Discussion in 'Featured' started by Felon82, March 2, 2019.

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  1. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Now that we've put ourselves in this predicament it's time this team stepped up and made an example of Arsenal.

    For the the last few seasons of finishing above them whilst watching their demise and our rise when was the last time we actually thumped this lot?

    They've beat us 5-2s 4-2s etc 3-0s when have we really put this lot to the sword?

    If ever there was a time to do it it's today, get out there and put on a display.

    I don't want to hear it's a derby anything can happen, why as we jibe others about us being their biggest game of the season do we not turn up with the same attitude and more?

    I'm sick of this Mamby Pamby be calm/patient BS what are we waiting for exactly?

    Time to grow up , man up and deliver!

    As you can tell I'm angry but not as angry as Poch and the players should be all things considered.

    The last league NLD was an embarrassment 1 team turned up like it meant something we then sauntered about like it was I don't know- a semi final , a Derby or a knock out stage.....

    We played them a couple weeks later and won at their place in the cup at a canter which just goes to show if / IF we turn up from kick off we have this lots number, even with our weak links we are far superior on paper but it's the mentality that needs shifting badly.

    This is the difference from being 7 points clear or 1 point clear of the scum, with them having a much more favourable run in (that's ignoring the Chelsea/Utd threat).

    The sheer negligence of the board & manager in the summer has to date 'gotten away with it' their sheer incompetence and arrogance in the market deserves to fall out of the top 4, alas the teams efforts and managers influence on them however deserve to stay in the CL places.

    We can all have our own view on it but it's results that matter and that starts today.

    Spurs/Poch/Players need a REACTION !

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  3. Cheshuntboy Guest

    People have been seeking solace from our supposed ability to 'win ugly' this season, but I think the succession of last minute single goal victories over the likes of Cardiff and Newcastle are symptomatic of our general decline from the cavalier football of two years ago that produced a goal difference of plus sixty, not of a new tougher mindset. Our inability to win the big games is as bad as ever, and a good result today is imperative if the 'project' isn't to end with us in the same position after five years as we were back in 2014. Five nil would be great, but a last minute disputed penalty (to us!) will do.
  4. Big fran Guest

    I'm not interested in a performance or smashing them. Just 3 points however they may come our way. Hope Kane scores to silence them that have spoken absolute utter nonsense about him this week. Upset the rhythm of the side(what rhythm was that then). He and Son can't play together all of a sudden. Nervous but can't wait.
  5. DangerHereDuce

    DangerHereDuce Member

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    The exact same thought ran through my head in the last 24 hours Felon, when was the last time we gave this lot an absolute trashing? Probably the Carling Cup semi 10 years ago? I'd love to watch them implode, get a man sent off and get an absolute tonking from us for a change, just to get their arrogant fans to STFU on social media for 5 mins.

    It would be great, but I think any of us would take 3 points no matter how it comes...COYS!!!
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  6. P reed Guest

    Cant believe pochetinos comments before one of our most important games today.He has said that if Levy tells him we need to win a trophy it will need another miracle man in charge.i assume he means he is the first miracle man..We all know that it is hard to compete against the money clubs but when do you hear arsenal or Chelsea or Man U come out with such defeatist tosh.These are the comments expected from the lower half you don't hear Rodgers saying this at Leicester even if he knows the league is a long way off.I guess he is smoothing the way for his departure and I for one would like to see him tested at a different club with financial clout to see if he can live up to his reputation.Dont all supporters want to hear positive vibes from their club not defeatist talk especially before the scum game and I can't even guess what effect these comments will have had on the players.Please poch fans come on here and justify his comments
  7. Big fran Guest

    I'd rather hear it than telling us we're in the title race, we can win and believe we can win the league.
  8. Big fran Guest

    Having seen the line ups if we don't win this one we'll I'll be lost for words.
  9. P reed Guest

    sorry big fran why do you not have dreams about winning the league like most supporters life must be boring. For you.As I speak Sanchez has just committed the biggest Rick and the scum are 1 up and Spurs look a shambles so maybe I shouldn't dream.Lets see what pochetino can conjour up I have my doubts from past experiences
  10. THFC Guest

    I can’t believe what I am watching....
    Yet again Trippier is non existent at right back & Eriksen looks like he couldn’t give a **** if he is playing or not.
    Sanchez should never be the middle CB as is full of fouls and mistakes (despite the great tackles he makes) and I’m not sure what is wrong with Jan.
    Wanyama should not be playing and is constantly running around behind the ball (on the wrong side).
    Lloris went down too early for for the goal and should have been out of his area to clear up but has made a great save. It’s just another example why we need a top keeper like Oberlak from Madrid.
    Son and Kane are trying to walk the ball into the net and don’t look like they will ever score.
    On a positive note Sissoko has been magnificent again and Rose/Toby have been looking like they actually care.

    We need to up the desire & smash Xhaka and Ramsey as hard as possible every time they get the ball
  11. glum Guest

    Eriksen is terrible and has been for a while - please sell him while he is worth something
    Poch is to blame for playing him and Trippier who really should be playing non league and I’m not joking
  12. Big fran Guest

    I do dream but I don't like to be fed horse ****. Telling us all season the objective /project is to win the league. Cups don't matter. Sacrifice cups to win the league. Then goes tits up say he hasn't the tools. Of course he hasn't the tools. So get top 4 and win a fecking cup.
  13. voiceofreason Active Member

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    Well that was pants!

