RB Leipzig-Spurs 10th of march 2020

Discussion in 'Featured' started by Jesper, March 9, 2020.

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  1. Jesper Member

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    I really want to see a 4-3-3- for this one. My reasoning:

    If playing with one up front then that one needs to be a specialist striker. None available at Spurs so all formations with one up front are out.
    If playing with two up front then one needs to be a specialist striker else it risks being two people running in the same spaces and in each others way. No striker available at Spurs so....
    That leaves three up front. If the opposition likes to have three central midfielders or have better two central midfielders then Spurs needs to have three central midfielders -> four left and those are defenders and a 4-3-3 formation as Spurs do not have three speedy attackers needed for a 4-2-3-1

    But we'll se :)
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  3. Big fran Guest

    Aurier Toby dier tanganga
    Winks skipp lo celso
    Moura alli lamela

    Cant understand the criticism of mourinho on calling ndombele out. Feels like a last resort to get a tune out of him. He's tried to ease him into games, given him starts, took him out the firing line at times, putting him on a special training routine and then publicly backed him after the wolves game when the video of him went viral of his pathetic lack of effort of attempting to put a challenge in.
  4. THFC Guest

    Looks like Bergwijn is out for season now too

  5. Big fran Guest

  6. Guesty Guest

  7. THFC Guest

    The effort off the ball is embarrassing really...it’s like a really good kid at school that has heaps of ability but knows it and can’t be bothered.

    It’s a shame because when I watched him in CL before we got him, I thought he was a fit Yaya Toure but he looks more like Jan Molby or Neil Ruddock when he runs.

    Needs to be be sold and replaced with someone who a bit more athletic to fit the PL. I think Grealish would be good but we won’t be able to afford him now

  8. THFC Guest

    What a weird first half. I thought we looked ok at the start but our defending is non existent when being counter attacked and we don’t seem to win any second balls

    Aurier is the worst RB I have ever seen for defending. His positioning is terrible and his judgement is is erratic that it leaves everyone else under pressure.

    Moura is completely ineffective and seems to have lost his pace and doesn’t react to any half chances at all. He cannot play as a CF and doesn’t defend at all well from the front

    Lamela has a lot of effort but his final decision is more often than not terrible

    Sessignon hasn’t won a single challenge and doesn’t give anything going forward

    Winks cannot seem to retain possession at all and either gives the ball away or gets knocked of it although he does cover a lot of ground

    Lloris should have done better with both goals

    It seems like so far we havent chose either Burnley or Leipzig at the moment so maybe that is the problem although I don’t think JM could have done a great deal more tonight so far.

    Hopefully his halftime team talk will stimulate 4 second half goals :)
  9. Guesty Guest

    Not watching but did you write this before the game??
    If not you could have.
  10. Genevaspurs Guest

    José ! Which one (Burnley or Leipzig) did you choose finally ? Hhahahhahhahahahhs
    How **** we are! No midfield = NO HELP to our defense and NO HELP to our attack. Before To défend or to attack we have To build a descent midfield and with only 2 players and one of this or Winks.... it's impossible !
    Hope that ManU beat us this Sunday and Jose can search a new club
  11. Jesper Member

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    At times it actually looked like the team could press as a team & maybe by playing together more they can improve together. The goals though....
    Lloris is usually great at reaction-saves and have problems with well-placed shots from a distance. Not so surprised that the first one slipped through, at his best he'd have saved the second. But there were errors already before Lloris was called into action so the blame can be shared among several players.
    When the players tired then it looked like they fell back into bad habits or simply didn't have the legs.
    Two created chances. A striker might have scored the one that Alli had, the shot from Lo Celso was good but the real chance was with the rebound and a good/lucky striker might have been there to put it away.
    & the corners are now at least getting into the danger-areas.
  12. Preed

    Preed Active Member

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    I really can’t comprehend how useless some of our players have become.Moura Ali Winks Lamela incapable of retaining possession and oh so easily knocked off the ball.Sessengon no where near premiership standard.Aurier worst defensive full back I have ever seen.3 goalkeepers and not one shot stopper amongst them.Three centre backs who couldn’t catch a cold .The centre backs for Leipzig had more pace than anybody in the spurs team.I do feel for Mourino but let’s be honest Newcastle have worse players than us but they don’t concede for fun like we do .I really believe that Mourino does not have a clue which players to play and what system to use.We have 9 more games to go this season and I will be surprised if we win one of them#unfortunately a promising youngster in Tanganga is being destroyed by the lack of system.There are teams lower in the table who have more discipline than us and at least make up for lack of talent by giving every thing on the pitch.Aurier is constantly caught out leaving us totally exposed but Mourino carries on picking him Why??Parrot may be too young but so is the young Chelsea boy.Surely Parrot can’t be worse than Moura.Nothing to lose give him a game
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  13. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Well thank god that's over, we can stop pretending we're anything but a mid table side now.
    Only once that's accepted by all parties can we start a proper rebuild.

    The entire back 5 including the Goal keeper need removing and replacing plus the non entity back ups like KWP & Foyth Sessegnon.
    Then onto the Midfield the only armband winks should ever wear are the inflatable types he's so badly out of his depth, don't extend Gedsons loan, sell Dier & Sissoko if we can get anything for that collection I'd be amazed. Recoup anything you can get for N'Dombele or endure his half hearted displays till he's worth nothing.
    Lamela needs to be surgically removed before he manages a testimonial, Moura and Alli can go too.

    Keep Gazza as a back up, LoCelso and beg Kane n Son to stay.

