Kyle Walker replacement. Things are about to get interesting

Discussion in 'Featured' started by dnoll5, July 14, 2017.

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  1. dnoll5

    dnoll5 Member Blogger

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    Now that the news of Kyle Walker’s transfer to Manchester City is complete, it’s already time to start getting on with our lives. Spurs just got 50 million pounds for a 27 year-old right back, and while I’m not suggesting that Daniel Levy, Mauricio Pochettino and the crew should go wild with that influx of cash, they do probably need to do something with it, and I believe that they will.

    The first option is obviously Kieran Trippier. The former Burnley man did a fine job of filling in for Kyle as the season went on and there were no issues with that famed “fatigue” that comes from Poch-led teams late in the season because of Kieran’s presence. Trippier and Walker are different players and it can be argued that Kieran is more suited for the system than Walker is and that his crossing ability is far superior. That said, if Trips becomes the starter, Spurs need some back up or at the very least, another option.

    Eric Dier could be that guy. To me (and others), he is not a right back. He’s just too slow. But what I do think is that this takes the possibility of Dier leaving Spurs for Manchester United or anyone else off the table. His versatility will be welcome this season as he can play defensive midfield, center back, or in a pinch, right back.

    And what about Kyle Walker-Peters? We all know how Mauricio loves to give academy guys a shot, and when they flourish, the satisfaction that the staff, the club, and the fans get is unlike anything else. Remember how you felt after Harry Winks scored? I want to feel like that more often, and I really think that KWP will be given some minutes over the course of this season. He was lauded at the U-20 World Cup and should be getting his chance to shine at Tottenham soon.

    The biggest rumour from abroad is that of Ricardo Pereira. The FC Porto man spent last year at OGC Nice, helping the Riviera outfit qualify for the Champions League. There is a 22 million pound release clause that Spurs would have to activate, but getting a backup for Trippier to start the season who could morph into the regular starter would be a good investment in the Walker money. Many fans want to see Tottenham splash the cash, but let’s not forget the last time we had a windfall when the only regular contributor from that group was Christian Eriksen. But a signing here doesn’t seem desperate knowing that the three men listed above are available and ready to play. If Pereira is the man that Spurs want, they should go get him.

    And this goes a little off topic, but I think signing Mateo Kovacic from Real Madrid could influence how things go from here on out. I know that seems like a long shot, but with a player of his calibre in the midfield, the options for formations change a little. With such a mighty midfield (I’m currently salivating thinking of Eriksen, Dele, and any combo of Lamela, Son, Moose, Wanyama, and Dier teaming up with the Croatian), Spurs might go three at the back and “experiment” a little with their options for marauding wing-backs. And before you get all excited, I know full well how poorly this experiment has gone in the past. I just really want Tottenham to grab Kovacic and see where the cards fall. He’s that good.

    Anyway, let’s not fret fellow Spurs supporters! Levy and Poch wouldn’t let Walker go (to a rival no less) unless they had an adequate plan in place because if there’s one thing we know about those guys, it is that they’ve been over this from every possible angle. Things are about to get interesting. COYS.
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  3. guesty Guest

    No question about his attacking power....his crossing has improved but still not consistent.
    ....defensively....his positional sense is questionable....his pace helps him

    for me.....£50m+ is a sell!
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  4. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    Trippier for me is a much more intelligent footballer take Walkers pace away and he doesn't have a lot else to fall back on.

    But just think for a moment -

    Imagine being Kyle and leaving playing alongside Alderwerild to play alongside John Stones?

    It's like trading in your Mercedes for a Renault
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  5. burnt Well-Known Member

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    Limited player in all honesty and that's not sour grapes , plenty of us have being saying it over the years .. 50 mill was hard to turn down especially when he wanted out .. I wonder what really happened towards the end of the season when Poch started leaving him out because to be fair up to that point it was probably his best season ... As limited as he was , to be fair he fitted our system well in the end and he always gave his all in a Spurs shirt so good look to him , he should fit Man City's and Peps system well , another defender who's not actually that good at defending ... I'd love to ask Pep , what has he ever seen in Walker that made him think he's worth that kind of cash ...

