Crystal Palace - Spurs, 26 Jul 2020, Super-Jan for the last time?

Discussion in 'Featured' started by Jesper, July 25, 2020.

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  1. Bazza47

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    My thoughts about the game in isolation, rather than the previous 7 months. It was shite, totally. It was SO boring. Whilst I'm a fan until the day I die, the season ticket will be at risk if this style of play continues in 2020-21. By real fear is "what is going to change it"..... no new signings of note if any, same weaknesses, JM's playing style.

    Was in my imagination or was watching the ball feeding out from the back even more painful and slower than normal. I nearly fell asleep.

    Regarding 6th and Europa, I don't see that as a plus. It might be financially if you progress to the knock out stages, but otherwise the historic performances linked to the Thursday/Sunday match thing is not the best for the side at this time. 5,000 mile round trips are of zero value to the club or the fans, period.

    If 2019-20 was a drain, then look out for more of the same this season.


  2. Cheshuntboy Guest

    Well, thank God we weren't getting 'consistently slapped about' in Pochettino's abysmal final year, so that we can erase our worst-ever home defeat from the record books, along with minor slip-ups like the 3-0 at Brighton. It's a seriously weird attitude that prefers losing 7-2 to drawing 1-1, but I suppose it takes all sorts.
  3. Big fran Guest

    If you want to watch end to end football I'd suggest going to watch another side for a few years. Jose isn't here to entertain he's here to get results. In the end poch delivered neither it was tedious. I went City earlier in season and we could not get out our own box let alone our half. If you find that exciting then bully for you. Nothing exciting about getting turned over each week for me. Let Jose have full control over signings I'll guarantee he delivers top 3 next year and maybe just maybe a trophy as much as that will upset some.
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  4. Jose's Ghost Guest

    True but history also suggests Jose will win it... which would be welcome as long as we don't have to watch.
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  5. palmover Active Member

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    Why change a winning team? Why bring back Dier into the starting 11? Unless Sanchez had a injury that decision made no sense. If Jm is going to have a favourite then he better pick a better player than Dier to be his pet. Dier missed 4 games due to his own bad behaviour and walks straight back into the team. As usual he falls asleep and the man he is marking wins the header that leads to Palace goal.

    When push comes to shove that back 4 will struggle to make top4 and win sliverware just too many mistakes in the players as individuals.

    Serge gets a lot of stick, however, he can hold his own as he did vs Zaha. Davies on the other hand is a wingers dream, i'm just glad zaha didn't switch wings.

    Jm has done ok, however, the football lacks cohesion due to not having a true ball winning DCM.
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  6. Jose's Ghost Guest

    Funny you should mention that...

    Spurs ironically played very well in the first half against Bayern... Son could well have had a hat-trick in the first 20 if I recall correctly but instead scored just once. We conceded on the stroke of half time to be trailing when we should have been leading and the rest is history. It can happen. Brazil got pumped 7-1 at home in a World Cup semi final... the Germans can be ruthless like that.

    You need to consider the difference between performance and results in football because they are not as inextricably linked as you would like to think and that is the argument here.
  7. Jose's Ghost Guest

    You're guaranteeing 3rd? Interesting. Jose will have control over transfers within a budget.

    It's not out of the question... we still have some very good players though some glaring deficiencies as well. You're right though it is not going to be pretty to watch either way.
  8. Cheshuntboy Guest

    We've been on the wrong end of some scorelines that are still talked-about, such as the 3-5 against United under Hoddle, or the 3-4 against ten man City under Pleat, and I've no doubt that the neutrals (let alone both types of Manc) thoroughly enjoyed both, but I didn't, and I doubt that many Spurs fans did, either. Fifty-odd years ago, Spurs offered style as well as success, but two league cups in pushing 30 years are a shocking return for the loyalty shown by so many, and I'd happily take Mourinho-style success over Pochettino-style failure any day of the week. Whether we'll actually get it, with Levy as paymaster, is another matter.
  9. Big frab Guest

    Looks like hojbjerg is really close to being sealed. Jose will sign hard working functional players. Square pegs Square holes who will improve the starting 11. Wilson could be next to follow.
  10. Jose's Ghost Guest

    The idea is to win obviously... preferably with style.

    So that is the question... how many are prepared to sell Blanchflower's soul for the taste of a tin cup? Quite a few it seems. Personally I'm not sold.
  11. Jose's Ghost Guest

    I welcome any player who would put Winks one step closer to the bench on a permanent basis (harsh I know as he is a good lad who works hard). Wilson would be an excellent addition to the squad.

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