The Italian Job

Discussion in 'Featured' started by Felon82, February 14, 2018.

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  1. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    Well I'm mixed about what happened last night it was not too dissimilar to the away game to Liverpool.
    Intent on throwing the game away who'd of thought not marking Higuaín could cause us such problems?
    The ghost of Crouch was still haunting us and had our full backs throwing themselves into reckless tackles so just 7 minutes in and were staring at being 2-0 down, suddenly this tie is looking ominous and all our hard work till now has been wasted in the Spursyest of fashions.

    We finally started to get our act together and got on the front foot and the game became more even, even forcing a good save or 2 from Buffon.
    Juve hit us on the counter once more at pace with quality, Higuaín who is a top striker cut inside leaving the defence on their arses and Lloris rooted fired his shot millimetres wide. Had that gone in it would've been 3 and extremely difficult to get anything out of the match but fortunately we still were.
    Then Superman aka Harry Kane flew through from a great ball from Alli and broke the offside trap rounding Buffon in the process and bangs in a goal to bring us well back in the tie.
    All of a sudden we woke up and started to play like we know we can, hustling, pressing, working and Juventus began to shrink.
    But this is Spurs so as we began to dominate of course someone had to nalls it up , that honour fell to our Rebel without a cause Serge Aurier who just before half time gives away the clumsiest of penalties just as we were looking to boss it.
    Higuaine for his Hatrick, bang rattles the bar, Lady luck has helped us out there 2-1 HT.
    Second half there really was only 1 side in it , intent on getting something from the game all I saw was Spurs Grow and Juve Shrink further into their shell.
    Finally after much huff n puff we got the break we needed Alli with a clever turn brought down on the edge of the box.
    Up steps the Great Dane 'the dead ball specialist' (1 in a 100 that is) steps up and drills it in the bottom corner taking even the great Buffon by surprise.

    So FT 2-2 it's a good result for us even if we have to make things more difficult than they have to be, almost got whooped while Dominating the large part of it and ending in rescuing a Draw Only Spurs aye?

    So like the Italian Job we are delicately balanced on the edge let's hope Poch ''hang on lads I've got an idea" has the plan to get us the gold.

    Can't wait for the Rematch!
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  3. barney Guest

    bit like pulling teeth 1st half but spurs pulled it round for a really great result so proud of the lads last night
    also the very sad news re- Ryan Mason i do hope Tottenham can find a place for him in the club he is one of or own
  4. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    Indeed with Mason, could be a valuable asset to our Academy.
    An example of what can be achieved and how to do it.
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  5. johnnyhrvat Guest

    I'm sure the Inter Milan game was going through people's minds after eight minutes, but remember, after being 4-0 down we then put six past them, conceding one, over the two games.
    Nearly all of us would have taken 2-2 at the start of the game but I am really disappointed we didn't beat them now. Rochdale might prove more of a challenge in midfield.
    I often wondered if Davies would be good enough, but he is actually doing well and was just unfortunate with the penalty.
    I will however miss Aurier in the return. I just love the way he gifts possession and gives away penalties in the big games. His three attempted assists for Palace and his collection of cards is to be admired. The best thing about him is that the excellent Trippier is unlikely to get injured sitting on the bench.
    I watched the film (again) just before the game to get the mood right and although the Turin mafia got first blood, and we lost the Jags and the Aston, we got the gold, even if it did end up in a cliff-hanger.
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  6. HocksyYID Guest

    How long did it take you to come up with that headline?
  7. bruski

    bruski Active Member

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    Yep. More of the same from me. Terrified going into the game that Del was going to do a Crouchy and pick up a red, but actually reasonably confident that we wouldn't be overawed.
    No doubt about it we played well. So proud of the boys, But why oh why do we come out slow? It happens too often to be the odd coincidence. I know Poch likes calm and order, and that is a valuable quality in the heat of battle, but we don't even get luke warm before we get hit. I wouldn't begin to presume what's going on but it happens so often that something clearly is!
    Dembele was a creature of beauty, power and grace last night, for me the best game I have ever seen him play. Sanchez WILL come on....when he signed I bet he had no idea he'd be thrown into this situation with so much pressure and responsibility at such a young age. I like him!
    Controversially I know I like Aurier. I too cringe at his lunatic swinging leg and his cross field passes that find the opposition too many times for comfort, but like so many of our current team, Poch and his team will make him a very good defender...eventually.
    So proud of the boys last night and really excited about the return leg.
    Top four an absolute must to stay with the elite.
    ps. All the best for the future Ryan. A top professional with a big heart.
  8. Gordon Mc

    Gordon Mc Active Member

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    Yep Bruski - I'll go with that. Always sad to see someone have to quit early, no matter what his/her line is.
  9. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    A Genius never rushes
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  10. Bazza47

    Bazza47 Well-Known Member

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    It was a strange night for me. Watched the BT Sport pre match, which I don't always do, but I quite like Ferdinand and Stevie G..... and The Messiah of course.

