betrayal in mankind’s history, no less — to be eclipsed, only for two trumping acts of treachery to appear within two decades of one another.

    For if dubious reports are to be believed then Aaron Ramsey is to follow where Iscariot and Sol Campbell have gone before him in flagrantly doing away with loyalties in a personal quest for silver(ware) — or something along those lines.

    As with Ramsey’s future exit already having been confirmed by the BBC a fortnight ago, TeamTalk now write that, along with Liverpool, Chelsea and AC Milan, Tottenham are one of many clubs vying for the Welshman’s signature ahead of his contract’s expiry next summer.

    Not utterly convinced? Well, you shouldn’t be. As despite TeamTalk’s belief in Tottenham working on a “stunning free transfer move” that would see them exact “Sol Campbell revenge”, the site also reveals its basis for the link stems from “reports in Italy”; and it’s these same reports in Italy which list “reports in the English press” as the source of its own news story. (Further proof two plus two equals five, it seems.)

    Strangely though, the most questionable aspect of this piece of blatant clickbait is actually the concluding line, which purported the opinion that the prospective move “would not go down well with both sets of fans”. For Arsenal: yes, but for Tottenham? Reaction to the speculation was the exact opposite: they were unwaveringly in favour.

    And why wouldn’t they be? For aside from inflicting sweet revenge on a Shakespearean scale, the relocation of Ramsey north up the Seven Sisters Road would have Spurs strengthened at the expense of their greatest foes. And above all it would see a top-class, goal-scoring central midfielder arrive at a side desperately lacking a top-class, goal-scoring central midfielder. And for free. Win-win.

    But perhaps the real issue with Aaron Ramsey to Tottenham isn’t the contentious legitimacy of the story itself, but this blasé approach from Spurs fans over a rival player changing loyalties — a player who, at present, is still contracted to and wears the colours they so vehemently despise. Having ensured Sol Campbell will never forget what they think of him, it’s something to ponder that Spurs fans are happy to encourage a player to demonstrate a level of perfidy that personally pains them to this day.

    Of course, football is a business and you can’t turn down a skilled player solely on the basis he has lined-up for the enemy. But with a fan-centred focus there’s something absurd yet so right in the fact that if Ramsey were to play against Tottenham in this season’s north London derbies he’d be universally booed, only to then be sweetly serenaded the following season (if) having made the switch. And for Arsenal it would be vice-versa.

    So does that make us as bad as those we loathe? Probably not. If anything, it only goes to highlight the universal tribalism within football and how no faction of fans — not even Tottenham’s — are immune to it. Think: just as we condemn rival supporters for dismissing the achievements of Harry Kane simply because he plays for Spurs, we are happy to alter our entire opinion on a player and a person (Ramsey) providing he wears the correct colour shirt.

    Well, that’s football, you could argue. And you’re right. But the reactions to the far-fetched rumour of Ramsey to Spurs only goes to prove that loyalty in the game is valued providing it suits those receiving the loyalty.

    Many of those who are happy to see Ramsey cross the north London divide would probably lament there’s no loyalty left in the game. It’s been a previous: the same set of fans who criticised Kyle Walker for the way he manoeuvred his exit from Spurs would have no qualms if Wilfried Zaha had handed in a transfer request to secure a move to Spurs this summer.

    So will Ramsey actually do a Sol? Probably not. But would I revel in karmatic euphoria if he did? Absolutely. And perhaps that’s the point — and with it the issue with this rumour in particular: proof not so much that loyalty is dead in modern football but more a case of fickleness being very much alive.
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  3. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    I actually think he'd be a good fit and like u say Josh is (what with the dismal attacking prowess of it) our midfield needs.
    It won't happen though , but if the reported 'interest' Triggers the Goons then-

    I heard he's about to sign a 5year deal with Spurs to match his top 4 ambitions

    Spread the word
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  4. Gooner Guest

    "For if dubious reports are to be believed then Aaron Ramsey is to follow where Iscariot and Sol Campbell have gone before him in flagrantly doing away with loyalties in a personal quest for silver(ware)"

    SILVERWARE! HAHAHAHAHA. He's no doubt looking at that 2007/2008 league cup vistory desperate for a piece of the action
  5. RSS61 New Member

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    As I understand the situation, Ramsey wants £225k a week, and Arsenal wont pay it. Therefore no chance we will get anywhere near that.
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  6. Spurssince80 Guest

    The issue is not whether Spurs fans are hypocritical, the issue is he can't stand Spurs.
    From a footballing perspective I don't think he fits the style of play nor does he have the required work rate.
    But he won't join because he simply can't Spurs.
  7. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    But we've won your top 4 trophy 3 years running now ....
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  8. Big fran Guest

    I'd snap him up in a heartbeat. Remember arguing around 6 yrs ago he's a far better prospect than wilshire and would go much farther and got laughed at. Think I've been proved right on that one. Few years ago before his injury problems he was very much being courted by the likes of Madrid etc. He's not at that level right now but certainly better than what we have and also offers something different. Old school box to box who passes tackles gets around the pitch creates and scores goals.
    Wages obviously a stumbling block but he won't get 200 grand anywhere in the world.
    I'd give him 20m upfront sign on fee and 150 grand no problem.
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  9. Spurporter

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    He's their best player, when healthy. Just another proof they are backwards by letting him leave.
    Aaron is too old for Poch, though. He may not be able to withstand a severity of training Spurs require. He is fragile (for the lack of better word).
    Other than that, Ramsey is a wonderful holding MF that will fit into squad easily.
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