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Discussion in 'Featured' started by Felon82, December 2, 2017.

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  1. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    So that's 5 premier league points from a possible 18.

    The Spurs project has stalled and today it was Watford's turn to out hustle us.

    So Watford played their part by going 1 up in the 1st 15minutes from a pretty standard corner where our defence did there best impression of musical statues when the music stops. Flicked in from the near to the far post Lloris neither commanding his area or diving again!.

    I thought the worst, as Watford's tales went up and were vying for a penalty after some indecision between Jan & Davies ended in a tangle but the ref waved play on.

    Then boom sprung on the counter we were level after a pin point ball from Eriksen and Son with nothing else to do but score.

    It was choppy play from then on both Teams with some bitty play but not much of any note.

    Que a training ground worked free kick where Davies & Kane jogged past the ball in the most telegraphed fashion leaving it for Eriksen to pass it to Gomes it really was impressive then followed by a Kane crowd grazer, perhaps more time spent practising Free Kicks and less on elaborate hand shakes wouldn't go amiss.


    Out we stroll and within minutes we're down to 10 Sanchez is sent Off and the game is now out of our hands barring a bit of luck, Watford put their foot on the gas and it got very niggly and disjointed from us, but we dug in and kept the score line.

    As both teams tired a few chances opened up as did the game which looked more like a cup tie towards the end of trying to catch the other team on the break.

    Watford came closest to taking the 3 points with a cracking effort off the post.

    So we we're down to 10 searching for a winner (decisions decisions) of course look at our side where are the goal threats?
    That's it let's take our Goal scorer Son off our Goal creator Eriksen off and Alli who has the ability to get a goal off and replace them with..........

    Lamela, Sissoko and Winks

    That's like decommissioning a battleship and then declaring War on a pedalo.

    Now down to 10 so early away to a decent Watford side to hang on to the point was better than losing but we're dropping far too many points with 7 to Chelsea & Utd and 15 to City , Liverpool won again we are just not doing enough something needs to change and Poch needs to sort it out very quickly.

    There's more to football than working hard.
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  3. Andyspur Guest

    Spurs badly miss our only world class player Alderweireld. We also miss Wanyama in midfield.

    Alli has been poor to average all season. Eriksen has been poor the last few games. Sissoko is a laughing stock and embarassment.

    Trippier was Spurs man of the match. Not only did he supply the crosses, but in defence he was awesome.
  4. Big fran Guest

    Trippier man of match wow .
    . ..... He should have been on richarlisons first touch for the first goal proper school boy stuff. He got targeted from the off doubled up upon. So much so that Sanchez felt the need to get dragged out wide and stupidly sent off. Put some decent balls in yes. Nothing more than decent.
  5. Del Guest

    To be honest I don’t even know what to say anymore...... I’m fed up wiv our 1 way to play tactic! I’m fed up wiv seeing the same players start every game when they are not performing! I’m fed up wiv hearing the same excuses from players before and after games! I’m fed up with hearing poch talking the same talk before and after games! I’m fed up with the club clearly signing the wrong players and no leaders or players wiv skill,pace and guile that can actually impact a game! I’m fed up with our strict wage structure which is clearly holding us back and preventing us to compete for world class players! So all in all yep I’m pretty f****d off with our club letting us fans down when it matters!!!
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  6. Del Guest

    Poch— we were brave today !!!! F**k off poch! Bottled it and clueless again!!!!
  7. Big fran Guest

    We don't have the quality to leave players out. We have a strong 13/14 and when injury and fatigue hit this is the results.
    All in all we are back were we started. A top six team trying to break into the top four wondering if we can hold on to our top players or the big four will come and take them off us like the big bullies in the playground. All the top teams thrown money at it to catch us up and we spent around 18m net. This is the consequence.
    Needed a cm CF and a winger. Instead spent big on a centre half. End of story.
  8. Guest Guest

    Poor defensive performance- we miss Alds and now we will be without Sanchez as well

    I didn’t think we were too bad attacking - the sending off changed things, pretty sure we would have one with 11 on the pitch

    Lots of people on here recently criticising ali and ericcson and then when they get taken off - you criticise that decision.!
    I thought it made sense especially with ten men you need fresh legs- I would have kept son on though

    Did anybody else notice at the end we were in their box, Kane fell/ was pushed inside their 6 yard box and they broke quickly- The person who was back making the tackle was Kane- i would like to have seen how many of ours he sprinted past to get there
  9. Big fran Guest

    Need to rest the entire team v apoel midweek.
  10. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    Fran & Del agree with both of you, what Irks me most is that in the Summer we showed absolutely no interest in improving, we were great last season but there were and still are some big flaws to our game.

    The biggest flaw was having no match winning quality on the bench, be it a proper 2nd striker/playmaker/poacher/trickster!
    This incessant let's see if so n so improves because look at Bale when he 1st played needs to be scrapped pronto Lamela and Sissoko are a huge 60million pound waste the sooner they are moved out and replaced with match winning quality that 60million should buy, or the 29 million spent between Jannsen and Llorente for basically the same results - not much!, the lesser spotted N'Kodou where is he? Why does he collect/take up wages?
    We spent close to 70 mil on defenders for Christ sake!

    Of course Levy has built a perfect deflection when it comes to transfers with Himself, supposedly Poch, a head of recruitment etc so no one knows who exactly there is to blame but never the less again the Recruitment has let us down.

