Spurs-Everton Sep 13 2020

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Who had the better approach to transfers (so far)?

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  1. Guesty Guest

    Awful situation. Whichever personnel you put into a starting 11.....the team is not good enough

    My 10 above are followed by NDombele (who I just don't think will ever be good enough. At £50m+ I hope I'm proved wrong). I'll give Hojbjerg a couple of games to prove his worth.... but positional he looked poor.
    Sissoko I'm not keen on as a footballer but he puts his foot in and doesn't shy away from getting tough.

    I'd be putting the youth into the 1stX1match training......
    Cirkin...Tanganga (when fit)... Sessegnon...White...Clarke....they can't be any worse

  2. Jesper Member

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    After some more time to think then:
    • in my opinion the goal was more due to the quality of the ball played in than due to defensive errors. I still believe that defending set-pieces by having a high-line isn't great, it has been the norm for years (if not decades) but I still consider it a new and not very good tactic. I see it as trying to play for an offside and if the offside does not happen then it is a risky tactic. The ball in was perfect and extremely difficult to defend against.
    • the substitution of Alli.... It created more confusion than anything else and at 0-0 the way it was done with moving players around did not quite make sense to me. But it looks like Alli doesn't have the hunger to perform and it somehow needs to be re-awakened. There is a risk that his career might go the way of David Bentley https://punditfeed.com/quick-reads/david-bentley/

    The high press demands high work-rate and being close to the opposition player.
    Few flair players are that kind of player, the ones who are that are in very very high demand. If Spurs are to have players who are not participating in the high-press (CE pretended to do so, he was seldom close enough to his player to actually do so) then it risks committing players too high up on the pitch and being vulnerable. Alternatively, acknowledge that the flair players aren't going to commit to the high-press and defend deeper.
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  3. Preed

    Preed Active Member

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    Are we serious about trying to sign Sorloth who is on loan to trabonspur from Crystal Palace who can’t score goals.If he was any good wouldn’t Palace recall him. Usual Levy going on the cheap for a player to sit on bench and steal wages from proper players
  4. Preed

    Preed Active Member

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    I notice Skipp was voted man of the match by Norwich supporters on Saturday.Surely he was better than Winks and Sissoko.Shameful way the club have treated Rose by not telling him he did not get a squad number and he found out from press.I know he could be problem but he had given years of service and deserved better.No wonder players don’t want to join us
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  5. THFC Guest

    Brilliant....support failure....When Poch took over in 14, the club had managed only two top-four finishes in 22 Premier League seasons, they achieved that in four of his five seasons and got to a CL final. Gleeful clapping indeed.

    Still as you seem to keep missing the point, I’ll say it again. It’s NOT about Poch, it’s about the style and quality that JM has delivered from the same pile of cack squad. Poch is gone so some fans obviously got the result that they wanted but some didn’t as despite his failings we were not the usual side that no one was afraid of. The one thing that makes no sense on that topic is the same things being used as reasons for Pochs demise and opportunities to attack what he did or didn’t do are being used as excuses for JM and the sorry state he is in.

    If you hand on heart believe that we are getting the very best performances out of the squad we have available, I feel a bit sad. We do have lots of players that need to be replaced but their lack of organisation, drive and positivity is pulled from the coaching and instructions that they being fed. Yes we have some bang average players and yes some are stealing a living but they are still a squad full of internationals that JM is choosing to start in the formation that he thinks works with the deep defensive gameplan that he puts in place.

    JM was a great manager but football has changed and he is simply not great anymore. In order to start to improve performances we first need to play to the strengths of the squad we do have available. That is not happening IMO.

    I fully respect the fact that Levy seems to be driving the club into the ground due to the lack of investment in players and lack of improvement in scouting capabilities but maybe the requirement to protect the club finances is driving that position. The right thing to do is sell the club for their market value, not an over inflated price to seek out huge profits. That has nothing to do with Poch or JM, that is Levy and the owners and who knows if they will prove to be right in the long term.

    I really wish JM turns us into top 4 title contenders again but don’t believe it will happen, I suppose we will see later in this season what happens...I for one, just want to see performances with more positive football as that is what the squad are...overpaid but footballers non the less

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  6. THFC Guest

    Here’s one to think about....

    We are struggling to sign another striker because they don’t want to play second fiddle to Kane....maybe now is the time to sell Kane so we can adjust our formation to not be so reliant on one forward while he is worth the kind of money that will allow us that luxury?

    If we can sell Kane for £120m in the current climate which is achievable, we could pick up 3 attackers (at least 1 being a creative midfielder) with the money and shift to 3 upfront?

    I know it’s a big call but what will we do if with all the games we have this season, he picks up an injury?

    Also, based on performances for club and country so far, if he keeps going as he is, he will be worth about £50 million next season.

