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Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by Mattj78, September 21, 2014.

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  1. Mattj78

    Mattj78 Well-Known Member

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    I am going to start by putting a positive spin on this game today. Lamela showed flashes of brilliance. There you go folks, that is it for positivity.
    Let me now look at just what was so poor about the Spurs today.

    Central Defence

    I know Kaboul has come in for stick last season and this season, and believe it or not, I don't want to give players stick, but when your defensive heart plays as badly as both Kaboul and Chiriches did today, the criticism is going to come your way.
    Chiriches missed headers and was constantly drawn out of position. Neither he or Kaboul seemed to be communicating with each other and when Kaboul is supposed to be captain, his lack of leadership is simply unacceptable.

    Enigma Eriksen

    I epxected great things from Eriksen this season and still do, but his form has to be a cause for concern in the early stages of this season. He drifts in and out of the game far too much, and at present he is simply ineffective. I don't know why he is so low on confidence, but Pochettino must get him playing again, or he will have to drop him.
    Chadli again drifted in and out of the game. When he got on the ball, he looked positive, but failed to deliver any telling balls into the box.

    Adebayor woe..

    Adebayor the dark side was on show at the lane today. He is a man mountain and won just two headers in the entire game! His link up play was none existent and he just did not look interested at all. When he is good, we all know that he can be brilliant, but when he is as bad as he is today, you could be watching a Sunday league player, although that is possibly disrespectful to Sunday league players!

    Same frailties, same old Tottenham

    I have addressed the defensive issues and don't want to go on about them, but the defence looks weak, disorganised and clueless. The same old Tottenham showed up again in the striking areas. It was over forty minutes before we even worried the west Brom goal and we are simply toothless in the final third. Lamela tried to make things happen but those around him were on another wavelength.
    Yet again we had plenty of possession, but did nothing with it. Having all the possession is pointless if you fail to take chances, but what worries me more is the fact that we are not creating chances. With the players we have, it is baffling to think we are creating so little threat.

    Points dropped

    I said after last weeks game that dropping points against Sunderland was gutting, but dropping all three against west Brom is just not good enough at all.
    If we play like we did today against Arsenal, we will be totally embarrassed. In fact, we will need to play much better to better Forest in the league cup on Wednesday.
    Europe is no excuse as ten players were rotated so that is simply not an acceptable excuse for today's performance.


    We must regroup and move on, but today was poor and a very AVB performance. It is far too early to be worried, but signs are there that this spurs squad is a long way away from the top four. A very long way off.
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  2. Mattj78

    Mattj78 Well-Known Member

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    Quote from BBC radio on Spurs today:

    " Tottenham look slow and laboured, with little pressing in midfield. "

    In only one game have I seen the pressing game that the new manager was supposed to be bringing in with him and that was against Limassol at home. Today , AVB or tim could have been in the dug out.
  3. burnt Guest

    Ditto both comments Matt .. lack of any sort of progress & hopelessness is sickening ..
  4. dan spurs Guest

    I hate this spurs team. No idea in defence or attack. I am baffled as to why none of the new signings are playing in premium league surely they can do better than kaboul/chiriches. It's going to be embarrassing next sat.
  5. Mattj78

    Mattj78 Well-Known Member

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    I fear the worst for the game against the Woolwich Wanderers, I really do. I hope I am proved wrong, but I can't see where the goals will come from, and going forward we look turgid and lacking in any ideas, Lamela apart.
    Why was Vertonghen on the bench? Where were Stambouli and Fazio? Today was déjà vu and I thought I was still watching last season.
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  6. Bruce Grove Guest

    An awful performance today. Spurs won't win anything with that defence and their limited attacking options. Spurs have too many samey midfielders, not enough pace up front and defenders that are not up to the job. It could be a really embarrassing result next week.
  7. Ben dodhia Guest

    That was absolutely embarressing!!!

    That was like watching the AVB team again! No heRt, no passion, no movement, no desire!!!

    Why do persist with fodder!

    I blame levy completely! He has made our club a laughing stock!

    I hate SPURS!!!!!!
  8. Big Mick Guest

    The Woolwich Wanderers must be licking their lips. We're gonna get Smashed next week.
    At least Pochettino can now see what a useless bunch we have.
  9. burnt Guest

    Jeez it dosent bear thinking about at the moment .. If they do their homework , ( not that it takes much genius to beat us ) , sit back , let us have our mindless possession and push our defense forward , than hit us on the break with pace and the guile all their midfielders have then it really could be a massacre .. With our patetic gutless nature we could collapse if they got an early goal or 2 .. Its a nightmare situation at the moment ..
  10. I also hate this Spurs team. Clueless at both ends with nothing in the middle. Week after week after week of toothless displays, even against the worst form sides, against the worst form sides ON A REGULAR BASIS. Year after year. Most of our midfield are slow of thought and phsycal speed and need to go. Ade needs to go. Our central defence is in tatters. That Rose was one of our better performers today just about says it all. I hate the spineless slugs. And although Poch was never a choice of mine, he doesn't stand a chance and it isn't really his fault. Whatever you tell our squad, they will just lumber around like the clueless retards they are. God, we've brought some ****.
  11. All I can say "SHERWOOD-LIKE" ....... C(h)ripple(ch)es woeful....... Rose-alie back to form..... Kabull(in a china shop) = headless chicken..... could go on.....
    Next week anything under a double figure hammering ... a result..... SHAMEFUL
  12. SPURS fan Guest

