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Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by Mattj78, May 23, 2014.

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  1. Mattj78

    Mattj78 Well-Known Member

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    Of course, when any club looks for a new manager, rumours are all over the place from. One source or another but it is interesting to see that today's rumour mill seems to suggest that Pochettino is going to snub Spurs.

    Saint or sinner?

    According to the Express today, Pochettino feels that although he will lose some of his top players this summer, he has enough talent in the youth set up to continue his good work at the Saints. Coupled with the fact that the Saints are willing to bow to his request to get rid of the director of football to leave him with full control, something Daniel Levy is not willing to do, he feels he is better staying put.

    Employed only

    Other sources have the rumour that Spurs are only looking at managers who are currently employed, so that rules out Moyes, thank goodness, and Laudrup.

    If Pochettino does snub Spurs, and if sources are correct this could be confirmed tonight or certainly by Monday, then that leaves Ancelotti as favourite should Real lose the Champions league final tomorrow night. Benitez is already planning for next season and De Boer is out of favour with levy for speaking out about an unofficial approach.

    Another fine mess

    As I will always make clear, these are rumours but if they are true, it may appear that Spurs have been too slow in getting their man in Pochettino. It could well be that this is yet another situation that makes Tottenham look inept.
  2. mohamed New Member

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    I can't understand why Levy and co are dragging their feet.The 2 viable options have been FDB and Poch.By now surely they could have wrapped up a deal with one of them.My choice would be FDB whose comments suggests he wants to come.In a preseason of the World cup they should walk faster.The longer the saga goes on the more anxious the candidates ,players and fans are getting.Come on you Spurs
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  3. Smudger Guest

    I cannot believe that Levy and co. don't know who they want to take over. They've had plenty of time to sort this out which is why I'm believing that things are happening as we speak behind the scenes. The rumour mill spills out a load of old garbage each day and at the end of the day they know as much as we all do. For some reason I think it will be FdB. In a way I hope it is him so we can hopefully keep Super Jan and Eriksen happy. I can't imagine them leaving it too much longer as signings, sales, pre season etc etc needs to be prepared for by whoever comes in. I love my club but they drive me insane at times. COYS
  4. Stanley Guest

    I don't know why Levy is bothering 'waiting' for Ancelotti. Even if Ancelotti is sacked, he's more likely to spend a few months unemployed until he's offered a bigger job, than go to Spurs. I don't know who I want more, Poch or FDB. Poch would probably suit Spurs more, with his high pressure, attacking football, and he'd have us playing like we did with Redknapp, but I can't get 4 Eredivisie titles in a row, out of my head.
  5. Sparxspurs Guest

    This is another fine mess you've got us into Daniel sort it out pick who you want and give them unequivocal backing and time we need stability ffs personally I'd choose fdb he's shown how much he wants it and he seems very focused and passionate please don't **** this up we'll fall even further behind coys till I die
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  6. yard Guest

    Fdb all day long pure winner as a player and even more so as a manager. Has Ajax playing nice free attacking football. 4 league titles in a row never been done b4. Also think he could get the best out of lamela erriksen n soldado frightening if trio cud gel. Levy needs to act now if ancelotti is sacked on Saturday evening fdb could b next in line for Madrid. I think he is that good. Act now Dan. COYS
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  7. Pierre Guest

    Pochettino and other good managers who arent just gold diggers do right staying away from the club as it is. The club is not a serious long term project under Levys reign. In a few years Pochettino will be at Real Madrid if we are to believe Spanish journalists. He is wise to stay put. Lets hope Levy can find another suitable pushover to atleast give us Europa league before he is sacked.
  8. Royston Guest

    I can't see why we should go with poch! He only kept Southampton up and we would have the same problem again and again with an unproven manager who the players don't respect. We need a name - either Frank or rafa- me I'd go for rafa if he wants it
    Come on you spurs
  9. Livorno Guest

    Southampton are a bigger club than us right now with a better youth structure as well.
    We should cut our losses with Soldado, hes ****, and maybe go for a manager like Allardyce to steady the ship.
  10. Joe New Member

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    Johnathan Barnett Pochettino's new agent who is also Bales agent will be attempting to screw Levy again. Who will blink first, sure no love between them!
  11. stevethespur Active Member

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    I reckon Levy needs to sort it out in the next ten days at least. Other clubs coaches are already planning for next season. As chairman he must know the importance of a good pre season. I can understand if he feels its worth waiting to get the right man, but clear leadership is needed, so come on daniel pick your man ! Coys
  12. VASpur New Member

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    It remains to be seen if Ponchettino will manage a top club, but he certainly has been making the right moves so far and which is why I'm not a bit surprised that he would decline the Spurs job. Our club's ownership remains satisfied with the status quo, i.e., Levy's history of only hiring managers who he thinks can keep the club punching above it's weight while operating under the constraints of a business plan that doesn't provide enough much managerial control to lure and maintain a potentially great manager. Ultimately this is why I'm managing my expectations for Spurs.
  13. stoner Guest

