Going Backwards

Discussion in 'Featured' started by Felon82, December 16, 2017.

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  1. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    City 4 - 1 Spurs

    Could've been 5 but for the woodwork.

    Only one team turned up today, I can't name 1 Spurs player that had a good game and as for players that had a poor game I'd say all of them as a collective were poor but Winks and Trippier were exposed badly at this level.

    Poch was quick in the build up to this championing the 3 wins on the bounce against the might of Apoel/Stoke/Brighton then went away to Peps City and got a royal schooling.

    Harrowing Memories of AvB watching this one.

    The Summers transfer inactivity is coming back to bite us hard now, Alli contributes nothing, Eriksen scored at the death, but was completely anonymous the 90 minutes prior, Kane is out of form and Son both were stranded. Add that to a team of players who all coast through games doing a 'job' that is press get the ball pass sideways at snail pace and do nothing else to influence a game.

    At 1-0 down 2-0 down 3-0 down we never looked like wed spring a come back even for a point.

    Most worryingly we didn't play or look like a team today and that's not the 1st time this season we've looked disjointed/interested.

    Again we are looking at Poch, we are looking at tactical and player changes and again he throws the 60 mil duo Lam-oko on and again it does nothing to influence the game.

    Pochs fault he has nothing on the bench? Pochs fault he cant adapt in game?
    Id say partly yes, if he isn't banging down Levys door or is content with Lam-oko as the 'game changers' then Yes he is.

    Levy Stop short changing the fans (and most likely Poch) buy some quality not only to push on but to give some of our coasting players a kick up the backside to raise their game and actually perform in big games.

    We've gone from Challengers in 2 seasons where no1 turned up straight back to our standard clinging on position.

    Apparently being too big for domestic cups that we don't/cant even win we're after the Title and Champions Lg how deluded and ignorant can the club be and how deluded and gullible/brainwashed are our fans to put up with this BS* we are 21 points off City its not even Christmas ffs.

    We beat a dodgy Madrid and Dortmund but anyone deluded enough to think we'll beat any of Bayern/Barca/City/Chavs/Utd etc and win the CL need to seek medical advice.

    We will be fortunate to finish Top 4 the way we are playing and we look totally devoid of any ideas on how to change it.

    The defence is poorer than last year the attack is poorer, the pace is non existent, the options just aren't there.

    Levy get the Cheque book out, Poch take the blinkers off and get some quality in.

    Fans stop finding Excuses for the club and start demanding more than 1 trophy in 16/17 years.

    This is the longest Trophyless Period of all owners since WW2 stop kidding yourselves that this is Success its NOT!

    Cup wise the returns of this 'Project' are appalling, League wise we've invited 4 or of the big 6 to re-overtake us/catch up content with not improving during the Summer, now we are in a scrap with the usual suspects for a top 4 place failure to make that will be catastrophic and what I pre warned all the 'we don't need to spend' brigade will see just how loyal and 'project' driven our best are.

    1 step forward and 2 steps back !

    Poor performance.

    Player ratings - 3
    Manager ratings - 3

    City looked all round a level above us today in 1 summer
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  3. burnt Well-Known Member

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    Shocking performance from all regardless of the opposition .. Suicidal tactics , how many times do we have to say , it's suicide to play this way against 2 teams in the Premier Lg , Man City & Liverpool , you can't give them that much space to get in behind you ... Then we conceed one from a corner and 2 from our own throw ins , that's just embarrassing ... They went on to miss a penelty and numerous other good chances .. Ali and Kane should both have been sent off so all in all we got away light and were flattered by the result ...

