Spurs-Wolves, 1st of March 2020

Discussion in 'Featured' started by Jesper, February 28, 2020.

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  1. Spurporter Active Member

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    Just to remind that JM was hired and Poch let go in the assumption that rebuild wasn't needed, squad is okay and just needs a new voice. JM has said that players are great. Departure of Toby was prevented, only CE left. The new players were purchased to balance previous and current losses, as a refreshment of the squad, not a part of rebuild. The core was intended to be kept. That means that with return of Sissoko, Kane and Son JM must be on his horse.

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  2. Bazza47

    Bazza47 Well-Known Member

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    With every game feeling like a potential car crash, my fears, our fears, were confirmed by another predicable and disastrous performance.

    Let’s start with the line up. Yet another magic set-up from the Special One. I know what my reaction was. We cannot play 3 at the back, period. The back four should have been Tanganga, Toby, Jan, Davies. Dier started well, but he along with the other defenders had a mare of a second half. Who was marking the space that Jimenez had for the winner, who ffs. Keeps Aurier out of the defence, keeps Davies out of being a wing back.

    Midfield Aurier Dier, Winks, Lo Celso. Up front Dele and Bergwijn. As for playing Parrott for 3 minutes, really.

    For Wednesday, no Moura, start Parrott, full stop. Sure we all know about the demise under Poch, the loss of all of the quality, but we are where we are, stop winging Mourinho and earn your £15m.

    Not to be forgotten is that Wolves are better than us, individually and collectively and have several players that would walk straight into our side. We lost 3-1 last year.....perhaps we’ve actually got better.....you’ve got to laugh or you’d cry.

  3. THFC Guest

    I find some of the comments to be quite odd on occasion.

    Poch has gone, did we play better under him? Sometimes....JM is in, have we improved? Not that I’ve seen.

    Do we struggle to defend but play open, attacking football like yesteryear? No.

    Do we stick 9 men behind the ball and punt it like a pub team? Yes.

    The players we have are either experienced PL players or internationals. I do not, for one minute, buy they are not capable of playing in a formation that suits them and at least giving a good account of themselves.

    Please tell me the last time anyone was genuinely pleased with a performance...win, lose or draw? Not a result....a performance.

    JM has come in with the primary job of sorting our defence out, either with formation or personnel. He has been able to do no better than Poch.

    A couple of comments have been about how great a job he did to keep Toby....he didn’t keep Toby, London and £150k per week kept him. If a top side was genuinely interested, they would have got him for the right money IMO.

    my question for you all is, do we stick or twist in the summer? Based on performances, I know my answer right now however I’m happy to give the rest of the season to see if we have any kind of improvement (without spending on a truck load of 30 year old ex favourites like William and Matic)
  4. THFC Guest

    Sorry, one more thing...I know it’s paper talk but let’s review the players being with us:

    Ben Foster (36)
    Pierre Hoiberg
    Chris Smalling

    It’s sounds like we are trying to build a soccer aid team if any of them are true.
  5. Preed

    Preed Active Member

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    What is this man Mourino doing in his press conferences saying spurs were unlucky and he had no problem with the team apart from Wolves individual qualities and tactically spurs were good.Who is he trying to kid us or himself.I wanted him to take over from poch because I thought he would say it as it is and not give us the rubbish that pochetino was.I thought Man united were wrong to sack him but I am starting to see why they did .Yes we have been unlucky with injuries but so have Chelsea and man united which is the only reason we are not adrift of the top six yet.I think we are going to finish in our lowest position for a long time unless he changes very quickly
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  6. Preed

    Preed Active Member

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    Forgot to comment on THFCspost about players we are supposedly looking at .If this is correct we are soon going to be a championship team.
  7. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    My problem with bemoaning JM currently is that it's akin to berating Lewis Hamilton because he cant get a Fiesta to perform like a Ferrari.

    We have 1 wing back so can't play a wing back system properly plus Aurrier is a terrible defender.
    Then we have a 1 full back who's not a wing back because he lacks pace and any end product going forward , as a defender is also basically average.
    You play the pair and you get a mixture of not very good at either defence or attack.

    The other option is to play either or both Jan & Tanganga there both are not gonna bomb down the wings, Jan will struggle with pacey wingers and Tanganga is still very raw and a CB at heart.

