Shkendija-Spurs, 24th of Sep 2020,

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What is an acceptable outcome?

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  1. Any win will do as long as there are no injuries

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  2. A win with a clean sheet and no injuries

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  3. A win with possession football, many goals scored, clean sheet and no injuries

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  4. There are no possibe good outcomes

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  1. I’ve explained it to you (not once but twice) because you’re ignorant (you admit this yourself) and apparently now wish to remain so. Again it is not my fundamental football theory nor is it selective in any sense... it is widely accepted because in part it is self-evident. Now I believe I have done so in a very polite manner because you seem like a nice fellow but also one who doesn’t seem to understand much (again you admit this yourself). You can easily educate yourself if you’re earnest... it is not for me to do so any further.

  2. Now that is good banter Cheshuntboy.
  3. Jesper Active Member

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    You've not provided an explanation, you've provided what is barely even an argument. You appear to have read and listened to what others think of Mourinho, based on what other said and wrote then it seems you've decided that you know how he thinks and how he works. No need for you to observe him yourself, no need for you to think for yourself.
    I am aware of Mourinhos reputation, I've thought about what has been written and said about him and tried to fit the narrative about him to the verifiable facts. It seems unlikely that his reputation is 100% true. Chosing to observe and think is apparently according to your 'logic' done by those who 'don't understand much'.

    You're right, at least one of us, probably both, are wasting time by replying to the other.

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