Derby? Not on that performance!

Discussion in 'Featured' started by Felon82, November 18, 2017.

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  1. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    NLD no matter which side of the divide you stand is the fixture we all seek out when the season lists get released.

    If you are Bright and a decent human being you are on the Lilywhite side and if you are of a lower IQ see Footlocker as a long term career and still live at home with your Mummy then of course you are a Goon.

    Years and years we've argued over who's patch it is and during the premier league era to say we've not faired well is an understatement.

    But that has changed of late, the tide has slowly been turning in our favour and for the first time since I was a teen we finished above the Scum last season. This has been down to 2 things our improvements and their regression.

    So today was a good chance to go to town on them, let them know that last year was not a one off and that it was just a taster of things to come.

    Player for player our 1st team/squad in majority of people's minds (neutrals) is currently better than Arsenals barring maybe 1 or 2 they field.

    So the stage was set for us to go there make it difficult and then break them.

    But from the off there was only 1 team that looked like that they were playing in a huge derby, only 1 team was fighting and wanted it.

    I can forgive losing , I can't forgive not trying.

    Yes Scum got their customary assists from the officials but on the balance of things it was they that were deserving of any fortune.

    We looked flat, leggy, void of shape or any tactics.

    At 70 minutes you'd think with it being such a big game you'd expect the team to be rallying, the big players getting involved and doing their best to get something back but it was pitiful.

    Poch once again on an occasion when things aren't going to plan seemed to settle in comfortably with the loss. Did absolutely nothing to try and alter what was happening and unfolding in front of him, couldn't see what wasn't working and couldn't alter it.

    We needed pace, we needed to get our foot on the ball and play, we needed some positive decisive movement and when all else fails surely it's a DERBY you get stuck in and throw the kitchen sink at them in the last 15/20 minutes!!!!

    There were far too many players that seemed totally at ease with seeing the game out at a nil 2 loss for me today like it was no biggie.

    Unacceptable !
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  3. Paul Spurs Guest

    Footlocker lol it's all true! they are chavs
    Gutted because we have been here before so many times on the wrong end of decisions at their's and it seems like the crowd there bully refs to submit to them with there constant pressure on officials and it seemed to me that Mike Dean was out to prove he wasn't biased to us by basically handing them every 50/50 decision going even the Kane yellow which was only a foul but not a yellow was given even though they didn't see it amongst the free kick and off side first goals etc etc, funny how they have not lost a home game for a while! *scratches head*
    even after the terrible officiating and us not putting in a shift and forgetting it was a derby and with half fit players we still had a few chances especially Son who blazed over, if that goes in we still have 10 minutes to go grab a draw but no the gods and Mike fooking Dean were well and truely against us! Sanchez and Sissoko(yes him) came out with a bit of credit but why Poch played a half fit just returning Dembele that wasn't up to the pace instead of Winks i'm not sure, all in all they played like it was a derby and didn't give us any room and had 3 players on an unfit Kane all game and with little service what can he do, i still think we need a creative Modric type in centre mid as even though i love Dembele he slows our attack down when we need ball played forward quicker, also we rely on the full backs supplying the forwards and when teams block them off or sit deep in numbers that is when we need a proper creative centre mid to unlock the defence, after Eriksens goals in mid week i knew they would stop him somehow, still that is the first time they have beat us in 7 games and it should make us more determined to beat them when they come to ours!
  4. Bazza47

    Bazza47 Well-Known Member

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    For me this was our worst performance for a long time, in such a key fixture. We used to turn up like this at the beginning of Poch's time away from home, but not recently.

    We totally lacked sharpness in a number of key positions.

    From the back.... thought Hugo could have stopped the Sanchez goal, 6, Sanchez was our best player for me and one of the few worth the money, 8, Dier was ragged and looked tired, 6, Verts, okay, 6, Trippier going forward was reasonable going forward, defensively less so, 6, Sissoko gave his best performance in a Spurs shirt - needs an end product though, 7, Dembele looked far from match fit, 6, Davies is probably our most improved player, 7, Dele and Kane both looked off the pace, HK unfit even, 6 for each one is generous, Eriksen left all his good work on the Croke Park pitch, 6. Lots of very average performances combined together for a decidedly ragged team effort.

