Eriksen is better than Modric

Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by Felon82, February 1, 2015.

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  1. MBY Guest

    Would love to see Mirallas as part of the 3 behind Kane personally. Him, Chadli and Eriksen would be lethal
  2. bruski

    bruski Active Member

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    Boys, boys, boys.......settle down now. Eriksen, Modric.......both great but different players. Christian has to prove himself over a longer period, but who gives a flying fig about who's got the biggest 'dick?'.
    For me the biggest talking point now, as some of our players are rising to the top, is how do we keep them? At all costs we must keep our best and move forward, something we have been unable to do for a very long time. I'm loving what I'm seeing at the moment and I want it to grow with Poch at the helm.
  3. LouisTHFC Guest

    I wouldn't say so. 3 behind Kane play in a very fluid system and have freedom to roam which is why you see eriksen operate so often from the Middle. He's not exactly left wing is he? He nearly scored yesterday cutting in from the right. He is given complete
  4. MBY Guest

    We keep them by strengthening the squad/team by replacing the sh*t with quality. Players like Adebayor, Capoue, Townsend, Soldado, Paulinho, Kaboul, Chiriches have got to be phased out and replaced with better players. Also Lamela has to start delivering for his price tag...simply not good enough up till now.
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  5. NigeaSpur Guest

    Dude you are not comparing like with like. Eriksen plays off or behind the front..Luka is a deep playmaker in front of the back 4. Luka Modric was probably the best player on the park on the Champs League final so how do you top that quality!? Id only love for us to still have him!! We have nobody near that quality in that area.
    Eriksen has been great recently and so many important still like to see him do more in possesion in general play sometimes as he sometimes runs into alleys on the pitch..losing possesion..still a great prospect along with Kane
  6. LouisTHFC Guest

    Felon82 deletinng my comments because you can't take criticism? Haha at least balls up and stand up for yours viewpoint rather than deleting comments that criticise
  7. MBY Guest

    So you agree Modric role was that of Paul Gascoigne back in the day?

    Nobody has said Modric is rubbish have they? Or have I missed something
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  8. I can't believe idiots out there are still slagging off Defoe?? What is a matter with you people - talk about being bitter and twisted and having a chip on your shoulder. He was a great Spurs player who scored against every team we played against more or less and won us a shedload of points down the years, and who's now moved on to pastures new. Show some respect and bury your hate. Bloody hell I'd swap Adebore and Soldadud for Defoe right now, at least you'd know he's come on and give his all, and he wouldn't miss open goals either.
  9. Admin

    Admin Administrator Staff Member

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    "Fairly certain" no one deleted your comments.
    Personal insults deleted (I don't think it was you.)
    Some comments were merged. for eg MBY's
    So maybe your comment is now on the first page.. ?
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  10. Mattj78

    Mattj78 Well-Known Member

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    Yes, you can compare the two. Both were signed as players to affect the outcomes of games and as good as Modric was, he did not actually win us many games, Eriksen has. Eriksen has also adapted his ga,e to the positions he plays and that for me makes Eriksen the better player for Spurs which is the point felon is making.
    People are very quick to jump down the throats of the contributors on this site, yet don't have the wherewithal to contribute articles themselves!!
    I have said on many occasions that this site is about debate, but just smoky saying the author is wrong is neither constructive nor of any use to the points raised.

    Modric is probably a better player now than Eriksen but the author is talking about the players in terms of their respective times at Spurs and in that respect Eriksen is the better player. He had provided more assists and won more games for Spurs.

    Again, I say it so often that everyone is entitled to their own opinion but just saying someone is wrong with no point added to explain it is not what forums are about.

    Food article, well articulated Felon.
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  11. big fran Guest

    Put it this way we were top four side with modric in the side! Modric was world class at spurs. Eriksen is not. Yes or no?
  12. MBY Guest

    Oh my days is this geezer serious!!

    Do you think having players like King, Bale, VDV may have helped finish top 4?
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  13. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Eriksen is the hub of his national team, so yes Fran id say hes world class mate
  14. Hotchpoch Guest

    4411, 4231.Deep lying cm playmaker or part of an attacking mf 3. All you're saying is Erikssen is our highest scoring mf regardless of formation or position as it's end product that counts. Why not make an article about why Bale is better than Erikssen as well if it's all about goals and nothing else. You sound like one of those arsenal gimp who judge everything by stats.
  15. greatdane Guest

    And it's not as if we couldn't use a Modric right now, is it? He is exactly what we could use! A deeper lying midfielder who can dictate play and make good passes. Even Eriksen would benefit from that. With all due respect to Stambouli, Mason, Capoue, Dembele and Bentaleb, they don't possess that specific quality of overview on the pitch, that Modric has.
  16. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    If stats dont matter why have a league table at all?
  17. Hotchpoch Guest

    Well according to you if goals scored is all that matters let's just have 11 strikers on the pitch. Forget about defence or mf or formations or who plays where and how. We can see which player gets the most goals ignoring everything else.
  18. Hotchpoch Guest

    Well according to you if goals scored is all that matters let's just have 11 strikers on the pitch. Forget about defence or mf or formations or who plays where and how. We can see which player gets the most goals ignoring everything else.
  19. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Come on you just sound desperate now mate
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  20. Ad Rich Guest

    Again, another disappointing forum topic which proports to stimulate debate but seems to be very divisive and gives the impression that Spurs fans enjoy moaning and criticising their own more than winning.

    I'm with the positive Spurs fans on this one.

    Modric and Eriksen are both excellent technical players.

    Both play VERY different roles.
    Modric is the DM regista who dictates tempo and recycles possession.

    Eriksen in the creative AM who can break the deadlock in tight games.

    Modric is a Champions League winner but is older and played in better teams.

    So it's a redundant point to compare either player 'just to stimulate debate' when we should continue to celebrate the fact that the Lane is the place where the worlds best talent plays for the shirt and give us great moments of glory.

    Two very divisive debates in the last 2 weeks......I'm already shuddering to think what 'debate' is being planned after next week's Derby.......scary thought.


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