Spurs - Everton 6th of July 2020

Discussion in 'Featured' started by Jesper, July 3, 2020.

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  1. Jesper Member

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    Might as well start the discussion early :)


    I still cannot understand why what used to be one of the best CB-pairings in the EPL only a couple of years ago start on the bench. I do understand the value of having a settled CB- pairing, I just do not think Dier is a CB.

    & I am perplexed by this:
    The quote:"My boss Mr Levy (chairman Daniel Levy) tells me that he wants Eric to sign a new contract. Eric tells me that he is more than happy here," said Mourinho.
    But it might be another subject, whether or not the chairman decides who to sign.

    But anyway, for me the attacking players who started might start again, the CB pairing is an area of concern for me.
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  3. THFC Guest

    Lo Celso

  4. Bazza47

    Bazza47 Well-Known Member

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    It’s difficult to know where to start, yesterday was so bad, 2019/20 has been shite.

    ANy team with Aurier and Sanchez as their right sided last line of defence will surely fail. Likewise a left side of Davies at best a squaddie, and Dier, who if your’re going to play him he has to play right side CB - he had/has no left foot to deal with Pogba. This weekend I’d probably go with Toby/Dier or Sanchez/Jan/Davies

    If you’re going to have two holding players for me it’s Sissoko and Winks If he’s fit. Lo Celso is too deep to hurt anybody at present.

    Midfield - Bergwijn LoCelso Son

    Up Front: An out of form HK

    Even rest Kane, put Son up top and bring Lamela into midfield, but with him working with not against Gio.

    It’s a rag bag. No chances created, a defence that can’t mark, can’t cover back, a pedestrian midfield, a knackered Kane...apart from that it’s great.

    Well I’ve been quite impressed by what Everton have achieved recently ........do you think Ancelotti might like another contract in London.....

  5. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    We have a Goal keeper that has howlers in him, poor distribution, inspires no confidence and is the 'captain'.
    Full backs that are the worst in the league I'd swap bottom place Norwich Aaron's & Lewis for in a heart beat.
    Our best CB pairings legs and minds have gone with 1 about to walk on a free.
    Our current pair of CBs are still worse than the vets at their age n mobility.
    We don't have a DM period.
    LoCelso & N'Dombele have glimpses of quality but neither are exactly running things, making a difference or commanding an actual role/position.
    Everything Sissoko lacks in ability is equal to how ineffective and fraudulent Winks' contribution is neither are good enough.
    Lamela/Alli/Moura seem to be in a battle for who can be the most highly paid pointless passenger (although winks is way ahead of all of them)
    Son & Bergwijn both have quality but again are inconsistent hot/cold.
    Kane is broken, still scoring goals because of his natural finishing ability but his overall presence movement etc is on the wane. (Plus heads looking less and less in it and who can blame him)

    When you compare our team player for player with any of the other big sides (not living off past form) you'd be pushed to find any of our side getting in any other team which is a damning example of how far we've regressed and others have improved.

    If you mention players need to be sold you get a band of Spurs fans screaming about giving Lamela more time, how you're mad to suggest Alli isn't world class and irreplaceable, some will say defence needs to be built around Dier, Lloris is still world class.......

    It's pure delusion n has been for a while, fine if we have no genuine ambition (please note a building that a massive loan was taken out to fund while pretending we were saving up for it and not spending 10 years pre it's build is not ambition)

    If we are being serious big big changes are drastically needed instead of talking up the Winks' of the club and seeing them for what they are - Not Good Enough, they don't need time or afforded a spot they're never gonna be of the level to kick us on.

    Until some proper management of personnel takes place and some ballsy pro active decisions are made/backed/invested then just like the last 20 years we're flogging a dead horse.

    The ENIC con continues ......
  6. Big fran Guest

    That team was so poorly set up yesterday it didn't really resemble a mourinho team at all to me I don't even know what it was about. No def mid to start. A double pivot of two no8s with no positional responsibility. Seen some casuals getting excited by the line up as we had 4 attackers but football don't work that way otherwise we would have 11 attackers wouldn't we. Most teams set up with 5 defenders and five attackers or 6 and 4. That's standard coaching. We went with 4 and 6 attack minded players. Then aurier goes missing too so we're looking at 3 and 7 when our phase of play breaks down as often as it did. Then you analyse the service kane receives. Aurier can't cross. Sissoko can't thread a pass. The other 3 are all similar who like to rely on pace and dribble/hold onto the ball so kane makes runs don't receive ball, feeding off scraps until he gets disheartened and stops making runs. The only bit of ability to thread him is Gio who is far far too deep to influence and find kane. It was carnage.
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  7. THFC Guest

    Lloris, Sánchez RB, Toby RCB (so Sánchez pace can cover), Jan LCB and Davies at LB.
    Skipp and Sissoko CDM, Bergwijn RM and Son LM. Lo Celso CAM behind Kane.

