Cherry Picking

Discussion in 'Featured' started by Felon82, March 11, 2018.

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  1. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    After the disappointment of mid week we have a tricky fixture Away to AFC Bournemouth.
    Bournemouth are a well organised outfit and at home are a good side who have caused many an upset there against bigger sides.

    Chelsea having won yesterday lurk just 2 points behind us in 5th and Pool having lost can be leapfrogged with a win by us today.
    Ideally the win for us would have Liverpool watching their tails as the race for Top 4 heats up.
    The Scum have a very outsiders chance now but they have been known to pull something out of the hat in the past.
    But realistically 5th-2nd are battling it out now for a 4 goes into 3 places scenario.


    Midweek is still hurting, I would like to see/know that it has hurt the players as much as it has the fans by responding with a winning performance.
    This game having thought about it could be pivotal in our season, a loss would be extremely difficult to take and would be a huge dent in our momentum and would increase the pressure with games Vs Chavs & Citeh on the horizon.

    Pochettino needs to guide/inspire/lead this team into the match by picking them up and getting them up for this match from the off.
    The Cherries are gonna be right up for this and looking to claim a scalp, we are going to have to match them for desire and beat them with skill/tactics.

    We need to banish the memory of midweek and the best way to do this is with a win and move into 3rd in the table.

    I would like to see- a 4231 formation today Lloris, Rose Jan Sanchez Aurier, Dembele Wanyama, Eriksen (central) Son Moura, Kane

    Dembele and Wanyama bossing the midfield , Eriksen feeding Son Kane Moura, plenty of movement from those 3 and some overlapping from Rose/Aurier.

    Mostly I want to see Leadership/Character and a convincing 3 points.

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  3. Nomadico Well-Known Member

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    That is a very strong team Felon,alas Poch will not play Son and Moura together and maybe Rose will stay on the bench.We need the 3 points..COYS
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  4. johnnyhrvat Guest

    Dropping points is not an option against non top-6 sides from now on.
    I think the Cherries will come out very strong at the beginning and try to test our fragile resolve so Wanyama is probably the right choice to start. We need to be very secure until the early onslaught dies down.
    At least there is the incentive of third place to play for today.
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  5. bruski

    bruski Active Member

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    I'll go along with that Felon. This is a great game to start Moura. He's been with us long enough now to have a good level of fitness and team tactics. Yes be bold with Sonny and Moura. I'd love to see that.
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  6. Bazza47

    Bazza47 Well-Known Member

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    Just surfaced after a family day. Well thanks to Sonny and a good deal of good fortune, it was easy in the end.

    H's injury looks more of the same, so a real worry, with only 8 to go and Chelski and Sheik City coming up soon. Fingers crossed for you lad.

    We recovered well from the early setback, settled really slowly, and in the end showed our class.

    Quite why they disallowed Calum Wilson's "goal" was beyond me - hardly touched Sanchez - nothing in it.

    Sonny continues to show the value of pace, two good feet and great, all out, commitment. I like Sonny.
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  7. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    Pictures of Kane's ankle/foot turned rnt good, although he did leave on his feet looks like some ligament damage for sure.
    Not great news and thank god sonny is on form else we'd be scratching our heads for goals.
    A dodgey old start today I had visions of collapses of past but we fought back well and then won at a stroll.
    Sons on fire let's hope Kane is back sooner rather than later, and that the rest of the squad steps up for the run in.
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  8. johnnyhrvat Guest

    I loved our 0-1-9 formation at the beginning of the game - the sooner Toby is back the better.
    We did get away with their 'equaliser' and the result overshadows a poor performance (which means the whole 90 minutes - as we found out on Wednesday).
    Alli and Aurier got a goal and assist apiece but were actually dire at times but Eriksen unusually did some great defensive work in the game.
    I am glad however that the team picked themselves up after Harry's departure because I was feeling pretty resigned to a painful afternoon.
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  9. burnt Well-Known Member

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    It wasn't pretty but 3 points in the bag , job done ... Hopefully Harry's not too bad but it didn't look good , was similar to the last time , was it a month or so he missed I can't remember for sure ... Fingers crossed on that one is all that can be said .. Someone was questioning why Rose is still being left out after the game during the week , lol well all his performances since his comeback have been from poor to shocking , yesterday was similar ... Like I said last week somewhere , he's like the pre Poch Rose , now how much is down to injury ,attitude or the contract situation I don't know but what's clear is he's nowhere near his best at this moment ... He's undoubtedly a better fullback then Davies at his best , he's one of the best around in fairness but what he's producing at this moment is not even close to being good enough .. I don't understand how anyone can be calling for him to be first choice at the moment ... Anyone know what's happening with Toby , is he still injured or is he being ostracized due to his contract situation ... What a loss he is , there aren't many better Center backs on the planet if any , in fairness we've done ok without him all things considered but it shouldn't in any way mask over the difference he makes to this team ... Plenty of life left in the season yet even if we're taking blows from all sides at the minute .. Character building stuff some would call it ... Onto the next one , C.O.Y.S .....
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