    When you think of last year and year before , our solidity was the base for everything , a solid spine as good as I've seen at Spurs .. Well look at it now , Toby Walker , Rose , Wanyama , Dembele , all out or just back from injuries but nowhere near the same players , then throw in the keeper who's all over the place at the moment ... To top it all off our forward players who are always inconsistent bar Harry have been all over the shop lately .. Taking all of this into account it's no wonder we're playing like we are ... We're struggling lads , the results were masking the performances at the beginning of the season but I've mentioned it quite a few times , we're nowhere close to the same team this season .. Toby obviously helped keep the wolves away while he was fit but right now his injury is looking like the straw that broke the camel's back ... The only good thing is it's such a rubbish quality league regardless of the sky hype and money spent we might be able to hang in there and at least give ourselves a chance of top 4 in the new year ..
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  4. Kaizad Guest

    How is the blame dropping on the flipping cheque book?? This is the SAME team as last year. Just that they were shattered with 8 injuries at the first quarter of the season, followed by players looking like they aren't all there - whether that's due to fitness or otherwise.

    For once Poch's words make sense. Keep calm. We don't need a firestorm. Thank you for venting your frustrations on your blog, but ffs, if we don't help our team out with some positivity at a time like this, then we're well and truly ****ed. This game definitely came at our worst moment. Despite wins in our last 3 games, we honestly looked ****, lacking the intelligent press and lacking any sort of positive movement.

    To me it looks like a lot of Poch's early teachings have faded in the muscle memory of the players. We look like the spurs of Poch's first season, but that's okay. I've been carefully watching the series of events unfurling to bring us here. Our most injury prone season by far, lack of a stable starting 11 as a result, some bad luck - suddenly confidence is waning. Suddenly we're ponderous because we're not confident. Rose's outburst has had a far greater impact than we may realise yet. Because suddenly players are distracted too. Our unstoppable midfield engine room has been wrecked through injury. And the emerging players aren't the same - well mostly Dembele.

    A lot of this could not have been foreseen at the start of the season. But here we are. Growing forward and backward with our team of kids. You can't love the approach when we win, and rain venom when we dont. This is simply how it is, and you spreading your frustrations is pointless. If there's anyone I trust to steer us out of this mess, it's Poch. Unfortunately, he's also the managerial equivalent of a young player. So bite your lip. Let the confidence return. Let our players return to form. Let Wanyama (the biggest miss all season, especially since Dier's been drafted into defence) And we can start building again. Take it easy kids. Night.
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  5. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    Because we showed no intent of improving , whether or not we were good last year stand still and you will be over taken.

    If we had cut ties with serial underperformers or players Poch refuses to play/include and bolstered our ranks with quality, we couldve coped with injuries and plenty of our disintereste/distracted players would have to raise or keep their standards up because of the genuine competition for places.
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  6. Manchester City are unbeatable due to disgusting amounts of money being spent on players & having the ex Barcelona manager in charge. They're being called the best team in Europe & some are even going further and suggesting best in the world (Hold the phone on that)

    Once you accept the above (Not the last bit maybe) you cant complain when they beat you... it really is that simple. When we play a team that we have a realistic chance of beating & we lose then fine, get the debate going and pick the bones but there is absolutely no point in debating what happened today... just as there is no point debating why all the other 17 teams lost against them ... nor the other 31 teams who will probably be beaten by them too.
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  7. Andyspur Guest

    I blame Pochettino for not giving young academy players a chance. Apart from Mason and Winks, I cannot think of any other young academy players, that he has given regular game time to. And Mason was not that young either, when he got his chance.

    When people say that he gives young academy players a chance, it is a complete myth.

    Surely there are better players in the academy than Sissoko. Surely Skipp would be a far better midfield option.

    Why was Foyth not playing as a third centre back, with Dier and Vertonghen today?

    How comes Alli is still in the team, even though he is the weak link and always gives the ball away?
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  8. EDIT - Nor is it worth debating the other 17 games they won... nor is it worth debating the next 31 league games they win.
  9. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    None of this excuses how poor the performance was from Spurs.
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  10. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    I spose we shouldnt look at the 1 win from Poch in 18 away games to the other of the top 6 either?