    - Dier cannot play as too slow with the ball and on his feet. Quick sale would be good.
    - Aurier cant defend or attack so enough said about him. Please let Monaco actually pay some money for him although I’m not convinced he is actually a footballer
    - Alli is lazy, arrogant and attempts too many flicks. Anyone that thinks he would be a big money sale is on another planet - best we can hope is a half decent swap deal with someone.
    - Gedson, who scouted him? Refund please
    - Ndombele is the one that is really hard to understand. On paper he looks like a brilliant signing. Some exceptional performances in France and the odd moment in games for us where he looks works class. For the other 85 mins however, he looks like a cross between Yaya Toure and Neil Ruddock. His lack of pace, energy and effort beggars belief. I personally think sell him while we can get something close to what we paid for him back. Or even better try for a swap deal.
    - Lamela is a mystery. How is he possibly still a spurs player? With all of his injuries and lack of genuine contributions to us, I really would have expected him to be gone by now.
    - Foyth is another who we really need to try and negotiate a swap deal with someone if possible

    Moura, Sess and Winks squad players at best who really need some quality coaching to improve.
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  8. Preed

    Preed Active Member

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    As I said in a previous postTHFC where is this quality coaching coming from because I have seen no evidence of any so far and would like to know who takes the players for training because players like Sanchez with potential lack tactical nous and positional sense and seem to be getting worse.Sheffield with less ability showed what good coaching can do.We need a hands on coach asap
  9. THFC Guest

    I hear you Preed, I agree totally..JM and his staff have not given any indication at all that their coaching style or ability can improve what players we do have in the slightest. I know he hasn’t inherited the best players etc etc but he was hired to improve us and that hasn’t happened.
    Players follow a coaches/managers game plan. If you can’t spend 4 hours a day showing Aurier where a RB should be on a football pitch or showing Sanchez how to either head a football or cover a player, you are not performing your responsibility as a coach. Yes our players have been poor but poor players when coached well should at least play as a team and perform as a unit

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  10. Preed

    Preed Active Member

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    Change of subject wolves0 Arsenal2 we are now ninth.If Everton beat us we will be in lower half of table.We have not finished outside the top6 for10 years.This will really be a feather inMourinos cap.Please Levy sack him now and go with him yourself.People on here keep on about rebuilding by taking players from teams getting relegated ie 3 players from Norwich but they are to good for us and will go to better teams.I really do fear for next year because I can’t see us signing any quality and the current lot will struggle in the relegation zone.Some on here probably think I am being too negative but be warned unless a complete change Happens this will happen
  11. Guesty Guest

    we are exactly where the quality of our squad should be. to be honest a bit higher actually.
    I don't see any PL team taking Aurier or Sanchez at the back. or Winks or Sissoko in midfield.
    (NB... look how long we stuck with Tom Carroll. where is he now..... clubless!)
    ...... add Foyth, Dier, Gedson, Lamela, Moura.....

    we need to replace too many players so it will take some time to correct.
    Don't expect that to happen too soon.
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  12. Bazza47

    Bazza47 Well-Known Member

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    For Sanchez, surely Ledley should be coaching him.....
  13. Guesty Guest

    if you play Winks you have to remove his need to attack and remove his need to defend wide.
    like for England..... just use him as central defensive sitting barrier.......
    Skipp I'd just likje yo see given a run. If he fails get rid.

    we are limited as my post above notes......and if NDumb is ever going to do it, the best chance to gel will be in these remaining games......so I'd go......

    ................... Lloris
    Sissoko, Toby, Verts, Davies
    ................... Winks
    ...Skipp....Ndombele...Lo Celso
    ............... Kane....Son

    obviously Tangy at RB when fit... with the option of Sissoko replacing Skipp
  14. Spurporter Active Member

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    Mark my words, JM will start same back 4 that failed miserably against the Blades. He will use that as his man management. Also, he has no options at FBs. Sooo....

  15. Preed

    Preed Active Member

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    Spurporter he could try Sissoko at full back and bring back aldy and jan and then give ndombele a chance . He could even give skipp a game because the results now are irrelevant as Mourino has already made sure we have no chance of champion league.Fear the London derby coming up
  16. Spurporter Active Member

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    Who is HE? Not Mourinho, I suppose. Mou is stubborn. He will not experiment, because Spurs may end up out of Europa League. It is not at all over for him.
  17. Jesper Member

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    The latest match was so bad/poor that I am glad that this one came so soon. Need to cleanse away the taste/feel of that match.

    The past three matches:
    Man U, it made sense (even though I didn't like it) to have focus on destroyers rather than players in the midfield.
    West H, they didn't press so it didn't matter too much to have a player who isn't great friends with the ball playing in the center of the field.
    Sheffield U, they press and then it is imperative that the central midfielders are open to receive passes, when they receive the pass they do something quickly with the ball and as always that what they do is accurate.
    Yep, I am writing about Sissoko.....

    Everton does not (as far as I know) have the quality of Man U. Fernandes etc isn't in their team.
    Everton isn't likely to be doing what West H did and mostly defend deep.
    Everton might try the press against Spurs as many teams have done successfully.

    Dealing with high press then two things are important to me:
    Speed on the counter -> at least one fast attacker on the pitch
    Midfielders who are making themselves available to receive passes, receives the ball easily and can quickly and accurately pass the ball.

    So for me:
    GK: Lloris
    RB: Aurier
    RCB: Sanchez or Toby
    LCB: Toby or Jan
    LB: Davies
    Three central midfielders:
    Lo Celso
    The attack:
    LW: Son
    CF: Kane:
    RW: Bergwijn

    Subs I'd like to see:
    Sessegnon (on the wing, not LB)
    Possibly Alli or Lamela to waste some time towards the end

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