Spurs-West Ham, Oct 18 2020

Discussion in 'Featured' started by Jesper, October 17, 2020.


Better priorities?

  1. Spurs, went for the better stadium leading to less money on players

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  2. West Ham, cheap stadium and had more money to spend on players

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  1. Jesper Active Member

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    First match after the international break. Spurs were flying high and high on confidence before the break, hopefully any loss of confidence was only the loss of overconfidence. Winning against Man U etc might not be a good indicator of quality :p

    Transfer window has closed, I'd say it is too early to say if it was a good window. At the very least it doesn't look like it was a bad window and time will tell if it was a good one.

    Bale might be playing :)
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  3. Spurporter Active Member

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    Fantastic window it was. There is nothing negative to say. Hence, do not expect comments...
    My selection:
  4. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Well let's not forget the tragic mismanagement/handling of the original 'magnificent 7' where we sold Elvis and bought the dung Beatles.

    Who could also forget the Saha Nelsen masterclass or perhaps the only club in Europe's top 5 leagues to buy no-one and watching it all implode spectacularly......

    But if we ignore all of that then this window has been a marked improvement which is still yet to deliver to be judged.
    Bale could be a sprinkle of stardust that we need in the big games and is on loan remember, Reg looks really promising these are the 2 stand out signings that we have been crying out for to elevate us.
    After that Hojbjerg Hart & Doherty all prem experience and look like players that have a bit of metal about them and leadership qualities in both Hart & Hojbjerg.
    The boy Rodon not seen much of so unfair to comment but hopefully he proves to be a success at the heart of our defence for years to come , is he of Jan's level ?
    The same goes for Vivicius hopefully he can make an impact.

    Only time will tell.
    Last edited: October 18, 2020
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  5. palmover Active Member

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    There is competition for places something Spurs have not had in recent times. I think the window was good in that it addressed weak areas and the 1st team quality has improved from last season. Not having a proper CF on the bench for a year was poor squad management.

    Confident that Spurs will have too much for the spam. Would be nice to see Son, Kane and Bale play together. Think JM will keep same 3 in mid Sisoko, Peh and Tanguy. It will be interesting who he plays in defence. If Reg is fit he starts over Davies for me and if Sanchez is fit he starts for me. Serge / Doherty is a toss up, however, serge did play well last game vs utd. Coys
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  6. Preed

    Preed Active Member

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    Somebody explain that collapse is it Mourinos mentality to sit back or a mental weakness in the players.I have said that Sanchez has the tools to be a good centre half but is mentally weak and that is not likely to change.Why was winks brought on..Today some of our football was great to watch but I never feel relaxed with any lead.Taking son off was a mistake as he was keeping their back four from coming forwardBale should have won the game for us but he is obviously lacking match alertness but we need him because Bergwin was awful today.It’s only the second time a team losing by3 at half time has not lost the other time was against who else but spurs.Let’s see our new centre half on thurrsday and even Dier must be an improvement on Sanchez
  7. Bazza47

    Bazza47 Well-Known Member

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    Woe is me - what a horror show of a second half, made worse by our total capitulation in the last 10.

    When you are unable to hold onto a three goal lead, or rather push on when the game is starting to turn, you’re not good enough to win anything - and that’s our history.

    Sanchez was his usual ragged self - all misplaced passes and poor play. As long as he’s got a hole in his backside he’s never going to be good enough. Add Aurier into the mix and you are so fundamentally weakened at the back, that any team has a chance against you at set pieces.

    We played some delightful football, had chances at the death to finish it. They played with two at the back in the second half yet we failed to use our pace against them. Kane and Son were exceptional again, but......they still didn’t finish on the winning side.

    I’d sit them down and play a loop of the last 10.....and between them work out with they are going to do to stop allowing this to happen, Jose included - shite subs and all.

    Painful or what!
  8. THFC Guest

    Great start, terrible end...Sanchez and Aurier still the wink link but at least we have players to replace them.
    Shouldn’t have given Bale so long, should have put him on for the last 10 mins.
    Funny what a difference Ndombele males given how poor he was last season
  9. Spurporter Active Member

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    Bale is the cancer RM paid a lot of money to rid of.
  10. Preed

    Preed Active Member

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    Spurporter you don’t really blame Bale for that woeful defending do you,.
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  11. Ricky Villa Guest

    Spurporter, ridiculous comment. With third rate dross on the pitch (sanchez, winks) there is always a chance to concede goals from nowhere. The weak mentality these players have comes from knowing they do not have the ability to compete at this level. If west ham had scored earlier in the half before Bale was on which they couldve easily done we could of actually let 5 in. The root of all of the above is Levy/enic, always operating on a tight budget and making do with players who make the same mistakes over and over. We are the only club in the league who expects to achieve top 4 and compete for the league with a lower net spend than mid/lower table teams. This frustating cyle of ups and downs will continue until enic sell up and the proper investments are made to properly compete.
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  12. Preed

    Preed Active Member

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    Why oh why is Mourino blind to the inability of Winks to defend.Yesterday he asked Hojbjerg to go forward when he broughtWinks on and asked Winks to patrol back four which he is totally unable to do.A good transfer window raises hopes but unfortunately our spursy attitude still remains.I like Jose but do not get his substitutions at all.why was Moura brought on when we were falling apart in defence.Surely at3-1 we bring on Davies notMOURA and WINKS and close game up.Alternateively we could push Doherty on in midfield anyone other than Winks.As for Sanchez the less said the better totally built to be a commanding centre half but with a brain fade of a two year old.I never thought I would miss Dier..Let’s hope Rodon settles in quickly.I know aldy is ageing and slowing down but I believe he can still do a job if partnered by a decent defender and does not have to cover for Sanchez all the time
  13. Jose's Ghost Guest

    Hilarious about-face... from 'don't expect any negative comments' one day to 'Bale is a cancer' the next? Pure comedy.
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  14. Jose's Ghost Guest

    Absurd capitulation... laughable really. We write history one week then write it again the next although for a very different reason. This will be a strange season (we've seen it already with many results) and until some semblance of normality returns to life we should expect more of the same.

