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Discussion in 'Featured' started by Felon82, November 25, 2017.

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  1. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    So after the Highs of Beating Dortmund coming from a Goal behind we Hosted the Baggies, with the recent departure of Pulis due to a run of poor results very few wouldve had this as much other than a standard 3 points.

    So after our Dismal performance in the NLD this was a chance to get back on track for us.

    So of course within 5 minutes we are 1 nil down, Now Lloris does have his qualities but he also has a fragility to his game on occasions and today we saw it big time.
    The way in which the ball trickled in had me thinking I couldve jumped in my motor, drove to Wembley, parked up, walked up the slope, through the doors, into the stadium, down the steps, sauntered on to the pitch and stopped it myself yet Hugo stood rooted to the spot like his boots were nailed to the ground.

    Was poor to say the least.

    So that was the 2nd part of West Broms game plan nick a goal sorted now for their main game plan keep it tight waste time and defend.

    Que Spurs Game plan- to overcome an organised/stubborn Defence.
    We went left/right/backwards/forwards in a busily doing nothing predictable routine that barring the odd pot shot did nothing.

    2nd half and more of the same , a little more tempo , off came winks and Jan on came Dembele and Llorente (inspirational :confused:) then finally a whipped in ball from Alli and Kane doing what he does.

    1-1 , this is where Big clubs and Title winners go on to win 15 minutes left smell blood and go for it.

    We tried even more predictable passages of football looking like it wasn't that big a deal if we draw (the exact mentality that holds the entire club back!) But it fizzled out to a disappointing draw although some will probably tell us its a great result and we're not the finished article yet........

    I'm disappointed though and it's not good enough Poch or players or even fans crying about a team setting up to defend, it's not news it's not some new phenomena it's down to the Manager and Players to negate around this.

    And today was a glowing example of how we need more quality going forward for all those that are opposed during the windows to buying players that may God forbid challenge / even improve on Eriksen/Alli/kane etc this is where we could do with quality subs and rotation to get results in Europe and then come home and keep to the same levels.

    When we are not firing on all cylinders it exposes the Squad depth and quality but also Pochs in game management.

    Any more delusions of title challenges left?
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  3. Where was your blog post Dortmund Felon lad? Sing it with me now:
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  4. Cheshuntboy Guest

    Only the most deluded rose-tinted spec wearer can honestly believe we're still chasing the title - if we ever were - so it's still only November, and it's the CL or the sadly diminished FA Cup if we're not to celebrate ten trophy-less years under ENIC. Some sites and posters are speculating that winning the CL might not be an impossibility, based on our success in the group stage, but Dortmund and Real Madrid are clearly not the forces they were, and there are still at least half-a-dozen teams we'd be unlikely to beat over two legs (including both the Mancs) - it would be by far the biggest upset in the history of the competition if we were to win it, and I really can't see it happening, even with Pochettino's legendary luck. As for the FA Cup, we've shown it no respect for years now, but it might just be different if we're nowhere in the league and out of the CL early next year - perhaps we'll end up with that elusive trophy because Pochettino has no choice but to go for it - you've got to hope, haven't you?
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  5. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    Where was yours???
  6. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    Don't mention the 'T' word Cheshuntboy the lynch mob will come for you!
  7. barney Guest

    is it just me or dose anyone else agree that Tin Tin has got worse he bottles out of most challenges hes free kicks are a joke and he needs to be dropped or am i deluded ?
  8. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    He seems to save his best for Denmark, he is a quality player but imo like Alli is too comfortable/unchallenged in his spot in the team.
    Come rain or shine his name will be on the team sheet because we have no alternatives.
  9. barney Guest

    correct Felon82 i know that is the case but would an unfit Dembele be a better starting player for as long as possible just to show him he is not a given every game and he must up hes game i think he has gone a bit stale and content i cannot remember the last time he scored from a free kick which was hes trade mark
  10. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    Agreed Barney but although a big fan of both their abilities (Eriksen and Dembele) both are guilty of watching games pass them by when they are of the Quality to influence a difficult game opting for the safe unimaginative pass or run every time.

    And Eriksens free kicks/corners are atrocious !
  11. barney Guest

    enough said just my rant onwards and upwards C.O.Y.S
  12. Jam Guest

    Tin Tin is mercurial.. always has been. He had a nice run of form the latter half of last season but generally such consistency does not befit him.

    Good player who often has to shoulder the entirety of the team's creative burden.
  13. Jam Guest

    Dembele is class. Spurs are always a different proposition when he's on the field and no doubt would have won yesterday had he started. Same with Rose.

    We played the B team and got what we deserved.
  14. Big fran Guest

    Realistically how long are looking at before Kane looks at moving on as we continue to go backwards.
    For me our starting 11 isn't as good as last year. Are Davies and trippier a better pairing than Walker and a fit Rose. Are winks and dier a better pivot than wanyama and dembele. Does Llorente offer less than janssen? Our strength was our full BKS or wing BKS if u like. Walker requests to leave despite having signed a new deal. I said at the time selling the best right bk in the league to the richest club with the best squad and desperate for a full bk would be a mistake and its proved to be so. Now it looks like Rose wants a piece of the same pie. The floodgates will open. Who's next to dare question the ambition of the club. Are we going to keep taking the easy option and sell them to rivals.?
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  15. Genevaspurs Guest

  16. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    What let us down last season and the season before is not enough Quality Options to rotate/alter/freshen things up.
    When we ran a close 2nd last year the only difference between us and Chelsea was they had match winners on the bench when things weren't working and Conte knew what to do to get the points needed.
    If we had gone pro actively into the market and bought players with attacking ability (not a slow Spanish Crouch) then we could have been a real force this season because players like Eriksen/Alli etc wouldve had to step up their games.

    Some fans may Crow about finishing 3rd/2nd but it has a destabilising effect on a team if it isnt improved on, complacency slips in and then heads begin to turn because what top player 'Wants' to finish with a well tried nearly over a Trophy/Title?
    God Forbid Kane gets injured because then we will really struggle.
  17. Jam Guest

    Walker was a big loss.. despite his limitations he has been the best right back in the EPL for several seasons. Trippier is a good player but overall a downgrade.

    Wanyama has also been a big loss. Winks is a major step down.

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