Levy is at it again. And again.

Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by Mattj78, August 29, 2016.

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  1. Mattj78

    Mattj78 Well-Known Member

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    3 games in and not once have I been critical of Mr Levy! That must be a record.
    I have said that I have been happy with our business so far. And I am pleased with the signings of Janssen and Wanyama. I feel they add a lot to the squad.
    But now the squad is disappearing. One by one, players are being sold. Now, I'm more than happy to see the deadwood gone. I didn't see Chadli as deadwood though. He is an impact player and someone good to have on the bench.
    13 million is a good deal. But with only 2 days left of the transfer window, that's not much time to bring new players in.
    If rumours are true, Mason will be going along with Son. I like Son, not too fussed about Mason but that's another 2 down with no replacements.

    If you read my articles, you will see that I am a big fan of youth. Onomah can cause problems with his skill and pace and Winks needs more game time. Winks has real quality.

    But, my lack of faith in Ming is now starting to creep in. Let's have a look at the Spurs squad. If Rose gets injured we have Davies. Vertonghen we have Wimmer, who by he way I think is a better player.
    In midfield we have Onomah and Winks. Dembele, Wanyama.
    Up front we have Kane and Janssen.

    There is no width. No pace.

    I think Poch knows what he is doing but Levy looks to be playing his old games again. But this time we have sold early and other teams will want more money for anyone we go in for.

    I have made it clear that pressing the panic button at this stage is too early. But we do need new blood. Getting rid of deadwood is fine. But that money needs reinvesting quickly.

    Our strength in depth currently is weak. Let's hope it gets strengthened by the end of Wednesday.

    As ever, come on you Spurs!!
  2. Johnarrgh Guest

    I see where you are coming from, but Son aint going anywhere. However, we need an experienced play-maker who gives us a full 90 mins of his effort and technical skill in every game and we need more pace out wide. Ericksen his soo overrated when most of the time he is average at the best. I cant work out why Pooch loves him so much TBH. So I am expecting N'Koudo to come in with one more playmaker and ideally another attacking mid. If we dont then I am fed up with it been all about making money for Levy. All the other clubs are buying quality, Ok I like Wanyama and Jannsen looks like he may be a step up on Soldado but come on make a statement. Great to have yoof but far to far inexperienced to be in a team aiming for top 4, very very big ask this season, and compete in the CL.
  3. High on Guest

    We definitely require a replacement for Eriksen !!!, NOW !!!
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  4. I see where u are coming from but you got to realise that Levy is smart as ****. He knows the players in this market are way too overpriced some of the transfers are comical 32m for Benteke madness. We do need a replacement for Eriksen and one more winger. Is it just me who thinks are youth look like they've been starved look at Carroll , Onamah and others. If we get N'kondou we could be ok. But 2 players is all that's needed. We are not going to pay more than 15m for a player let's be real Levy knows Spurs have a heavy bill in the new stadium and he just does not want to be Arsenal and not buy players for years cause financial were in so much trouble. It's ok in Levy we trust.
  5. Øivind Guest

    There are players coming in, but I expect us to end with a profit balance from transfers, unless Levy pulls off one like the last time we were in the CL, and Isco comes in. VDV last time...
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  6. Oldjdub Guest

    So once again another season starts & Spurs have failed to complete their squad in time for the first few games. The team have already dropped valuable points on the top clubs and the side is not up to speed.
    Squad players have been sold. Admittedly the purchase of Janssen and Wanyama has strethened the squad but we lack width and pace and experienced cover.
    With the strengthening of the other top clubs we will find it difficult to stay at the very top of the Premiership let alone in Europe.
    All this is such a shame when we fought so hard last season to get into the Champions League. Without further purchases all that hard work is liable to be wasted, if we haven't got a squad fit to cope with the rigours and demands of these competitions.
    So who is to blame? We will probably not know for sure, but we all have our suspicions. Season after season we have deliberated, dallied, bartered and then failed to bring in our first option transfer targets and ended up making do.
    We have now lost two of our back room staff who have been responsible for the youth players and identifying possible transfer targets. How long before our mercurial manager becomes disenchanted with the board and failure to pay up for the talent required and leaves too.
    So a plea to the club from me, don't waste what we have, after all surely this is the best chance we have to bring back much desired success to our beloved club.
    Surely the club deserves a chance after so many false dawns.
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  7. Lewis Guest

    I think Wimmer is better than Jan! Our dip at the end of last season was when Jan came back. Feel for Wimmer. Eriksen is bloody lazy and over rated and just comes up with the odd free kick in my opinion. Winks I'm surprised hasnt started more games as he's come on loads In The last year and always looks to play the ball forward. Our squad is dangerous thin in terms of quality from the bench I feel, although I'm not unhappy about the players which are being allowed to leave. I just pray we can get 2/3 quality replacements as we won't be able rotate like we did in the EL. We also are desperate for some attacking pace in the final third. Rose and walker do provide pace and width to some degree but we need someone who's in that final third who can run at defenders at pace. At this moment I'm worried but let's hope by the end of the transfer window we are sorted but I won't hold my breath! COYS
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  8. Blake Guest

    If we sell off the "dead wood" Chadli, Mason, Son (I like all of them) we could use that money to fund the move for Isco. If the speculation is true, I would love to have him and I think that move would be well worth it in the end.
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  9. Florida Spurs New Member

