Sheffield U - Spurs 2nd of July 2020

Discussion in 'Featured' started by Jesper, July 2, 2020.

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  1. Bazza47

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    Might have to, sad but true......

  2. Bazza47

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    Re Harry, I’m not sure what the stats show, but he gets really poor service would be my view, forcing him deeper and deeper.

    No width from the likes of Son, Bergwijn of late, Lo Celso too deep, Lamela needing to work out how he’s going to operate with Gio - two lefties.

    We raised our game last season on occasions - BD, City and Ajax in the CL come to mind, but we’ve not been a great watch otherwise. Kane’s injuries, Dele’s total loss of form, Eriksen’s indifference to the cause, no decent full backs, ageing CB’s, letting Dembele go without replacing’s easy to see why we’ve fallen away. Plus we never seem to get Academy players like Mason Greenwood or the Gooners youngsters or the Chelski ones.....

    I’ll stop there, it’s depressing me.....
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  3. THFC Guest

    Not trying to convince you of anything Cheshuntboy, just trying to give you an alternative perspective. By no means am I saying everything I have said is right, it’s just my opinion. There is a lot of truth in a lot you have said too and it’s just about how we are interpreting the impacts on the squad now.
    Given how Poch felt at the time, you may well be right about if he stayed. I think that under the circumstances he needed to go. That doesn’t mean he hasn’t learnt a lot or had time to adjust his mindset in the time he had been off. It’s a bit like a long term relationship....sometimes you need a break to reset and reinvigorate.
    Given that he is a still a spurs fan and he is still available and given that he knows the club and chairman inside out, I really can’t think of anyone better that would represent a huge risk at the moment. On the other side of it, I can’t see how anyone thinks JM is any better for us based on performances I have seen this year because he really isn’t.

  4. THFC Guest

    *I really can’t think of anyone better that wouldn’t represent a huge risk at the moment
  5. Spurporter Active Member

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    I think you're wasting your time, THFC. Sheshuntboy is no boy, but an older man. He is old enough to represent the now considered odd views of certain supremacism. He truly believes that speaking with accent demonstrates an inner inferiority and thereby finds Poch being inherently inferior to likes of Harry Redknapp, for instance, and maybe even Tim Sherwood. I don't condone it, really, being from same generation, just find it impossible to change his mind. Plus, it is true that Harry Redknapp had better pressers than Poch. Also, being permanently negative does make one being more right than wrong, it is well known , as it also saves from disappointments, but in no way it makes one a better supporter.
    I overall share your points of view on our beloved Spurs and would like you to upgrade to Member from Guest.
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  6. Cheshuntboy Guest

    Yup Spurporter, you're absolutely right. I blame Pochettino's poor English for our collapse in the second half of last season, for our abysmal display in the CL Final, and for our catastrophic showing this season. Obviously I wouldn't want foreigners like Klopp or Guardiola at WHL in case their misuse of grammar caused Aurier and Sanchez to lose confidence, and stop being world-class defenders - I'd really like Jacob Rees-Mogg to be in charge, because then we'd be certainties for every trophy going - happy now?
  7. Preed

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    Don’t worry cheshuntboy I think most people know what you are about and most of us don’t understand the twaddle from spurporter and sometimes he should read what he says before submitting.I am surprised that accusing you of supremacism got past the editors.
  8. Spurporter Active Member

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    I like Rees-Mogg. Please forgive me for "supremacy". It is currently politically charged word and as such I used it in error. Typically, when Spurs do poorly fans start fighting out of frustration. I realise that.

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