    I just hope we don’t sign Bale because he is the last thing we need at the moment.

    I await the backlash..
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  7. Spurporter Active Member

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    We will certainly sell Harry, but not before JM is gone. He was hired to juice out whatever left from the remnants of formerly successful team. He can do that. Whether he will do it is all what we are left to see this season. Spurs can win UEL and one of domestic cups. Just relax and watch. The sell off will come later. The rebuild will come after.
  8. Cheshuntboy Guest

    As usual, highly selective, to justify your eternal longing for Pochettino. The two top fours in 22 years were actually both in Harry Redknapp's three full seasons in charge (i.e. four and two years respectively before Pochettino took over), and the two intervening seasons saw us get points totals under both AVB and Sherwood that were comparable with Pochettino's figures, barring the one annus mirabilis of 2017, when we still finished trophyless. Pochettino took over a team full of good young players - above all Kane, whose goals made Pochettino, not vice versa - and ran them into the ground, End of.
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  9. THFC Guest

    Did you actually read what I said? If so, maybe read the part that said “Still as you seem to keep missing the point, I’ll say it again. It’s NOT about Poch, it’s about the style and quality that JM has delivered from the same pile of cack squad”

    It’s getting a bit boring with all the “I hate Poch club” when he is no longer with us....tell me, do you think JM is doing a good job?

  10. THFC Guest

    Just to clarify:
    2009/2010 - Harry (4th)
    2010/2011 - Harry (5th)
    2011/2012 - Harry (4th)
    2012/2013 - AVB (5th)
    2013/2014 - Sherwood & AVB (6th)
    2014/2015 - Poch (5th)
    2015/2016 - Poch (3rd)
    2016/2017 - Poch (2nd)
    2017/2018 - Poch (3rd)
    2018/2019 - Poch (4th)

  11. Jesper Member

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    The one who brought Poch into this thread was you, and yes it is a bit boring that you brought him into this thread.

    The sacking of him was justified - if for no other reason that it brought in a 'new manager bounce'. Poch did not have it in him to turn things around. He did well, then for some reason things went badly back in 2018 and after almost a year of cack football and no signs of improvement he was sacked. I'd even say relieved of his duties as by the time he was sacked he looked like a dead man walking so getting sacked relieved him of having to come into what was a bad situation.
    He looked like he was about to burn out. It is not contempt or hate of Poch to say that he had run out of steam.

    It has been almost a year, let it go.
  12. THFC Guest

    The reason I brought Poch into the thread was because the very same excuses being used to slaughter him are being used to defend JM.

    Either JM needs to get a spine and demand transfers or Poch wasn’t the cause of that issue as some seem to think.

    I agree that his time was up and he lost his spark and that’s got nothing to do with me thinking that JM is not doing anything to improve us as I thought it was time to go however I don’t think JM is doing any better. It’s linked because it’s an excuse continually being made to defend on one hand and blame on the other.

    So do you think JM is doing a good job?

  13. Preed

    Preed Active Member

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    No doubt Thfc does pine for pochetino or someone who can make this squad play attractive football as opposed to the totally negative stuff being served up now.I was pleased when Mourino came in because I thought he would sort out the dross and get rid and demand from Levy but unfortunately he does not have the bottle for fear of losing his job.The top four this year will be teams who have strengthened ie Man City man united Chelsea arsenal everton wolves Liverpool and dare I say it even Newcastle.I remember when Spurs were a big club but we are now second rate because of the attitude of the owner and his puppet Levy.We still have believers like spurporter who thinks we will win two cups this year .I admire his optimism but that will soon be knocked out of him.The Amazon doc was just a platform for Mourino to indulge his ego but did convince me that Levy has no idea about football and is just a money man
  14. Jesper Member

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    Short answer: Yes.

    The longer answer:
    -I am no longer afraid when Spurs are defending corners, that is an improvement
    -Spurs have started scoring from corners, that is an improvement
    -new players were bought and were started within 6 months, that is an improvement
    -he brought up and started with young players, that is an improvement (but could be due to timing)
    -he is allowing players to go out on loan, which I consider to be an improvement

    I don't think he can turn Ndombele into a 'modern' player, i.e. one who presses high for 90 minutes. Only way to use him appears to be to defend deep and allow him and/or others who are unwilling to do the press to float around. Maybe another manager can change Ndombele, maybe he'll change but for now it is what it is.

    The recruitment... He got two players that he wanted and we know that he wanted them as they are already playing. Hopefully he can get one or two more players that he wants. So even here it seems to be an improvement on the previous manager who could not get even cheap players that he wanted.

    I do want more, I'd have preferred it if a few players had been sold and the proceeds used to buy better ones but I am not sure if other clubs would take some of them even on a free and the others may or may not be realistically priced. Getting rid of unwanted players isn't easy and if the unwanted players are on high wages then it is even more difficult.