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    Levy is a disgrace. To call this a transfer policy would give some credibility to this bi-annual farce. We are the club no-one wants to deal with and with the likes of Leicester pushing to cement their place in the elite, Crystal Palace and Bournemouth breaking their transfer records to remain competitive, Levy has us going backwards. If anyone thinks making a profit in the transfer market contributes to any real stability at the club, they will have a rude awakening when the new stadium doesn't get filled because the likes of Lloris, Kane, Alderweireld, Dier and Alli have all gone somewhere that shows ambition. As a fan of 41 years and a season ticket holder for 35 of those, I am appalled.
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  10. Syd Guest

    I am not sure we need to get rid of Ericksen although, I like others feel he is no where near his best. There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reasoning (except maybe his ongoing contract neg's) We need competition for him and see how he reacts. He will either step up or throw his toys out of the pram.
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  11. David Guest

    I saw Isco on You Tube and he looks exciting but TBH I didn't see much end product. No killer balls to a forward just lots of beating two player's in deep midfield. Our bench at present doesn't offer anything that might change a game we must get some pace out wide. We haven't got going yet and it was a credible draw against Liverpool based on how sluggish and poorly we played. But Liverpool looked devastating up front compared to us.
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  12. Remy Uwilin

    Remy Uwilin Active Member

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    Defense isn't the issue, Wimmer is a good player....but I don't put him in front of Jan just yet. Last season when Jan was healthy, that's when our defense was stout. Believe it or not, Kevin is learning lots from Jan, this situation isn't what's worrisome momentary.

    I'd like to remind everyone that Eriksen isn't known for his hard tackling and keeping the ball, at the moment he lacks another playmaker to compliment him. Think back to the days of Modric and VDV...the two were able to play of each other and made it very hard for teams to play us. Right now, all other teams have to do is shadow Eriksen and our whole attacking forward abilities are mute. I like Alli has a player, but his development isn't quite there yet. I feel for Eriksen, he's the only player on the field looking to distribute and if he's out of form it shows on the whole team. Give it sometime, when Dembele comes back and attracts some of that pressure, then Eriksen and the whole squad will start flourishing again. Right now, Wanyama and Dier don't have that eye for play to distribute and all that responsibility falls on Eriksen. Fellas, it's tough to do it all alone!!

    Whoever said get rid of Eriksen....what are you smoking?
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  13. simon Guest

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  14. simon Guest

    exactly dembele has been a massive loss and is probably the best in his position in the league, but we still unbeaten

    we need another dembele type player and a fast wide player this is crucial
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  15. Orbz Guest

    we really need a route one striker, just get the ball, go and shoot.
    Harry seems to have a confidence issue, but will come good, we need cover and competition for him and Jansen, can't see anyone that fits the bill just yet.
    Ericsson should have had his contract sorted ages ago, what does that say when we wont pay the going rate for a player of his quality, it's clearly affected his performance so far.
    Get wimmer in for vertongan, much better player.
    The England 5 are not in the groove yet, but let's hope they fire up soon.
    It's early draws yet, but we need to get going soon, or get left behind by the big boys who seem to be in the mood already
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  16. Remy Uwilin

    Remy Uwilin Active Member

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    Seems our team is getting in the habit of starting slow, particularly Kane; not doubting his abilities...it just seems that's how he settles into the season. He's adjusting to how teams play him, and when he figures it out; look out! We need more people to step up, Janssen has to take the opportunity! And for goodness sake, what's taking so long with N'jie or N'koudou...Levy needs to make up his mind! The season is underway, this haggling strategy might cost us Poch in the future.
  17. Cincy Spurs Guest

    Ok, Winner is much better than Verts in defending corners and in the air. Verts is way too risky and needs to hold and pull people down cause he has been beaten. I would rather see Winner in there to be honest.
    Also I am tired of hearing that players are over priced! The market is what the market is. We just made £6m profit on Chadli. While he has skill he is a good bench player and never really did much as a starter. We have UCL and I heard that the winner of the UCL gets less than most teams in PL when it's all said and done now with all the new revenue. (This is something I heard I have not confirmed myself yet) Spurs need to stop playing around and get their business done. We loose precious time every off season by waiting till the last minute getting in new singings. Wanyama and Jansen have hit the ground running cause we got them in and training with the team. Any new singings now will take "time to bed in and adjust to the PL". It's garbage and if we want to be a top team we need to start acting like one. Spend now or loose out later Mr. Chairman. Sometimes you have to just pay full price for what you want or walk away and move on to the next target.
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  18. OMG Guest

    There are enough comments = positive and negative. Some of you guys, like Levy and MP live in dream world - Spurs are totally poor without class or guts this season. After losing to Stoke, MP will blame the international break! We will be the laughing stock of kind Ars neighbours this year.. going nowhere and struggling to stay up!
    Mark my word!
  19. PWH norway New Member

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    Early days! When everyone is firing on all cylinders the results will start improving.
    Jury`s still out on Janssen though, typical swashbuckling "english" centreforward and by the same token under achieving when compared to other recognised PL strikers. Hopefully, he`ll get off the mark soon, and we`ll see what he`s really made of!
    Where is Wimmer? Is he injured? he hasn`t been in the last 2 squads.
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  20. Andrew Guest

    I think we just have to wait and see. We don't really know what goes on behind the scenes. I certainly don't put too much faith in rumours - we've been linked with so many players in the past that haven't come to fruition that it's almost a game now. It's worrying that we're going into the season with an arguably thinner squad than last year in terms of experience, but we'll just have to reserve judgement until after the transfer window.

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