    When we went two down I didn't scream, shout or panic, sharing texts with my kids that we just needed to settle down. And we did just that.

    On another day we could have shipped 5, but we didn't, however this game is far from over. If Dybala returns then for me it will be time to bench Sanchez and Aurier, bringing Trips and Tobs back into the fold. I also thought the ref was pretty generous on the night, letting the game flow.

    Dembele, apart from the early foul for the goal, was awesome. Stevie G said that's the best he'd seen him play in a big game - I'll echo that. Eriksen was here there and everywhere, as was H, and I even thought Pamela gave a good account of himself. Dele - an assist and the free kick for the goal - good enough lad.

    Thought Hugo could have done better for the pen, but he made one stunning save from the right back whose name is too hard to remember. Eric had a few bad per usual.

    The three weeks until the return seem a long way away, but gives us time for Toby to get fitter. It will be an awesome occasion and if we're on our game, then the Qtrs should be ours. Well played Lads.

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  11. burnt Well-Known Member

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    C,Mon T.H.F.C board , make a statement and sign up Alderweirerld , now's the time .. All signs are he's willing to sign if the price is right ... Do yee even realize how lucky we are to have him , how lucky yee were to have as good a center back as there is in the league for peanuts for the last few years .. We're lucky enough to have some top class players here who by all reports are happy to stay if the price is right .. 2 or 3 of them are irreplaceable regardless of what money we get if they leave ... Yee are intelligent people , surely yee see the consequences ... With the new stadium nearly complete , imagine the statement the club would make if Poch , Toby & Harry all signed new contracts giving them what they deserve ... All new signings are a risk no matter what you pay , so even with 300 + mill you'd have your work cut out to replace these two players alone i.m.o , in fact I'd say it would be long odds against ... Crucial , Crucial period coming up for us ... We're one step away from a quarter final in Champs LG + FACup and ready to pounce into the top 4 again in the league , we should all be enjoying it and looking forward instead of having all this baggage hanging over us and waiting for what looks like the inevitable house of cards tumbling down around us ..... C.O.Y.S ......
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  12. Big fran Guest

    Got to agree. This story is gathering too much pace similar to the walker exit and needs nipping in the bud before it nips us in the backside.
    We are well placed in on three fronts to win a trophy or finish 2nd and this would give all a timely boost going into this crucial period and also heading to the new lane. If we want to bring more quality signings in the summer I'm sure they will want guarantees the likes of Kane Toby eriksen etc are here to stay.
    There are lots of quality signings out there to be made in the summer and we need to be jostling to nearer the front of the queue. Sessagnon Dembele butland Zaha malcom nabil fekir kondogbia to name but a few.
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  13. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    As I have to keep reminding people without Actual Success (2nd/Runners up isn't good enough top players are motivated by medals and money) and paying relative peanuts is totally unsustainable if you want to Keep your best Players.
    And for all those that have banged the 'paying for a stadium' drum while the owners have invested next to nothing into the Team over the past 10years , claiming that the New Stadium will catapult us into being able financially compete need to understand that this £Billion pound project is a Huge Stone around our Necks for the Foreseeable.
    The FACT IS the Owners of the club who are NOT poor by any means need to INVEST extra in the side in terms of wages and transfer fees if they are serious about Winning Trophies and keeping our best players.
    'Project Zero Timeframe' may be totally supported by some but without Genuine Team Investment the big prizes will always be out of our reach regardless of the all singing all dancing corporate bowl and our players certainty will always be in question.
    Last edited: February 17, 2018
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  14. Gordon Mc

    Gordon Mc Active Member

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    Seems Big Vic is the next name posted on the "Way Out" door, as the Scallies fancy him if Can moves on. Paper talk or not, it's bound to be unsettling and we can do without all this s*it right now. In fact we can do without it at any time. Toby, Christian, H, Alli and now Wanyama being linked with a move. Don't like it, even if it is mischief being cranked up.
  15. Bazza47

    Bazza47 Well-Known Member

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    The thing is who knows if this is, as Trump would claim, Fake News. There are so many writers and pundits out there looking to pay their mortgage, that they have to write attention grabbing headlines, as it sells ad space and copy.
    I suspect DL just can't bring himself to part with the sorts of dough needed, when he's trying to work out how to finance millions of £'s on the New Lane.
    There was always a danger that our success, at a time when the likes of Barca and Madrid are in transition, might just coincide with our new contracts and the magnet of loadsa money for the players....all roads lead to one congested spaghetti junction ahead at a time when the new home is still some months away.....mmm!!

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