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Discussion in 'Featured' started by SpursFromWithin, September 17, 2020.

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  1. SpursFromWithin New Member

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    Following the win in Bulgaria the next thing for us spurs fans to look forward to are the signings of Gareth Bale and Sergio Reguilon!

    Huge signings indeed, but how do we think they will get on at spurs and where will they fit in! I think the signing of bale will be bitter, sweet the guy has had limited football and has aged but the technical ability he possesses is unremarkable and he is so Tottenham. Regulion has shown that he can win trophies and is another similar signing to Doherty who loves to get forward and impact the attack which is the way I feel jose wants his wing backs to play!
    Never the less Bale and Reguilon are the type of signings spurs need to make to compete with the top teams.
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  3. Spurporter Active Member

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    Bale is not a striker, so it is an upgrade over Lucas/Lamela. Nice pick , but I am not sure what his impact will be at this stage of his career. Yet we still need a striker.
    Regulion is a very good signing. I am shocked, to be honest, that Spurs pulled it off.
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  4. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Well we desperately need new blood and quality both tick these boxes.
    Why we have to wait until the whole place is on fire til we attempt to put any of it out il never know.
    Even with these 2 we are still missing a playmaker and are still stock piled with awful players.
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  5. Guesty Guest

    No doubt that Bale is a hugely respected talent. Let's hope he stays injury free. A fit Bale is as good as anyone.
    I'll be honest and say I haven't watched much of Reguilon... but the reports look good.

    Hopefully our players will raise their games and winning mentality to match Bale's.

    a front 3 of Son, Kane and Bale will be exciting to watch.
    FBs look sorted.
    CB & CM still needed.

    everything that can he crossed... has been
  6. SpursFromWithin New Member

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    Don’t you feel our midfield is overrun with players? Winks, tanguy, Dele, gio, hoiberg, Sissoko, Dier if need be, gedson I feel midfielders aren’t needed?

    Centre back however I agree with incase we need a 3 back as watching toby and Dier Chase even Calvert-lewin at the weekend they looked very sluggish and it doesn’t look like Foyth is getting game time
  7. Genevaspurs Guest

    Our problem since the takeover of the club by the Enic group is that we have never worked in advance in the transfer market and that the coach in place was able to properly prepare for the new season. Each time, the new arrivals come at the last minute because Levy tries to do the right thing at the right price until the last moment. If we look at the clubs we all hate like Chelsea and Arsenul, the arrivals have been around for a while now and they already had an impact on the first game! Whatever the outcome of the transfers from Bale and Reguilon, Levy will gain more with more upstream work that would allow his coach to work calmly before the start of the new season! We clearly need to find a very good center-back and a playmaker, not to mention some quality support for Kane that would also give him a bit of competition and give him a bit of a breather. Despite everything, the coming season has taken a better turn for 48 hours ... Coys !
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  8. Guesty Guest

    Overrun by who???..... surely you don't mean Winks, Dele, gio, Sissoko & Dier??
    (Dele would play higher)
    I'll give NDombele and Hojbjerg more time (but not at the moment convinced by either)

    As a side....... I know the training complex is a large and exciting place....... but what the heck are Bale & Reguilon doing in there?
    .... maybe fighting over shirt number 3 :D
    (actually...anyone read the article that says Bale might take 11 and Lemela will be asked to pick another)
  9. Preed

    Preed Active Member

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    Bale supposedly injured according to spurs medical team and out for a month you could not make it up.Lets hope it’s just because of lack of fitness or will it be another false dawn
  10. Big fran Guest

    Just hope Levy has the bollocks to complete this painful rebuild that should have been done last summer. Halfway there if Bale gets anywhere near his best. Still need a left sided pacy centre half and a quality 2bd striker who can find the net regular when he plays not just be a bean pole planB like Llorente. Also I still worry about our centre mid. It lacks creativity and the ability to win the ball back and keep possession. Add that to this team we would be a force. Partey dias and Belotti be my choices.
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  11. Bazza47

    Bazza47 Well-Known Member

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    For me it’s a left sided, left footed centre back, make do with the midfield, in the vain hope that Ndombele and Lo Celso can combine well.....and a sell Dele, Rose, Lamela and Foyth and bring in Zaha.......
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  12. THFC Guest

    I think we should have a go with this:

    GK Loris
    RB Doherty
    CB Tanganga
    CB Alderweireld
    LB Reguilon
    DM Sissoko/Winks
    LM Bale
    RM Son
    CAM Ndombele/Bergwijn
    CF Kane
  13. Preed

    Preed Active Member

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    Just seen the team for today and I know we have a lot of fixtures in the next 2 weeks but Moura first choice again over bergwin.Is there any spurs supporter who thinks this man should be first choice because I for one don’t rate him even though he had a great run last year in the champions league.The last game he gave the ball away More than all the other players.I see Ali does not even make the squad which could be saying something.Even though we have signed some players at last I expect us to win this one or we are really in a nose dive.The full Southampton team was knocked out
    Of the cup by lower league opposition last week which matched our appalling performance in Europe..I am watching to see if the new signings make the rest fight harder because their places are at stake and do the players play for the manager

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