    I don't want to spend too much time dwelling on the game. Despite the blistering start we were not that good... too reactive in the second half... far too direct in our play. Spurs don't handle the full press well at all particularly when our most influential midfielder (and the only one capable of exhibiting any sort of control under pressure) gets pulled early for a player with absolutely no discernible qualities. Jose suggests Winks brings stability to midfield? I have yet to see a remote hint of that it in a number of seasons now.

    Sanchez is a worry... he has quality no doubt but has become dreadfully inconsistent. Remarkable that a young foreign player who settled so well upon arriving in England should regress in such a way.

    Altogether a forgettable afternoon that will unfortunately not be so easily forgotten.
  15. Jesper Active Member

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    Great start, poor finish.

    The first conceded goal is one that we've seen before. Set-piece, high line and the attacking players does not go offside and using the advantage of moving towards the goal scores.
    Second goal, own goal.... Sanchez seems to have a lot of bad luck, at least the luck about giving away fouls isn't as bad so far this season. Maybe the cross could/should have been covered before reaching him. Hopefully he'll improve.
    Third goal, the pressing up after a corner wasn't done well. Winks pressed up but others failed to do so and a wonder goal was scored. Whoever should have pressed up but didn't wasn't doing his job but the ones who dislike Winks will somehow blame him for failing to pressing two men at the same time....

    The subs.
    The ones who came in:
    -Bale is a great player, might lack match-fitness but leading three nil might be expected to be a safe time to bring in an attacking player.
    -Winks. Some claim that what he does is only playing the safe passes and when leading three nil then it does make sense to bring in someone who plays the safe passes to keep possession
    -Moura, I like him and his speed might make sense when wanting to have a threat on the counter but him coming in didn't quite work out.

    The ones who went out:
    -Son, his playing style looks like it might put great strain on the body so resting him might make sense.
    -Ndombele, important player but might not have great stamina so resting hime when leading three nil might make sense
    -Bergwijn, didn't have a good match. Possibly he could have stayed on and one of the CMs rested but subbing two out of three midfielders might cause confusion so maybe it made sense.

    The match could have and should have been won, improving the defending of set pieces and then matches like this will be won.
    Am not a fan of Sissoko, he conceded a penalty in a CL-final and he didn't learn from that and still has his arms out wide when in the penalty-area, often defends too deep so that the midfield gets over-run and when breaking forward then he offers very little. But he is on high wages, is 31 and has several years left on his contract so he'll probably retire at Spurs so I might need to learn to appreciate him for what he does.
  16. Spurporter Active Member

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    Agreed. Only 1st WHU goal was earned (Sissoco missed the scorer's jump barely getting off the ground). The other two were a bad luck for us and a good luck for them. It wasn't defensive breakdown or capitulation.
    Out of frustration I might have been too harsh on Bale, but BALE MUST HAVE SCORED!! One more miss like that and I will start his bashing campaign!
    For now I will hope his appearance on the pitch and the return of Spursy luck were just coincidental. COYS!!
    Last edited: October 20, 2020
  17. Spurporter Active Member

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    Spurs currently have one of the top squads in Europe, let alone England. Levy acquired as many players as he did after Bale's sale and got Bale himself. It is time to stop complaining about Levy's niggardliness.
  18. Guesty Guest

    sorry Jesper..... have to disagree about Winks.
    He brings nothing to us. he can't even defend well. And he was at fault for the third goal. poor touch that lost him possession. (having said that.... great strike)
    First goal....Sissoko
    Second goal..... Sanchez
    silly errors that we need to stop

    NB...... losing points at home to the Spammers is the worst feeling.
  19. Cheshuntboy Guest

    It's amazing to think that we reportedly paid £42 million for Sanchez back in 2017, at a time when the world record fee for a defender was £50 million (for our boy Walker!). You surely don't pay that sort of money for potential, but he's certainly not improved over the past three years, and I very much doubt that he's on the radar of the likes of Real Madrid or Bayern Munich - more likely Brighton or Fulham on current form. I saw that Anthony Gardner was in the team for Bale's first Spurs debut in 2007, and Sanchez could have been mistaken for him this time round - not a compliment!
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  20. I’m as critical of Winks as anybody but one thing should be clear... he is a very good lad and a Spurs boy through and through. All that considered the question remains.. is he good enough for a club with our ambition? It is painful to say but the answer seems clearly no (I would be delighted were he to prove me wrong)
  21. Yes he didn’t come cheap at the time... but if Maguire goes for 80 million then perhaps we still got a decent deal?

    Sanchez was very good for Ajax the year prior to joining us when they made the Europa final... and was very good for us his first season.

    How is it that his composure has now deserted him? Young players should improve not regress. Only he could tell you.

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