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Discussion in 'Featured' started by Felon82, April 23, 2018.

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  1. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    So after the perpetual dissapointment of the FACup, it's time for this Manager and Team to dust themselves off and get back on Job to secure TOP 4.

    I remember earlier in the Season writing about a possible Season defining run of Games where we faced Real Liverpool Utd West Ham Arsenal Dortmund in the space of a few weeks. On that occasion we done Brilliantly.

    But Now we have 4 games that really are Season Defining.

    Watford H
    West Brom A
    Newcastle H
    Leicester H

    With Chelsea 5 points behind somehow getting results which theyve not deserved and with us struggling to put a decent 90minutes together it really is squeaky bum time.

    Watford will smell blood and do have the capability to cause an upset so We Must be at the races for this 1, this is the key fixture in this run in for me has to be 3 points to get that belief back in the Team.

    Brom like most basically relegated sides have suddenly found some form and have the slimmest of survival hopes, a past boggie team at times for us will be a tough nut to Crack at the Hawthorns.

    Newcastle & Raffa almost 'like a box of chocolates' they look poor on paper but can get a result, just glad this 1 is at our place in theory and not theirs.

    Leicester , there's some recent history there and they imo look to be the best quality of the final teams we face, they have capable players that on their day can punish most teams. This will be all about whether they're all on the beach already or not, again glad this 1s at 'home'.

    I expect a WDWD finish giving us 8points and finishing Tally of 76points

    On the flip side the Chavs face-

    Swansea A
    Liverpool H
    Huddersfield H
    Newcastle A

    I expect a WDWW giving the Chavs 10 points and a finishing Tally of 73 points.

    As I said earlier Beating Watford is Crucial for this run in.
    Can Poch pick them up?
    Do the players believe?
    There was a lot of dissapointment evident after the Semi final but they/we cannot wallow now it's time to secure CL football.

    Secure CL and then we need to get on with Addressing a number of issues with the Squad, Formations and Game plans.

    1stly a cull/shake up, players to go imo (there is no time for sentiment anymore, we cannot wait for this guy to come good or he runs a lot though, he's from the academy) we need a quality finished Professional in every position.
    This does mean we Need to spend money but B4 we get the Screaming Psuedo Buisness Analyst's crying about Leeds & Portsmouth and reminding us about Levy's Temple with some sensible purchases and sales and some investment we could do a lot.
    What it takes though is a clear plan from Pochettino and our recruitment Team.

    The Squad Needs a Freshen up not a tinker with.

    We Must get rid of - Sissoko, Lamela, Llorente, Jannssen, KwP, N'kodou, Rose, Winks, Vorm, Aurier.

    Sadly the writing is on the wall for Toby.
    And questions about Dembele.

    But there is some real good money to be made from that collective, all of which needs to be spent wisely. With the view to altering game plans/formations and having decent rotation. These are the Lessons we should be Learning and are so important for the coming season, the team/manager/squad needs much more flexibility to it.

    Of course just my opinion

    But I digress because there's 4 Crunch Games to go, please don't Nalls this up Spurs I don't think I could handle another collapse :confused:
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  3. bruski

    bruski Active Member

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    Agree with you 100% Felon, especially the cull (with the possible exception of Winksy. He was showing some really good stuff prior to injury).
    I will refrain from writing about Sat....Sat....Sat (no can't even say it!)
    This summer regarding transfers is a crossroads. A crossroads for retaining talent and for acquiring new. And it's that word 'talent'.
    Where we are now, 'talent' must mean 'winners' not 'potential'. We have to buy players who have tasted success at the highest level. Poch talks about buying players who are a 'good fit' for the club which I understand and mostly agree with, but if they need a bit more managing than most, but are proven winners, then MANAGE THEM. That's your job. We need winners not potential. Sorry to bang on about this but the point really came to life for me on Sat...Sat....Sat (you get the picture) when that hateful little Chilean fecker Sanchez scored!! Aarrgh!! Anyone but him!!
    But, and here's the point I am relentlessly banging on about, he's a winner.
    If we continue to buy potential, and let our best go, we will tread water. It's inevitable.
    On that note, am I being a little paranoid, or has Poch made two super subtle references about his/clubs future?
    The first in his interview where he talks about 'me or another', regarding who will be Tottenham's manager in the future.
    The second was his interview on the Spurs website, 2 minutes in, he starts to hint (?) about us not investing like the big clubs. He appeared to be super careful with his emotions. Possibly heightened paranoia following Sat...Sat....!
    The pain never gets easier, even after 50 years.
    Still, as ever...COYS!
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  4. bruski