    Always better to bury your head in the sand
  11. Del Guest

    The same big talk from the players and manager before the game !! .... the same pathetic excuses after and the usual poch quote-( we must learn)???? 1 win in 19 against the top 6 away speaks for itself ! They haven’ t learned a f*****g thing ! Absolute s**t
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  12. Del Guest

    Hang on poch is saying the city defeat is a good experience??? Wtf ! Doesn’t he say this after every shocking performance ??? Change the f*****g record mate! Deluded!
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  13. Spurporter

    Spurporter Active Member

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    I totally disagree that players didn't leave it all on the pitch. They did. Yet we were killed fare and square by much better team. I love our lads, but sorry to say no one is close to de Bruyne or to Sane. Our CF is better than anyone in league, but that is where it ends. Son is on par with Sterling. On his good day it is. We just were lucky not to lose both Kane and Dele to Red cards.
    We used to be better on defense, but we lost the best to injury and to red card. Dier is pretty mediocre this season and plays because of the situation. Rose will not be sold to MU in January, as no one would want a player he is now.
    Going backwards? Sure. Where, do you think, Spurs should go, sideways? We absolutely cannot go forward, especially after Sanchez red. Winks is a good bench player, but we need Wanyama back. We are not the same without Toby, obviously. Desire and energy is something that supporters strive on. Footballers need skills to succeed. We just had less of that at Etihad
    This team needs to rest and to leak its wounds. Last thing that is needed at this point is criticism
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  14. Jam Guest

    Wow.. Man City.. what a football team. Even without possibly their best player in David Silva they utterly crushed us. That said a couple of things that are painfully obvious..

    Letting Walker go.. even for 50M.. was a mistake. Maybe there was no keeping him.. but Poch rotating him in and out at the back end of last season only facilitated his departure. Seemed incongruous then.. bloody foolish now. Trippier can be a nice player in the final third but he was brutally exposed everywhere else today. Aurier, as loose as he can be, is clearly the better option. One thing is certain, he would not have been overawed nor physically overwhelmed against a young player like Sané today.

    Losing Wanyama has been a big loss but his absence has been exacerbated ten fold by Poch's obsession with Winks. Good luck to the lad.. but to be perfectly blunt there is no purpose in playing him week in week out unless it is to sell him for 20M to some unsuspecting lower grade English club next season. Is that worth missing out on the top 4? There are other options.. at the very least Dier could be shifted to midfield.. his preferred position.. and young Foyth could be properly blooded this season.. at 19 he is clearly a better prospect than Winks who honestly brings nothing of note to the team. Sorry Harry.. I know you're a good fellow.
  15. AussieSpur Guest

    How true - our squad is 2nd rate and needs an overhaul :(
  16. Big fran Guest

    People will say we haven't gone backwards and that city have just progressed so much. To a small extent I agree but in reality if you stand still and everything else moved on then backwards you will be anyway.
    Look at the squad as a whole from last yr to this.
    The best right bk in the league( lauded by Pep as one of the best in the world) was sold to a direct rival and aurier was signed for half the price. Aurier is now the bk up to trippier who was walkers back up.
    An experienced wimmer who was given game time when needed replaced with a 19yr foyth who is a prospect granted but not deemed to risky to start hence Dier has to cover more there.
    The fact that Dier has to be played more there means we are now woefully short in centre mid and winks another prospect is now a guaranteed starter.
    See where I'm going here.....?
    Then we come to llorente. He replaced another prospect who was struggling I agree but didn't lack effort endeavour pace and mobility. When you sign someone like llorente at his age who is happy to play second fiddle to Harry Kane knowing he will never force him out the side is only coming for a final pay day and an easy ride. He won't go home punching walls and upset about not getting a game yesterday rest assured.
    The squad is miles thinner in my eyes.
    The squad needs a revamp and I'd do it in this window ready for next season.
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  17. Big fran Guest

    The squad lacks pace overall especially the front line. Look at the pace power Liverpool and city have compared to ours.
    I'd be looking to bring in Barkley zaha Sessagnon dembele and centre bk and mid all this window.
    Alli and eriksen in the same team just does not work they are too similar and one paced. If they had to fight each other for a spot it would bring them both on one hundred per cent into genuine world class performers. However I would not be against selling one especially Alli if he were to bring 100m to go bk in the transfer pot.