    I think we missed winks and we have been missing Dele , what he does is underrated
    Thought Sissy was great , Lloris was also good. Alds and Harry ok. Other than that all very mediocre
    Wanyama was terrible and for me the worst player was Rose - he was a headless Chicken and misplaced so many passes
    Let’s hope Dortmund is a decent result to get some momentum going
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  14. burnt Well-Known Member

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    Rotten stuff again .
    Two sides there for the taking , neither good enough to take advantage . For us , poor at the back , nothing in the middle and struggling to put anything together up top . Were lucky to get the point in the end , got a few breaks . Our pen was a soft one but was a pen non the less but how many were off side . Poor from the officials but we'll take it . There pen was a blatant dive , a shocking decision and it was justice that he missed , we got away with it and got another break with none of the officials spotting Jan's encroachment while the pen was been taken which should have resulted in a retake . Thank God we weren't playing anyone with the gumption to smell blood and have a right go at a team that's really struggling because believe me we were there for the taking today . We're looking so vulnerable at this moment . It probably says as much about them as ourselves . At this moment both look to have their work cut out to stay in that top 4 ..

    A different competition so hopefully there'll be a different feeling on Tues night . If not that game has the potential to get really ugly for us . Now that really would top off a torrid couple of weeks for everyone .

    Horrible stuff all round at the moment , what else can you say ........
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  15. P reed Guest

    Cant believe what I have just watched .I never thought that I would be saying sissoko was head and shoulders above any other Tottenham player.God we miss Deli and his intelligence.AsI talk palace have gone 3 up against the world beaters from Burnley or was it only us who make them look like it.I have wanted poch to experiment with the midfield but not using Rose who was like a headless chicken and gave the ball away for fun.Please don't play trippier again but I know poch will.I think pochetino has lost the ability to motivate this lot any more and is preparing to go if levy does not invest heavily.Tactilly he was found wanting by his opposite number again and this is becoming a habit
  16. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Well it was hard work again wasn't it.

    Big game customary early goal for the other side, some pedestrian play, a world class save from the opposing keeper, a touch of luck with the penalty for us, a lot of bitty pin ball in the centre, then at the death we tried to throw it away (Sanchez at fault for both) then credit to Lloris who saves the pen and week of taunting TF4T!

    The club is running on fumes , the sheer mismanagement of it all is horrendous.
    Anyone that is still an ENIC/Levy fan need to seek medical help, they've completely blown a golden 4/5 years to do something memorable by not backing a great core of players and a solid manager.
    They're a disgrace negligence isn't a strong enough word for it if anyone has a better word do share.
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  17. Cheshuntboy Guest

    Looking at our remaining fixtures and our current form, it wouldn't surprise me if we struggle to do much better than the 69 points achieved under Sherwood in 2014 - that would really be full circle for the 'project', back where we started after five years of 'nearly'. Just about all our opponents currently look as if they'll have something to play for (except perhaps Huddersfield!), and I wouldn't back us to see off Palace or West Ham, let alone City or Liverpool, without the kick up the collective backside that Pochettino doesn't seem capable of administering.
    Dortmund's current flakiness will probably allow us to get past them on Tuesday (surely!), but further progress in the CL might well have the same negative effect on us as it had on Liverpool last season, and I really can't see us getting through three more rounds against the likes of Barcelona or Juve (or City, or Liverpool, or PSG, or Atletico or any of the other likely qualifiers, come to that), so perhaps the earliest possible exit might improve our chances of qualifying for next year's competition, an imploding team without CL football and a billion pound stadium to pay for being the ultimate nightmare which we don't deserve, even if Levy does.
  18. P reed Guest

    I am having a busy but can't let pochetinos post match comments go without saying something.He was pleased that we did not lose as we were the better team and he was pleased with the performance.??? What game was he watching and if he seriously thinks this then he should take up another job.Whatsort of message does that send to the players and can you see Klopp saying this after such a poor all round performance.I hate the scum but but must admit we robbed them today thank god.I reckon only sissoko and Alder would have got in their team today and even their makeshift defence was far superior to ours.Am I the only Spurs fan who is fed up. With the bull he comes out with .Just one hint of anger would be nice
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  19. Cheshuntboy Guest

    Pochettino is a very cute operator, whose number one priority is not rocking ENIC's boat, in return for which he's paid a reported eight million pounds a year. Thus all's well with the team, the squad, the club, the board, and we're invariably the better side, win, lose or even draw. Fine, if loyalty matters more than honesty, but why so many Spurs fans think a character with so many obvious defects (stubbornness, vanity and favouritism, to name just three) is above criticism is quite beyond me.
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  20. THFC Guest

    I formally withdraw my praise of Rose’s apparent desire from the first half because in the second half he didn’t actually look like a footballer.

    If Trippier & Davies aren’t sold and if we let Toby leave as “we have a replacement in Sanchez and Foyth” (who both can’t actually defend), I’m going to start learning NFL (which I hear takes a degree to understand). Surely Toby’s wage demands are way lower than what his replacement would cost and you can almost guarantee his replacement will be another in the same fashion as we already have.

    Also, has anyone seen Sonny? He was last seen as the premier leagues top threat several weeks ago but seems to have been stolen and replaced by someone doing an onfield beep test

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  21. THFC Guest

    Sissoko...what a turnaround...he looks like a magnificent steed on the field. I wholeheartedly apologise for my lack of faith in him as he deserves all the praise in the world for his performances this season. Class act

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