    bruski Active Member

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    Oh yes, btw, I'm bricking it about 4th!
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  5. Cheshuntboy Guest

    Every one of our last four games is a potential banana skin; they're the type of opponent we've often struggled to put away even when the team was playing well and confidence high, and in Spurs' current state a total implosion is by no means impossible. As always with Spurs, I'll look to the past for consolation. We all remember the unbelievable capitulation to relegated Portsmouth in the 2010 semi-final, and the tough run-in we faced afterwards, but we beat Chelsea, Arsenal and City to qualify for the CL, so the question is, does Pochettino have it in him to gee up the players the way Redknapp did eight years ago? I've got my opinion, but let's see.
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  6. Big fran Guest

    As Premier league fixtures go for the last 4 games of a season with three at home and 5 points needed for a CL spot these are an absolute gimme.
    People may pan me for this but if they fail which they won't I'd suggest pochs job would be under serious scrutiny.
    However like I say I don't think we will mess up but I think given pochs comments and timing it would not surprise me to see him consider his future. I've stated previously how media savvy he is so I don't think his comments are out of emotion, out of context or misquoted.
    The scenario I'm hoping for is this is his watershed moment where he realises he cannot take the club further under the current financial restrictions at the club and being forced to sell and leave out his best players. He will be holding all the cards once top 4 is sealed to go to levy and offer his resignation behind closed doors unless he's given more tools to do the job in hand to win something.
    Both Madrid jobs will probably be available come the summer as will maybe Psg. He will not be short of offers or leverage to negotiate for stronger financially backing.
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  7. Bazza47

    Bazza47 Well-Known Member

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    Those weasily words from Poch at the weekend, including the dreaded "I'm happy with the squad"...with those Euro jobs with unconstrained finances soon to be open....mmm.
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  8. Big fran Guest

    Dare I say it...... Two big London jobs open... Surely not? He wouldn't would he????
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  9. Bazza47

    Bazza47 Well-Known Member

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    Back in August I always felt that 76 points got us there, as, generally, it nearly always does. Now at that time I also felt that 40 from Wembley was tops and a stretch at that, 36 away and we now know 76 is definitely enough.

    However we sit on 68, max 80. Chelski on 63, max 75 and we have three at home. Okay we're shot to pieces, but bearing in mind our goal difference is a good deal better, unless Swansea ship another 5 against them this weekend, with Liverpool for them after that, it might be we're 2 wins away from 4th.

    Even better would be a best case, Scousers and Chelski draw. Leaves the door open for 3rd.

    Next Monday is a must win, no doubt. Puts a marker down big time. Fail and it might be down to 2.

    Come on lads, step up.
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  10. Big Fran Guest

    Site seems to have gone quiet. End of season collapse yet again. Squad to think and run out of steam.... Think it's fair to say that we have all gone a bit deflated and underwhelmed.
    All the rumours now seem to be about players being sold off and not in particular the deadwood we would have hoped for.
    Here it begins selling off assets to pay for a stadium that had been in the pipeline for ten years almost and should have already been pretty much financed/budgeted for long term. Instead it's cost almost double the original to a specification not necessary only to please one man's ego. Could have bought Wembley for 200m less if reports are to be believed.
  11. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    Fran I get accused all the Time of being Negative for merely pointing out what's actually happening in front of us.
    Players want Trophies and Going rate , they're not interested in 'Projects' that don't have a timeline/target date or that dont see/treat Trophies as a Must.
    If top players aren't Winning Trophies then they want paying going rate and if the club aren't willing to invest in either then it's a completely flawed project doomed to be constantly in a nearly cycle of grow peak crash which has been the ENIC cycle.
    We've had little to nothing invested into the team for 10 years all while ENIC have enjoyed more TV/Sponsorship/Merchandise/Competition money than Ever.
    Until there is Significant investment in the 1st Team Squad this is the best it'll ever get.
    Levy's new Corporate Temple which was sold to us all as the reason we couldn't spend last Decade has grown monstrously out of control and guess who's gonna pick up the Tab?
    Will the NFL proceeds be used to Enhance our Team?
    The Concerts/Events?
    Cheese Rooms/Micro Breweries?
    Climbing walls/Sky walks?

