Spurs-Norwich, FA-cup, 4th of March 2020, who wants it more?

Discussion in 'Featured' started by Jesper, March 4, 2020.

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  1. Jesper Member

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    I'd agree with the above, Spurs are (aside from some glimpses here and there) not working as a unit. Neither in attack nor in defence. During the Norwich match it often looked like players were moving in each others way. Somewhat understandable as all players have preferred ways and areas of play, pre-match instructions can change some, training can change some more and playing together often can improve it as well. For now it looks unbalanced.

    It could be that due to a leaky defence the subconscious decision of the midfield is too drop deep to help out the defenders. Or maybe that is what they have been told to do. Either way the result is that if the midfield is too deep then they are getting in the way of the defenders and nobody is doing the job the midfield is suppose to do - pressing the ball-holder.

    Possibly the team will get better at pressing once they believe that the defenders can keep clean sheets. That belief might only come once the clean sheets are coming -> might be a downward or upward spiral. Maybe (hopefully) Mourinho is now building a platform of a steady defence so that the team will have confidence in pressing higher up on the field and having more players in attacking positions.

  2. Preed

    Preed Active Member

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    Felon states that he can’t believe that people think our current squad should be playing better.This must mean you think Mourino is doing a good job.What do you think of his latest statement that he wants to know whether to prioritise Burnley or Leipzig as . he can’t do both because the players are tired.I know we have been hit with injuries but really??Wolves have been lucky with injuries but have played a lot more games than us .I believe we can play better if we find a system but I d think the players are totally confused with what Mourino is trying to do.Nobody is trying to pretend that we have a team of world beaters but don’t
    Tell me that with still at least 8 internationals in our squad we can’t do better than teams like Norwich and. Brighton.if as I believe we will lose our next 2 games and create our worst losing sequence for over 20 years will you still be pro Mourino
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  3. Guesty Guest

    I said it a few weeks back....and still consider it an option........why not??
    lets just play more of our youth all the time....they surely can't do any worse......and they might actual gel in 6 months ready for next season
    NB....we'll of course have to play players that I don't think are good enough (Sanchez...Winks...Gedson) as we have limited options. But they might get better. .......I certainly wouldn't ever play Aurier or NDombele

    (and while Kane & Son are injured)

    Tanganga, Sanchez, Toby, Davies
    Gedson, Skipp, Winks, Sessegnon
    Parrot, Bergwijn

    NB....on Krul's antics......I have to say I thought he did brilliantly. The ref did nothing....so why should he stop?
  4. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    For the games coming up.....

    Lloris - injured
    Alderweireld - carrying a knock
    Son - injured
    Kane - injured
    Lamela - not fit
    Sissoko - injured
    Sessegnon - just returned
    Ndombele- limp mode
    Bergwijn - potential injury
    Lucas - potential injury
    Dier & Dele - likely banned.

    Tell us what attacking easy on the eye pressing system you'd be applying in these circumstances.

    Winks is an England international does this make him a world class player or a match winner?
    Davies Wales
    Sanchez Columbia and so on ......
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  5. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    And it's not about being PRO Mourinho it's just being fair and rational about the whole situation.
    Most teams in the prem have internationals I don't see how this has any relevance whatsoever, players are either poor, average, good, world class we are knocking about in the poor to average ranks (the odd good) like most of the Prem without Kane & Son.
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  6. Gordon Mc

    Gordon Mc Well-Known Member

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    Last word on Krul the Wonder Keeper as it seems I'm banging my head on a wall here - er... nope, on second thoughts...what's the point, I really couldn't be bothered with it. Over and out.
    Last edited: March 6, 2020
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  7. Steve g Guest

    Whilst krul was kicking the post reading his waterbottle running round the goal why didnt our penalty takers just roll the ball into the net and then see what the ref would do.
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  8. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Norwich have 15 internationals + 4 U21 English internationals, the game was 50/50 because the quality was about the same all over the pitch

    They were better in some positions than we are and vice versa
  9. Spurporter Active Member

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    Not any time soon. High pressing is a new idea adopted by top coaches 10 years ago or so. It allows to obtain the ball on the opposition side and attack in quick transition, since the attacking players would already have the ball, cutting opponent midfield out. That looks great, but what Poch, Klopp and Pepe preach requires a lots of energy and kilometers from forward 3-4 players. You need to have a deep squad and rotate them to cope with numerous games. Spurs are shallow to begin with, have tons of injuries and, if told to play that way will drop down , like flies in November, eventually. Forwards do not like to work that hard (if not named Kane), they like to score goals. Eventually, when exploited like that, they lose interest and drop in form (Alli, Lucas). Remarkably, with Pool it took 3/4 of the season to happen, but Poch run the group to the ground with his "philosophy" for years. Poch approach was good, but not for ever. Older players do not last, younger lads do not have skills to use the ball once they obtain it after high press.
    JM do not play high press. It is not his game. He doesn't like to develop attackers, he will play young lad only if he is already very good. He cuts the opponent midfield out by long balls. Or he would use skilled dribblers to get through middle on the run. That is why he fall in love with LoCelso. Not Hazard or Pogba, but comparable.
    Having older and spent group could be behind Levy's decision to hire Mou.
  10. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    What's going on here Spurporter ?
    We seem to be finding common ground u and I haha.