    Then replace the whole side with professional footballers that can do the basics of defending, passing, moving and that give a sh;t.

    Awfully put together and neglected squad, a complete embarrassment the only thing I'm shocked about is its it's taken this long for the negligence to catch up.

    If we do not start next season without a new GK, RB, LB, DM, AM Back up striker as a minimum then itl be more of the same.
    It's get the cheque book out time or its permanent mediocrity in a souless bowl
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  14. Preed

    Preed Active Member

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    Mourino once again saying we don’t need to rebuild just get back the injured players .Who is he kidding does he think four returning players will make us competitive .Man united and Chelsea and wolves are light years a head of us and will probably strengthen in the summer.Three strikers and a midfield player will not improve our defence .we need to get rid of at least 8 and replace with better players . Even Levy must see this or is Mourino playing games.if we don’t buy big we are in for a few years of pain and we will lose Kane and Son
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  15. Guesty Guest

    ..... back to my question.... how many people in our squad would any team in the top6 (or top10) want??
    keep them and sell the rest
    (except Alli.....sell him)

    For me we can only keep....
    Lloris, Toby, Tanganga, Lo Celso, Son & Kane
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  16. Gordon Mc

    Gordon Mc Well-Known Member

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    My God - that was painful and then some. Woeful. Dreadful, anything ending in... ful except wonderful. A team full of errors but largely devoid of skill, passion, effort, organisation and, seemingly, motivation. It's deja vu for me, aproaching the spectacle of embarrassment we endured in the dog-end days of Poch's reign. Unlikely as it may seem, I'm wondering if this the first year we see two managers fired. It couldn't happen...... could it ??? What a wicked mess.
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  17. THFC Guest

    At half time...I was writing it with 1 min to go in the first half....

  18. THFC Guest

    I agree but minus Lloris...we desperately need a good, commanding keeper like Oblak no matter how much he costs

  19. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Lloris has been on the slide for years, the meekest 'Captain' of all time inspires no confidence in the team or defence if his leadership is by example then the rest of the team follow his ineptitude of being error prone and scared.
    Unfortunately our 2 rolls Royce CBs have dramatically declined and are now just that 1 more journey from the knackers yard at this level.
    Sanchez Dier Foyth instill zero confidence in anything all have huge holes to their game will never be solid with time or any combination.
    The full back situation is just tragic, we must be the only side in the league that has no back ups and the only 2 we do have wouldnt get in any other side in the league they'd in fact be a massive down grade for Norwich who are bottom of the league.
    You can't defend the indefensible (excuse the puns).
    It's not JMs fault that Lloris can't catch, doesn't command his area, doesn't Marshall his defence, doesn't put a strong enough hand on things, spills simple stuff.
    It's not JMs fault that between Toby Sanchez Dier Jan they don't know how to mark, close down, communicate, win headers, keep possession, keep a shape.
    The full backs 1 is just a horror show liability always has been always will be, the other as basic and average as they come neither with much about their games except being easily caught out of position.
    That's before we get to the brainless fans favourite Harry I've no idea how they haven't realised how sh;te and pointless I actually am yet Winks who'll no doubt see his career out with us because that's the type of mediocrity we crave for some bizarre reason.
    Sissoko a stand out player before injury probably because in the end he did all the running for all those that couldn't be bothered just to cover up how appallingly poor he is technically but hey at least he's a trier.
    Moura tries but has been missing since Poch dropped him for the CL final.
    Lamela another player thats never warranted a place in the side yet has won contract after contract and has somehow managed to outlast the rest of the Dung Beatles we bought with the Elvis money's, I don't know how many more injuries he can sustain or how ineffective he has to become before someone at the club admits it was a poor purchase and moves him on.
    Alli showed so much promise early on, think it's a shame now he looks fed up and lost, he has to take responsibility for his own performance as far too many times he's drifted in and out of games when his ability should do more. Work before play is the saying which I think last couple years he's got the wrong way round.
    I don't get the Sessegnon signing especially in the circumstances of the squad another not really sure what he is/does signing.
    N'Dombele looks like a proper lazy footballer to me, straight out the Adebayor/Chimbonda finishing school. Clearly has talent does he have drive tho means nothing without the graft.
    Can't see this Clarke ever making it to or at Spurs completely pointless signing just like the Nkodou or Njie signings.
    LoCelso the only one earning a place right now but if he's been brought in to replace CE then his actual stats are appalling in comparison to being a playmaker/creator the stats don't lie.
    Bergwijn the jury's out for me, shown glimpses not sure he's gonna be anything special though.

    It's horrifically put together, hasn't just sprung out of nowhere the chronic mismanagement of it all stems way before this season alone it's just been a slow death of what was a fine team 3/4 years ago.

    How we expect to keep Kane here on the promise of having 'ambition' is a joke.

    If you're not Levy & ENIC out yet then your complicit with this never ending Con of theirs.

    Wake up
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  20. Spurporter Active Member

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    The players looked bad because RB were good. Just watch Leipzig to go into final and perhaps even win UCL.
    This season is over. There is nothing left to look forward to. We in step 4 below:
    1. Change the manager
    2. Change the players
    3. Change the ownership
    4. ???
  21. Guesty Guest

    Kane and Alli will be sold as they will bring in the most money.

    I would keep Lloris and Toby just because of the experience they have. I still think with good footballers around them they are better players than they are showing.
    They must walk onto the pitch every gamer and think what a shower of sh1te they have in front of them. At this stage of their careers they deserve better.

    4. change the mentality

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