Burnley-Spurs, 7th of March 2020

Discussion in 'Featured' started by Jesper, March 6, 2020.

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  1. Jesper Member

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    Quote from the above link:

    Tottenham's away form has been dreadful, with just three away league victories since their last visit to Turf Moor over a year ago.

    The lack of forwards also remains a concern. Tottenham have lost seven of their past eight games without either Kane or Son in the team.
    A team without a recognised senior striker against one of the best defences in the league so far during 2020....

    But the big discussion might yet be about Mourinho. Is he taking the spotlight and pressure of his players by what he is saying in public or is he also repeating it in private to them and already providing them with excuses to fail?
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  3. THFC Guest

    This is the best available at the moment IMO - 433

    GK - Lloris
    RB - Tanganga
    CB - Toby (experience to cover RB)
    CB - Sanchez
    LB - Davies (experience to cover CB)
    CM - Skipp
    CM - Winks
    CM - Ndombele
    CAM - Lo Celso
    CAM - Bergwijn
    CF - Parrott (because he will be better than Alli or Moura)

    I know Kane and Son have been mentioned on multiple occasions but I really believe that Sissoko is missed so much. He is a monster, I just wish he could pass/cross/shoot
  4. Big fran Guest

    Wouldn't be a game for parrot to start with for me up against two physical well drilled centre halves who will give little space to operate. I'd be looking at lloris aurier Toby Jan Davies winks dier alli lo celso moura lamela.
    Been reading a lot on Jose perceived negative tactics etc on other threads and forums etc and I find it disrespectful tbh. His united tenure was dull for sure but to judge him on that alone is nonsense. Look over his career in particular his first few Chelsea sides battered teams 4,5 and 6 nil. Set all sorts of records. Porto a great side. Real Madrid went toe to toe with one of the greatest footballing sides ever and won the league scoring many goals with creativity.
    In certain games he sets up negative ID admit against Chelsea it was awful but nearly worked. V City it did work. Atletico did it v Liverpool. Its called tactics.
    Now v Norwich we pushed both full bks forward putting balls in to zero no 9. Played a 4 3 3 with lo celso almost alongside alli who again was awful. Now the perception is we sit back and let Norwich play is the game plan. NO WE DON'T. The reality is teams get at us from the first whistle and put us on the back foot giving the impression of sitting back. Our midfield whichever combination has been picked does not have the quality, legs or desire to win that battle in the key midfield area. They simply ain't good enough lo celso and the injured sissoko apart. Same as when sheff utd home and Brighton away both under poch BTW was exactly the same.
    Burnley if we allow them will try to do the same. You watch winks hide today when our back four have the ball. Look how many times the uncomfortable sanchez in possession is forced to play back home to the keeper. The players need to step up today. The manager has a limited hand to play with so they need to show some balls instead of hiding behind the manager as they did with poch by the way. Does anyone really think Jose goes out and says let every single side we play have the ball, don't close them down, don't run, don't press, give the ball away cheaply, move the ball ponderously slow through the lines and lose constant 50/50s come on wake up.
  5. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    There's no point Fran they've made their minds up, JM is useless it's his fault the likes of Aurrier Sanchez Davies Winks aren't now the best in the league and that Alli Moura Lamela aren't bulging the net with double figures each if he played Parrot we'd be playing champagne title challenging football again like in 2019 under the messiah.....

    I mean after all he was so good he didn't have to win anything
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  6. THFC Guest

    Again, not really what has been said is it?

    Parrott for example is to get some starting experience while we are in a slump with no forwards....no mention of him turning us into a top 3 side or transforming our football into champagne style.

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  7. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    You're all bemoaning style and tactics, the only solution to it all anyone can offer is to play Parrot.
  8. Guesty Guest

    I'd go with that.
    NDombele isn't great but he does seem to lift others to play better. He himself is not worth a fraction of what we paid for him
  9. THFC Guest

    I understand what you are saying in your first paragraph, I was thinking give Parrott a chance to get some experience because it can’t hurt us any more than we are having now.

    Im then a bit lost with the JM part as it’s not really relevant to this?

    That being said, if you have actually read what several of us have actually been saying, it’s that we dont mind JM and really want him to be successful. What we don’t like is the negative deep football and can’t see us turning a corner playing that way.

    It’s not important what he has done before because football has changed from when he was winning at Chelsea and you can’t really include Real Madrid in the arguement as they were chalk and cheese financially. If what he has done before is so great, perhaps we should see if we can tempt Kevin Keegan out of retirement

  10. THFC Guest

    couldn’t agree more...he looks about $15 million worth on current contribution however he has glimpses of world class so just need to hope we can get him a bit fitter so he can last a bit longer over the summer

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  11. Jose's Ghost Guest

    I wouldn't want to see Jose go just yet... his press conferences are about the only thing worth watching at Tottenham these days... but the early signs don't look good. The football has been exceptionally hard on the eye and injuries notwithstanding results have not been that impressive.

    The issue with Jose's Spurs is indeed tactical and what is becoming apparent is his tactics do not particularly suit these players nor this club. He is a defensive counter-attacking specialist... always has been and always will be. Indeed I seriously doubt he possesses much of a refined attacking philosophy at all (in terms of spacing and movement) for when opponents defend deep... unlike say Guardiola whose plug and play system is evident no matter who he has on the pitch. Jose's original Chelsea and Madrid sides (Inter too) did score a lot of goals... they were also miles ahead of their league opposition in terms of talent. Certainly our squad has fallen off in that regard and we have some issues but there is still quality there. This side made the Champions League final last year after all and is loaded with internationals... and not from Costa Rica... so foolish to suggest our players are on par with the bottom feeders of the league.

