Spurs-Man U, 19th of June 2020

Discussion in 'Featured' started by Jesper, June 18, 2020.

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  1. Spurporter Active Member

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    I liked Spurs against MU. Whatever JM is doing, he is doing well. The result is fair. It was an even tie that should have been goalless. Both teams had unlucky moments: they with De Gea blunder and us with Dier penalty. Although I think the penalty was fabricated by Pogba who foolished the ref by kicking Dier's calf and falling over. Thank the FA for VAR as well.

  2. Preed

    Preed Active Member

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    God I missed the Rose coloured spectacles spurporter.It used to be about poch now you have switched to Mourino.If you think that was him doing well then be prepared to be bored witless in the future
  3. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    This is still very much up for debate not seen much to warrant this sort of praise so far.
    Between him, Lo Celso & Sessegnon have they offered any value for money so far at a combined price of about £130 million ?

    (I've liked LoCelsos attitude/application)

    Talent wise though considering what's gone they've not even stood us still let alone improved us.
  4. THFC Guest

    Hey everyone, it’s been a while..I hope you and all your families have stayed safe.
    From what I watched against MU, the frailties of a few months ago still remain and nothing much has changed during the off time as far as as I can see.
    I just don’t like Dier at CB and to be honest in CDM either and he would be one of the players to be replaced for me.
    If anyone can explain how Aurier gets a game, I would like to hear the logic...I have never witnessed a defender give the ball away so close to his own goal or cross a ball so badly that it’s not possible to get on the end of it who still manages to get picked.
    At this point we need to sign a LB, RB and LCB as a priority.
    Midfield actually looked ok in periods, the problem for me is that the side are set up to sit deep and counter attack without players that are capable of counter attacking.
    We simply cannot give up possession and sit deep in such a negative way and expect to win many games.
    Ndombele should be sold along with Alli and Lamela. I say this because they should generate enough between them to allow us to sign decent replacements.
    Sissoko is a huge player for us and IMO so underrated, especially amongst some of our own fans.
    As much as it pains me to say it, if we get a big offer from overseas for Kane, I also think that should be accepted (as long as the full amount can be reinvested into the team). The key players to retain moving forwards are Bergwijn, Son & Lo Celso (who has improved so much since his early days).
    JM was a great manager who hasn’t kept up with today’s football and will continue to divide opinion between fans until he is either sacked or leaves. I personally just hope either is sooner rather than later.
    The massive silver lining is the fact that we are not Gooners.....COYS
  5. jose's Ghost Guest

    This is why Spurs paid 55 million for Ndombele... keep in mind these highlights are from the 17/18 season when he was 20/21 years old. Ironically, this scouting video lists 'work rate' as one of his strengths which is amusing given this is the reason Jose is making a pariah out of him.

    Here is another link to an article quoting Hoddle. His word is not gospel of course (we should all make up our own minds on these things) but if anyone would know what a sublime midfield talent looks like then I think it would be one of the finest I've ever seen... and that's Hoddle.


    It's not a given that any player (particularly a young player who doesn't speak the language) no matter how good will come to England and absolutely light it up in their first season. Some adapt quickly... most don't. But I've seen enough already to know that Ndombele is on another level altogether to anything we have in central midfield... and I rate Sissoko. Winks is a good enough squad player but to regularly start him ahead of Ndombele is just laughable. Jose best show some flexibility here... and quickly... because he is not going to be given the same luxury at Spurs that he has had elsewhere of purchasing a side in his own image.
  6. Jesper Member

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    Here is why Ndombele was criticised earlier in the season:

    & Sissoko....
    -can't shoot
    -can't cross
    -can't dribble
    -have difficulty receiving even a short pass
    -have difficulty passing even a short pass
    -tackling is average

    Yes, he is a hard worker, yes he appears to be a great professional from which many players could learn his professionalism.

    Taken together then for me he is not a starter but good to have in the squad.
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  7. THFC Guest

    I agree with can’t shoot or cross...don’t buy the rest, especially not the tackling part. He is the only player we have that covers every inch of the field and it’s generally to cover other players (LB & RB especially). He is also the only player who picks the ball up in his own half and actually makes some ground.