    Now supposedly Utd are mad for Dier , willing to pay another 50+ mill , jeez maybe im completely wrong about this but I don't see that at all , I think he's another limited player , and I for one would be very tempted to take the money ... I accept his versatility , but he's limited in every position he plays , weather it's midfield or defense , he's probably our dodgiest player in what ever position he plays ... Do others agree or am I wrong about this ... Is he not John O , Shea mark two , now don't get me wrong that versatility can be valuable , especially from the bench , you'd cover quiet a few positions having him on the bench but 50 mill + , is that not just ridiculous ....
  6. notnats

    notnats Well-Known Member

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    Kyle has been a good player and a good clubman for Spurs so good luck to him but 50+ is bonkers for a player that and as everyone knows cant fecking cross.
    I've said for years that walker is like a dog chasing a wheel. He looks good chasing the wheel but doesn't know what to do with it when he catches it.
    Kyle is much improved under Poch but i just dont see him as the league's best and not to be resentful in any way i think that in the last few years he's been our most overrated player.
    Overall not sure about WBs unless they are exceptional players and with an end product. Trippier has also improved in the last year under Poch and was very good in some of our biggest games so for me a good bit of business. Talking of business now we've sold we can buy ?
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  7. Mike A Guest

    All I can say is,go on believing that if it makes you feel better. As for levy and poch "being all over the detail".... my point is this.... they had the same transfer window last year and all they came up with is sissoko on the final night.... walker leaving isn't tactical.... they had a falling out ... end of .... poch way or the highway! Which is fair enough,but selling your best right back to city is not a good bit of business.... if you actually watched him play last year up close... you will know what we have lost. The only question for me is ...will they buy a top dollar replacement or start to bring through a kid with potential. ....teams that want to win have 2 quality players in all positions... and at this point we have too many positions that need quality back up to be genuine contenders... especially with teams like Everton keen to spend...where we were in front, I think we have now lost that advantage... we will see.... I'm hoping rather than believing we have a good season. Coys.
  8. Raya Guest

    For the money Spurs demanded and got from City for Walker, I'd have volunteered to drive him there myself. Sure he had a couple of good seasons under Pochettino but you always felt he was one mistake away from disaster. The amount of times he got caught out of position by the opposition was amazing for someone of his experience and too often relied heavily on his speed and colleagues to bail him out of trouble because of his boneheaded play. Headless chicken springs to mind. It wasn't all bad though because he was very much part of a successful back four which cannot be denied in fact the best back four Spurs have had in many years. That success bringing both himself and Danny Rose England recognition but with Toby and Jan alongside, any decent fullback will look a better player than they actually are and it will be interesting to see how Walker fares at his new club. Anyway, Trippier didn't let himself down when he replaced Walker and will only improve the more games he plays. I most certainly won't wish Walker well because he's gone to a rival and shown disrespect with his comments as to the reasons he joined City, dumb. We move onwards and upwards.
  9. Josh B Guest

    Walker was the league's best RB last year but in comparison to other RB's when they were at their peak - Neville, Azpilicueta when he was a sides player, etc, walker is very average. His pace gets him out of trouble and he won't have it for much longer. Good luck to him...Not intelligent enough for a Guardiola fullback.

    Pereira would be my choice. Stylistically the same, top quality, technically superior. And for £30m less - no brainer.

    I'm also unsure where Kovacic fits in, to be honest.
  10. Cheshuntboy Guest

    Thank God someone's taken their rose-tinted specs off - as you so correctly point-out, Levy and Pochettino, together or separately, have a patchy (at best!) record in the transfer market, and there's nothing to suggest that the sale of Walker is part of some sort of strategic masterplan, just a combination of ego on Pochettino's part, bean-counting on Levy's, and plain old-fashioned greed (or ambition, if you want to be charitable) on Walker's. And when the Roses, Diers, Allis and Kanes realise how much their old overlapping mate is pocketing at the Etihad, the pressure on the club to match the ambition and the salaries of the Big Boys is going to blow Levy's policy of 'not doing a Leeds' way off course. Interesting times ahead for Spurs, in the Chinese curse sense.
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  11. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    IMO there's Kane, Alli, Erikson, Son, Wanyama, Alderweirld, Rose and Lloris who are our most integral players (Dembele would/should make this list if he used his god given talent to do more than just keep possession) after that all the other players are replaceable and if we are going to receive sums of money like the Walker deal then make the money!

    BUT and this is a huge BUT only if Ming doesn't do a David Dickinson with money and actually buys some proper players or it all dissappears into the Enic vacuum (disguised as a 15 year stadium build project with Austerity before and guaranteed 15 years after.)

    If walkers going for 54mil and Dier can be sold for 60 etc that's plenty to buy some next level or at least ready made quality to move us up.

    The point made earlier is a sound 1 though as if we have another standard season (winning feck all and falling short) many of our top players who will still be in touch with their pal Kyle and thinking what am I sticking around here for?

    Don't get me wrong it's great were on a sound financial footing and the club has progressed if not at a snails pace but there are times when you have to speculate to accumulate, be bold, roll the dice from time to time.