    Inviting opponents onto you to create space you can attack into is not without merit. Chances on the counter... (2 on 2s/3 on 3s) are often the best chances you can create. Even City... the ultimate possession specialists... will counter quickly under the right circumstances. But to consistently set yourself up to play this way whether it's against Chelsea or Norwich? I'm not sure that is good enough for Spurs and I wouldn't blame anyone for expecting better.

    I'd like to see Jose show a little more of these adaptive powers he says he possesses and throw some caution to the wind. I doubt this will happen just as I doubt there will be the time or resources to build a side in his image. We can only hope.
  12. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    It doesn't matter what formation or what team sheet is put out currently it is a bang average side.
    People can pretend that it's packed full of talent but the fact is as a team and individually it's a shambles.

    I saw on twitter earlier (and agree entirely) someone point out that the spine of the side is the most important thing to a top side

    We had a few years back

    Lloris Jan Toby Wanyama Dembele CE & Kane

    We currently have

    Lloris/Gaz Sanchez Dier Skipp Winks LoCelso Moura

    And the 1st Spine had an array of actual talent supporting it whilst many were at the top of their game.

    It's nowhere near in comparison and that's why you can't expect anywhere near the same in game plan or performance.
  13. Jesper Member

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    I just saw the line-up. Looks like a 4-3-3 with three hard-working central midfielders.
  14. Jesper Member

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    Not a 4-3-3, another 5-2-3 or? GK should be doing better.... Even a fired up Lamela could ignite this team and the confidence looks non-existent.

    Comparing Vertongen and Tanganga - speed isn't the most important thing for a wing-back, if it was then Tanganga would be doing better than Vertongen and as far as I can tell he doesn't.

    Gedson instead of Tanganga?
  15. Spurporter Active Member

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    Well, it was an exciting game. For anyone who was not aware what Spurs were a few seasons ago it was. As of today, we are a midtable team and so are Burnley. The result reflects that equality pretty much.
    For Mourinho it was a clearly step forward in terms of tactic. Instead of first hour of dross and 30 min for an attempt to win, it was just the first period of that shite.
    What else? No more goaltender errors, please, will ya?
    I think it could go only up from were we are at. But I am a well documented optimist here.
  16. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    And this is what people need to understand and realise now.
    Through utter negligence on behalf of Pochettino & Levy this is the level of Team & Squad we've been left with.
    There's no point bemoaning the style as we stumble from 1 calamity to the next, what should be voicefully called out is the lack of investment/planning and continuous p;ss poor recruitment.
  17. Big fran Guest

    Well there was quite a clamour for ndombele to start but again he was so so poor so hopefully we can draw a line under that wage thief. Back to the drawing board for another midfield player it is. Lo celso showing he's the only player we have with any quality at present. Mid table side all day long until kane mousa and son return to paper cracks
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  18. Big fran Guest

    My thinking was that in the first half we didn't have a midfield. Simple as that," he said.

    "I think more important than the tactics is to have midfield players that want the ball, to have midfield players that connect the game, to have midfield players that press, to have midfield players that recover ball, to have midfield players that win duels and we didn't have it.

    These are the quotes from mourinho yesterday which are in regard to what I was saying previously on the post. No manager tells his midfield no to take the ball off the centre halves, to not tackle and to NOT PRESS. For a midfielder to close the ball down is a basic fundamental at which ever level you play right down to grass roots. I played there and wanted to win the ball so I could then play forward. Whoever wins that battle in midfield will earn the right to play and control the direction and tempo of the game. We simply don't get footholds in games and we get overrun on the back foot which appears to some like we're sitting back. We are not. We are getting pushed back.
    I'll guarantee if we had a midfield 3 of day dembele modric Parker the last few games would be completely different story. It's a question of quality not tactics. Now I know dembele divided opinion on this site but for me he didn't he was absolutely fantastic in winning that midfield battle whether be winning the ball back and giving it others to play or taking the ball in tight areas of the pitch off the defenders. Only will some see.
  19. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Good to hear a sane opinion on matters.

    As I've had to keep saying over and over there are too many passengers in the side.
    They lack the steel and bloody mindedness to take a game to an opponent whether by skill/drive/physicality etc that's why Sissoko had become a stand out permanent fixture because at least he makes up for his shocking talent with Drive and Physical presence.
    All this safe option sideways no you have it I'm not getting stuck in mentality is not what any manager I believe would ever be telling his players.
    Spurs has been a breeding ground for mediocrity to think it's succeeded, lauding players that aren't very good, sticking with non entities in the hope they might one day have a good game, ignoring all the areas we're short in as if it has no relevance to end product on the pitch, bigging up things that no one else cares about like a training facility, pretending we actually have an academy bursting with talent the list is endless.

    We've just been through a massive purple patch where imo there was a 50/50 balance of having a great balanced 1st 11 and the League competition being overall appalling.
    We didn't push and build from a position of strength instead choosing to neglect and run into the ground. Meanwhile other side's have improved while we have overall become weaker.

    There is only 1 solution and it's a massive rebuild which needs time patience and most of all quality investment.
  20. Preed

    Preed Active Member

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    Just a comment away from another dire performance and puzzling team selection what is Mourino doing with his criticism of ndombele .I agree he is diabolical but I assume he would get rid if he could but who will take him now .I bet Levy is chuffed that he has taken thirty million off the asking price.
  21. Gordon Mc

    Gordon Mc Well-Known Member

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    Re N'dombele and his form so far - I reckon whoever went to Lyon was really looking for Moussa Dembele and just had the surname written on a scrap of paper. He met a passer-by in the street, showed him this and was pointed in the direction of N'dombele. Easy mistake to make. If we still have the receipt maybe we can exchange him pronto. Just a thought.
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