    The Stadium will be State of the Art yes, but is Going to be a Huge Money Drain to the Fans and football club yet a Huge Money Spinner for the Ownership which is unfortunately where their Priorities lie and will always be.

    The Sooner we can move on from the Enic timeless Project the Better!
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  12. Big fran Guest

    Agree Felon completely.. While we would all like spurs to achieve things in the perceived 'right way' realistically we are going to probably need a sugar daddy type tycoon etc. The task is near on impossible but even in our current template we are failing when we can list endless flops sissoko jansen llorente lamela aurier soldado njie nkoudou to name a few have all been results of poor recruitment while not even getting involved in no brainer transfers such as Salah Mane coupled with stories of missing out on others such as hazard Luis suarez Willian martial dithering over transfer fees or turning the opportunity down.
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  13. Spursporter Guest

    Here is what Poch clarified:

    “The problem is the context of the question. For me I am going to say the same, Tottenham is doing a fantastic job, developing an amazing project. I wanted to tell you that it’s a long term project, that is not going to change with us or another coaching staff.

    “But the project at Tottenham is so strong. It’s not a message to send to someone. It was the context of the question and I explained. The project is so strong and we believe in this project. The club cannot behave like different clubs. I think that the project that we created all together, the club needs to keep going, pushing on together in this direction trying to achieve all the things that the club wants. It’s not a message for someone. It was what I feel and what I told you.”

    We all know that Pochettino will not be at Spurs forever, but the kerfluffle over “me or another” went way beyond Poch’s intended message, such that his message was completely overshadowed by “will he leave” speculation.

    That’s unfortunate, because Poch was making a pretty important point: despite another semi-final cup competition and another season without silverware, there’s no denying that Spurs are on a continually upward trajectory. The process is working, and Poch thinks that Spurs will continue to improve in the future, whether or not he’s there leading the club. That’s not a Poch departure rumor — that’s a statement that he’s at the right place at the right time.
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  14. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    This Upwards Trajectory what is it exactly?

    I can hear people now talking consecutive CLs , 2nd 3rd etc.

    But let's take a look at Pochettinos ''Achievements" against some of his recent predecessors.

    Jol, Redknapp & AvB - all had a much better quality Top4/5 to play against.
    All were consistent top 6.

    Redknapp did as well in the CL as Poch did, he also qualified twice for CL unfortunately once Chavs stole our place.

    Pochs 3rd finish season was during a total collapse where Leicester won the title, we finished on 70 points which was less than AvB achieved, 1 more than Redknapp.

    Last Season was Pochs biggest achievement, again an establishment collapse but we played a great last season at WHL and ended with a record braking 86 points.

    This Season we will be again scrapping for 4th because the Top sides are getting back to where they were.

    Poch arguably has a more balanced squad than his predecessors to work with in a more open era apart from last season's league total what's he done more than the previous ?

    So much of his ''success" is down to circumstance.

    I'm not for 1 minute saying he is Not a Good coach that is quite Evident, but the perch he's put on is seriously unbalanced he's not by any means Dwarfed what the others achieved.

    And this is not to Say the others were out of this world all were good coaches in their own way but the Boards input is totally unrealistic which is where they all fall down at some point.