    The last year n a half Poch had totally lost the high press high energy side to this team and we may not have gone long but we spent many a game camped in our own half just trying to set Son and Kane off on the counter via CE or Alli. That entire dynamic is not available currently and has also lost CE.
    For people to be slating JM like this wasn't a consistent problem before are only remembering up to 2017/18 football the following years have been in decline.
    They've not suddenly crashed it's been a steady regression just carried by our 2 best players. And when they're not there it just exposes all of our weaknesses.
  11. Preed

    Preed Active Member

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    Felon you and I spent the last year criticising pochetino for not having a clue Even though Kane spent a fair time injured.I don’t recall the players getting all the blame.But now the same players with 3 additions and one departure are all to blame while the manager is not to blame for anything.This brings back memories of the poch lovers denying any responsibility
  12. Preed

    Preed Active Member

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    Just realised nobody comments on the fact that Mourino was going to ask the board which game to treat more importantly Burnley or Leipzig.i wonder if Klopp will ask the Liverpool board the same question about his games
  13. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    The criticism of Poch was after he'd had years to assemble his squad and neglect it.
    Mourinho has inherited the mess and the team overall is weaker regardless if we've signed a few.
    That's the point
  14. Guesty Guest

    ..... funny because it doesn't seem like they are treating any games as important
  15. THFC Guest

    Below is a quote from Alexander Tettey (Norwich CM) following the game.

    And Tettey has noticed a stark contrast between the ways that Tottenham played under each of the two managers.

    He told VG in Norway: “They’ve changed completely from being very aggressive and good with the ball under Mauricio Pochettino, to what they’re doing now, where they just wait for you”

    The words from a player who actually played against us with same players but different management style/tactics.

    There is no mention of players simply a mention of a different playing style which has changed how teams play against us.

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  16. Spurporter Active Member

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    This is reprehensible on Mourinho part. We all know it is true what he was saying, but to speak about it openly sets defeatist atmosphere, which I as a long term supporter wholeheartedly condemn.
    It is another indication that Spurs and Mourinho both made terrible mistake. I just do not want to blame the players that are now certainly set for failure with such attitude from the gaffer.
  17. Spurporter Active Member

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    That is true, however such a statement is a clear departure form what you were saying earlier. You were saying Poch had no clue. I say he was fully aware of upcoming degradation, but has never permitted to himself or anyone of his staff to openly admit it, something JM is doing now. Such a move is terrible for the team, it undermines an effort by presenting players as being not good enough. It only means that Poch was not going to quit, whilst it seems like JM already have. The Serial Winner was not hired for that.
  18. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    U forget to mention he played only against the 15/16 side and then returned for this season's side of course there's a stark contrast in style of play Pochettinos decline squad decline that's been dumped on JM

    15/16 they lost 3-0 & 0-3 KANE with a brace in both ......
  19. THFC Guest

    I think you are missing my point.

    If players know/believe that we now sit back and wait, supporters who are watching every single week can see that we drop deep, sit back and wait, then the game plan of every side we play, no matter who it is, will be to press us and push forward.

    As a coach, when that is clearly not working, your job is to adjust things to counter it which hopefully leads to an improvement.

    We haven’t had any attempt to change things?

    There is no improvement. It’s a case of sit back and hope we can hit on the counter attack with a long ball.

    Its not working and the players from other sides can see it’s not working which gives them confidence to attack, which then puts us on the back foot and the whole cycle starts again (not to mention the extra energy and effort that confidence gives).

    The quote is from someone who has actually played against us recently (irrelevant of when his previous start was - the message is that Spurs have changed style to a sit back and wait team who no one fears)

  20. THFC Guest

    I don’t agree with the persistence around Kane and Son...they are two players from a squad of 20. The other 18 should still be able to play football in their absence.

    Every team has injuries or missing players due to international cups or injuries. They don’t rely on 2 players to carry the squad as we seem to.

    That is because those other top sides have coaches who make formation and tactical changes to allow them to cope with any absence. We try and play exactly the same way (to be honest we may have scraped some points but it was still terrible football and bound to unravel with Kane and Son playing in the side anyway as we wouldn’t have been able to keep up the terrible performance, sneak a win streak)


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