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    In the opening fixture of this weekends premier league encounters Spurs entertain... The entertainers to Wembley.
    As a young Spurs fan living up north late 80s to early 90s pretty much all of my friends etc followed the fashionable and extremely successful Liverpool side and still do. Even moving into the Premier league era until the last four yrs or so we endured many disappointing results and a few real hidings which meant a lot of banter and mickey taking out on the sole spurs supporter and so I grew to hate them more than any other club and still do.
    However it's increasingly difficult to detest this well built anfield outfit, free flowing, free scoring, energetic, high tempo, high pressing, well managed and coached, young, fresh faced and now with a solid looking back five keeping clean sheets. It's everything we were two or three years ago but with everything we lacked with interchangeable combinations and options in the final third and more importantly RAW PACE. Spurs will have to be at their best to get anything from this game I feel.

    Must win game??

    I've read some pundits believe this is a game Spurs must win but I certainly don't buy into that. In terms of trying to win a league then yes but given our Zero transfer activity then aspirations of winning the league are way off the mark. If anything it's more of a do or die for the visitors because as good as they are I still can't see them toppling City over the season even though the injury to KDB will make it a closer finish than the 10 point gap I predicted prior to the season commencing.


    I've already covered our opponents and that's enough praise for now so it's onto Spurs we go. I would have taken 3 wins out of 4 given that included away days at Watford Newcastle and old Trafford and think points wise we have made a solid start on truth. What has been poor though is the performance levels barring the opening 35 mins and the last 15 mins v Fulham added to the last half hour v United. Apart from that it's been flat, leggy and pretty boring to be honest. In many ways on Saturday a performance is more important than a result although I like probably us all would still prefer the points.


    Liverpool will be pretty much full strength will a settled line up that will pick itself.

    Spurs will have Lloris Alli Foyth unavailable with lamela wanyama Winks all not match fit to start.
    Lloris to be replaced by Vorm could be a good thing given the Dutch man's ability with his feet given liverpools high press that we have struggled with although we will miss lloris' undoubted ability to pull off world class stops. Alli being out could also be a blessing as it could enforce Po h to throw Son straight into the starting 11 and mean Eriksen can operate in his favoured no10 position rather than playing deep where he's been deployed of late to I'll effect. I'd like to see Rose played due to his pace against Salah and Trent Alexander Arnold.
    My line up Vorm Tripps Toby Jan rose Dembele dier eriksen moura Son Kane.

    Prediction 3 goals to 1 Liverpool unfortunately with my phone getting hammered with texts off my scouse counterparts come 2.30pm Saturday and my hatred to come creeping back.
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  3. Tappaspur New Member

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    TOTTENHAM gonna "tuck em up" we usually do. COYS
  4. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    Good points Fran on them looking like we did 2/3 seasons ago but now with interchangeable options.

    I dunno about us we seem to have stopped doing all the good work that has benefited us over the past few seasons.
    There's very little evidence of high energy, high press or quick passing to our play.
    We've almost gone from the twinkle toed boxer to the slugger and with the small squad we have I can't see how they're gonna snap out of it.

    If we don't up our level then we could get thumped on Saturday and then where is this 'look how far we've come' nonsense.
    Defend like Watford game, watch the other side pass like the Fulham game, a first half like the Utd game and we could get blown away.
    Of course we are capable of taking it up many levels but the 1st 4 games performances have not inspired much confidence in that.

    I'm hoping Son & Moura start to give Liverpool something to think about rather than Allis slow and often pointless flicks or Lamelas blind alley play.

    Again this could be a tactical battle 1 that Pochettino needs to get right.

    A win would be excellent, a draw acceptable , a loss would signal problems , a big loss could be catastrophic and plenty of questions will need to be asked.
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    This game will be a real test for our thin squad. With Dele and Lloris out (wasn't sure til I caught up with it today), our options look even more limited than normal.

    With Sonny returning it gave us options, but not now. I went with three at the back, as it seemed a waste to bench Sanchez, so it was Vorm, Thipps, Dier or Dembele, Eriksen, Dele, Rose, Moura and Kane. Now I know that Dele is out, then Dier instead, possibly Sonny if I was feeling really bold.

    We have looked so leggy, in both our league games and the internationals - let's hope my fears about this do not manifest on Saturday.

    The Scousers are looking a good deal stronger than a year ago, so we will need to be at our very best to get a win here.

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  6. Big fran Guest

    I've said for a long time there is very little room for eriksen and alli in the same set up. Two no 10s doesn't work and often has them fighting for space or eriksen playing too deep to no effect. I think both fighting for one spot will improve competition for places and bring the best out of one or both of them. Every player needs to be looking over their shoulders. There is no room for sentiment here. Look at city with Sane and Liverpool with Henderson. First team regulars now bench warming. I thought I'd seen a brand new poch this season when Toby and Rose were brought bk into the fold with sanchez and Davies dropped v man utd ruthlessly only to see Sanchez shoe horned bk into an unnecessary bk 3 v Watford.
    I like the look of son moura and eriksen behind Jane it gives us closer to what Liverpool have with pace width and directness. If it works then alli may have to adapt his game to that of an orthodox box to box because at the minute if he doesn't offer goals his offers very little. I'm not a fan.
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    I also think not only would this give 1 or 2 a kick up the backside but also they could be used effectively as impact subs once tired legs kick in, or results need getting/rescuing.

    I think what we're seeing is familiarity breeding contempt, I don't think some players r giving those extra percentages they were before.
    There's no credible challengers for their positions, many have boosted their contracts, some look to be stalling on contracts, the bar is set at being better than 2 of the other top 5 and they don't have to Win anything to be lauded.
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  8. Spurporter

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    I certainly hope Spurs can repeat Kiev for Reds. Poch will play 3 back, I am sure.
    Trppier, Toby, Davinson, Jan, Davies
    Wanyama, Eriksen, Dembele
    Moura, Kane.
  9. Bazza47

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    Dele being unfit for a while is a plus for me, if only because he's been poor of late and needs to start focus sing on his game rather than spreads for GQ Magazine, plus he might enjoy the rest.

    The Hugo thing is just messy with the DD and now "several weeks" out. Let's hope he returns in the right frame of mind.

    Defensively we need to be sharp as nails tomorrow, as any slips will be severely punished. I have to say I'm not feeling over confident, but that might just be me......
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