Newcastle-Spurs, 15th of July 2020

Discussion in 'Featured' started by Jesper, July 13, 2020.

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  1. Spurporter Active Member

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    Yeah, but they still could take our place in Europa, should they win the FA Cup.

  2. Spurporter Active Member

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    I think Dele is young enough to keep the proper engine for box-to-box duties, but he might not have a proper wheels. Hamstring injuries is a bad detriment for a footballer, you never know when you're out and for how long. JM, being a ruthless exploiter of players, values one's health as much as one's talent. He needs no.8, will use whoever he has most suitable at the moment (LoCelco, currently, although he is not no. 8, nor he is no.10). We have what Mou needs. His name is Ndombele.
  3. Big fran Guest

    What islo celso then?.
  4. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Bang average
  5. Big fran Guest

    No chance. Good player still finding his feet. Multi function player.
  6. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Lamela mkII , can't fault effort but essentially does F-all just a glorified Winks.
    When you shell out 50 - 60 mil on players they should hit the ground running because good players are just that.
    He's not replacing CEs assists or goals ever so he is a sizeable downgrade on that front.
  7. Guesty Guest

  8. Big fran Guest

    Be saying we didn't rate Dembele next
  9. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    An enigma of a player , world class at doing nothing , achieved nothing , had at a push 2 good seasons with us the other 4 split between not really having a position and unable to play more than 1 match a fortnight.
    Could ghost past players but never did it anywhere that would ever cause any trouble, had a poor goal/assist ratio also.
    But Spurs fans make him out to be something special.
  10. Preed

    Preed Active Member

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    Must admit I am holding my opinion on decelso because he has looked okay at times but average at others.I believe he should play further forward as he is not in the Ericson mould.Changing the subject if the press is to be believed Everton have agreed a fee and terms with the player for Hojbjerg.Do we want him and is Levy trying to do a cheap swap with Walker-Peters.If we want him then put a proper bid in before we lose him.It appears the only transfer we are chasing is the Chinese centre half and even on him we have under offered but we give Dier an extension and probably a pay rise.You could not make it up
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  11. Big fran Guest

  12. Cheshuntboy Guest

    A lot of Spurs fans seem to believe that Dembele was some kind of genius, on a par with the all-time greats, but the truth is that we had a minimal return of goals and assists in Dembele's seven seasons at Tottenham, and for much of that time he wasn't even a guaranteed starter, injured or not. I've previously posted that Alan Hansen on MOTD was always expressing exasperation with how Dembele appeared to have all the equipment to be genuinely world class, but produced so little when it mattered, and my abiding memory of him will always be the casual way he lost possession to gift United their equaliser in our 2018 FA Cup Semi defeat, and then effectively retired to the backwater of Chinese football because the PL was too much like hard work. He could have been on a par with Hoddle or Modric, but wasn't, and idolising a serial under-achiever is just another symptom of Spurs fundamental lack of a winning mentality.
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  13. Big fran Guest

    Wasn't in the side for goals and assists though was he to be fair. Anyone who knows anything about football could grasp that. Your opinion thought tbf although you would be in a minority. All those that played with against or coached will vouch how good he was. Those more qualified and paid I may add.
  14. THFC Guest

    Dembele was a magnificent footballer, impossible to get the ball off and the strongest player on the pitch as well as hardly ever giving the ball away. Not sure if he could be called world class? Is Holjberg is actually any good though? I’ve only watched him a few times but he never really stood out to me? I think we should try and sign Gueye from PSG or Ndidi from Leicester as DM.
    Lo Celso has had a few decent games but has also had as many ineffective ones. I hope he will improve next season however think his size is a bit of an don’t find many Modric’s and I’m not sure Lo Celso is that good.
    If there was a choice, I would sell Alli, Ndombele (I don’t think he will come good as he doesn’t seem to have the attitude), Lamela & Winks and give Lo Celso another season.
    I think Skipp deserves a decent run and with one of the DM’s I mentioned above, he could learn a lot.
    I then think we need to go all out for Grielish.
    Above all else though, we need a RB and LB who can actually defend

  15. Cheshuntboy Guest

    As you say, it's a matter of opinion, and I suppose a Dembele-type run from halfway in the Spurs half to ten yards into the opposition half, before playing a typically non-killer ball to a team mate in an un-threatening position, is preferable to the endless sideways passing of the past couple of seasons, but it's not my idea of scintillating football.
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  16. palmover Active Member

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    Dele's hamstring problem is the true cause of his loss of form. Whether he can truly overcome his dodgy hamstrings is the question? I like dele and when fully fit he is a good squad player, i would give it one more year before making a decision to sell.

    Dele fits into a 4411/442 best.
    Am in 4231.
  17. palmover Active Member

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    Locelso is carrying a groin injury, however has still held his own. I like him more than CE because he has skill but is also brave and dirty. He can play 8 or 10 and will be a nailed on starter next season.

    I have to give the last MP signings a bit of slack, they came into a bad situation, the manager who signed them is sacked, while they are still adjusting to their new environment. I'll judge them more harshly next season, as they should have had time to settle and get used to JM.
  18. Jose's Ghost Guest

    Perfectly said. Dembele was a sublime talent and easily one of Spurs very best in recent years. No coincidence that our downturn dovetailed with his departure mid 2018/2019.
  19. palmover Active Member

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    Dembele was deployed mainly in the double pivot and was there to maintain control of the ball. I don't think players deployed in double pivot score more than 3-5 goals a season at best. I do agree with the amount of ability Dembele had he should have scored more, but wouldn't say that didn't make him a great Dcm.
  20. Cheshuntboy Guest

    Dembele made his reputation with a MOTM performance for Fulham at Old Trafford back in 2012, and NEVER matched that display in a Spurs shirt, despite spending seven years at WHL. Yes, he was capable of occasionally masterful displays, but he was never consistent, and his attacking contribution was woeful, considering his obvious skill. I've no doubt he'll go down as yet another flawed 'nearly but not quite', along with a good proportion of our players of the past thirty-odd years, the Bales and the Kanes being very much outnumbered by the Bentleys, Lamelas and -probably - Ndombeles.

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