    Come on Levy sort it out for Christsake, our club is fast becoming the biggest joke in not only the premiership - but in the entire footballing community throughout the UK.
    Rafa is my choice personally, can't see Ancelotti stepping down a couple of levels to come to us if he is sacked. Lets face it people that is what it would be - He would go from one of the best world club sides in the modern game to a club that is all over the place, disorganised got no real direction, no stability and a business man instead of a footballing man for a chairman (not to mention a billionaire owner who has about as much interest in our club doing well as an ant does in the goings on in bloody Eastenders).
    I keep getting increasingly frustrated at all the names being banded about my the rumour mill (latest I've heard about include Claudio Ranieri & Neil Lennon) - I mean come on lets get real shall we.
    The other frustrating thing doing the rumour mill rounds are we are going to side so & so or whats his name or such and such a player - surely the number one priority has to be get a manager in place and then look at the players.
  14. big fran Guest

    May I suggest we may get the losing manager of the CL final sat evening. Be happy with either but especially Simeone
  15. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Said it before il say it again Daniel Levy is the biggest problem at Spurs!

    LEVY OUT!!
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  16. Mattj78

    Mattj78 Well-Known Member

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    Blimey. Look, levy is still a good businessman but as Clive Allen said, he is simply not a football man. Joe Lewis may have put money in but he is only interested in making sure the club gets sold for a profit.
  17. notnats

    notnats Well-Known Member

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    So many rumours and yet ee still know nothing. I was never convinced that Poch was first choice after LVG fell through. If LVG was our first choice then you would think that the club would be looking for someone with comparable knowledge and experience, there is a massive difference between LVG and Poch when matching them to specific criteria set out by the club for the next manager. If it was to be Poch then should we have heard something by now? I wondered if we might be waiting on the outcome of the CL final. I think now that Anchellotti may well be Levys first choice and why not, A list, proven winner, can run a successful club and has spoken about managing spurs. He's not my first choice but I could understand if he was Levys first choice especially if the criteria was set out for someone in the same mould as LVG. Having said all that I would be gobsmaked if Levy wasnt considering FDB, this is a real opportunity to take on one of the best young managers in football, although I still read people say that a record breaking 4 in a row at Ajax isnt much of an achievement because anyone could do it with Ajax even though its never been done before and that before FDB they hadnt won it for years let alone 4 in a row. He lacks EPL experience but so did Pelligrini, Mourinho and Wenger once just to name a few. Will FDB adapt? well thats the only risk, although his record against english clubs is very impressive with wins at Manu and City but who knows at this stage its all smoke and mirrors with Levy. Cmon Danny put us out of our misery.
  18. Robsok

    Robsok New Member

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    Sick and tired of all these managers coming and going as it will happen again unless Levy shocks us all, and has been waiting to see what happens with QPR.

    Is it that ridiculous when the only manager who brought out from relegation to the CL and 4th twice in 3 year!

    We also need to remember that the last year he managed THS that he being HR was close enough to win the PL had he had a bigger squad with depth.

    The only problem with HR is that the media struck with the manager’s job for England, which he should have got.

    HR makes his team play the type of football that we associate with Spurs, love him or hate him, he had got us CL and respect from all other clubs.

    Just wander what’s in Levies head!
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  19. Robsok

    Robsok New Member

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    Who ever Levy gets, it will only last 6 onths
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  20. Mattj78

    Mattj78 Well-Known Member

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    Notnats, I absolutely agree mate. When Wenger came to England he had only managed Monaco and that is not the best league either but he came and his achievements have been there for all to see. He actually came to England on the recommendation of a certain Mr Hoddle although I think when Hoddle told him to go to north London he got muddled but hey ho!
    All of managers that LEVY evidently wants have good credentials in different ways and the thing football for me now is that levy must act quickly. He has a habit of leaving things to the last minute and we cannot afford to do that here. LVG has gone, Pochettino is probably gone, FDB is almost saying come and get me, and I don't think Real will sack or let Ancelotti go. That perhaps brings us back to Benitez but he isn't daft and I can't see him wanting to be offered a job as fourth choice.
    Obviously we are dealing with rumours but I get this horrible feeling that we are going to find ourselves in a right royal mess if this is not sorted soon. For once, if this goes wrong, and I hope it doesn't, then I think even my harshest critics may agree that my opinions on levy are perhaps justified.
    Whatever happens, I do think levy has a brain and possibly has his manager closer to signing on the dotted line than any of us think. Fingers crossed that the rumours can stop and the new manager can start planning now for next season.
    Time is of the essence.
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