RB Leipzig-Spurs 10th of march 2020

Discussion in 'Featured' started by Jesper, March 9, 2020.

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  1. Ian Stanford New Member

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    To watch that display and con myself that it wasn't going to happen before we kicked a ball would be a lie.
    I was prepared for the clueless, gutless, shitshow as I'm sure we all were, even when BT were showing us the footage before the game of their manager being heralded as the second coming who has made a silk purse out of a pigs ear, even before I'd watched their centre half, who'd broken off from his pie eating contest to do his Usain Bolt impression and boss our attack, midfield and just for fun defence whilst finishing his fourth Mars Bar of the night !!!
    I'd watched a bloke who looked like a surfer Sabitzer score two for fun.
    These players we have apart from Aurier can't be this bad. When did they lose the ability to pass to each other, control a ball, talk, or just run FFS.
    To hear our leader say, "I'm not a betting man, but if I were, I'd put my money on us winning.......... we are going to leave it all out on the pitch"......... well... he certainly made sure he left SOME of it on the pitch and the ground staff have had a hells own job of digging all of it back into the ground !!!!!
    Let's hope he's saved some for his roses at home and Man U Sunday.
    No leaders, No Ideas, No pride, No shame and certainly no ambition.
    Loris at this time, this squad should be quietly removed from the limelight given some puzzles and asked to sit it out saying he's pulled a fetlock or something just to protect his CV as a World Cup Winner.
    Aurier should be quietly removed and told to carry Ledley Kings hand luggage on all of his ambassadorial trips just to save Ledleys knees. At least he'd have a purpose doing that, as I can't for the love of me see any other.
    He's just one step from being prosecuted masquerading as a professional footballer at the moment.
    As for the rest......... keep them all at the moment and finally realise that the SPECIAL ONE his SPECIAL STAFF needs to concentrate on his TV advertising and punditry skills and find another gullible desperate Chairman that believes he's a good fit for their team.
    He was NEVER going to be a good fit for us and despite the brief resurgence of ability early on, the introduction of our best and may I say effective player this year turned out to be that Russian player VAR whom without it could've been a lot worse !!!
    I'm sure that they'll be a steady line of players forming outside the medical teams door this morning saying that they've picked up a knock in the hope that they wont have to go out on that pitch and face Man U on Sunday.
    let's not forget that all these players were saying are useless were playing for England and heralded as the future, Dier, Winks, Alli, Kane, with Lucas digging us out of another **** show with a hat trick, yes a hat trick against Ajax, Toby was touted as the best (pre-Dick Van-Dyke) defender, Sesseanon was going to be such a sought after catch, look to why they are such a disappointment at the moment ?????? I repeat, YOU DON'T LOSE TALLENT you just get disillusioned or led up a blind path.
    I like most of you will still be cringing hiding behind the sofa watching on Sunday hoping for anything to enthuse over. Maybe.......just maybe José wont talk and say he's so proud of his hero's.

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  2. Genevaspurs Guest

    With a rested head, it is clear that Mourinho is not responsible for the weakness of Lloris last night nor for the important elements which are absent for injuries. With the entire team available, it is clear that the result would have been different. In London as in Leipzig ... However, it should not be forgotten that all the teams must deal with important absentees! I hate Chelsea but to see how Lampard manages his team with the injured he has demonstrated that it is possible to do better than what we do while daring to place very young players on the field and from the start !

    The general problem also comes, above all, from the staff who manage the team as a whole. The renewal of the team is the responsibility of Levy and perhaps also of Pochettino when he was still there ... But let's look at 1 minute how is managed the team which eliminated us last night ... They currently have a Sports Director who is young and recognized by his peers in Germany, Markus Krösche. But he follows an exceptional character who brought almost all of these players who ridiculed us last night, Ralf Rangnick! They are real sports directors what we don't have! They have a young coach whose game is nice to see and watching Leipzig last night and 3 weeks ago, it felt like playing against Barça when their players were worth almost nothing a year ago or two ... And that's where Levy has been doing it all wrong for a few years. By not renewing the team and what is more with players who are often expensive and without character. All of Ralf Rangnick's recruitment is based on the character of his players. He even fired some very talented players just because they were wearing headphones when they arrived at the stadium! We can blame this lack of consideration for a young player but the result is there ... The redesign of the club may be long in any case ...!
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  3. THFC Guest

  4. Jose's Ghost Guest

    Well despite the result that was a spirited display for the most part at least. Difficult though when your opponent scores on 2 of their first 3 shots. Hugo could have done better but that's Spurs this season... plug one hole and then another springs a leak. The collective confidence could certainly not be any lower at the moment.

    Incredibly important match for the short term future of the club this weekend. Fourth may be a bridge too far now but fifth could well be good enough nevertheless. I would hate to see us miss out on Europe altogether no matter.

    Jose needs to be produce something substantial here... whether it be tactical or motivational. I trust he remembers Solskjaer patting him on the head.
  5. Ian Stanford New Member

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    I couldn’t agree with you more. I’ve never been an advocate of sacking managers In fact I would never sack Josè I just would NEVER have appointed him. I’ve always thought we had “ a Spurs way and style “ he would never fit it. In trying to replace Pooch I would have expected the whole managerial setup to be looked at not just the manager but training staff, specialist coaches, medical staff etc Klopp isn’t just brilliant on his own. The foundations that they’ve worked towards are superb. The players fit the style and ethos and are moulded and expected to stay within the bigger plan. To try and coach a player to pass or control a ball is rather closing the door after the horse is well gone !!! That should be a given to be able to work with a player who understands what’s expected and have the nounce to achieve. We’ve a lot of players who aren’t confident in themselves never mind what the manager is saying to them.
  6. bruski

    bruski Active Member

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    Yep. We currently have one wordly and two very good. H (wordly) Son (very good) Lo Celso (very good with the potential to be wordly). That's it! I'd keep Sissoko because he's a force. The rest can go.

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