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Discussion in 'Featured' started by Felon82, May 15, 2018.

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  1. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    So as our 2017/18 Season closed with a 5-4 Barnstormer of a Game Vs Leicester Spurs bid farewell to Wembley (Hopefully).

    So what did we achieve?

    The biggest thing we achieved was 3rd and Champions League qualification.

    Last 16 of the CL beating Dortmund & Real.

    Won at Stamford Bridge.

    What didn't we achieve?

    Again, no trophies.

    Not the title challenge our previous seasons would've suggested.

    Mitigating Circumstances....

    Of course playing away from home was always going to be something we would need to negate and on the whole I think we did a decent job.


    Top 4 was extremely important, although approaching the finish line was only secured 2nd to last game after having a 10point cushion (just to keep us on our toes) this would've been a disaster if we'd of let this slip.

    Champions league compared to our previous season which was a shambles we actually turned up and showed that we can mix it at that level (In context Real were having a mare when we faced them and Dortmund aren't the Dortmund of old) but you beat what's in front of you and we topped the group.
    This is what is hard to take though we had Juve in the palm of our hand and in true Spurs style gave it up with a whimper this type of naivety and lack of winning mentality is not progress.

    The league saw us score 12 goals less and concede 10 goals more than previous , finishing in 3rd never in a Title Race and just getting home unscathed at the death. Other than the Wembley factor I think we haven't been as Strong defensively and our attacking play has not had the same fluidity to last year.
    I believe the overall Transfer business of the Summer was as uninspiring as it turned out so instead of pushing on we've at best stood still if not a bit weaker.

    Domestic Cups the way we bombed out of the League Cup and FA Cup were inexcusable performance wise was a shambles in both these games.
    I am still frustrated and angry about Pochs public down playing of Trophies and I'm fed up with such a baron run that no one neither Board/Manager/Players want to lead or take responsibility for. As for progress regarding silverware it's beyond a joke and any fan that thinks it's acceptable to poo poo these things while clapping low net Spend and record sponsorship deals need their heads examined!

    Next Season.....

    Well I've been pleased to hear Poch actually start mentioning trophies seriously at last, he's also mentioned about getting transfer business done early and that the club need to take a gamble.

    Music to my ears , but as has come a custom at Spurs I worry it's just sound bite spin the proof will be in the pudding.

    New Stadium (Hopefully and at Last)

    Once again we head into the Summer with big names being linked away, a wage cap and transfer kitty smothering us from competing properly.

    The squad has been ran to it's capacity and it's now a make or break time for this 'Project'

    If Ming fails to back his man (again) it's not just players we risk losing.

    Daniel Do The Right Thing stop holding the club back - Speculate to Accumulate.
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  3. Bazza47

    Bazza47 Well-Known Member

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    Well Felon, it's been an interesting season to look back on, for sure.

    First - that last game. All credit to both sides for a truly entertaining match to put before a full house at Wembley. I took the kids. A stunning day out and thanks to the chairman for giving me a season in Club Wembley at OAP pricing. It was truly excellent. 10/10.

    Second - The Wembley Expereince. I had 40 points at best, after 53 at The Lane last season. 43 for me is a stellar performance from the lads. 10/10 from me

    Third - Champions League. Despite the nature of the exit this was another great out turn, by a country mile. We were in the Group of Death and we stuffed them all. Watching the Dortmund performance and then the Madrid humbling was beyond my wildest dreams. Forget the exit, you will never explain it. Home and away we were magnificent. 10/10 from me.

    Fourth - The Cups. Wet Spam was a **** up, period. Manure was much worse, in every respect. We had a golden draw all the way, and let Mouringio out fox us. Poch 0/10. Lads 0/10.

    Fifth - Premier League. I honestly had us on 76 and 4th. 77 and 5th exceeds my expectations, for sure. We took time to settle at home and it cost us, a defeat and three draws defined our final league position. The lads rallied exceptionally well, finishing with 43 at home 34 away, what's not to like. The Chelski victory and the Scousers draw away, and the Manure and Gooners victories at Wembley were memorable. 9/10.

    Sixth - The Team. I fear for our lads. We've watched them over three seasons and they have delivered the BEST three seasons of the Premier League. 10/10.

    Seventh - The Lane. Whilst I doubt it will be finished, I thought Lamela should have been taken off at half time on Sunday, so wtf do I know. If it's as good as the renders and VR. 10/10.

    Eighth - Poch. See above. He has his shortcomings, but we will miss him when he's gone. With NO net spend he has worked miracles. Take a look at the analysis carried out by The Times. We significantly and materially over achieved. Our wage bill is more than £100m LESS than the others around us. Like they are circa twice what we spend. 10/10

    Ninth - DL. He and Joe decide if we will push on from here. Poch laid down the marker. £100m and sales funds would be a starting point. Not sure 5/10

    Bottom Line - this was an out-turn that far exceeded my expectations. So as Len, Craig, Bruno and Darcy would say, it's a 10 from me.

  4. Big fran Guest

    I've said of late I really can see Poch walking. I really can.. Hopefully his comments and the speculation linking him with Madrid and now Chelsea (how embarrassing would that be for Levy) are just leverage to increase the wage cap and transfer kitty necessary to compete for trophies. If it is Poch backing levy into a corner then firstly I applaud it and welcome it but secondly he's playing a dangerous game as Harry redknapp will agree.
    I think this move has come to late for Toby and Rose with their relationship seemingly beyond repair.
    If we could keep the rest and sign sessagnon, martial/zaha/vardy, a centre half and top centre mid I'd be happy. Can I see it? Not really.
    On the season we've had I'd have taken and expected third at the start but would also expected to go farther in the cups.
  5. Spurporter

    Spurporter Active Member

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    Very good points fellows. I am happy with last season. It was a great run that made us #1 in London for the first time in 24 years! Move to Chelsea could be a move DOWN for Poch. Just think about it.
    As far as the next season is concerned, all I want is the wage structure change. Spurs must have adequate wages. If it cost to not to buy a few players, I can take it. Without it, we will lose our core, it would be just a matter of time before all will follow a well established path. Wages, however, could not be brought back down easily. That is why it is critical to keep Poch at the club. He is a chance to stay at top 4-6, so the stadium and other revenues will support wages further. That is the risk, IMO, Poch was talking about. That was elevate pay to players before the support of revenue. That is the gamble.
    If wages done soon, we will hear what we all want. Toby will be retained and the rest as well.
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  6. Remy Uwilin

    Remy Uwilin Active Member

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    Good points made all around. Decent season, taking into account having to play at Wembley and the disparity in net spend with the others around us. The cup competitions were really the only disappointment, winning is a habit and those trophies can help us in giving the team the confidence to win an even bigger trophy.

    Now this summer will be the defining moment, will Levy back Pochettino and do it early enough to give the players a preseason. If we are not careful, it seems to be that Poch is willing to walk if that backing isn't given.
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  7. Big fran. Guest

    Have we signed anyone yet????
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  8. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    Haha Will we sign anyone???
  9. Jam Guest

    Excellent summation Baz..

    Was a good season.. perhaps very good.. if you consider the 38 games away.. unfortunately next season may be much the same in that regard

    Domestic Cup glory can wait for now.. CL is where it's at and three in a row is an excellent achievement given the restraints.. full credit to the players and the manager.. very well done

    There's still improvement left in the squad as is but a couple of key inclusions will push us forward

    Intriguing off season ahead.. will Levy step it up a notch? I'm not sure he has a choice..
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