    Any of these combinations have their limits and their frailties.
    If JM plays it safe with nothing going forward he's accused of parking the bus and being negative, if he tries to go forward he's lambasted for the defence being suspect.

    This is before we get to the CB and DM conundrum, our 2 best CBs are now showing signs of age despite being technically very good they are in a league where teams are built around pressing and pace (except us) which is exposing them more and more.
    The alternative is Sanchez who seems imo to get worse every game, he has pace but can't read a game, doesn't know how to mark and gets bullied when he's not making mistakes.

    DM who's the actual specialist in this position because once again it's a makeshift/makedo with a combination of Dier/Sissoko both extremely limited players both not especially good at it.

    How are people not seeing it for what it is and has been for ages????

    Move up the field are Winks & N'Dombele who anyone would want in a dog fight with them? Winks the passenger whos not a DM not a CM not a Box to Box not a play maker just an academy poster boy who wouldn't get a game anywhere else let alone the captaincy.... Or our £64million cameo player who can't seem to get fit enough to turn up for a full 90minutes. Has shown glimpses of talent but that's it glimpses.

    LoCelso is basically Lamela mkII commitment is there but as a CE replacement he's not gonna score the same amount of goals or get the same amount of assists, whether or not CE drifted in n out of games he still effected games more than ground coverage will ever do. Another one who doesn't really have a position that anyone can confidently say he is or does. We will however persist with him running around (for 54mil) because that's what spurs fans do and they'll tell others they don't understand how good he actually is 'potentialy world class' given another 6 years....
    Gedson??? Anyone???? (No comment)

    Then we have our current Mish mash crop of superstar for a game then championship level for another 10 array of attacking mids come forwards.
    Alli the hip hop insta star with the tricks n flicks often just drifting through games. Moura scored a hatrick once and has lived off it ever since even gets to play target man at 5ft4" such is his prowess.
    Lamela anyone seen him? Still in sick bay and settling in????
    Bergwijn actually looks like he might have something to offer certainly hasn't looked like a rabbit in headlights and scores goals.

    And that's it, trying to think if I've missed anyone thats potentially pushing this lot for a start but then I remembered we had no depth before and we've done nothing but sell players.

    Actually no we have Lloris the liability, Sessegnon again no one knows what he is or does not even him, parrot a boy and skipp.

    If anyone has any alternative ideas on how to shore that up without completely parking the bus or play expansive attacking football I'd like to hear it.

    Until JM gets his own team put together I can't see how people can expect more. Especially without Son & Kane it's beyond unreasonable.
  8. THFC Guest

    Hey Felon, everything that you have said, I agree with. I think that you are 100% correct with all of it.

    The only thing I don’t get and I can’t understand why you can’t see it is have we improved, at all, under JM? I am not disagreeing with anything you have said about the squad or the injuries.

    But (there is always a but) we have not looked any different/better than we have at any stage in the last 5 years.

    I know about getting own style, new players but the job (that he is paid £15 million for) is to get the best out of what we have as a very bare minimum.

    I like JM, think he is funny but he has not improved is in any way shape or form, in actual fact it’s quite the opposite.

    Yes we have been on a decline and yes the players across the pitch have been slowing down but his job was to halt the decline and improve the performances using his technical knowledge and tactical experience.

    he has failed pretty miserably. He probably will spend $150 million and change some players but based on what you have seen, do you think he will change the style of football and general attitude around the place?

  9. THFC Guest

    Sorry Felon, just to add to this...

    Look at Chelsea who are the club in the most similar position to us.

    They have had heaps of injury to key players for long parts of the season, so can’t use that.

    They can’t defend and also have a flappy keeper.

    Performances are very inconsistent however have they improved under Lampard? The answer is yes.

    Is Lampard the right man for them? Who knows and don’t care but has the squads attitude and performances been better than what his predecessor managed with exactly the same players and heaps of injuries. The answer again is yes.

    Therefore does he deserve a crack over 12 months, I would say yes as much as I can’t stand him.

