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Discussion in 'Featured' started by Felon82, August 18, 2018.

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  1. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    We're back at Wembley.

    Control your excitement.....

    Our home from home to face newly promoted side Fulham in our 1st London Derby of the season.

    One of our less fierce rivals but a derby all the same.
    I've always liked Fulham as a club, they always seem to try play good football as an ethos much more of a pleasure than the likes of Stoke & West Brom etc, so it's good to see them back.

    After the inevitable news that the NFL 'Theatre of Cheese bowl won't be ready (probably this year) Pochettino has said the only way they can make it up to the fans is by winning.

    And that's what we should expect to happen given the gulf in size of clubs and quality on the pitch.

    But - (you knew there'd be a but) we will need to be much improved from the display up at Newcastle which was more of a smash and grab than a precision plan.

    It will be interesting to see who starts as I felt the opener was more a case of who have we got rather than who do we want.

    It will be interesting to see Ryan Sessegnon of Fulham play and if he is capable at this level to make a mark.

    Interestingly I read since Pochettino has arrived at Spurs we've never had back to back wins on the opening 2 games of the season , knowing our notoriously slow starts and finishing dips cost us if we can win ugly until we start getting some balance and form back I don't care.

    We can't start heaping pressure on ourselves by dropping points early especially with the external building shambles going on at the moment and the self imposed summer transfer embargo.

    With the window still open for late swoops from European super powers the last thing we need is 1 or 2 of our best players questioning what the hell am I doing here?

    I've got a feeling today is the day Kane grabs that illusive August goal !!!!! Maybe even a Brace !!

    Spurs 2 - 0 Fulham

    COYS !
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  3. Andrew Guest

    Ca? Ca sera sera? Surely not! ;)
  4. 89Spurs Guest

    Im going for 3 - 1 and two for Harry.
  5. Big fran Guest

    Few things from today
    1 great to see Toby bk.
    2 Dembele is still the man
    3 stuck in between systems with Toby coming bk in. Worked 1st half 2nd not so.
    4 Great to see two forwards up top.
    5 the squad looked so strong today with Dembele lamela both coming off bench and making a difference.
    6 pochetino tactically changing and winning the game.
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  6. Jam Guest

    Pochettino deserves a lot of credit for the result yesterday

    Often criticised for his lack of tactical adaptability/flexibility his game management was impressive

    From surprisingly starting with a 352.. which caused Fulham all sorts of problems in the first half.. to bringing on Dembele and shifting to a back four when we were struggling second half.. and then finally injecting Lamela.. who was excellent

    There seems something different about Poch this season

    I wonder if our incredulous window.. and all of its subsequent criticism.. has in fact.. ironically.. galvanised both squad and manager

    Still early days.. and time for some unwanted exits.. but first returns are encouraging
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  7. Spurporter

    Spurporter Active Member

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    I would give the MoM to Pochetino. We dominated first period, but scored only once. In the second after Fulham overrun our MF and scored on Davies' mistake, Poch changed the system from 3-5-2 back to familiar 4-2-3-1 with Dembele taking over the middle of the pitch and then to new 4-3-3 system after Lamela came in. Eric helped Harry to end his August curse, as it ended Spurs 3-1 Fulham. COYS!!
    Last edited: August 19, 2018
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  8. palmover Active Member

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    I am a critic of MP, however, it was nice to see spurs have one holding Mid instead of two. I have been crying out since Lester season for MP to play one Dm and play a 433. I would love MP to play the 4132 like yesterday 2nd half. Time to be brave.
  9. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    2 wins in 2 , our best ever start under Pochettino.

    In fairness to Fulham they weren't that bad some of their play was good perhaps they tried to play a bit beyond their capabilities which at times brought problems on their selves.
    We strolled off in the end with a comfortable win mainly on quality above performance.