    Spurs were awful today at home. Firstly, GK Lloris was good today (did what was expected).The defense was bad. Both CB were awful, LB can't cross. The midfield lacked creativity, no cutting edge whatsoever and too many players lost possession to often in this game in key moments. To only muster one shot (tame) for the entire game against a team that has struggled all season is truly embarrassing to say the least. In the attack, there was NO pace at all. Certain players form over the past few is much to be desired and need/have to be dropped. In my opinion, Kaboul, Chriches, Chadli should be dropped...
  13. notnats

    notnats Well-Known Member

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    Chiriches and Kaboul? we got what we deserved. Why did we start with tbese two? What does a manager do when he is uncertain, he does nothing. why else would he put these two together after last week with Jan on the bench and no sign of Fazio. Why is a player in tbe worst form of his career made captain when he shouldnt be anywhere near the first team? What because he's a nice guy and everybody likes him. This was an awful performance but questions have to be asked about tbe manager, comparisons to AVB have made me cringe but today I couldnt argue, where is the fiercly ambitious, foward thinking manager who's not afraid of making the tough decisions?
  14. big fran Guest

    We simply do not have the players to play this system and style of play but I'm sure a certain somebody will tell us that we are in fact wrong .. The team manager players will all come good under our leader kaboul. Not that u need a leader these days. Chadli is a world beater and rose has turned the corner and we need to re call holtby. Anyhow I don't give a shite win lose or draw I'll still be here next week and ride this storm out til brighter days.. Come bk harry I forgive u pls forgive me. Bring your 442 with u and your empty tactics board.
  15. Genevaspurs Guest

    Where was Lamela on WB goal? He Plays only for him. No assist! No goal from him but just some Nice touches but for what. What is the utility ?
  16. Big Mick Guest

    To be honest, i'm expecting Forest to turn us over on Wednesday evening. There's NO way i'm going back to watch us play until we improve, and I just don't see it any time soon. The Liverpool game was an eye opener, and look what they've done since...Nada. Time for sweeping changes, this lot are just not worth the pain they are causing.
  17. Spursny Guest

    For me today's match was the cold, hard reality of what our team is...middle of the table! We have a culture of losing at Spurs over the last few years. We sold our best players because that is what we do! There is a lack of self belief, maybe that will come in time?

    I see Top four as a pipe dream, we can't make top four because we don't have the players, we can't get the players because we can't make top four. If given the time I think pooch can do something special but we as fans don't want to give "time" to anyone.

    I am absolutely depressed and with our next three fixtures I don't even know if we can get a point? Areshole away, Southampton home and City away, not feeling very confident right now.
  18. frank Guest

    its the most depressing set of players we've seen in a long time, slow, ponderous and without any guile whatsoever.

    75pc of those players today id happily never see in a spurs shirt again. davies, fazio and strambouli have to start playing. and Jan not playing? wtf. MoPo needs to to come out and admit he's made a terrible mistake making Kaboul captain, its the only way hell be able to drop him.
  19. Quite simply we have brought a bag of S#+t and then gone out and brought another.

    FFS not a single spurs player can even take a decent corner or cross a ball!

    With the exception of Lloris, maybe Ericsson are all average or below and not worthy of pulling on the spurs shirt.

    How is Poch any better any better than AVB or Tim? Usually you get a new manager reaction........Well that must have been used up in pre season.

    5 years ago I really thought we were on the up, wih New stadium plans, good players just needing a couple of tweaks. Levy is a clown and has shafted the whole club.

    Can't stand to watch this dross
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  20. Enic Out Guest

    Disgraceful shambolic toothless display, we are a million miles from being a team! We are worse than West Ham and Leicester at the moment, at least they show a bit of fight! Chiriches ahead of Verts and Fazio? Why has Poch picked Chiriches and Kaboul? Kaboul seems to have terrible positional sense and gets caught ball watching!Captain? HaHa. Chiriches was all over the place today and has always been a liability and should be dropped now! he isn't suited to the premiership! we sold Caulker to buy him? as for the midfield we just have too many defensive stopper samey type midfielders its a joke! now we just brought another one-Stambouli??? we need one defensive and one creative player surely? where is the creative central midfielder we have been craving for to unlock defenses and link the midfield to attack? if Eriksen isn't preforming then we are bang in trouble! Ade is lost up front on his own without any service and doesnt seem to put in a shift but he doesnt have to worry because there is nobody else as competition for his place because Baldini screwed that up when he had all summer to buy a striker! the Spurs mistakes of previous seasons just keep on repeating themselves! we are going to get hammered next week probably 5-0 going on today! WB could of been 3 up by half time! shameful we make ordinary teams look like world beater's thats how weak we are!
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