    But please let's have some perspective on Poch with regards to the past/present and How Great he really is
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  15. Cheshuntboy Guest

    Probably the only positive aspect of last weekend (for me, anyway) was that Pochettino was finally subjected to a little of the critical analysis that he'd previously been spared, by pundits, journos and the odd blogger (though most Spurs sites seem to retain their blind faith in the man, regardless of the facts). He clearly IS a good coach - some of the squad have obviously improved under his regime (though if he gets credit for the likes of Kane or Walker, what happened with Janssen or Aurier?), and the players do/did seem fitter than previously (though don't we have more long-term injuries now?) - but is he really a manager to rival Klopp or Guardiola? I don't think so, but I don't want him sacked, just treated less like the Messiah and more like the very fallible rookie that he all too clearly is!
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  16. Bazza47

    Bazza47 Well-Known Member

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    For me, when considering Poch:

    - he's done a good job these past three seasons, albeit we have it all to do, now that the Chavs are back to 2.

    - he cocked up big time last week, IMHO, by not playing Lloris and Alderweireld.

    - these last 4 games will test his ability to motivate the players after last week's capitulation. We/they were poor.
  17. burnt Well-Known Member

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    I like all 3 managers in certain ways and see similarities in all of them but none are close to perfect I.m.o if there is such a thing . There all a bit one dimensional ( borrowing one of Felons phrases ) to be fair ... It's debatable how much better either of the other 2 would have done at Spurs over the last few years under the same constraints as Poch ... Not much would be my guess ... I think all 3 are good at getting the best out of players but you could argue they all come across as tactically naive at times .. Peps tactics in champions league against the Whingers was suicidal stuff and it was similar with Bayern .. I'm not sure how well it would have went down around here .. I taught it was pathetic stuff myself , they got their warnings in the league games during the year but the lessons weren't learned at all for whatever reason , they got what they deserved in the end ... As for Roma last week , lol well thats irrelevant to this thread but that was borderline sackable stuff , as naive and as stupid as I've ever seen and I've seen some sh1t at this stage .... Klopps not bombproof by any means either , another guy who wouldn't set up a defence properly on a PlayStation .. There'd be plenty to say around here if our manager had lost his last 5 cup finals I would imagine and their top 4 spot is looking as vulnerable as ours at this stage ... Our lad has plenty to learn yet that's for sure but the others do aswell i.m.o ... C.O.Y.S ......
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  18. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    So those pesky Chavs have moved within 2, Liverpool stalled again so it's in our hands to either take advantage/add pressure/or bottle it.

    Monday Is a Must Win !
  19. Cheshuntboy Guest

    Yes, Liverpool under Klopp have been more mercurial than any team I can remember - sublime to ridiculous and back again in days - it must be even stranger to support them than to follow Spurs at the moment, and that's obviously saying something! But isn't that what they expected (or should have) when they appointed him? Klopp's image is cavalier, heart on his sleeve, whereas Pochettino is cautious and (in my view) rigid - they're both the opposite of their national stereotypes, and a combination of their best qualities would probably be unbeatable (but I'd still rather have Klopp, at least until this season's CL is decided - it could/should have been us!). As for Guardiola, you've pointed-out his tactical failings, but his record as a winner speaks for itself, and our man, whatever his strengths, still hasn't proved that he can get over the finish line - it may not be fair, but it's true.
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  20. Big fran Guest

    I'd back redknapp to get more out of this group of players. Tactically very inept but he always picked his best team and wouldn't have bad players like llorente or sissoko anywhere near the first 11 to appease them because of their big fees and wages.
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  21. burnt Well-Known Member

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    It's true but would Pep have gotten over the finish line managing an Espanyol , Southampton or a Tottenham , likewise would Pochettino have got a Barca team with 3 or 4 of the greatest players ever to play the game , a Bayern team in a one horse race or a financially doped Man City over the line ... Obviously it's all subjective but it's relevant i.m.o .. If , as is being suggest by some media outlets he goes to a powerhouse club in the near future we,ll find out a lot more about Mr Pochettino ...Don't get me wrong here his decisions at times have frustrated me as much as anyone but a lot needs to be considered when comparing different managers and the jobs they're doing ... C.O.Y.S ....
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