Eriksen is better than Modric

Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by Felon82, February 1, 2015.

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  1. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    There has been a number of us bemoaning (myself included) that we've never really replaced the quality of Modric but as Eriksen scored his second free kick and 3rd in 4 days for the club something dawned on me, we've not only replaced Modric but we've improved.

    This is not to say we don't miss the Croat's quality the way he could dictate the tempo of the game with his scheming on the ball and his quick thought of pass, he was and is a top quality player who left a massive void when he went. Such was his influence the whole dynamics of Spurs play had to change which after a cover up from Bale and a lot of soul searching we seem to be turning a corner. Because of the turgid, disjointed football it's been easy to slip under the radar the actual top quality we do possess and how good they really are.

    Eriksen- there has been no doubting he is a quality player but yesterday as I watched the ball fly in the net from another whipping free kick I thought to myself actually this guy has done much more for Tottenham in the small time he's been here than Modric ever did. For all of Modric's skills one thing he lacked is END PRODUCT, something I speak of a lot because end product is what wins games - not looking tidy in the middle but never delivering.

    Eriksen is popping up with vital goals, the type of goals that are rescuing the 3 points maybe even when we haven't deserved them. The same can not be said of Modric who when we needed him to produce some end product wouldn't and then acted like it was Spurs fault we weren't in the CL.

    I always said Modric lacked goals and assists when at Spurs and when you think of who he had around him compared to Eriksen that's pretty poor in all honesty, Eriksen has this in abundance. Goals win games Eriksen scores and creates, we've not only replaced Modric for less a fee, we've improved on him. He hasn't needed to settle, he's walked into a dysfunctional side and produced with some questionable 'quality' and 'attitude' around him.

    He is now the heartbeat of the side and you can see the attack feeding off him, him and Kane are growing to be a formidable partnership up front and in them you always feel we're good for a goal now something that has not always been the case with Spurs.

    Modric in 4 years scored 17 goals in 152 appearances for Spurs, Eriksen has scored 21 in 57 appearances. For me it's all about END PRODUCT and therefore I stand by this statement Eriksen is better than Modric.
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  2. Jon Shannow Guest

    Your thoughts on the comparative qualities of Modric and Eriksen would mean something if they actually played in the same position and had been asked to do the same job.

    As that's not true, comparing something as superficial as goals and assists is pretty meaningless.
    There's no need to crow about Eriksen over Modric. It is possible to accept the sublime quality over both and be glad to have seen both in a Spurs shirt.
  3. Stan Guest

    Load of ****. End product?? Different type of player. Like saying Heskey is better player than Maldini cause he scored more.
  4. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Modric was not a playmaking midfielder then no ?
  5. big fran Guest

    Behave yourself felon not in the same league as modders but a great player nonetheless..
  6. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Well when the chips are down and we need to produce i know who id rather have in the side.
  7. Modric overrated not a patch on eriksen along with defoe who only scored against mugs ie wigan.
  8. MBY Guest

    Whats the matter with you people - the writer has made a valid point, one that is true in the fact Eriksen has won us more games than Modric did...its a fact! All round play you would have Modric as he ran games which Eriksen doesn't really do but at the end of the day a goal scoring game winning midfielder is worth his weight in gold and Eriksen is undoubtedly our main man (outfield anyway). If you *****s cannot get what the writer of this article is trying to get at then you are brain dead
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  9. serious Guest

    Modric is one of the best players in the world in his position that's why he plays for real Madrid, he is a deep lying playmaker who collects the ball from the defence like a Andrea Pirlo and controls the entire pace of the game Eriksen plays behind the striker like VDV you can not compare them quite obvious really we still need a Modric in our side. Even Real Madrid are not as good without him.
  10. MBY Guest

    So Modric didnt initially play out on the left then??? And when brought into the middle played alongside players like Palacios and Sandro....the holding midfielders? Modric was NEVER a holding midfielder

    And the little rat wanted to sign for Chelsea so that makes him an ar$ehole in my eyes
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  11. LouisTHFC Guest

    Articles like this are what give us Tottenham fans a bad name. Didn't even read it all. Didn't need to. Left it at the point when you said Luka Modric, one of the elite midfield players in world football had no end product. Don't quit your day job son. Just because you write for a website doesn't make your opinion valid
  12. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Thanks MBY saved me having to write this.
    Modric as i said is a top quality player but he was in the side to be a playmaker ie contribute to goals & assists, great at keeping possession but so is Dembele yet people slate him for not contributing yet laud Modric in the same breath.
    My point is both Eriksen and Modric are there to create and deliver they are/were both the heartbeat of the side in turning defence into attack Eriksens end product is way better than Modric. As his stats prove.
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  13. Lorien Guest

    Are you sure Heskey actually scored more goals than Maldini? ;-)
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  14. big fran Guest

    Course he has more goals and assists he is an attacking mid /no10. Modders was a deep lying playmaker and a world class one at that!! Eriksen is not world class-YET. Modric was the one who orchestrated the play and got us on the front foot in games and gave the ball to the guys who actually made the assists ie bale and lennon.
  15. LouisTHFC Guest

    Modric played in the middle of a 4-4-2 formation that harry played. Not a holding midfielder essentially but major point of his game is defensive responsibility. He now operates for Madrid in the 4-3-3 in one of the back two slots in that midfield triangle. He isn't anywhere near the same player as Eriksen can't compare on goals and assists. Whole way we play has changed since then
  16. MBY Guest

    I see many people are judging Modric on his performances for RM only - your assessment was a Tottenham thing so why they are speaking of what he is doing now is totally irrelevant. Modric is older and a more developed footballer and playing for a better team with better players now - he even played with better players at Spurs than what Eriksen is. I get your point, Modric was and is a top class player but Eriksen wins games and scores goals...which ultimately is the whole point of the game eh?
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  17. LouisTHFC Guest

    You don't get it. You can't compare the two. If eriksen has replaced anyone it is Van der Vaart not Modric. Whole article is invalid it's ridiculous
  18. MBY Guest

    Eriksen should be playing where VDV did but doesnt often - left of a 3 behind Kane. Yes our system has changed but Modric was the CM with responsibility out of the 2 we played with to score goals and assist...yes or no???

    Did Paul Gascoigne play in a similar roll to Modric then? CM playmaker? How many goals did he score/games did he win???
  19. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Well while he was holding hands with sandro/parker/palcious/huddlestone we needed him to be doing what he was in the side to do create/assist/score like Eriksen does.
    With holding mids around him we didnt need him putting pretty play on the halfway line he should have been doing what Eriksen does.
    Hence my reasoning
  20. marttheyid Guest

    Modric is a superb footballer,he now occupies a different position to the one he played at Spurs and he is playing with the best in the world.

    Ericksen is playing in a team under transition and adapting to a new style(which is now beginning to come to fruition)his contribution is undeniable and he is improving every game.

    To compare the two players is fair as Modric had many opportunities to score for Spurs but lacked finishing,he did however have the ability to dictate the pace of a game and provided many telling passes whether in build up play or direct assists.Ericksen defineletly plays a lot further forward and since being given license to roam in a supporting three behind Kane has become an immense and important figure with exceptional finishing quality and has undoubtedly contributed more for Spurs in the short time he has been with us.

    What a pleasure it would be to see Mason and Modric together with Ericksen in his current role,lamela fulfilling his potential and Chadli continuing his impressive progress.

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