    Out would go Vickers onomah Sissoko llorente Janssen nkoudou regardless of how much a hit we take on each. This squad needs a revamp and a lift asap.
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  18. Gordon Mc Guest

    [ However I would not be against selling one especially Alli if he were to bring 100m to go bk in the transfer pot.

    I can't see ANYONE going anywhere near that figure for Alli and the way I feel now I'd ship him out for what we can get ASAP if I were in charge of affairs. I hate to keep on about him, but he's not doing it and I don't think he wants to. We're 17 League games plus the Cups and if he's played much more than half pace in 3 or 4 that's it. Leave him out Poch, if he wants to stay and put in a shift - fine; if he doesn't - fine again.
    Overall the team is just depressingly grim and I've made my thoughts clear on why this often enough. I'm kind of worried about the state of things and a few wins against truly baggy opposition (Sorry about that Stoke, Brighton and some others), for me, doesn't mask serious problems. Top Four ? We'll be really lucky to see that - more likely the good old 7th or 8th of a few years ago I reckon, unless there's a startling turnaround beginning right this minute. Been enjoyable while it lasted though, quite like when I was a kid - MANY years ago.
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  19. Cheshuntboy Guest

    The speed with which we've fallen from grace is truly alarming, and I'm becoming seriously concerned that we are getting into a spiral of failure, starting from the Rose comments and the Walker sale, compounded by the Wanyama and Alderweireld injuries, with Pochettino's increasingly obvious managerial shortcomings only adding to the toxic mix. At this rate, the departure of our star players (including Kane, who surely won't wait forever for the team to catch up with him) is becoming more and more likely, and the chances of Year Five of the 'Project' producing an improvement on Years Two and Three seem slim indeed. Leicester proved two years ago that everything can come together very quickly in a good way, and I sincerely hope that we're not in the process of demonstrating the opposite this season. Over to you, Pochettino - please show that you deserve the praise lavished on you so often by so many fans and 'experts' by getting a grip, showing some flexibility and instilling some much-needed confidence into our currently shell-shocked players - a team they are not!
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  20. Bazza47

    Bazza47 Well-Known Member

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    It's difficult to know where to start after such an abject performance.

    We all know the stats, we know how we can't beat the top sides away, we know we have this worrying ability to start big games badly, then it gets into our head, and before you know where you are, they are out of sight.

    This was total shite, but not all together a surprise, as many have commented here. We've had several players who have fallen short this term, but rarely have they all done it in such an embarrassing way. Pity the poor travelling fans who found themselves 200 miles north on a Saturday night, having been numbed by what they saw from the team.

    Not so long ago it was a case of us just not being good enough. But with HK's emergence, and Dele, and Son, all of a sudden we were. But now we're not.

    You can't play a style, short passing from Lloris, to positions that put you under threat immediately and expect to get away with it. This is the top flight team, assembled with hundreds of £millions of Sheik money.
    WFT were we doing. WTF was Lloris doing, every time.

    We know Dier isn't good enough to play CB, Trippier attacks well, defends poorly, Rose is nowhere near at his best, Moussa still doesn't look fit. Eriksen, Dele both absent. Why did Poch play Son on the right after a MOTM performances on he left against Stoke. It was like he thought Walker would have him over, but left side is his best position.

    I was glad I'd planned to go out for a curry straight afterwards. We agreed not to talk about the football....and we didn't. The meal and the company took my mind of it totally.

    Poor Lads & Poch, to a man.
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  21. 71yid

    71yid Member

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    This pasting has been coming for a while now despite the fact that i ludicrously thought we might manage a score draw of some proportions with the correct tactical approach yesterday. Llorente should start matches with Son and stop rotating the bloody defence...keep a settled back four. Im not saying this would have improved our chances in last nights game but at least we may have appeared a bit more organised instead of allowing City all the room in the world to get in behind the defence. In the meantime, i fear this team could well break up unless theres a dramatic change of fortune in the future and not even the prospect of playing in a new "Lane" might be able to save it either! Burnley nxt.... Oh dear!
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