    All in all then yes, I do think Mourinho is doing a good job.
  15. THFC Guest

    I like the optimism that you have and it’s amazing how different people view games in different ways.

    I agree we look better defending corners but the only reason we have started scoring from corners is because Eriksen is not hitting the front post, knee height with every one now.

    We don’t look any better defensively to me because we sit off and allow teams to create chances and have shots. That to me is not an improvement but perhaps that’s JM’s style and it’s worked in the past however not against teams that press at the speed a lot of teams do these days.

    Bergwijn and Sanchez on the bench...Moura and Dier starting are not an improvement IMO.

    Alli is consistently lazy and gives the ball away and we are not getting the best out of Ndombele given his lack of ability to track so perhaps he is worth some time in a more offensive position that Alli takes up without the responsibility of coming back.

    Players heading out on loan is a great move if we have the intent of bringing them back and using them.

    Finally we are still using a 4-2-3-1 formation with the players that we have which is not an improvement especially giving up approx 50% possession in most games and quite often even more.

    So all in all it’s a big no in my view but I hope that changes as the season moves on because I really don’t know who is out there that could do better at the moment (that would come).

  16. Jesper Member

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    I'd agree that Sanchez should be a starter. Bergwijn seems to be more comfortable on the left than on the right but maybe he'd do well also on the right (which seems to be Moura's preferred position). Bergwijn has impressed me so I'd like to see more of him. Maybe playing him in a less than preferred position is better than playing Moura. Might be worth a try. If you argue that Ndombele could be playing in the position where Alli is playing then I agree, at the very least it seems to be worth a try.

    Top 4 looks to be difficult, even top 6 might be difficult due to some teams having a lot fewer matches as they failed to qualify for matches in Europe. So I'd say that more players are needed.
    It would be nice to have a second striker, it would be nice to have a natural right winger (seems political but it is just about the position on the football field :p ) and maybe this season will be better than the last one.
  17. Preed

    Preed Active Member

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    Really Jesper it would be nice to have a second striker what you mean surely is we MUST Have a second striker and if you really think we defend better then you have been watching a different team to me.We need pace and energy all over the pitch to play the Mourino way and we don’t have a lot of it.Dier and Aldy must be amongst the slowest centre half’s in the league.Sanchez has pace but no football sense and we have not had a left sided defender since Roses hey day who we have treated appallingly this week.I hope you are proved right and I am wrong and if so I will come on here and hold my hands up although I doubt if I’m proved right and we struggle till Christmas and Mourino gets sacked that the Rose coloured will do the same
  18. Cheshuntboy Guest

    And do YOU actually read what I said? I referred to points, not positions, and on that basis Pochettino averaged 73.6 over his five seasons in charge, against 68.4 for the five previous years from 2009/10. That's not even two wins per season, and it drops to only 70.5 if the wonder year of 2016/17 is removed - some transformation!
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  19. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    You may have completely missed the fact that Pochettinos team was woefully getting tanked and couldn't buy an away win in the league for an entire calendar year. (The flukiest of CL runs completely glossed over this)
    The team & squad Poch had at his disposal in his tenure was far superior to the clapped out dregs and woeful signings that have been dumped on someone else.
    From Pochettinos peak side in 16/17, JM has a worse version of Lloris Toby Dier Alli, and an injury Prone Kane & Son.
    Walker Rose Dembele Wanyama CE haven't been replaced with anywhere near the same quality and all of the above are/were no longer in their pomp of a few years ago through age/flogged to death etc.
    You expect JM to work better than Pochettinos free falling side with lesser talented players?

    I think there's a few things you need to understand, if you don't upgrade then you go backwards, if you don't challenge the starting 11 with competition they stagnate, if you don't win due to being tactically inept and zero winning mentality players become disillusioned.

    Watch the Documentary, JM has picked up a circus that Pochettino & Levy created through a mixture of complicity, stubbornness, favouritism, incompetence in the market and over all negligence.

    Yet people act as if its a suprise the team aren't playing well and it's all JMs fault?
    He's constantly telling them they need to press, they need to work as a team, they need to be aggressive, win the 1st & 2nd ball, support the attack, pass forward etc

    The players that are currently propping up the books aren't good enough period and many are living off a performance they once had a few seasons ago.

    Investment is desperately needed to smash the culture and start a proper new phase, only an absolute fool would bring JM in and not back the man.

    That Fool is a 4ft nothing arsehole named Daniel Levy
  20. THFC Guest

    Its funny I wasn’t keen on Bale when I thought a sizeable transfer fee and big wages would be involved as we need strengthening in so many other areas but please let the latest news be true...Alli for Bale I would tear their arms off

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