Spurs-Norwich, FA-cup, 4th of March 2020, who wants it more?

Discussion in 'Featured' started by Jesper, March 4, 2020.

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  1. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Exactly what we'd become under Poch or did you miss the whole of 2019?

    To blame JM for this is just disingenuous it's mainly Pochettinos flat knackered disjointed side minus it's 2 best players.
  2. THFC Guest

    I know 2019 wasn’t great but it was better than now - also, it wasn’t the whole of 2019 that was poor so you can’t tarnish the season based on a portion of the year.

    Look at these quotes (I know you might have a comment on who they are or who they played for but these are people in the game and there are heaps more saying exactly the same thing):

    Stan Collymore - “Amazing how some have bought into “Mourinho the winner” without any regard for how he leaves clubs.
    “Unbalanced, fractured, overspending, soulless. Everything Spurs tried to avoid.
    “Good luck, I like Spurs a lot, but it’s not how this man comes in, it’s how he’ll leave you.”

    Paul Merson - “Honestly, you are watching them play, and there was no game plan.” He added: “It was like watching Manchester United at the end of his [Mourinho’s] reign. It was unbelievable. No-one knew what to do.”

    Martin Keown - “No conviction, no expression.
    “And I think it’s coming from Mourinho, the mind set and the way they set up.

    Tony Cascarino. - "Jose offered very little in tactics yesterday. He's been left behind."

    Jermaine Jenas - "I think the energy that he is feeding out those press conferences, for me, personally, if I was in that dressing room, I would not enjoy it. It is very much 'I am stuck with this lot' and that is not what you want to hear.
    "I think with regards to the system, the system is a big thing, because most managers have a way of playing and they will stick by that for long periods of time, no matter what, and also they can adapt in games. And Jose has done that, don't get me wrong.
    "But what I have found in games that I am watching is that he is constantly reacting to the other team. There doesn't seem to be any confidence at all in the game-plan that he has set out. Even when they set it out, it seems to be off and it seems to be wrong."
    "The game we watched against Leipzig, I was just shocked by how defensive they were at home for a team, that when I look at it on paper, is no better, even without Harry Kane and Son Heung-min.

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  3. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Son & Kane have persistently been our top 2 scorers by some way the last 4/5 years if you think that makes no difference to the side your crazy , then factor CEs Assist and Goals tally over the previous 4/5 seasons and take that out the side also and your left with Alli as the biggest threat who's returns have steadily got worse.

    Some of you are letting a ridiculous hatred for Mourinho cloud your judgement.
    The guy is not a miracle worker ffs its actually embarrassing this has to be explained to people.
  4. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Merson Keown and Cascarino r u kidding me ?????
    And even Jenas to an extent.

    Poch gets tonked by Bayern 7-2 at home yet JM loses narrowly to an even more dangerous side without his main strikers to give us a punchers chance in the next round n he's getting pelters for being negative?????

    Absolutely ridiculous I can't entertain any more of this.

    And in the league 2019 we were appalling go back and look at some of the results, the state we're in lays entirely with Pochettino & Levy's negligence over successive seasons.

    I'm willing to give Mourinho a chance exactly like Pochettino got when he took over a circus in 6th and had a relatively sh;te 1st season, whereas JM picked up an even bigger circus in 14th (mid season)
    Give the guy a chance ffs he needs at least a good summers window with some proper backing to build his own side.

    I don't know what some of u have been watching for the last year n a half your delusional if you think we've been playing well we were awful under Pochettino in the league in 2019 horrific in fact.
  5. THFC Guest

    I don’t think you will ever take on board what I’m actually saying :)

    it’s NOT a hatred for JM - it’s a dislike of his style and tactics that are used in each and every game. If he stopped us sitting back and started trying to get us going forward, then I would be fully on board with a lot of the things you have said but he doesn’t.

    I get it, Kane and Son are crucial however we have a squad. Kane gets injured every year so really that should be factored in. Parrott, despite being young, is a CF so rather than persist with the rubbish we have been, he should be given a run (no matter what his age is). Again, if JM did that, I would be on board and happy to wait until the summer for signings.

    I really don’t need you to explain anything to me as I really think it’s embarrassing that you can’t see the comments for what they are. It’s feedback based on performances.

    I also can’t really believe that you actually think we are the only club who have 2 key players missing for a period within the season.

    Ancelotti has gone to Everton and look at the impact he has made without signing anyone. That’s a fact, unless you have something on that to point out?

    I’ll leave it there because I don’t think we will ever agree on this

  6. Ian Stanford New Member

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    We are all crying out for some sort of leadership both off and on the pitch. Yes, it does require huge effort and energy to press for 90 minutes and fitness is key with rotation playing its part.
    Can anybody out there tell me if the Sheffield manager would be saying week after week that his players are hero’s and that they deserved more ????? Can you tell me of ANY spurs player on the pitch that will grip the game and lead players through a bad patch like a strong captain can, or do they still play Rock Paper Scissors to see who picks up the arm band this week ??
    Losing can become acceptable under certain circumstances but not having a plan or not trying is unbelievable. The pain and distress I’m feeling week after week for my beloved Spurs must be shared by you all I know. But just give us a glimmer of hope by having a plan !!!! COYS
  7. Cheshuntboy Guest

    The wheels had come-off under Pochettino; he no longer showed any enthusiasm for managing Spurs, the results throughout 2019 were relegation level, the performances were abysmal, the press conferences embarrassing, and the hardcore of 'Poch' lovers who seriously think that he'd have somehow turned it round are so far beyond deluded that they're off the scale.
    As for Mourinho, I can only think that he'd been suckered like so many pundits and journos into believing that Pochettino had built a solid foundation for success, which just needed tweaking for normal service to be resumed, whereas there was no foundation, just an academy that produced non-entities like Onomah and Amos, a transfer policy that bought over-priced duds like Sanchez and N'dombele, and a team totally lost without a fit and firing Kane to shore it up.
    I wouldn't mind betting that Mourinho would walk away like a shot, now that the reality of Spurs' current state is all too clear to him, and I very much doubt that he'll see out his contract (and I wouldn't blame him in the slightest). Coming into our twentieth year of Levy/ENIC and still one league cup to show for it - the 1990s look more golden with every failed 'project' that passes!
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  8. Luckyluciano New Member

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    It's more than two players thou out of 18 we got 4 keepers two of them are likely to throw the ball in their own net and one is about 12 Sess Foyth Lamela (not for the 1st time) Ndombele Sissoko who are also missing more often than not so leaves about 14 players to rotate but hey ho pretty sure not a lot will change in the summer

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