    Fair enough Enic put the barest minimum they can get away with into the 1st team but there has been some big sums spent on players but they simply haven't been good enough or anywhere what we needed.

    Someone needs to take responsibility for this!

    This was so Predictable, I get lambasted for this but I could see this coming a mile off (as can the few of us without completely rose tinted specs on) OK maybe you can't expect to be challenging every year but to go from 2nd to 7th in the space of a few months of football is awful.

    I had arguments on here with fans actually against signing anyone to challenge the players that we have, they told us we were only starting and we're only gonna get better-

    They got their wish and look at us now
  11. Bazza47

    Bazza47 Well-Known Member

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    Difficult to know where to start.

    I won't see any of the game until the Sky highlights later, but then today is just another game...

    We've certainly put ourselves in a difficult place by wasting such vast sums of money on sub standard players, or in failing to acquire what we've always needed - pace, a decent striker, a creative midfielder.

    We are truly on the ropes, with non performing players, 2 x £30m sub standard midfielders, £30m wasted on strikers who can't or couldn't seem to score.

    But....there is a team in there somewhere. I didn't imagine that we won our CL group, playing out of our skins, scoring great goals.

    Losing Victor, Toby, now Sanchez is going to put great pressure on the squad in a busy period ahead. My real worry is there will be little or no money for transfers in January, as the new ground eats up so much cash.

    Difficult to know where to finish as well.

  12. Like every spurs supporter tonight I am more than just disappointed that we are now 15 POINTS behind Man City (and they have a game in hand). 15 POINTS! !!!
    We are already non-contenders for our national league on 2nd December.
    This of course will be a season where 'we learn from our mistakes' and 'we can take the positives' etc.
    Listen up! Spurs never learn. We keep making the same mistakes. What positives are there in drawing with Watford?
    In case no one has guessed, I am fed up.
    Just watched the Arsenal v Manu match. Both teams had fight, match winning subs and a fear of losing. THEY HAVE TOP QUALITY PLAYERS.
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  13. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    A couple weeks back i was talking to a pal who's a Liverpool fan about both our clubs , he was chatting about Liverpools defence and their short comings and I was talking about our lack of depth and lack of alternative thinking when things don't go right.
    The conversation moved on to money etc and silly sums that Chavs/City/Utd have at their disposal which led me to saying that in fairness 'considering what we buy/spend Poch has done really well with the tools at hand' to which he said 'yes but it's almost in spite of how little your owners put in rather than the support they give them' which I thought was a very interesting statement from an impartial view point.

    Food for thought - when everyone says what a great job Enic and Levy does.

    Without doubt they take maximum revenue from us.
  14. Liam Mathews Guest

    Football changed when oligarchs, yanks and sheikhs started buying up clubs. New money ensured that the top clubs of the future would compete for the best players and Spurs never saw this coming.
    THFC are never mentioned as contenders for top players (Pogba, Suarez, Mbappa, Alexis Sanchez, Neymar etc.) because we don't have the money. So we need to get used to the idea that we are not a top club. Paying for the new stadium will drain our finances so we should all prepare ourselves for more seasons without a league title.
  15. johnnyhrvat Guest

    Sorry Big Fran, but have to agree with Andyspur, Trippier was excellent.
    Not sure why we don't have anyone on the back post for corners - it would have been a routine clearance.
    We deserve to lose every time Sissoko plays - you cannot have a player that bad, taking a place in a team at this level, and still expect to get results. I am starting a fund to buy him out of his contract and pay for his taxi fare to the airport.
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  16. Kev B Guest

    Just found this blog site and read the comments.
    Frustration seems to be the underlying sentiment! We humble fans may not have played professional football or ever owned a premier league club, but we all know what sub-standard football is and what it causes: frustration.
    Sadly Mr Levy and Mr Poch will never read our comments so will never understand our frustration. We drew with West Brom, lost to Leicester and drew with Watford (okay, interspaced with win against European opposition) but we lack consistency. Some days we turn up and play and other days team certain members look like they had been down the pub with us last night. If the average fan can spot the duff players why cant Levt and Poch?
    FRUSTRATED of Enfield.
  17. Big fran Guest

    All about opinions but for me he was clearly targeted and Richarlison was their best player who exploited Tripps. Nothing against the lad but Kyle walker would have not been exploited like that and the first goal don't happen.

    In hindsight I wonder what people will say now regarding this after Janssen flopping and acquiring a big lump in llorente 30m in combined fees.
  18. Spurporter

    Spurporter Active Member

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    Eriksen and Alli should not have started. Both profusely sukk at this time. Poch has no depth to send such a message, so he did it by taking them off, as he needed to save a point after Sanchez was sent off anyway.

    I think after Levy sold Walker, it was the sign that Spurs gave up on EPL and ultimately demonstrated that money is more important than trophies. So we are out of EPL contention. We are not winning UCL either, but if Spurs get into late KO stages it will bring Levy more money than any domestic cup win.
    Let us see what Jan window will be like. If we buying less than 3 solid performers, we are not going to take top 4 spot, which means less money next UCL. I dont't think Levy would like that.
    Last edited: December 3, 2017
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  19. Robert A New Member

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    Is Poch having an affair with Sissoko or has the latter got something on him which we don't know about?????
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  20. bigfran

    bigfran Member Blogger

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  21. guesty Guest

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