    Three defeats in 12 isn't good. We have 4 winnable games coming up, so let's hope we can pull back some lost ground to all the high rollers. With such a busy programme it's not the time to be carrying injuries, for sure.
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  5. Gordon Mc Guest

    Eriksen left all his good work on the Croke Park pitch, 6

    A little pedantic perhaps - but it was The Aviva Stadium. Croke Park was used temporarily whilst the Aviva was under construction. Cheers.
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  6. Gordon Mc Guest

    Sorry about this lads - in my haste to correct Bazza (apologies Baz) I totally forgot to post the important part; Totally pi**ed once more about another shameful show. Getting beat by a) Chelsea b) those Manchester dullards (God how I HATE them and their nauseous manager) and now the Wanderers, when none of them are any way more than average is hard to take. Another week of " Your mob let me down for £250/ £300/ £500 (delete whichever doesn't apply)" and me responding " Told you before, DON'T back 'em !"
    Rant over. Forgive me boys.
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  7. Muhoo Guest

    Quite surprised poch didn't pick up on diers tired performance for England in the week,only had sissoko who can atually run without the ball if he could only finish,dembele always looks brilliant but produces nothing season after season ,winks should defenetly start now on,ericksen needs to somehow get on the ball more,,
  8. Spurporter

    Spurporter Active Member

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    Both goals were scored from offside that weren't called. I do not think Spurs were bad. They played hurt and tired, true. It is hard to show a desire to win, when you're not 100%, derby or not. There were, however unacceptable performances from a few. Namely Dele, Eriksen and Jan.
    The result could be different should Son netted an easy shot Llorente set him up for.
    This is a very shallow team. We knew it. And now we just feel it. When Wanyama, Tobi and Lamela (remember him, ha?) are out injured long term any loss of fitness in the remaining group (Kane, Dembele ) seems devastating.
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  9. Abayomi Taharqa New Member

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    NLD day is always a frantic affair, played at 100 miles an hour. So for us to just not turn up? So disappointing. Even more upsetting is that we are genuinely a better team. This was the opportunity to assert that fact.
    All the things that are givens: our pressing play, our pace, our stamina, it just wasn't there. Fully expected us to crank it up after 60 mins but nothing. Arsenal beat us on effort: quick with pass, strong in the tackle, first to the loose balls. We weren't outplayed, just outfought.
    And don't you just hate the international break. Our boys excelling for their respective countries, then this? Dier captains England, Eriksen destroys the Irish, then this?
    An opportunity lost
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  10. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    The epitome of Spurs as a club sadly.

    Dembele will finish his career having won nothing and it will barely phase him at all coz he never wants to use his ability to take games by the scruff of the neck and get us over the line.

    He can dribble like Maradona has strength like Dare i say a Vieira yet all he wants to do is stay in safe areas and pass the ball sideways.

    Frustrates the life out of me how wasted his attributes are!
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  11. Del Guest

    I’m lost for words with what I think of the performance but I’m sorry to say poch doesn’t know how to adapt to these type of games hence his record away to top 6 teams and his sub decisions and the fact he started a clearly unfit Harry Kane ???? But when the players do turn up can somebody let me know!!!
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  12. Del Guest

    If some players are not fit to play (why play them)???? And the players that are can you not be up for this game it’s our biggest rivals I’m sorry but no excuses for yesterday. 1 team wanted it more!
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  13. Bazza47

    Bazza47 Well-Known Member

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    I wasn't sure Gordon, but was in mid posting, so left it...........oops!!
  14. Bazza47

    Bazza47 Well-Known Member

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    Perhaps a few visits to a shrink or a footballer who was a winner to get into his head, not a Spurs player I guess as that would be hard to find.......
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  15. Bazza47

    Bazza47 Well-Known Member

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    There was a time when we were just plain Spurssy, brilliant one week, **** the next. But in recent times we have been brilliant most times, apart from away to the top teams.

    Injuries to key players, playing unfit players, sluggish no passion players, a shite ref and an equally shite lino certainly don't help, but we've only seen our quality against BD and RM at Wembley and RM away in the big games. The rest of the top away games have been truly second rate.

    Get your arse in gear Poch and start to work it out.
  16. Big fran Guest

    Fit or not fit taking Kane and Alli off was a waving of a white flag for me. Why not go two up top last twenty see what happens? Grab a goal maybe!!?
    After 15 mins I would have seen how easily bellarin was getting in behind Davies. Changed to a bk four with less space in behind the full back. Would have give us an extra defensive midfielder in Dier to stem the flow and build from a solid base. Even at half time no change in personnel or system. Strange. A top coach sees that IMO.
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