Crystal Palace - Spurs, 26 Jul 2020, Super-Jan for the last time?

Discussion in 'Featured' started by Jesper, July 25, 2020.

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  1. Jesper Member

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    Final match of the season and once that is over then and only then look towards next season?

    Dier back from suspension, is he good enough to take a place in the back four?
    Alli fit again, is he good enough to take a place somewhere in the starting eleven?
    Ndombele injured again....
    For me: Same starting eleven as last match.

    This type of match is one where I'd half expect to see Spurs helping the other team reverse their trend. In this case it would mean allowing Crystal Palace to score, which they've rarely done in the past 7 matches and scoring againt Spurs is something they've not done in a long time.

    I hope that this is either Vertonghen's last London-derby or that he'll get a contract-extension. Hopefully he'll not go to a competitor in London but keeping him on the payroll just to stop a competitor in the EPL from getting stronger may or may not be money well spent
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  3. Preed

    Preed Active Member

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    Not long now before the transfer window opens and soon we will see how serious Levy is or not.I expect second rate and cheap bargains while the top 4 strengthen with class purchases.I fear that Mourino is relying on Dier and Ali finding their old form but I have my doubts.He must make a decision on ndombele because selling him now we may be able to get some funds to help buy a decent player although Levy would probably want to make a profit.seriously though let’s finish with a flourish and get6th just in case the scum fluke the fa cup
  4. Spurporter Active Member

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    Aurier- Toby- Dier- Davies
    Sissocco-LoCelso- Steve
  5. Guesty Guest the same as every window then!?
    Levy will not pay the big wages to players want. And he has a stadium to pay for.

    1-0 win today will be fine if Wolves lose. Arse could win the cop so we need a win.
  6. Preed

    Preed Active Member

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    What a load of tripe Palace on a 7 game losing run and totally outplay us.This site will now correctly be alive with the fact that Jose has improved us and qualified us for Europe but I for one don’t want to watch these type of performances which would please managers of the Allardice ilk.Please try to entertain because this is why we go to matches not to be bored witless.Why was Sanchez left out for Mourinos pet Dier who lived up to his name and we have just extended his contract.Sissoko must go because when we need control he hides and his buddy Winks ain’t a lot better.Unless we go and buy some quality I think I will go and watch Brentford in future to be entertained.I know Felon will come on and say give Mourino time but if he likes the style of play we are seeing at the moment then he is denying the Spurs traditional way of entertaining
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  7. Genevaspurs Guest

    I totally agree. Bravo to Mou for the Europa league qualification but what a bored team we are since 7 months.... And if I a had the choice I would prefer not to be upon Europa league next season to be more concerned by the premier league
  8. Guesty Guest

    the fact that the new season is not that far away makes it difficult for JM to change the players. He can instill effort and fitness and matchplay ideas in the current players.... but he can't give them the quality some of them lack.

    JM is used to managing quality players who don't need a lot of coaching as such. The know how to kick a ball. But he won't be able to buy any of those. Levy won't pay. So JM will have to attempt to make our players better footballers. good luck with that!!
    If he keeps Kane & Son he'll have done well.

    And of course this teams above us will be carrying on from where they left off.
  9. Jesper Member

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    So you are of the opinion that the football in the 12 months preceding Mourinho was exciting to watch?
    The CL run with long balls to the big guy was exciting, some might say that it is Mourinho tactics... Or was the EPL football exciting during the 2018/2019 season?
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  10. Big fran Guest

    Gonna have to get your heads round the fact that football is a result based industry. Jose has got results. Improged one or two players points on board. New contracts signed. European football secured. The SPURS way yielded nothing significant since 1991.
  11. Preed

    Preed Active Member

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    Jesper nobody said the previous 12 months were exciting surely that is why Mourino was brought in and Pochetino was sacked.But although results have improved don’t tell me you are jumping off your seat at the entertainment provided.I keep thinking of Tony Pulis who produced results but bored the fans into submission.I have supported Spurs all my life and could not even contimplate any thing else but that does not mean I have to be pleased with the negative fair we are belong served up.I truly hope that Mourino does get some funds and proves me wrong with the style of play but can a leopard change its spots
  12. THFC Guest

    The outcome has been great in the end so fair play to JM for achieving 6th place....the football however has been George Graham like and is torture to watch.

    Lets see what next season brings but please do not blame a short gap/lack of signings if we are still playing defensive punt ball. Yes JM managed a minor miracle to squeeze 6th place but the quality of performances has been nothing more than awful, despite yielding results.

    I agree football is a results business but it’s also an entertainment business and the football played needs to provide a little entertainment while delivering results or there is no point whatsoever in watching.

    Fingers crossed JM gets some backing and signs some players who he wants so everyone can provide an opinion based on what has been added in the new JM style. Let’s just hope that the new JM style means he will adapt his philosophy to match today’s football and we don’t spend another season giving up possession against every side we play for the sake of a squeezed point or goal.

    Overall, great job to get 6th but terrible performances getting there....We need some improvements in quality and a change of attitude from all the players and staff otherwise it will be another season of painful positive results.
  13. THFC Guest

    2018/19 season? The same season we finished 4th, made the semi final of the cup and final of the Champions League while spending the bulk of the season playing at Wembley?