    3rd/2nd in the league touching distance of some actual glory now is the time. To sit back and play a cagey game of bargain hunt just confirms to me that this Board only cares about Business and doesn't have the burning desire to Win trophies.
    Last edited: July 15, 2017
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  12. marsinho Guest

    walker will find out that he's made it to cities sub benchers because their initial target was dany alves from the onset but it won't come as a surprise they will need to splash the cash on another RB non but our target perreira who's a far superior player than walker in this case, 50mill+ fo a 27 year old is good business after that what levy intends to do with it is anyone's guess but for targets i see barkley heading our way in the last minutes window and possibly perriera of porto.coys
  13. Guest Guest

    Spurs have to sell before they can buy.

    If Spurs play with a back 3, Trippier is better than Walker. Trippier's crosses are tailor made for Harry Kane and Kane will score even more now.

    Trippier had just taken Walker's No.1 spot and Walker sulked and had to go. £50 Mill for Walker is brilliant and his deficiencies will be well exposed at Man City. Gives a place for Kyle Walker Peters as number 2 and Spurs money for a 2nd striker or another forward player.

    Dier is second to Wanyama and Dembele, but good cover for them and the centre backs, but I'd take £60 Mill for him. We could replace him for less than half of that.

    Can they get a good price for Sissoko?
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  14. Richo Guest

    Kyle Walker has been a great signing for 8 years and Englands No 1
    To get 50m is top money but there is no point in buying players that don't improve the team and fit within the managers plans
    Competition for places is vital and cover for injuries and resting key players
    Despite building the new stadium Spurs are able to spend on players if required. They do not need to sell first last year net spend was 6m and they do not pay the high salaries that so called superstars need to play for a team. As mentioned we do have replacements in the youth whether Kyle Walker-Peters has the goods time will tell but needs a chance
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  15. Charles Potter New Member

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    With you totally on both players but I'd argue that the 50mil was impossible to turn down, not hard!
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  16. Big fran Guest

    It amuses me when folk say walkers pace gets him out of jail. Well he has that pace doesn't he and as long as he gets out of jail does it really matter how u get out of jail??? On trippier v walker I'm a fan of trippier and I was bulling him up on here after his first season when some were slating him. I work near Burnley and with Burnley fans so I know how good he is. In the same league as walker tho? No no no! Walker pushes on much further meaning the opposition winger has to often track him back giving up territory. Trippier tho once he gets within 40 yards or so looks to get the ball in early which is meat and drink to top centre halves. Most of his assists come against his appearances against the Watford's and Leicesters of the league.
    City could buy any right back in the WORLD and chose to sign walker. Let that sink in. Why? Because he's the best in the league. We have just sold the leagues best right back to the now title favorites who were desperate for two new full backs. Let's sell em rose for 60m shall we? Davies had a decent spell last season didnt he. Its good business. Need a center half do u city why not take a look at Toby we have some good young defenders coming through its no problem. Anything else you need just pick up the blower sure we can help. Its nonsense.
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  17. burnt Well-Known Member

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    Calm down mate , just because city bought him doesn't mean he's all that , isn't that the same team that spent 40 mill on Mangala , 40ish on Otamendi , 50 on Stones , just because city spend big on someone doesn't mean he's the greatest thing since sliced bread .... My young fella is the best right back in our house but in the grander scheme of things he's still sh1t .....

    Tripp,s lack of pace is a real worry playing the winger role make no mistake about that ... Pace is a very important attribute playing that role but let's not make Walker out to be Cafu reincarnated or anything .... What ever really happened between Walker and the gaffer , nobody seems to know the full story but the reality is at this stage everyone involved seemed happy to let Walker go ... Let's see how it all pans out over the next few months first , maybe we,ll miss him big time , maybe we won't , maybe he'll make a big contribution to City , maybe he,ll fit in as well as the other 150 mill worth of defenders they've bought over the last few years .... Time will tell .... C.O.Y.S ....
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  18. Nomadico Well-Known Member

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    Walker was a big player for us but so was his ego and that was the problem,Poch is in charge he decided's who plays and where so Walker picks up his wage and follows order's if not he is gone,Poch has built a team ethic no place for inflated ego's......
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  19. guesty Guest

    I said earlier that for £50m he's a sell...and I'm not changing that.
    BUT....he's been with us for 8 years and what does he have to show for it? ....big players want big money and big trophies. He'll certainly be on more money at City and he probably feels he has more chance of trophies.

    The same will be true of Alli....Kane....Erikssen....Verts....Toby.....Hugo.....

    we need to put the potential into actually wining something this season
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  20. Big fran Guest

    Apparently made a bid for kovacic of real Madrid. Was a mega talent a few year ago and still does well on the few occasions he gets a game and his style would suit poch and ours. Still relatively young. Be nice that if we get Barclay and the Portuguese full bk.
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  21. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    Tick Tock , Tick Tock. ..................

    Another Day No action.

    Finished 2nd, surely the Ambition has to be the Title this year?

    And to do that we need 2 top quality ready made signings. Not Hopefuls, Not Nobody's, Not Children.

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