Is Luke now a Shaw thing for White Hart Lane move?

Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by George S, June 15, 2014.

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  1. George S

    George S New Member

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    There could be some positive news regarding Tottenham Hotspur’s search to find a new left-back after some positive news regarding a target for the club.

    Since Mauricio Pochettino was appointed Spurs head coach various Southampton players have been linked with a move to White Hart Lane and other Premier League clubs.

    Luke Shaw has been linked with several Premier League teams after a wonderful breakthrough 2013/14 campaign.

    The England international was so impressive, he earned himself a spot in England’s World Cup squad, though didn’t play a part in Saturday’s 2-1 defeat to Italy.

    United and Chelsea losing interest

    Manchester United and Chelsea have both registered interest in the 18-year-old as well as Spurs with the Manchester club even going as far as bidding for Shaw.

    The Daily Express believe the Red Devils recently bid £27 million for the left back but the bid was rejected and they now appear to be looking elsewhere – suggesting their pursuit of Shaw has failed.

    Meanwhile Chelsea have been linked with a move for another left-back because they feel they can get a cheaper option over Shaw.

    Even though those two teams looking elsewhere may suggest Shaw will stay at Southampton it could open the door perfectly for Pochettino to bring the youngster to White Hart Lane.

    The respect and admiration Shaw has for the new Spurs head coach is obvious and he has credited Pochettino with helping him become the player he is.

    Is he worth the money?

    A chance to rejoin his old manager and move to a club challenging for the Champions League as well as silverware could tempt the England ace should Tottenham make a move.

    United’s £27 million bid was rejected so Southampton are likely to be holding out for around £30 million, a huge outlay for a teenager and after spending a similar fee on Erik Lamela, Spurs fans will obviously be cautious.

    However, is the talent of Shaw worth paying such an excess fee? Pochettino knows the defender and would most likely get him to replicate his Southampton form. If he could do that it would solve our left back problem and maybe we would have another potential world class operator on our books.

    The news regarding Shaw continues to become more positive but the fee is an awful lot of money. If we could get the 18-year-old is it worth splashing the cash?
  2. Considering inflation 30mil for a young English player, who can clearly cut it in the premier league, who also happens to play in the position spurs are weakest seems like great value!
  3. Bri Himself New Member

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    Shaw has a lot of talent and potential, but that's a lot of money and we also have Fryers who demonstrates great skills as well. Pochettino may be able to bring him forward too. What is critical is getting a couple of solid dependable strikers. First order need is to sell Adebayor and bring in at least one of the Lukaka, Benteke, Hernandez type strikers who will develop & produce. Soldado may still yet perform or may be moved back with a decent cash return. Kane has great potential. A strike force led by a mid twenties performer who is dependable and always comes to play will make a huge difference. Once Ade has been replaced; if the funds are there, Shaw could be a good addition; but not at that price..
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  4. Why not... we'll still make £50 million when we sell him to Madrid in 5 years.... ;-)
  5. iQa Guest

    Nonsense article, he will not join spurs. In fact will probably stay a saint, which is the best thing for him too.
  6. hoopspur Guest

    I agree with the comment above - nonsense really. However it's not for us to work out if a player is worth the money or whether we should splash the cash. The club does it's maths and takes the gamble.
  7. Saint R Guest

    No way would he leave saints for THS, to play for a club without champions league football next season and little chance of getting it the year after. If no big team comes in for him he's better off at Southampton.
  8. Billysspurs Guest

    Saints fans calm down, Bale came to Spurs we wasn't in the CL, he used us,a very good club with more exposure than SFC to get his dream, it's possible Shaw may or may not, but there is a pecking order, and we, just as you get our players poached too.
  9. jas.t Guest

    Not sure where the 30 million figure comes from. Saints turned down 27 million and said that he is not for sale. Times have changed massively compared to when Bale was sold and we were fighting off administration. Thank goodness for billionaire owners I say. P.S cant wait for Koeman to start.
  10. Jimbo Guest

    30 million is just ridiculous he is not that good! We could get a far better left back for a lot less money I am sure. I understand he's english so that makes him more valuable being a homegrown player etc but seriously 30 million is just madness! Spurs should sign Ashley Cole on a free transfer!
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  11. Mattj78

