Priorities for next season (2020/2021), how to approach recruitment?

Discussion in 'Featured' started by Jesper, July 27, 2020.


Approach to recruitment

  1. 1. Tweak the strategy from the past

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  2. 2. Copy another club and tweak to suit

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  3. 3. Something else, please specify

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  1. Preed

    Preed Active Member

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    I suppose I am lucky if being old is lucky but I have seen 4 f a cup wins.If you were born after 91 then I suppose you accept the current situation as normal.The people who can remember back as far as I can will remember that we did the double but still the following season went and broke the transfer record by signing The Great Jimmy Greaves.Can you imagine this board breaking a transfer record.The same club that was forward thinking when signing Ardilles andVilla and set the example for all the other clubs to follow.I don’t know when the current owner took over but I expect things have gone backwards since.In the60s we were not known penny pinchers or a pushover as we have now become.When will United be looking at cheap loans to improve their team.Unthinkable but so was the thought of Spurs doing it not so long ago

  2. Big fran Guest

    Just been receding that Thomas Partey has a buy out of only 45m. He's probably the best defense mid in Europe and a snip at that price. If the club are in fact intent on ndombele staying then this is the kind of player that could make that work. Play Partey in between ndombele and gio in a 433 system. Ake at 41m another obvious player we should look at. He'd be a guaranteed starter at spurs where at City he'd be a back up to Laporte. But on the plus side we probably just get Troy Deeney ffs
  3. Guesty Guest

    why would big name players come to us?..... whats the attraction with the Europa league early stages??
    we aren't in the CL so our transfers will be based on that.

    the 'name' of JM might help us a bit.....but DL is paying the money out
  4. Cheshuntboy Guest

    The only trophy I've actually seen Spurs win was the UEFA Cup in 1984 (I don't count the shared Charity Shield from '81, although it was a good game, and Mark Falco's second goal was brilliant), and I had the good sense to give my ticket for the '82 FA Cup Final Replay to a mate - I couldn't have stood eighty minutes of hanging-on to our undeserved lead against a rampant QPR!
    I well remember reading a newspaper report on our 1973 League Cup Final against Norwich in which Spurs were described as 'that relentless devourer of trophies', following their third cup win in as many seasons, but that was actually Bill Nick's swansong, and we were in the old Second Division within a few years, with players like Martin Robinson and Keith Osgood instead of Chivers and England.
    It's heresy I know, but I honestly reckon Nicholson failed to build on Spurs' successes of the '50s and early '60s, when we were the United of the South, and we won only a single league title (despite being the best side for four years from 1959), and never mounted another genuine title challenge in his last eleven years in charge (1966/67 being a late charge for third, after being well down the table in mid-season), the pattern of 'cup side, not consistent enough for the league' being well established by the time he quit in 1974.
    We're the ghost of a big club in 2020, the only point to debate being whether we died in 1974, in 1984, or in 2001, when ENIC acquired the corpse, and tarted it up, Private Frazer-style. Very sad for old geezers with fading memories of vanished glories, and sadder still for relative kids, with nothing but Redknapp's and Pochettino's ultimately failed CL campaigns to cheer them up as Arsenal hoover-up yet another afterthought FA Cup.
  5. Preed

    Preed Active Member

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    At least cheshuntboy we have memories of spurs winning something which lots of our young supporters have never had and are unlikely to in the nearby future.
  6. Spurporter Active Member

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    Do you want me to start moaning about how I miss Pochettino? This way you would have some fun, wouldn't you? Nothing is happening, man. The transfer window? Nothing much will be there. We acquired 4 players last summer and that didn't prevent Spurs from falling into shitewhole. Spurs will buy Hojbjerg whilst selling KWP. They will loan out Sessegnon, Skipp and Parrott. Mou will befriend with Ndombele and with Foyth. Spurs will have an extension of pre-season in form of 3 Europa games (if managed through) against a bottom of Euro barrel, unless they get German, Italian or Spanish club to play against.
  7. Cheshuntboy Guest