    But all things considered a solid start if we can keep ticking over like this and stay in the mix from the off makes a hell of a difference from chasing the pack while trying to find form.
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  10. antony Active Member

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    I have to say I liked Poch's Fergi style (justified) barracking of the ref at half-time. I know it might be conceived as "unsporting like" but better that than a blatant dive or hand ball goal!
  11. bruski

    bruski Active Member

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    Felon the prophet . He got his goal and we won by a 2 goal margin. Nice one!
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  12. Big fran Guest

    Bit off topic but does anyone know the situation regarding his availability... I know he's currently injured and alleged to have been stripped of his number which I find ridiculous tbh but has he been included in our official prem league squad list. If he's on the books and manages to get fit before January then I'd utilise him before I would llorente.
  13. Bazza47

    Bazza47 Well-Known Member

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    I think the stripping of Janssen of his 9 says Poch just doesn't fancy him. He must have seen enough of him in training, way back when, to go with his instincts. Best to let the lad move on, for his own benefit...
  14. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    Another smart buy player that Pochettino unquestionably 'improved' .....
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  15. Big fran Guest

    Yeah I understand all that but stripping his number for it to remain unused is pointless childish petty and will also show other perspective buyers were desperate to sell and will lower his price tag. I've heard from sources to the club his attitude to training was poor.
  16. DangerHereDuce

    DangerHereDuce Member

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    I'd been wondering what was going on with Janssen, was he back with the squad or still out on loan. It was Fenerbache he was loaned to last season wasn't it? Anyone any idea had he did over there? I'm surprised to hear a player like him (a hard worker more so then an ultra talented player) having a poor attitude in training.
  17. Gordon Mc

    Gordon Mc Active Member

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    Says it all as far as I'm concerned - if it's true of course. Professional football (indeed any occupation I guess) is a serious matter and if you're not going to abide by the maxims set, then better you move on. Know nothing of his "attitude" but if he wanted a spot in the first-team class without doing the homework and preparation then it's only right that he's been found out and discarded. Right on, Poch. No sympathy for him - again subject to the report's accuracy. If, however, it's a case of someone having a personal knife in him then that can't be acceptable either. Who knows which way it went.
  18. voiceofreason Member

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    I am an old fart. Someone help me put a yawn emoji here please!
  19. Cheshuntboy Guest

    How many times, on here and elsewhere, have I read that 'so-and-so will be transformed by Pochettino's coaching', regardless of the fact that the talisman Kane was already in the first team (and scoring goals) before his arrival, and his coaching magic did nothing to transform Soldado or Paulinho (to name just two of the not-so-magnificent seven) into the players we thought we'd bought under AVB. Anyone who improves has obviously benefited from the Pochettino touch, while anyone who fails, even one bought by our current boss (Janssen, Llorente, N'Jie, Aurier etc), is clearly a wrong 'un, who somehow hoodwinked the otherwise infallible Mr P - really?
    I think Pochettino is a decent manager, and I doubt that one Spurs fan in a thousand actually wants him sacked, but this idolatry is completely OTT - he's sometimes bought well, but just as often bought badly, he's perhaps improved some players, but what about the obvious duds? He's a human being, not the Messiah FFS!
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  20. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    The point is VoR that Jannssen is yet another failed buy that as much as our fans wish to believe Pochettino improves everyone that has the fortune to play for him isn't exactly true is it?
    From what I've seen of Jannssen is he is a darn site harder worker on the pitch than Llorente (another flop that Pochettino hasn't improved) who like many others has managed to cop the cold shoulder from Pochettino.

    It could be pointed at poor management knowing he's not in the plans and not moving him on or finding a replacement, but I guess that's something else he can do no wrong with either...
  21. voiceofreason Member

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    There was no idolatry. I probably agree with a fair chunk of your opinion on Pochettino but am more towards the - he is a very good coach and has been generally successful with the players he has had. My point was more that there was a discussion about a player who by all accounts , when purchased, seemed like a good buy but has t worked out and people were discussing where and what he was doing and then bang , any old chance to throw in a negative comment when the chance happens and Felon jumps on it! Let’s discuss the players the matches - there hasnt been one match report so far this season , I live overseas and don’t get the chance to see all games and look forward to those reports and then everyone’s opinion about them much more than “oh told you so, isn’t he **** “ type of comments !

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