    Mattj78 Well-Known Member

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    I can't see it. 30 million pounds is crazy money, but if we do sign him, it would be a heck of a show of intent from the board and new manager.
  12. notnats

    notnats Well-Known Member

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    Talk of up to 30m for a teenaged LB is bonkers. the kid isnt bad but he's a long way off that sort of money. if any club out there is stupid enuf to pay it then good luck to the saints. I wouldnt mind us having a look at Lovren.
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  13. adelaide yid Guest

    Jimbo, apart from the fact Ashley Cole is the wrong side of 30 and represents a very short term solution, he is also the most overrated defender of the Premier League era. We would be better off getting Danny Blind from Ajax who would cost half of the touted 30 million fee for Shaw and is a quality left back who can also go into the left side of midfield. LB is our weakest position so does need addressing but I also think 30 million for a teenager is ludicrous
  14. Gavin Guest

    Made up bullsh*t article. Shaws good and has loads of potential. However Levy will never pay that amount for a maybe. Also when I think of Shaw I remember Bale waltzing past him at will and that wonder strike. He couldnt even slow Bale down.
    Saints can keep him. FRYERS BLIND OR ROSE(with Pochs help) next season for me. Spend the money or a quality Centre Back Right Wing and Striker.
    Bring back Carroll and give Holtby and Lamela time with Poch and our squad is good enough for 4th
  15. Gary_Bexthfc Guest

    Shaw has shown promise but 30mil he isn't. Spurs would be better off bidding for Ricardo Rodriguez, the above mentioned Blind or Swansea's Ben Davies. All 3 of greater value than Shaw. I hate it when a manager joins and suddenly everyone wants him to raid his former club. Shaw, Lovren, Rodriguez, Lallana, Chambers, Ward-prowse, and Schniederlin all been mentioned as possible targets because of Poch coming to spurs. Madness, Lallana as much as I like him would be silly signing, he's not as good as Eriksen or Lamela. Rodriguez would fit at spurs and I could see a bid for him but Lovren has stated he wants a champs league team so could end up back on the continent. The others just wouldn't make sense plus why would saints sell?
  16. Ramos43

    Ramos43 Active Member

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    Gary is right. Most of these stories about the new signings Poch is supposed to be interested in are ,simply, predictable, and lack imagination.

    It seems that if there from his former club Southampton, or his Native land Argentina, then Spurs are interested, which in MOST cases is NOT the case.

    In fact, it appears that the ONLY transfer link that has any kind of credibility, at the moment, is the story regarding Loic Remy (who is neither Argentinian, or a former Saint).

    With that being said, Leo Messi, anyone? ;)
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  17. Gareth Guest

    Maybe Luke Shaw would have almost as much chance of Champions' league football at Saints as at Spurs?! Despite all the speculation only Rickie Lambert has actually left (and that largely for personal reasons). The Saints owner is very rich and doesn't need the money.
  18. big fran Guest

    Messi has had a dip in form maybe his heads been turned by poch also ha ha Cole would be my choice giving us time to develop fryers
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  19. Ramos43

    Ramos43 Active Member

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    One top 8 finish (in the history of EPL) and all of a sudden SOME Southampton fans think their club is as big as on guys, GET REAL!!!

    Ahhh...Football is a funny ol' game.:rolleyes:
  20. Ramos43

    Ramos43 Active Member

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    Not sure Fryers is EVER going to be a LB, if I'm honest. His crossing is WOEFUL, at best. Looks like a good prospect at CB, though.

    Every time I've seen him operate there I've been impressed. Obviously, he can still improve in that position, but he:

    • Reads the game well.
    • Is good in the air.
    • Positions himself well.
    • Good tackler.
    • Has excellent levels of concentration.
    • Quick and agile

    If Spurs need a new CB they could do worst than give Fryers a chance to prove his worth there as 4th choice (at least till Jan).

    He was outstanding at CB against Benfica (away), and was very good against Hull too to name just a couple of occasions.

    If your looking for value at LB to COMPETE with Danny Rose, then Alberto Moreno, Alex Sandro, Ben Davis and Layvin Kurzawa would all represent good options.
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