  14. Jesper Member

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    Yep, that is the season I referred to. Boring football, bad results in the EPL but progress in the CL due to long balls to the big guy. How do you remember it?
  15. THFC Guest

    There was a bit to be said about that season but it wasn’t boring...towards the end, our form plummeted and our focus seemed to be squarely on the CL. The first half of the season we played pretty well given the run of away games and fact we called Wembley home.

    We leaked a lot of goals and scored a lot of goals....not boring

  16. THFC Guest

    What I find a bit random is how the same people use Levy/Enic/lack of signings/squad quality as an excuse in one sentence and a reason in another?

    Im all for getting behind JM to see if he manages to improve us, especially after he can choose some signings.

    I don’t really understand the logic in slating Poch who delivered results (if it’s a results business) all while not being able to make any signings and spending a season in a neutral venue/new stadium.

    IMO the results in the end improved, fair play to JM for managing that. Our performances have been 1990’s Arsenal like with a pinch of Stoke which need to change so we start being at least bearable to watch (especially against sides outside of the top 8)
  17. Jesper Member

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    What I find a little bit odd is is more about the people who imply and in some cases state outright that the boring football began with Mourinho. The bad and boring football predated his appointment by almost a year.

    Dislike Mourinho for what he might be responsible for: Playing Sissoko and not managing to get Ndombele to play.

    If Sissoko is playing on the center of the field then Spurs will not under any manager or any other circumstances manage to play attractive attacking football. He does have a role to play but he should never ever be in the starting eleven when playing teams Spurs is expected to dominate.

    But making up something about Spurs were playing well before Mourinho was appointed is plain dishonest.
  18. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Pochettinos football prior to him getting the sack was abysmal for 18months in the league , I don't know what you're expecting JM to do with the dregs of someone else's tenure which was broken an ran into the ground?
    His appointment 1st and foremost was to steady a rapidly sinking ship and getting a team to function again.
    It was obvious from the off that we are/were leaking ridiculous goals from numerous serial individual error prone players & when Kane & Son got injured what JM did was made us difficult to beat.
    As I have to keep saying we have such a poorly put together squad that you could put Klopp or Pep in charge no 1 is playing good football with championship level full backs, a hideous misshapen midfield of averageness, a supporting cast of Lamela Moura etc.
    Since Kane & Son return so do the results, but until we improve the quality at FB , DM , Playmaker etc then your hoping to make wine out of water.
    Let's see what happens this window if JM hides like the puppet did and we don't strengthen significantly in these areas then he's on a hiding to nothing.
  19. THFC Guest

    But that’s the point, we weren’t boring...we were either decent or terrible but not boring. We didn’t play Sunday league style defend deep and let everyone else have the ball?

    We played with high possession that occasionally had forward passes. Sometimes we scored a few, sometimes we conceded a few.

    I think it’s plain dishonest to make out that we are in anyway more interesting to watch than over any of the last 5 seasons.

    We are now thoroughly terrible to watch but grinding out results...that’s completely different to the last 9 months of Poch which was also different to the previous 3 seasons of Poch.

    As I said before, I’ll be keen to hear your excuses at the end of next season when we are again hovering around 6th with a season full of 1 goal differences and terrible performances.

    Happy to eat humble pie if we start playing good football but I’m not sure that will happen so the risk is low

  20. Jose's Ghost Guest

    Very true. There is no rewriting history particularly when the statistical footprint remains for any who care to inform themselves. The quality of football dropped off mid 2018/19 but at no point were we getting consistently slapped about as is often the case these days.

    Full credit to Jose for grinding out 6th place in the end but it's been like pulling teeth for the most part. Is this sort of football sustainable? ie. will we be able to keep getting results next season with this approach and these performances? Doubtful but there is a method to Jose's madness.
  21. Jesper Member

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    At a guess the tactics/strategy in 2018/2019 was:
    Keep possession until the opposition is bored to sleep and then pounce. The risk is making a mistake thus allowing the opposition to quickly counter-attack and quick counter-attacks are often very very dangerous. For some reason the ones making the high-risk pass were the FBs and that makes the counter-attacks even more dangerous.
    And the tactics/strategy in 2019/2020 appeared to be:
    Give possession away and when there is a turnover then quickly counter-attack.

    Both tactics/strategies are for me less than exciting.
    Ideally I'd see some fast movement of the players and fast movement of the ball which would cause the opposition to be uncertain and then using their uncertainty to strike. In my opinion then at the moment Spurs does not have the players who are capable of doing that.

    I didn't mean to imply that Spurs under Mourinho has been exciting to watch.
    I do believe Spurs might have become more boring as fewer goals are scoring against Spurs but I also believe that Spurs have not become less exciting going forward. On balance that means that I believe Spurs have gained more points and therefore was not involved in a relegation scrap and instead managed to get to the EL.

    We will see what happens for the next season. The defending has improved which might mean that instead of spending money on defenders then all focus can be on getting better players for attacking.

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