    All of those things, we haven’t shown

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  10. Preed

    Preed Active Member

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    sorry felon but I agree with THFC he has not improved us one bit and don’t forget 7 of these players were in the team that finished second to Leicester Ageing is a problem but can be managed with good tactics Jonny Evans is 36 and still doing a job for Leicester.I see Dyer has said today he wants to play centre back and always has but played midfield to help the team.how can you justify his continuous use of a 5foot 4inch striker who loses the ball at the slightest challenge.Even pochetino saw this and only played him as a sub.I fear for Wednesday .I fear for our next couple of years but will be the first to eat my own words if Mourino turns us into a serious contender again
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  11. THFC Guest

    And wasn’t it Dier that was insisting that he wanted to play DM after he had a really strong season?

    Now he can’t pass and can’t run he wants to drop back...

  12. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    So with Son & Kane available Pochettino had this team in 14th without an away win since January 2019 in the league, we got thumped 2-7 at home biggest ever defeat in the CL followed closely by a 3-0 humiliation by Brighton.
    JM has improved on that shambles and he doesn't have Kane & Son available he also has had more players go than come in since he arrived so squad overall is weaker.
    With regards to Lampard this is a manager that has improved a side he took over who finished 3rd which he is roperly clinging on to 4th with and will struggle to replicate points wise what sari did is that improvement?
  13. THFC Guest

    Sorry but have to agree to disagree.

    You are referring to the final stages of Pochs time with us when it was clear the writing was on the wall for the relationship and both he and the players were unsettled.

    That was a bad period but you cannot sum up Poch’s tenure by those games as there were other games during the same season we played reasonably well.

    The whole idea of changing a manager mid season is to drive change and get a lift which has not happened.

    As far as Lampard is concerned, again, I wasn’t taking about results. I was talking about performances and attitude

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  14. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    This was a year long decline from January 2019 it was rock bottom when JM was appointed.
    Anyone would think we were enjoying champagne football the way some are going on, the football was becoming farcical players wanted to leave complete disharmony in the camp.
    That's all very relevant to what JM inherited, people ask what the improvement is - only Klopp & Pep have more points since JM took the reigns of a circus.
    He's lost our only 2 genuine world class players who happen to account for about 75-80% of our goals over the past few years.
    Its actually laughable people expect more with the current state of squad.

    What people are asking for currently is so unrealistic it's ridiculous. Should he be playing free flowing all action football with a bang average squad missing his 2 best players whilst out pointing Klopp n Pep then to get fans off his back?
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  15. THFC Guest

    How is expecting some passion and a little
    bit of quality from a group of players all being paid £50k per week and training everyday laughable?

    If you needed an ambulance and the driver turned up late, without a licence and didn’t know any directions, would you stand up for him?

    it is the job of the coaches and players who are all paid handsomely to at least show some pride.

    These players are not championship quality and ok, we should expect now not to beat Liverpool or City and I’m sure we will drop points all season given the lack of quality vs both those sides.

    They are still better players than most of the bottom half sides yet can’t actually manage to get out of the half with more than 2 players given how deep they sit.

    They also don’t seem comfortable passing 10 yards forward but are perfectly happy passing 70 yards forward to no one

  16. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Not without Kane & Son they're not
  17. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Let's say for instance Kane & Son were no longer at Spurs.

    Where do people honestly think the rest of this current squad would finish after an entire season?

    Doesn't matter who is in charge it's a mid table side at best without those 2.
  18. Preed

    Preed Active Member

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    With Mourino in His current mood probably bottom six although you seem to think he is doing a good job at present with only Koop and guardiola with more points since he became our manager .So your argument defeats its self
  19. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    So what more exactly do you expect?
    He's doing a pragmatic job with a p;ss poor squad , would Eddie Howe or Chris Hugton be doing better?
    Who else is there Pardew? Allardyce? Pelligrini?

    The only manager available anywhere near Mourinhos pedigree is Benitez and again would he be playing expansive attacking football with what JM currently has to hand and picking up more points?

    No one can say what they'd do different or better than 'play parrot' as if that's the answer to the club's woes.

    A manager picks up a side on its knees loses its best 2 players club also sells CE, yet is only out pointed by Klopp n Pep and that's not good enough.

    Seriously the only people that should be getting stick over this is the Board who neglected what was a good team into the shambolic state its currently in.
  20. Preed

    Preed Active Member

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    Do you really think felon that at the end of the season only klopp and pep will have earned more points than us . If so I will be more than happy and will take back all my complaints about Mourino.

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