    If only he could cross or shoot....he would be amazing

    He is still the first name I would write down on the team sheet at the moment (I’m not sure what that says about the quality of the rest of our MF though).

    He isn’t the best MF player in the PL or Europe but he is the best MF player in North London (which is quite funny when you think about it)

  8. THFC Guest

    Ndombele could be the best midfielder in the league. He could also continue to be the uninterested passenger we have seen so far. The tough decision is sell while he is still worth something or give him time and hope he can recreate the form in the footage....not an easy decision but given our track record of turning expensive signings into disasters, I’d probably go with the sell now and try someone with PL experience

  9. Guesty Guest

    Kane will leave sooner rather than later.
    he knows he won't win any medals here.

    Son is the only player that will get into any of the top 6 teams at the moment. He'd get into most teams. The rest wouldn't get into any top 10 team.
    The back 4 and midfield against united you probably couldn't give away.
    Who is buying Davies, Dier, Sanchez, Aurier, Winks, Sissoko or Lamela??? .......rubbish the lot of them..... as are Ndombele & Gedson
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  10. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    At the moment Bergwijn & LoCelso look miles better contribution wise than N'Dombele, he may have potential but it's nothing without the correct attitude and videos of him doing well in a farmer's league is hardly evidence to the contrary.
    He got a big fee move & wages to match how's he repaid that? A stroll about not putting much effort in looking shattered after the warm up? It's not good enough.
  11. Big fran Guest

    Really don't understand the clamour for ndombele. He's the same player now as the one who got hooked at Burnley in February ish. He needs to earn the managers trust especially big games that are evenly poised. May get his chance tomorrow maybe not. Who cares.
  12. Jose's Ghost Guest

    Now don't go throwing your baby out with the bathwater now will you?
  13. Jose's Ghost Guest

    Difficult to impress when stuck to the bench don't you think? The boy doesn't need to run about like a psychopath to impress. On the ball he is patently another level.

    As for Ligue 1... you could write several volumes about the number of supreme talents that have been exported from there. Obviously it doesn't possess the wealth of the EPL hence why many of the world's top talents have flooded the UK... but there can be absolutely no argument that it develops better prospects. Let's be honest... the average French footballer is superior to his English counterpart, certainly for the last few decades anyway.

    I want Jose to do well believe me because I want Spurs to do well. But you know, as an example, when I hear the manager jacking off about his time at Chelsea before a big rivalry game (twice now) and then we get our asses handed to us both times then I'm not impressed. The manager needs to be held accountable... and ultimately he will be. What is it? seven games now? Spurs better roll West Ham... the talent is there to do so... no more excuses thanks.
  14. Jose's Ghost Guest

    Well you certainly do otherwise why post?
  15. Guesty Guest

    Are those back 4 and midfield of the required quality to be in the team? personally I don't think they are.
    Championship standard at best. all of them.
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  16. Jose's Ghost Guest

    What's your standard Guesty? To win the title? that window has closed. We could splurge 200 million next season and there would be no guarantees... not with the wages we pay anyway.

    But top 4? that's more than reasonable... indeed we should demand it now.

    From the other night...

    Davies... good squad player... not a starter... keep him but upgrade required.
    Sanchez... good enough to start.
    Dier... was good enough once but has regressed... shouldn't happen for a player of his age. Injuries perhaps? he's spent a lot of time out... keep him as a squad player and hope he returns to his best... otherwise starter required (Toby will do for one more season).
    Aurier... can be very good in the final third... absolute liability in defence... sell and upgrade.
    Winks... squad player at best... big trouble if he's your first option... quality upgrade is already at the club but being mismanaged presently... sell.
    Sissoko... good player but not a pivot midfielder... can play multiple positions at a decent level... keep him and find a specialist in the centre if you can but not first priority.

    That's my summation. This team made the Champions League final last season and went through Dortmund and City in the process and dare I say it should have beaten Liverpool on the day. There is still plenty of talent... no need to rip it completely apart... but some investment is clearly needed.

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