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Discussion in 'Featured' started by Felon82, October 19, 2018.

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  1. voiceofreason Active Member

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    Or you could look at it from the point of view that because the English league has become so big and popular, it is now full of foreign players. Therefore, any English player that manages to get into a team has to be a lot better than previously so those 25 regular players are of a high standard .

    I’m not completely convinced by my statement though :)
  2. burnt Well-Known Member

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    Good performance by us so far , as good as I've seen from us this season , can't believe we haven't scored .. Opposition aren't great but there as good or better then some of the sides we've stuttered past so far .. Sods law we batter someone and loose .......
  3. Cheshuntboy Guest

    I'm listening to the match on steam radio, and it sounds like a lot of fancy-dannery from Alli, and sweet FA from Kane - we seem to be right back to the Spurs teams of the past thirty years so derided by Neville - all huff and puff, and no end product. Since I've never been one of his worshippers, I'd be lying if I pretended to be disillusioned with Pochettino - I just think he's run out of inspiration, and if/when he calls it a day at Spurs, it won't be the disaster the pundits would have us believe - the 'project' will merely have ended with us back where we started in 2014, and the endless cycle will start all over again.

    PS With fifteen minutes left we could still scrape a win, but who wants to qualify for the EL - not me!
  4. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Well we've knicked a win at the Death while Inter have got a draw with Barca.
    Back to our familiar ambling ground the Europa LG beckons.
    3 CL qualifications on the bounce nothing to be sniffed at considering we have the transfer budget of a lower Championship side, but 2 of those campaigns have been an embarrassment for those that crow about top 4 finishes to produce shite like that an FA cup win would be much more memorable for me.
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  5. Peter reed Guest

    Once again nearly 30attempts on goal but very few on target and our final ball in the attacking area leaves a lot to be desired.Kane once again gets lucky and receives praise when his overall contribution lacks the dynamism he had the last two years but at least he can hit the target unlike the rest.I have said I don't think trippier can defend but he is at least in the ball park when the ball is in our half which is not where the disaster Aurier is.We all want to see some movement in the transfer window but poch dealings in the past don't inspire me with confidence i.e. Sissoko aurier llorente etc.still looks like we are back to the Thursday grind oh happy days
  6. Cheshuntboy Guest

    I know we're now in a world of false news and make-it-up-as-you-go-along journalism, but what's the truth about the local authority attendance caps supposedly in place for the City and PSV games at Wembley? The embarrassingly low crowds for both games were excused because of Brent Council's reported 51,000 cap, but there's an Arsenal site today stating that no such cap was in place, so who's right?
    Certainly the general expectation of humiliation against City, and the total absence of crowd appeal of PSV (whatever happened to Dutch football? It's almost as desperate as the Scottish version) must have had an effect, but Spurs have got to hope that it's mainly sheer Wembley weariness. If, though, it's more fundamental, the 62,000 seats in the rumoured new stadium will be yet another weapon to beat us with, if the possibility of a real title push has been sacrificed in order to pay for a white elephant which we'll struggle to fill, especially if we're financially hamstrung for years to come. Oh, I almost forgot, In Levy We Trust.
  7. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Why anyone would pay and take time out of their lives to watch a dead horse being flogged in a souless bowl stadium to give their hard earned cash to an ownership that can't be bothered to buy players to improve a squad that's won nothing is beyond me anyway.
    The faithful (hats off to them by the way) have been more than supportive of this rewardless regime but the well of good will is running dry I'd say and not before time either despite whether or not there's been imposed ticket caps etc.
    Wembley sucks and dressing up 2nd best sucks also.
  8. voiceofreason Active Member

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    It’s amazing how negative this site has become

    If we lose then the comments come thick and fast about how **** we are, if we win then it’s incredible how the majority find a way to turn that negative as well.!!

    We just won the last game , we had a terrible start but turned it around. Let’s stuff Palace tomorrow and even if we scrape a win let’s celebrate it. Heaven forbid we lose as I can see the hands rubbing together with glee already in anticipation!!
  9. Cheshuntboy Guest

    I can understand your point of view, but surely YOU can understand the frustration of those of us who don't share the blind faith of the fair weather or foul/better or worse fans (in full, FANATICS), who genuinely believe that Spurs really are the greatest team the world has ever seen, and if you don't agree, eff off.
    If you think rather than believe, then the past few years have been torture, with the hope of real success (which is measured in trophies, nothing else) snatched away through failure to win the big games, while the apparent improvement in Pochettino's first three seasons clearly stalled last year, and this season has so far seen an amazing run of snatched and often undeserved wins against PL minnows, and a clear gap in quality when we've faced Liverpool and City, our supposed rivals for the big trophies. It would be lovely to think that everything is great at Spurs, and only going to get better, but if you use your brain rather than your heart for thought, it just doesn't seem like that - sorry!
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  10. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    VoR why don't you dazzle us with a pre Palace match topic, packed full of how positive everything is?
    No one's stopping you......
  11. voiceofreason Active Member

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    Keep up Felon,! My point wasn’t about pre match negativity it was about the post match negativity based on our last game where we won.

    I am sure you are getting ready for a loss today or a bad performance just so that it can back up your rhetoric- I for one want a win, preferably pretty but I’ll take ugly. Palace were actually pretty good last week
  12. Gordon Mc

    Gordon Mc Well-Known Member

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    Think I'll dip a toe into this thread again after watching a hard earned win against a spirited but poor Palace side - pleased with max points, but after all that's why Palace are where they are, they're basically one dimensional - relying very much on Zaha, and ultimately useless. However, to win 7 away games out of the first 8 is nothing short of amazing but unfortunately (I hear some groans) I'll temper that again by referring the opposition to their respective placings in the table - if we'd lost any of those 7 I'd be well p*ssed, as I was at the Watford debacle. So guys - let's not be too negative about it right now, I'm sure we can all see points lost in the past where we've picked them up this term. NOW I'm going to be negative - Lloris again gives me jitters when high balls are thrown his way. Also Glass Half Full time - we've a lot of better sides to take on yet. BUT - it is what it is, 27 points and tucked into 4th spot - keep on truckin' boys.

    So for us at this stage it's B+ on the Report, with an added comment of "Not the strongest in the class but shows plenty of ability, although a tendency at times to over elaborate and, alarmingly, lose concentration".

    P.S. Good to see Juan Foyth get the decider -to me he looks a trier and certainly a bit raw yet but I feel there's a lot of promise there.
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  13. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    No your point was about the negativity of the site your words.
    I was suggesting you write something but again you deflect.
    Now that it's Post Palace why don't you write a match report with your super positive spin?

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