Good news on Erik Lamela! Yes, you heard right - Erik Lamela!

Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by Josh Bolton, May 9, 2014.

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  1. Josh Bolton

    Josh Bolton Active Member

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    If Peter Pan were to do an NFL-like draft pick to select his group of lost boys, I have no doubt that Erik Lamela would be chosen first.

    After appearing as a young, fresh and agile Argentinian who could replace GB11, the winger then went on to fly, like the Pan, to Italy, Argentina back to London and round again – albeit without the green tights.

    Posters have been put up, milk cartons used and sniffer dogs recruited, now finally, it seems that we have news on Erik Lamela.

    The Demise of Erik Lamela

    Last month, when manager Tim Sherwood was asked about the Argentine’s contribution this season, he claimed: “The jury is still out, if I’m honest”, causing Spurs fans to question whether Sherwood had played a part in the Argentinian’s murder.

    However, the Daily Mail have dedicated an entire story for Coco’s absence, putting it solely down to injury.

    The truth, they believe, is that Lamela was injured when he arrived at WHL and was so desperate to succeed, that he had tried to hide a serious muscular injury. As a result of this, his body compensated in other areas, leading to the diagnosis of a fractured vertebra that has kept him out of action since December 2013.

    The Resurrection of Erik Lamela

    As explained by the Mail, there have been other signs of his talent, but, at present, he is said to be hurting inside after being excluded from Alejandro Sabella’s World Cup squad, and is absolutely determined to make amends next season.

    Italian papers Gazzetta Dello Sport and Corriere Dello Sport, both report that our number 11 is a player of interest for Walter Mazzarri’s Inter Milan, whilst there have been repeated rumours that Roma are trying to get the Argentine playmaker back. A queue of clubs with CL football would take Lamela off Tottenham’s hands, but the Mail are adamant that he isn’t leaving.

    The Daily Mail were also quick to quash the thought that Lamela would be unsettled if Franco Baldini were to leave Spurs this summer. With there being an assumption that Lamela was recommended to Spurs by Baldini when he quit Roma, the Mail report that Spurs had made their first approach in January 2013, when Villas-Boas enquired about him in the transfer window.

    Erik Found, Erik Supported

    Comments on this article were in unanimous support for our record-signing, who had hit back at critics who had labelled Erik a “waste of money” or even a PL “flop”.

    One supporter or Erik, wrote – “He's a young player who's had injury issues and struggled to settle in England. He has a top attitude, staying behind after training and games to practise and being constantly upbeat. He'll be a first team regular and a big player for spurs within 2 years (if he stays) so there's no need for ignorant pieces like this.

    Whilst another added - “Papers are too quick to judge! Just look at Wilson from Man U! 2 goals on his debut and he's the saviour of English football! That one has been bounded about so many times, Francis Jeffers anyone? The papers need to calm down.”

    Although my personal favourite, can be shown here – “Papers, like the Daily Mail, like to glamorize a young footballer's "supposed" failings. Even greats like Suarez, Henry, and Ronaldo took time to settle in this country. Let’s not forget Bale, who the media were calling him the worst LB in the league when he never won in a Spurs shirt in 21 games, yet blossomed in to the most expensive footballer in the World. Then you have the flip side, Pape Cisse at Newcastle, was on fire when he first came, the next season he couldn't score to save his life. This is the media culture though, they want everything instantly, and if they do not get it, they label you a flop.”

    I often say “Keep the Faith” at the end of many of my articles to no avail, but here I feel it is essential. Keep the faith in Erik, Spurs fans, and one day that faith will be repaid!
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  2. mini76 New Member

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    Interesting read, True the boy needs time I'm sure he will come good for us.
    He will become another great player given time. If he stays
  3. EngNor New Member

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    I would really like to see him in a Spurs shirt next season, He had shown some real quality. Pray that the right man takes over from Tiny Tim that, will allow Lamela, Eriksen et al to become a unit.
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  4. leethfc Guest

    lamela got injured but has.not been alowed to play incase he injures his self again simply because hes allready sold he had technically been sold since the begining of his flump wich was before christmas ......thats my theory anyway

    on a lightet note i watched over 30 hours of lamela he is what us brits call s##t hot it is just a shame he has not been able to show it in premier league yet if he had i think we would probably be looking down on arsenal now
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  5. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    30mil for a prospect was a massive gamble to me that amount is end product. The gamble so far has not paid off your record signing should be a match winner 'the difference' all iv seen so far is a scared boy.
    He has a summer to get fit, hes had a whole wasted season to settle in. He should be itching to prove his worth next year.
    Other than eriksen iv been very dissapointed with our signings and the mis management of it all.
  6. Jim Guest

    I remember a certain Darren Anderton playing whilst injured just after he had signed from Portsmouth. He then went on to be an outstanding player for Spurs and England. Hopefully when he's 100% fit Erik Lamela will be able to do the same.
  7. Matt New Member

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    Next season Lamela will repay his transfer fee and more.
    I believe he will be an exceptional player for Spurs
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  8. josh New Member

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    Yh I hope he is given the time to prove himself next seasom I believe his fee will go up next season
  9. Face Guest

    Erik will be the best player in england one of these days , Spurs fans let's keep the faith and support him
  10. notnats

    notnats Well-Known Member

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    We all want to see this kid play next season and see what he's got but lets face it the money spurs paid for potential alone was sheer insanity. nice bit of work from Baldini for his previous employers, wonder if he got a nice wedge out of it ?
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  11. Real Guest

    As soon as he has one good season for Spurs, he'll be off to Real Madrid.

    It's known.
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  12. neil Guest

    Jim I do not believe you Darren anderton was never injured throughout his career ;-)
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  13. Stoke Spur Guest

    Come on Erik,

    You can do it, especially seeing that people think that many a Gooner are world class, which is utter BS.

    Show the world what you can do.
  14. Fred Guest

    So what exactly was the good news? A player is so decietful it pretends not to be injured and despite a thorough medical that would detect a muscle injury being done before he signed not muscle injury was found. What you are suggesting is that Tottenham have incompetent medical staff and the doctor who did the medical was incompetent.
  15. AtTheLane Guest

    Lamela and SolDUDo are just 2 of the turkeys bought as a knee jerk reaction to the loss of GB and Modric, there were others, but as far as strikers go, Sherwood has been playing the likes of Kane anyways and we had Defoe, LazyAde etc so absolutely no need to waste the transfer fee money,
    I cant believe how Levy sanctioned the release of so much money considering how shrood he is.
    Ask yourselves......Is it really OUR fault as supporters for these signings?
    The need to appease in the short term, in this case, happened to be the wrong decision.
    If Baldini was anything to do with it then he needs a kicking from Levy then a massive pay cut, at the very least his commision.
    Solduddo dont work and Lamela is broken, can I return and have a refund please? Ooooh Thankyou.
  16. jcjc Guest

    You are wrong - he is not a prospect, but already a fantastic player.
  17. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Well hes done a lot so far for 30 mil
  18. leethfc Guest

    harsh but probably right soldado just unlucky but he has had alot of personal **** to deal with but best thing for him is to be sold as for lamela he will come good weather its with us or another team time will tell

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