    The rate I'm losing my marbles. I haven't even got memories - I had a look on You Tube, and saw that the great goal I remembered as Falco's second was actually his first (but Clemence's performance on his debut was every bit as woeful as I recalled). With any luck I'll forget I'm a Spurs supporter before next season!
  8. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    From the FACup in 91 to now , I've witnessed the 90s and then the 2000s with our 1 league cup to show for the last 20 odd years, and yet we have fans that tell us it's not about Trophies and they're not important.
    Apparently now it's the sustainable business model dream we are supposed to be in support of.
    When we announce profits or sign sponsorship deals that's what it's all about.
    Exciting times
  9. Guesty Guest

    My first game at WHL was in 1975.
    some real greats back then. Martin Chivers had sold it to me. loved watching him in the tele. And then to see him live.....
    I think Willie Young may have played my first game. He was bigger than my bedroom door..... well in my young mind he was.

    Anyway...... back to today......
    Whatever happens it needs to happen quicker now with the early EL stages. Let's try and get things done.
    the problem... as always.... DL trying to show everyone that he won the deal.
  10. THFC Guest

    There’s no point in saying who we want because we probably won’t get them.
    When we look at who is available, there are plenty of players that could improve us in conjunction with others but several are needed for that to work and we probably won’t sign several.
    The reality is that we could sign Wilson, we will probably get Deeney.
    Someone mentioned that Partey is one of the best DM in the world yet he can’t get into Athletico Madrid’s side so given with what happened with Ndombele, I’d rather swerve that.
    We are looking at Skirinar from Inter but apparently only willing to pay $25 million.
    We need to sell Foyth, Aurier, Ndombele, KWP, Lamela, Alli and Sessignon. Let’s hope Leeds, AC Milan, Barcelona, Southampton & Inter take the bulk of them and anyone willing to pay takes Alli.
    If the rumours are to be believed and JM wants Perisic and Willian then we are in trouble. Hopefully they are just rumours and he has given a list of players who will surprise us but I think the sales need to happen before we find out.
    Exciting times...
  11. Preed

    Preed Active Member

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    Just a lighter moment.Lampard thinks his players need more time off .Have they not just had 3 months off.With this thinking maybe he will convince the players that they are tired.perhaps we will get them early and get an easy 3 points
  12. Big fran Guest

    Partey couldn't get a game!!! Are you mad. He played 35 out of 38 league games starting 29... Played 8 champions league games and counting.. Monster.
  13. THFC Guest

    Have you ever actually watched him?
  14. THFC Guest

    Say what you want about levy but kwp + £3M is for Hojbjerg is genius
  15. Big fran Guest

  16. THFC Guest

    Koke, Niguez, Carrasco and Llorente are their best starting MF

  17. Big fran Guest

    That maybe your opinion but not of simeone. Started 76 per cent of the games and played 75 per cent of the minutes. Probably would have been more not for his hamstring injury near end of season.
  18. THFC Guest

    That is my opinion and I certainly don’t manage in Madrid

    whenever I have watched him, he looks like
    Sissoko to me (to be fair I’ve only watched him a number of times)

  19. Preed

    Preed Active Member

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    Looks like Liverpool are going for Jamal Lewis as back up .We could do with him as first choice. A bargain at 10 milllion but dream on that our tight fisted chairman would consider getting quality if he can’t show the world that he is the supreme negotiator by offering half the value Of the player.I am sure he uses these tactics knowing we will get turned down and then he can blame the inflated prices for us not getting any quality and we accept this man without any real opposition
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  20. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Was saying similar to a pal of mine the other day, both him & Aaron's we should be after it's a no brainer.
    Both have massive potential, young British and have years ahead of them only to get better and be moulded into the way the team plays.

    On another note , Scum are in talks with Coutinho & Willian , if they sign Coutinho then we are starting to look even more of a joke club and are gonna drop further back.

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